AST Computer - Tales from Tech Support

14 aug 2019
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  • Brings back my memories of my end user support tech support days at Microsoft!

    Andy SantosAndy SantosDag sedan
  • The company I worked for sold AST computers, my main job was fixing them quickly for the customers. We had a high failure rate I thought it was just us but watching this I now realise it was just bad product.

    SpogsterSpogsterDag sedan
  • "I spent 3000 dollars on a computer, I got ripped off!" I think that is a correct assessment.

    MaartenMaartenDag sedan
  • I worked for Xerox in early 2015 at a call center. One of the worst experiences of my life. We were only allowed to help people in ways that wouldn't cost the company in question money. We were locked into the phone system and treated very poorly. Lots of people got ahead by lying to customers. Pay was also based on performance which was illegal. Place is permanently closed according to Google as a result.

    Camshaft GamingCamshaft Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • love him pronouncing chimera as shimera

    Thomas HuntleyThomas Huntley6 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    Harrison BorbarrisonHarrison Borbarrison9 dagar sedan
  • I think I have an explaination for everyone calling the computer the "cpu". I distinctly remember a computer education video describing one as such back in mid 2000s elementry school. At the time it seemed like a dated video.

    Blck SpiceBlck Spice9 dagar sedan
  • How did you guys deal with potential thieves.

    FluffY PenguiNFluffY PenguiN10 dagar sedan
  • That thumbnail hits hard lmao

    Brett ZakowskiBrett Zakowski11 dagar sedan
  • heh.. man .. back in the day it was common knowledge that if you had a really nasty problem you would call your guys or Dell and pose as a customer to find out the answer i've been off sick today and luckily stumbled upon your channel. thanks for the laughs ;)

    dacian primedacian prime12 dagar sedan
  • I love how much he is enjoying himself. Amazing talk!

    JordanJordan15 dagar sedan
  • Dominos coffee pizza flush 😄😄😄😄😄😆😅🤣🤣

    Udayakumari O cUdayakumari O c16 dagar sedan
  • Haaha

    Udayakumari O cUdayakumari O c16 dagar sedan
  • Listening to you talk about phone support brings back memories. I did the same for a large financial institution (starred in the mid 90s). Ah the stories I could tell. 😉

    Little JennyLittle Jenny19 dagar sedan
  • I did tech support as well but that was for an Internet Service Provider, during the hay day of dial up Internet. People using their Windows 95 machine with a modem for which they didn't have the driver and often Windows 95 "magically" appeared on their PC (they borrowed the CD from a friend, basically) and for which they did not install "Network Neighborhood". Even with Windows 95 properly installed, it was often a sheer pain to configure their modems. This is why AOL was popular back then: their connection kit had all the components and it was well written. So we lost a lot of clients to AOL because Windows 95 was not really well designed for Internet access. Of course I had to deal with tons of angry and unhappy customers who could not connect or even sometimes did not have a modem and thought that the CD that came with the "Connection Kit" was the Internet. Windows 95 had you use Network Neighborhood and that was an open door. Someone knowing your IP could often see your files or even be able to use your printer. It wasn't before Windows 98 that people could finally start connecting without much issues to the Internet using their dial up modem, until most people switched to high speed connection via DSL or cable Internet. This was my first IT job, by the way. Can't complain. It got me started in IT from the... well... back door.

    N. M. C. VerhaegheN. M. C. Verhaeghe22 dagar sedan
  • Really wish I could have made it to this!!!

    Justin BarberJustin Barber23 dagar sedan
  • The ast cases were awesome.

    Jayson CowanJayson Cowan24 dagar sedan
  • I'd live to play Tetris on a Soviet computer.

    RonJohn63RonJohn6327 dagar sedan
  • So, CD-ROM *Shows a picture of a DVD*

    ORIOLESFan02ORIOLESFan0229 dagar sedan
  • Minute 13:00, "we lose 200 on each sale, BUT, we make it up on volume!"

    Aras BAras BMånad sedan
  • Oh ... god ... I'm on the younger side, so I grew up with 3.5" floppies, and when I was like eight I had never seen a 5.25". I was given an old hand-me-down computer with one in it, and I thought it was a CD-ROM drive, and I stuck a CD in there. Couldn't get it out. I felt so stupid once I realized, lol.

    DarthFennecDarthFennecMånad sedan
  • Wow..what a responsive audience....not !

    Barry GBarry GMånad sedan
  • I work in customer service over the phone and enjoy collecting computers. This video was very relatable and very entertaining!

    Jesse TaylorJesse TaylorMånad sedan
  • I did tech support for two years in the mid to late 90's. A lot of what you talked about dredged up bad memories. I'd completely forgotten about Winfax and other early telephony technologies. The top complaints were that the software did not record voicemails and that the audio quality was poor (something people still complain about today). Oh, and how could you forget to mention the agony of having people enter the sequence of modem initialization strings in a DOS command line?

    Aaron MorrisAaron MorrisMånad sedan
  • You kept skipping over introducing the TI-99/4A in the classic computer museum. That was a fun machine.

    AzazelofAZAzazelofAZMånad sedan
  • Ahhhh, 2019...I remember those heady days of yore! Back when we used to be able to gather together in actual physical space groups of 'more than our household' in size. Cosplay! Cons! People gathering without spreading the new plague that kills our parents and grandparents off! And everyone else to an extent, including the kids, but especially killing our parents. :-\ Stay safe out there...and yay for nostalgia in the mean time!

    Elizabeth ShirakoElizabeth ShirakoMånad sedan
  • Holding paper on the screen is funny 😂

    srikar bsrikar bMånad sedan
  • "You get what you pay for" - the disintegration of good support since the 90's. All due to shipping jobs overseas, to reduce cost, and enrich the CEO/exec suite. Dangerously, the *same* thing has happened in healthcare (I'm a radiologist); our techs manning million dollar scanners have v little training instruction anymore, and simply "push buttons" on premade protocols, just like the CS phone call centers read off a screen now. Healthcare is a bit different though- if a PC crashes, you buy a new one. You can't buy a new human being!

    Phil KousoubrisPhil KousoubrisMånad sedan
  • You nailed it on the difference in call centers THEN (knowledgeable people) vs NOW (minimum wage employees with little training).

    BudgetTravelGuyBudgetTravelGuyMånad sedan
  • 21:05

    Bean T. D.DBean T. D.DMånad sedan
  • This was awesome. Thanks !

    Lori LightfootLori LightfootMånad sedan
  • Manbearpig!!

    MermaidMermaidMånad sedan
  • 27:00

    Scott WozniakScott WozniakMånad sedan
  • I thought Starcraft required a Pentium 90? lol (Aside, it's possible to run Starcraft on a 486DX4-100, but portrait animations had to be turned off and it averages 35 seconds to load, save, or start a mission).

    Ikouy BoltIkouy BoltMånad sedan
  • Back in the 1980s what we call "the computer" now was called the central processing unit because the floppy drives were separate boxes. But if you try to explain this to someone who was not even born until the 1990s they will be confused since the CPU now is the silicon chip IN the computer instead of the computer itself.

    Pete NielsenPete NielsenMånad sedan
  • Damn you had prople open the case and remove the heat sink and wipe of the thermal paste just to read the processor type? I wonder how many people ruined their processors from that since there was no thermal grease anymore...

    Jared ConnellJared ConnellMånad sedan
  • "I woke up this morning and there was this terrible smell and I went downstairs in my computer was half melted." "Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?"

    Scottie HollywoodScottie HollywoodMånad sedan
  • Some memories of the 90s there - waiting on hold for 30+ minutes was normal, and we had teachers at school who called the computer case the 'hard drive'!

    SuperOldShowsSuperOldShowsMånad sedan
  • 26:06 that picture is from Brazil.

    FlykeSpiceFlykeSpiceMånad sedan
  • My first PC was an AST Pentium. Windows 3.11 days. Then I got a PowerMac 6100.

    David SchwabDavid SchwabMånad sedan
  • I have actually lived the moment a old lady came in and said her coffee tray won't open at a repair shop. The tales are real people.

    TelecasterlandTelecasterland2 månader sedan
  • I was always so grateful in the 90s I never had to work tech support. I just dont have the personality or patience.

    Thomas BThomas B2 månader sedan
  • 4:04 i'm too young to have heard that version and it threw me off so much

    skull_is_dullskull_is_dull2 månader sedan
  • ohh yeah i can remeber my father shouting at winfax and the printer.... i wonder ho the digital pc and our epson printer surviwed so many times airborne

    16jan198616jan19862 månader sedan
  • You talked about CD-R and showed DVD-R, so your story wasn't quite what I expected. But oh boy, trying to explain to someone with no computer knowledge, over the phone, what the difference is between a DVD and a CD and why they can't just shove a DVD into their CD drive and read it.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent2 månader sedan
  • 26:21 - ouch hahaha... mostly but not all, well I am a former Dell tech support and that's how I got my IT fundamental skills, which evolves on my career in the IT industry to this day.

    jay4ubabyjay4ubaby2 månader sedan
  • I had a AST with a Cyrix 586 cpu.

    Clark WilgerClark Wilger2 månader sedan
  • Chimera: (k'eye [kai], [Ky]-mera)

    Travis PintoTravis Pinto2 månader sedan
  • 3:09 = Start Of Show

    Simon DelormeSimon Delorme2 månader sedan
  • My dad used to be like you!

    wadethewallaby2wadethewallaby22 månader sedan
  • So, a metric tonne of "Pebcak"s then? (For the uninitiated, "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard"....) I was doing motherboard reworking for Dell at this time period, we barely had tech support, what WE had were sales people giving the techies grief constantly ("Why isn't it ready yet?" etc) , until we managed to get them banned from coming down to the 'shop floor!

    somedeveloperblokeysomedeveloperblokey2 månader sedan
    • Actually.. I think we had that as an official "problem code" that we could use in our database when we logged the calls.

      The 8-Bit GuyThe 8-Bit Guy5 dagar sedan
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    maria judith gamayaomaria judith gamayao2 månader sedan
  • it was an IT crowd reference and he didn't get it

    6Diego1Diego96Diego1Diego92 månader sedan
  • Did your coworker continue the mute button thing after the incident?

    WadelDeeWadelDee2 månader sedan
  • My secretary needed a new monitor because of all the white-out she used when typing my memos back in the early 90's.

    Christian MeglioChristian Meglio2 månader sedan
  • Cool story bro.

    KajayachtKajayacht2 månader sedan
  • Techsupport stand up comedy? all he needs is music from Seinfeld

    Kerbozim FerdjektliKerbozim Ferdjektli2 månader sedan
  • Late to the party because this was made a year ago. I saw the call center photo with workers crammed in like sardines. That definitely wouldn't fly now. The call center I worked in was only half as crowded and we've been working from home since March 18, 2020. The customer no longer hears my neighbor but my stupid dog barking instead. I've made the mistake of not having the mute button on and saying things the customer shouldn't hear. I believe the reason I was reprimanded and not fired was because everything I said was true and it was my first offense.

    Brian S.Brian S.2 månader sedan
  • Chimera is pronounced more like Kaimera

    bonnome2bonnome22 månader sedan
  • This guys nervous chuckle is an eargasm lamo

    Ricky RatRicky Rat2 månader sedan
  • Nobody would say that everyone needs a band saw, or a power drill... so why would anyone think everyone needs a computer?? Most of these people David had to help most definitely did NOT need a computer. Then again, if they didn't have one, he wouldnt have had a job, so... what can you do?

    William HWilliam H2 månader sedan
  • I remember owning AST 8060P computer. I have to say this computer go me into pc knowledge in the early 90s. As we relocated overseas, the rtc/bios battery leaked and ended up corroding the floppy trace on the motherboard. My dad and i repaired it by running a bypass wire on the board itself and we were back in business. I sometimes miss the old clicking key sounds of my college years. My we’ve come a long way in tech.

    Michael DeguzmanMichael Deguzman2 månader sedan
  • I did Dell support for a few years in the late 90s ..and a LOT of these stories (the defrag guy , the death matches, the mute guy) were pretty similar to what happened over there

    Bob LewisBob Lewis2 månader sedan
  • The cubicles in the support/call center area (tech support for branch employees) at my job still has the same cubicle sizes as you did. They don't do the tiny seats where people are crammed together. I'm not in support anymore, I'm in QA now (grading the phone support people), but I did do it for quite a few years.

    StormsparkStormspark2 månader sedan
  • Back in the 90's, my dad bought a AST 286. I do not remember how it worked, but my dad within a short period of time was able to get it converted to alpha labs 386. They were also based in Irvine, California.

    Brian MBrian M2 månader sedan
  • Sounds like an absolute nightmare to me. Like helping your grandpa over the phone all day.

    berlinerberliner2 månader sedan
  • The most boring trip down memory lane ever. No agenda, no destination, just blind meandering through computer memories..... sigh

    Barbi BimboBarbi Bimbo2 månader sedan
  • i would've loved to hear some of the best calls you had with a knowledge customer that was like brainstorming , other than that top notch work really shows how good you are and were i didnt feel the 48 min i enjoyed it like it was 5 min lol

    Wale AlizWale Aliz2 månader sedan
  • Only 309 adds!

    john tellnottjohn tellnott2 månader sedan
  • 39:26 if that was tru, we'd still be stuck on xt class machines or even earlier

    Herr RossiHerr Rossi2 månader sedan
  • I can't believe they let you do that presentation. So boring. Its like if I jumped on the stage to talk about my old job, What the ++++ ?

    Maxime MercierMaxime Mercier2 månader sedan
  • What has the knowledge of a semicolon to do with computer knowledge? My granny knows nothing about PCs but she knows a semicolon

    Der PinguinDer Pinguin2 månader sedan
  • I have a feeling he's whybeare

    calculator crewcalculator crew2 månader sedan
  • Man he 8 bit guy makes me feel so old I am about to turn 43 2 years younger than him at least I still have hair lol but yeah i am officially an old fart! lol

    Leo GonzalezLeo Gonzalez2 månader sedan
  • I know I am late to see this presentation but I wanted to thank you for bringing some of my memories of my work as a tech support guy. I worked at a company and supported the 300+ staffers there as pc was getting rolled into the offices. I enjoyed my time at that job over 10 years there. Some of what you experienced i ran into myself. So thanks. Gave me a smile.

    Richard GilmoreRichard Gilmore2 månader sedan
  • I’d love to have this in my state

    val/John Longo’sval/John Longo’s2 månader sedan
  • Very entertaining talk. Took me back to my time in the nineties learning as I went in the pre-internet age, where computer magazines were your reference to proper behaviour more often than not.

    Si74l0rdSi74l0rd2 månader sedan
  • The drink on the CD tray is funny but not really that bad if it's when CDs were a new thing and he's never seen one. It does kind of look like a fold-out cup holder in a car.

    jason19twofourjason19twofour2 månader sedan
  • My first 486 was an AST. It was alright. I wish I needed tech support so I could have rang up The 8-Bit Guy. :(

    Dr. Lex WinterDr. Lex Winter2 månader sedan
  • the type of content i need at 1 am

    Красен ДековКрасен Деков2 månader sedan
  • The photo at 26:01 is of a call center in Brazil.

    KaramatakeKaramatake2 månader sedan
  • Brings back some memories - I worked at Circuit City back in the early 90s and loved AST machines. Initially they were some of the best quality machines we sold - But super expensive compared to other machines. They were solidly built and performed well. I did see some changes along he way, but I left before they got too bad I suppose. I never knew the background as to why they failed.

    SiskoBellSiskoBell2 månader sedan
  • I didn't see you at Let's Play Expo...

    Rules & RegulationsRules & Regulations2 månader sedan
  • 0:39 Someone: Brings an AtGames console. The other people: :|

    Yellowpick10Yellowpick102 månader sedan
  • 25:19 no joke thought that was snoop dog

    Gator ProductionsGator Productions2 månader sedan
  • Samsung bought ast to see how they blew up there computer so they could implement into there phones in the future

    TheBuggyGamerTheBuggyGamer2 månader sedan
  • 28:01 Not my first job in tech support, but my first one as local IT for a national company. I had just finished setting up the laptop for one of the C-block employees. His first comment? "Is there any way to change the angle of the cup holder?" I waited a couple of beats before responding, because it was only my second or third interaction with him and I didn't know whether he was joking. I still don't know for sure, but I had to replace that laptop a few weeks later after he "fell on it while drinking (his) coffee" and broke the tray of the CD drive.

    James AnthonyJames Anthony2 månader sedan
  • 13:17 Yea, sales people aren't any better today. I work for an MSP and have overheard our sales people promising services to clients that 1. we don't actually offer, 2. it's not possible to offer, and 3. even if it were possible it would cost more than what the sales person is promising for a rate. Sometimes all three at once. I've often thought that this problem could be solved by taking the commission back if we lose the client. In our particular case it's aggravated by the fact that the person who does the sale never hears from the client again. We've got the tech support group (which is the service being sold), the account management group (who manages the account and our knowledge base regarding the clients local setup), and the sales group (who sells the client on our service, and never talks to them again).

    James AnthonyJames Anthony2 månader sedan
  • cdspacedos elemeffayoh! That dude using tactical mute and the one bragging about his stats both should've gotten fired, especially when the latter was so loud people several cubicles away on the phone could hear him.

    encycl07pediaencycl07pedia2 månader sedan
  • My first IBM compatible PC was an AST Advantage 486, the one with the built in Monitor and the 4x Speed CD-ROM drive. It had some kind of proprietary operating system which was easier on the eye than Windows 3.1, I still remember when someone decided to "upgrade" it to Windows 95 :/ It was a pretty good machine, we had it for about 3 years before moving on to a Pentium machine which broke within a week (not an AST one).

    Expo AviationExpo Aviation2 månader sedan
  • r.i.p. sean, he was a cool guy

    patrlimpatrlim2 månader sedan
  • Hi There. Awesome to see this video. AST is a great brand name, Nevertheless your insight on computers and your knowledge is awesome. How does one get in touch with u?

    Sandeep NandlalSandeep Nandlal3 månader sedan
  • "Whomever says 'There's no such thing as a stupid question' has never worked in Tech Support." ---unknown

    Code Optimization WareCode Optimization Ware3 månader sedan
  • "Chimera"? A whole room full of Sid Philipses!! AAAAAAAAUUUGH!! Also, by some strange coincidence, I was recently headbanging to Weird Al Yankovic's "All About The Pentiums"...

    totophitotophi3 månader sedan
  • I really enjoyed this video

    Teddy ATeddy A3 månader sedan
  • 40 bucks are you fucking kidding me?! I thought triple a titles were overpriced these days with their 60€ on release rule but youre kicking the competition. 40bucks for a game like that is a joke!

    Mound'NMound'N3 månader sedan
  • As a former tech support type for AST, surprised you didn't address some of the more humorous aspects of the job. Remember the Advantage 575? Configured wrong from the factory and Pronto Pro was wrong as well. It took buying one of them to figure out what the issues were. I have some funny stories of my own supporting AST, of whom is apparently still going somehow. If you want, drop me a line. Fun times they were at AST.

    organekdorganekd3 månader sedan
  • Irvine is a LONG way from Mountain View.

    Dave SmilieDave Smilie3 månader sedan
  • crapy quality you mean the acer chromebook 315

    xRIOTxxRIOTx3 månader sedan
  • What a dull presentation... it seems like only he was laughing, with his awkward giggles. And the ending, saying a lot of times the customers were bleeping bleeps made me lose a lot of respect for him.

    Jon JohnsonJon Johnson3 månader sedan