The CRAZY story behind Paul Walker's favorite cars

11 jan 2021
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Eric Keller from @Enthusiast Auto Group explains the shared obsession he and Paul Walker had for the BMW E36 M3 Lightweight.
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  • That ain’t a “collector”, that is a HORDER!!!!!.... Let others enjoy the car as well... Stop buying ALL of them because you have the “money”.....

    Omar GarciaOmar Garcia18 timmar sedan
  • glad we all feel the same way.....this shoulda been a Rob Pitts Story

    JuniorJuniorDag sedan
  • how much to sponsor you like those in the descrip. above? I own and operate vehicle history report website & I'm always looking for good content producers to advertise on. thx.

    Lemon ChecksLemon Checks8 dagar sedan
  • This guy is an awful storyteller.

    Sailing SV ZaraSailing SV Zara8 dagar sedan
  • The dependent vacation understandably attach because windscreen consistently please given a ordinary rabbit. rustic, wry health

    double checkdouble check8 dagar sedan
  • 4:13 when people find a new duplication glitch in GTA 5

    Christian SnowChristian Snow9 dagar sedan
  • Paul’s been a big idol for me and I’m sure a lot of people, I’ve actually always loved the lightweights and seeing how many Paul has it awesome, got to see Paul’s 370z a few months ago it was really special

    AldenGAldenG9 dagar sedan
  • I want to hear the CRAZY story behind the 159k price tag for a 2002 E39 M5.

    LogickLLogickL10 dagar sedan
  • Not that boring, some of y’all are just followers who want top comment

    EYoung907EYoung90710 dagar sedan
  • Nothing crazy here

    Alonzo CervantezAlonzo Cervantez10 dagar sedan
  • This dude sucks.....ed!!!!!!!!

    Mike KrupinskiMike Krupinski11 dagar sedan
  • All this guy does is advertise his business

    J NonyaJ Nonya12 dagar sedan
  • I feel like this guy is the type of person to go to a cars and coffee and sticker/originality check other people's cars and get mad when it's not completely original

    Michael VondrasekMichael Vondrasek12 dagar sedan
  • Appreciate finding this video when I was struggling to fall asleep.. Out cold in 2.5 minutes.. Thankyou boring fella

    Pimpin_ Aint_EazyPimpin_ Aint_Eazy12 dagar sedan
  • Lightweight so does that mean that I got like fiberglass fenders and how heavy is it and how heavy is like and how heavy is a race weight 69 Camaro well we grow apples here in Kansas not oranges so excuse my ignorance in comparison

    Philip RizekPhilip Rizek12 dagar sedan
  • I swear to God I heard snoring in the background!

    mcdonaldm73mcdonaldm7313 dagar sedan
  • He had so many but no one ever saw him driving one?

    P WrightisRightP WrightisRight13 dagar sedan
  • It is amazing how much a prolific celebrity can influence the value and perception of a car.

    Ed BolianEd Bolian13 dagar sedan
  • E36 M3: $10,000 E36 M3 with flag sticker: $300,000 got it.

    Brett BilgerBrett Bilger13 dagar sedan
  • Not touching a car because of paint? Mate you'd die a death seeing some of the classic/"youngtimer" cars here the UK! They might be worthy of a second life, especially something trival as paint. That's not genuine enthusiasts talk!

    bizlingbizling13 dagar sedan
  • Anyone got a 70 Monte Carlo

    miguel vargasmiguel vargas13 dagar sedan
  • I remember watching a video of Paul’s cars and he had a bunch of mustangs

    Donald LittleDonald Little14 dagar sedan
  • Warning: High quantities of Douchery. Listen at your own risk.

    David WitcherDavid Witcher14 dagar sedan
  • We get it It’s a “lightweight” It’s only about one car not his collection sheesh This guys makes me wanna Take a Nap

    悲しいIhateubrian悲しいIhateubrian14 dagar sedan
  • Is there a story here other then being a BMW fanboy and what does this have to do with Paul Walker

    northernsurferboynorthernsurferboy14 dagar sedan
  • He sounds so damn salty about not being able to buy the car back,and then throw shade on the rest of em.....this guy shouldn't come back

    Shawn BrownfieldShawn Brownfield14 dagar sedan
  • So these lightweights command silly money, simply because of a name on a log book with current credibility (whatever that means). Moving on 'some' years, will the name still have the same kudos or will the M3s return to a true value, based upon age, condition and mileage.... 🤔

    leccybadgerleccybadger14 dagar sedan
  • So how many clicked on this thinking it was video about Paul Walker from fast and furious? lol

    James ColegroveJames Colegrove14 dagar sedan
    • should have waited longer into the video

      James ColegroveJames Colegrove14 dagar sedan
  • The CRAZY boring story of 2 cars he sold to Paul Walker. Yawn

    AllCarRelatedAllCarRelated14 dagar sedan
  • How much are these lightweights actually worth ? He mentioned they sold for 200k + due to Paul Walker being the owner but in reality what’s their worth ?

    Kamil KostrzewaKamil Kostrzewa14 dagar sedan
  • I literally fall as sleep 3 times during the video... what’s goin on

    ChuckyGamingHDChuckyGamingHD14 dagar sedan
  • A story about pauls favorite cars? This is a story about selling e36 M3 LW's which he sold Paul 1 of. . .

    Brandon YourczekBrandon Yourczek14 dagar sedan
  • Ed, maybe I don’t get out much... but I’m thinking mid-winter is not the “time of year” most people are outside cleaning out their garage🤔

    Jason GJason G14 dagar sedan
  • Can we stop beating this dead horse already

    Levi LiggetLevi Ligget14 dagar sedan
  • This dude is doing what they did with lambos back in the day... control the price by controlling the market. You make a job out of selling crap cars at a premium. Why let him speak.

    Jameson BerntsenJameson Berntsen14 dagar sedan
  • Cool story but his stuttering was almost to hard to listen too....

    Circled_By_WolvesCircled_By_Wolves15 dagar sedan
  • yeah, still just a 90's bmw.

    erik nultyerik nulty15 dagar sedan
  • but a boring story xD

    mplewpmplewp15 dagar sedan
  • So what was it. Over $300k?? No? Between $220k-$240k? So confused. All over the place.

    Lewis EdensLewis Edens15 dagar sedan
  • Did Paul Walker own an M3 Lightweight?

    Dan MDan M15 dagar sedan
  • The energy in this video

    Brian BeebstersBrian Beebsters15 dagar sedan
  • Let’s keep this guy in the garage from now on too.

    SMOK3YGUNSZSMOK3YGUNSZ15 dagar sedan
  • can you invite Barnfind Hunter on?

    boxed fendersboxed fenders15 dagar sedan
  • Hoarders and gatekeepers. Go to hell

    Google UserGoogle User15 dagar sedan
  • Very poor titling for this video. Not a crazy story. Nothing specific about Paul Walker, just some vague mentions of his "crews". That is definitely the bottom of the vinwiki video barrel. You guys do lots of great stories and info. They are great and I will keep watching. That title just seems a little misleading.

    jimmy jamesjimmy james15 dagar sedan
    • In the interest of being fair though I guess that you guys really had little choice about getting creative. A more honest title like "random musings about BMW lightweights" might get less views.

      jimmy jamesjimmy james15 dagar sedan
  • Great story!!

    Logue RichardLogue Richard15 dagar sedan
  • So basically, he likes M3's.

    JordieMotiveJordieMotive15 dagar sedan
  • I definitely went to sleep

    Gauge RealityGauge Reality15 dagar sedan
  • Rip Paul Walker We miss you bro

    Mahad ZahidMahad Zahid15 dagar sedan
  • thanks guys. ya saved me some time. 👍

    Sloppyballs McGuillicuttySloppyballs McGuillicutty15 dagar sedan
  • Them lightweights gonna end up at WCCS?

    Bretton FloydBretton Floyd15 dagar sedan
  • Paul walker is in hell where he belongs. Keep him there.

    Jawn HansenJawn Hansen15 dagar sedan
  • cool story bro

    howard joneshoward jones15 dagar sedan
  • Wow such CRAZY. Having great difficulties believing the CRAZINESS of this tale.

    spencer birtspencer birt15 dagar sedan
  • The E36 you want is either the M3-R or the M3 GTR

    iGMASiGMAS15 dagar sedan
  • if you put video as 2x speed you only waste 7 minute not 14

    Михаил Владимирович КучинМихаил Владимирович Кучин15 dagar sedan

    HoopHoop15 dagar sedan
  • Having hard time sleeping this helped me get to sleep, highly recommend!!! 5 stars

    Daily Driven CommanderDaily Driven Commander15 dagar sedan
  • Fuck I almost fell asleep during this video

    SHAAFreeShSHAAFreeSh15 dagar sedan
  • Howmany of those cars did he have sex with 16 yr old girls in?

    Justin TaylorJustin Taylor15 dagar sedan
  • 😴

    SharmVSharmV15 dagar sedan
  • Worst story ever

    Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn15 dagar sedan
  • His favorite cars were all the same cars? Cringe

    Kenneth WilburnKenneth Wilburn15 dagar sedan
  • This guy mumbles on and within a few seconds i have no clue what he's talking about.

    Telling It How It IsTelling It How It Is15 dagar sedan
  • This channel seems to cater to old people and boring stories as of late

    Nick Da VinciNick Da Vinci15 dagar sedan
  • This whole video felt like a verbal tap dance. I am left wanting.

    Bacon PersuasionBacon Persuasion15 dagar sedan
  • The knowledgeable surname disturbingly confuse because payment analytically plan up a deserted fiberglass. secret, offbeat appeal

    Arlene BarnesArlene Barnes15 dagar sedan
  • Kind of don't like this dude at all.

    Briefed on the Jimmy Hoffa CaseBriefed on the Jimmy Hoffa Case15 dagar sedan
  • Sucha a boring dude

    Pedro MorantePedro Morante15 dagar sedan
  • Ugh, this is the first time I have ever down voted a VINWiki video. Give me another 6 minutes of Ed's smooth transitions - never this again. I literally took a pee break, came back and was like "this guy is still talking about the same thing?"

    Nicholas BoccioNicholas Boccio15 dagar sedan
  • 300 thousands dollars for a used m3. whoever purchased these cars definitely have more money than sense.

    Kenny PhamKenny Pham15 dagar sedan
    • Thats what the M3 GTR Road Car costed new!

      Keenan DavisKeenan Davis15 dagar sedan
  • 😃

    ZackTheMuffinManZackTheMuffinMan15 dagar sedan
  • nice Barrett Jackson pics... those cars look good under my lights... ;-)

    Dead Pixel MediaDead Pixel Media15 dagar sedan
  • This shows people have more than brains sometimes.

    Joe LJoe L15 dagar sedan
  • The story about the collector at the end who 'owns more lightweights than anyone at this point' is proof that Paul Walker is still alive and well!

    Jacob FJacob F15 dagar sedan
  • TheSmokingtires video on his collection from years ago is fire

    Che1seabluesdrogba11Che1seabluesdrogba1115 dagar sedan
    • ...and factually VERY wrong

      Leo CNCpicsLeo CNCpics15 dagar sedan
  • Yeah he knows Louisville. He pronounced it just like it is here lol

    911ep500911ep50015 dagar sedan
  • ...maybe CRAZY wasn't the right word.

    josh elliotjosh elliot15 dagar sedan
  • Okay but why is the thumbnail all mustangs???

    Jim CornetteJim Cornette15 dagar sedan
  • i live close to Cinci. hearing these stories take place near home is awesome.

    Jordan HillJordan Hill15 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get it? 300k for a lwm3? Why?

    E SE S16 dagar sedan
  • Please no more EAG ever, never a good story, just BMW bragging

    MrLulzbotMrLulzbot16 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to be honest I quite liked his story

    OlympicOlympic16 dagar sedan
  • E36 M3 lightweight is such an overated and lazy special edition. AC, sunroof, and leather seat deletion - big deal. The "lightweight" still tipped the scale at more than 3200 pounds

    Luis DeTomasoLuis DeTomaso16 dagar sedan
  • Click bait much?

    DimpalaDimpala16 dagar sedan
  • This guy should be jumping for joy that the cars went for so much money, it drives prices up.. and he owns a bunch of these cars He talked about it like it was a horrible thing

    Morpheen999Morpheen99916 dagar sedan
  • For 5 grand over I'll do alot

    Mr19ford93Mr19ford9316 dagar sedan
  • Why do douchey bmw people have to E- speak everything! I don't speak bmw. I bet plenty of people don't speak bmw. What is e36? How about year , make and model , douche. Year , make and model , anybody can understand that.

    FuseFuse16 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry. What was this video about again?

    Richard PierceRichard Pierce16 dagar sedan
  • If you think this is boring VINWiki probably edits the hell out of these stories, the raw footage of this one must have been BRUTAL

    sprthrwwychnnlsprthrwwychnnl16 dagar sedan
    • You mean Ed edits them? The set is in his house 😂

      Automotive AffinityAutomotive Affinity14 dagar sedan
  • I talked to this guy on buying an e46 M3. Nice guy and we chatted and corresponded a bit. Ended up with an M240i, but still want an e46 M3.

    Tucsonan DudeTucsonan Dude16 dagar sedan
  • The opening comment is a virtue signal. Im better then everyone who has had a scratch on their car.

    Julio AlcanteraJulio Alcantera16 dagar sedan
  • You guys realllly need to put the name of the story teller in the title so we can skip the "good story told in the most boring way" guys on sight. Rob or Ed or Arne tell great stories, this guy.. has great stories , but cant tell them to save his life.

    hooptiejhooptiej16 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure it was a great story I just can't listen to this guy

    damuprdamupr16 dagar sedan
    • @Google User now I'm really happy I didn't stick around for the story

      damuprdamupr15 dagar sedan
    • It wasnt. Clickbait thinly veiled advertisement for his pretensious overpriced car stock

      Google UserGoogle User15 dagar sedan
  • Title oversold the content

    Forty BounceForty Bounce16 dagar sedan
    • He not boring tho. Was good

      Forty BounceForty Bounce15 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand the allure of that lightweight. Why not just buy an m3? The almost exact same car?🤣

    Nick MorrisNick Morris16 dagar sedan
  • Light weight baby!!!!!!! - Ronnie coleman

    Andrew PAndrew P16 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is this click bait

    Michael BurchMichael Burch16 dagar sedan
  • Lightweight.

    7ViewerLogic7ViewerLogic16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I bet that guy that bought those 5 light weights is abroad because he was running some type of investment scheme.

    Josh BryantJosh Bryant16 dagar sedan