AST Computer - Tales from Tech Support

14 aug 2019
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  • The good old AST Six Pack and not to forget the Six-Pack Plus! I worked at a PC distributor in the early '80s in Irvine (not mountain view, by the way, that's up north) next to both AST and Western Digital. During that time period, I recall between 1983 - 1984 time frame I would assemble hundreds of those cards. They were under such high demand that customers would not wait for the RAM to be populated (a term we used at the time instead of 'installed') and would take them home to do it themselves. However, they would bend a pin or place the chip in upside down and bring them back in to repair. Albert (the A in AST) was a God over at Cal State Fullerton just a few miles north with the other S and T engineers. Many of your videos remind me of those old days, I still work in technology today and while it's fun to watch your videos - there is no way I would give up modern computers and domain-specific languages, and robotic process automation. :-) Nevertheless, Nice Work! The videos are great.

    Knucklehead McSpazatronKnucklehead McSpazatron7 dagar sedan
  • 32:26

    random people random videosrandom people random videos14 dagar sedan
  • actually AST did sell computers at Radio Shack stores for a brief period. I remember the Tandy Sensation being discontinued and going to my local radio shack in Marysville, Washington and seeing and playing with the new AST computer on display.

    Flora NugsFlora Nugs17 dagar sedan
  • 38:10 I couldn’t take it anymore I laughed so hard! 😂

    FoodiecutieFoodiecutie17 dagar sedan
  • I worked for them ftom 1984 to 1989.. Product Information, In Irvine , Ca.

    jj Crossjj Cross17 dagar sedan
  • Excellent job on AST computer History! Keep up the great work and videos!

    910AM Superstation Funnies910AM Superstation Funnies17 dagar sedan
  • sorry david but this looks to be a indian “tech support” center also known as a tech support scam call center 26:06

    usedunderthemantleusedunderthemantle20 dagar sedan
  • 23:38 why do i have a feeling that the guy behind the girl in the cubicle is the guy known as “the swearer”

    usedunderthemantleusedunderthemantle20 dagar sedan
  • I worked for Gateway in their call center. He's not lying about customer knowledge back then LOL He is also right about the jerk coworkers who would pull crap. Our clowns would get customers started on a reload of windows and tell them to call back. A five minute call for them and the return call to get the drivers and software installed took forever with the customer knowledge level what it was back then

    John GreeneJohn Greene22 dagar sedan
  • I bought an AST computer at Radio Shack back in the 90s

    John GreeneJohn Greene22 dagar sedan
  • We had a few AST desktop and tower PC's at a company I worked at in the 90's and I don't recall any problems or issues, this was in the UK but I'm pretty sure they were AST and not Tandys or rebadged Samsungs

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  • That’s wild! I wonder where AST would be in the landscape of current computer manufacturers....

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  • legit had a person tell me they're auto coaster was on the fritz. was the dvd drive. on lgr tho they actually do make a cup holder and cigarettes lighter drive bay. surprised pikachu face

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  • No, I didn’t click on the video for that, but I wanted to see more of it.

    SaturnTubesSaturnTubesMånad sedan
  • 80s-90s microchip spywars. perhaps you could figure out what happened to ICOM and make a video?

    Chris ManciniChris ManciniMånad sedan
  • To this they tech support gets calls with people thinking a monitor, is the computer.

    CypeqCypeqMånad sedan
  • Press the long bar on the keyboard.

    David Del RosarioDavid Del RosarioMånad sedan
  • My first was the PET 2000

    Sean ThomasSean ThomasMånad sedan
  • I get a lot of this and I'm not even tech support, surprising amount of people come to libraries for tech support nowadays.

    AlphadropAlphadropMånad sedan
  • Oh man, I forgot how people used to call computers "hard drives"!

    EvanEvanMånad sedan
  • Old guy remembers boring stuff.

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  • Base on the video I think people back then will buy windows 98 to put in a vcd player

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  • This is great! This content is amazing!

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  • Perhaps it's different in the States but here in Sweden users are just as inept as they were described to be 25 years ago, if not more. Yes, even the so-called IT managers and suchlike that are paid to supposedly know a thing or two about computers. It never ceased to amaze me how so many people choose to work with computers without having the slightest trace of interest for it, let alone knowledge.

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  • So basically sales reps killed the company. As always.

    RandgalfRandgalfMånad sedan
  • This was back in the day but, once asked a user to right click on her desktop. She asked if she could use a post-it note instead.

    Bad At PseudoscienceBad At PseudoscienceMånad sedan
  • Wait... 1000 Bucks for a Writer? Damn. Glad these thinks are super cheap now.

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  • First PC in my house was AST

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  • Samsung, You can always count on them.

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  • I had another funny thing happen when I was at the base. We were having new phone lines installed/added and a phone technician showed up to perform the addition. The squadron's headquarters communications came into a very small "closet room" on a huge punch down board. Earlier for lunch I ate a chiliburger, which this day made me gassy. I was in the room which stored extra computer gear. I was a very long way from the restroom, on the he other side of the massive building. I thought no harm and let go in the room before exiting it. I just admit this was the most horribly bad smell, and concentrated! I quickly closed the door, and began walking down the hall. I then saw in horror the phone technician, handset tester hanging from his belt and company logo on his shirt. I almost died! I looked at him and said you may want to wait, come back! He said naw it will ll only take a minute, I led him to the comm room, and opened the door, he got this odd look on his face and agreed he should come back later!

    Darrell DixonDarrell DixonMånad sedan
  • Soon after accepting the Data Automation Manager for my squadron. I set up my office, it was a room providing access to the climate and humidity controlled secure room containing the WANG VS100 Mainframe, Tape Drives, and five 288 MB removable Disk Packs, which were a stack of exposed 12" platter's which top loaded into the massive drives. It also contained "terminal zero", the local data terminal. The Squadron was a newly combined unit from Services and MWR squadrons. MWR was using a NCR accounting system completely independent of the SIMS, WANG mainframes.. At the time the government was contracted with Zenith, and their Z248 286 computers. These were very odd, not like most clones. They had almost a "passive" mainboard, with daughter boards, including the cpu, ram etc. I couldn't order a 486 computer, so I found a third party who was building a 486 Daughterboard for the zenith. I built my new workstation computer and installed a WANG WLOC pc terminal interface card, provided multiple virtual terminal windows. I also installed an NEC pc terminal interface card to have virtual terminals on it's system. As with the feedback from other SIMS Administrators I met at AFMWRSA Headquarters in San Antonio, during Training, you could not open both simultaneously, direct hardware conflict! I wasn't satisfied, it was stupid to have to move files between them by floppy disk! I drew up a table of every irq, dma channel, and memory address used by the obscure zenith hardware architecture, WLOC interface card, and NCR interface card. After trying nearly every combination, including hardware jumpers, I GOT IT! Both terminal windows simultaneously! Then the big test, drag and drop from one window/system to the other.. it worked! My phone was ringing like crazy from Administrators at Bases all over the world, all wanting to know how I did it....

    Darrell DixonDarrell DixonMånad sedan
  • While working in Missoula, I had a computer come into the shop for installation of "CUSEEME" video conferencing software. My boss said " You better wear gloves and laughed"!, After setting up his machine and examination of the folders and files, I GOT IT... This old man had a sick mind, nothing illegal I saw, but some very odd gifs and jpgs and video. I could only imagine how he was gonna use the new video chat software, which was really a new thing at the time, and required a lot of configuration back in the good old days of memory address conflicts, DMA channel conflicts, and even the wonderful IRQ conflicts and sharing!

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  • After I left my Civilian Data Automation Manager position at the Air Force Base, and worked as a Computer and Network Field Technician, one of our client was a large Crop Insurance company. They had offices throughout central and eastern washington. Each remote office was provided a modem to connect with Safeco Insurance for daily operations. But all the remotely collected data was copied to a separate floppy disc, and each office would have to physically drive to the central office to upload and consolidate to transfer it by modem to their Insurance Underwriter. It was absurd, sometimes delayed due to snow conditions. I decided to write a simple basic program to send the file via the installed modem, and loaded it at each remote site, explaining how to use it. They couldn't believe it!

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  • I owned 5 Tandy Color Computers, multi pack interface, orchestra card, floppy drives, controller, hard drive and controller, hi res Color Computer Monitor, hi res adapter, 512k ram upgrade,touch pad, joysticks, high res joysticks, modem, midi controller Yamaha pss680 keyboard. Plug and Power computer interfaces, home automation software, OS9, multivue, and nearly every other accessory or program available. I later was in the Inland Northwest Color Computer Club. I also owned two Grid Laptops, from navy surplus, very cool machines, loved the red illuminated display.

    Darrell DixonDarrell DixonMånad sedan
  • When I was a Data Automation Manager during the 90s, windows 3.1 days. I would really mess with those I assisted who were deserving. I would make a screen capture of the wallpaper and icons on the desktop. I would then move all the icons, make the captured screen image their new desktop wallpaper. You could only image the frustration when " none of their icons work!" I usually would be "extra busy", and couldn't get there right away...

    Darrell DixonDarrell DixonMånad sedan
  • If you don’t already you should do a tales from tech-support series. I hate having to call tech-support I absolutely hate it. Because they have to treat you like you know nothing about computers and when you’ve already pretty much taken all the steps that they would tell you to take in the first place.... Plus now a lot of the tech-support people are from India. I have nothing against that except having hearing impairment as well as vision impairment their accent can be confusing.

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  • Why did I watch this? I have to admit the 8 bit guy is interesting.

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  • during college i worked tech support for a while at best buy (black shirt).... ohh my... im sure no words nesessary

    Hendrik ScheelHendrik ScheelMånad sedan

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  • In the 90's, I was on phone support for Origin Systems and after that alot of Packard Bells. When I wasnt helping a customer put together a boot disk, or giving out game hints, I was also helping people reinstall their system from the floppies or CD. Oh the memories.

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  • So nice collection 😍

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  • In the late 1980s ('88 or '89 I think), I (like many computer nerds of the time) had a side business as a "computer consultant". I sold a few AST computers that I bought through the distributer Softsel (later became Merisel). The AST 286 was a GREAT machine. Every part on that machine fit perfectly. Every screw on the case went in straight, and every slot was perfectly aligned with the case opening. It was a HUGE difference compared to most everything else on the market at that time.

    Mee Hung LoweMee Hung LoweMånad sedan
  • Remember the phrase "Press any key".. well here in the Netherlands, where of course the language is Dutch, in the old days we were using English software for like 100% of the time.. There was no Dutch software.. And so people called us and asked where the "any" key was located :)

    Who KnowsWho Knows2 månader sedan

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  • Just came here to say, that cup holder idea is 1million IQ Didn’t watch the video but sure it was okie at least

    Horizon EyesHorizon Eyes2 månader sedan
  • I worked as insurance adjuster for the past 7 years at a call center. These stories are causing my ptsd to flare up. It's so crazy that I have such similar stories from a different industry 25 years later... the times might change but people dont....

    TeflonDonTeflonDon2 månader sedan
  • Tough crowd

    Ze mataZe mata2 månader sedan
  • Oh shit i found your chanle again love you stuff man

    ben negreben negre2 månader sedan
  • I would love to have one of those records. It would be an awesome and obscure piece to add to my collection. If there's any way to get one I would love to know how. Can't find any on that auction site that starts with an e.

    darklordojedadarklordojeda2 månader sedan

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  • 19:00 this is also the last known picture of the 8-bit guy with hair. lol

    Ragnar HelssonRagnar Helsson2 månader sedan
  • I stopped working tech support after I got 7 calls from the same lady in one day asking about why she couldn't launch a new app on her old 386 pc. To be clear, this was 3 weeks ago.

    Albert BarronAlbert Barron2 månader sedan
  • 27:49 You mean it is NOT a cup holder? That's what I've used it for these last 25 years!

  • thanks for the tales. They can see the CPU into the BIOS or when start the computer

    Julian CardenasJulian Cardenas2 månader sedan
  • Got a system to fix, owner said it had a "bug", it was FULL of roaches. Took an extermination company days to get them out of my shop. Always opened systems outside after that.

    Anna-maria MartinAnna-maria Martin2 månader sedan
  • We hand a term in our call center for the defrag guy. We called them punt monkeys. The good techs always had bad handle times. I did have the space bar call my self. I worked at a High Speed Internet support center remember asking my self why this guy really needed internet. The scariest call I got was a guy trying to install a NIC and that there were sparks coming from the computer. The worst call I got was a guy swearing his email was something it was not and wanted the password set. I reset and got him i only to realize it was someone else's email. I ask him if he wouldn't mind rebooting his computer and when he did I rest the password again so he could not get back in. Then I told him that that was not his email. Thought for sure I was going to get fired. I think everyone in IT should have a tech support job at some point in their lives. You learn a lot about people.

    Jim FlaggJim Flagg2 månader sedan
  • Great presentation! I'm having flashbacks as you recount my 20s. I did phone support for Quicken, AOL, and Gateway in the late 90s. There were times when I walked people through reinstalling windows actually in my sleep, and wake up briefly to say "ok, click next" and then doze off again. At the Gateway call center, the management dedicated an office to what they solemnly called "the network lab", but in reality was a game room for us to play during our breaks. They had Duke3d, Doom 2, Quake 2, and a few others. Good times.

    JoexCoolJoexCool2 månader sedan
  • 43:15 you described me at work lol......I learned to keep that anger in my head and not let it out.

    Nick VoncloftNick Voncloft2 månader sedan
  • "oh the thing that looks like a TV screen.." reminded me when I was the supervisor of a financial e-platform callcenter in 2000, and sometimes for the nature of the business we had to give some basic tech support to our clients, and I remember one of our clients asking us how to use "the pedal"... "uh the pedal sir?"..."Yes! The pedal! are you all idiots?!" ...he was talking about the mouse!

    Ruben HolguinRuben Holguin2 månader sedan
  • I believe one of the most memorable times in tech support for me was a call while supporting mainframe a environment. We would routinely get calls about passwords, terminals being down etc. One day one of our techs answered a call, said "Let me check" put the user on hold, looked at several different things, waited another 5 mins or so, got back on the phone with the user and said "Maam, I checked all 27 of our systems, and all of them are up, so when you asked 'is the system down', to which are you referring to?".. Turned out she had forgotten her password...

    Joe BJoe B2 månader sedan
  • IT crowd ! xD hahaha

    nikolas konikolas ko2 månader sedan
  • I used to have a friend who I would play mtg with but because I said chimera like it started with a k instead of a ch like “cheese” he said I’m done with you, can’t pronounce fuckin words ya idiot. And I was like seriously dude?!? And I tried to get him to look it up in a dictionary so he could see it spelt phonetically but he wouldn’t. But seeing this dude say it with an sh reminded me of that story.

    MangaJoshMangaJosh2 månader sedan
  • 9:48 have you tried turning it off and back on?

    Brian TorresBrian Torres2 månader sedan
  • I am a IT trainee... I’m doing calls rn... the manager of the area calls in on my training session complaining his cup holder isn’t working... I just handed off the call to my trainer... and went away laughing ... he broke a nice Blu-ray disc Drive

    Revolving DragonRevolving Dragon2 månader sedan
  • Ahh AST I now remember them as a mid range PC clone. In the early 1990s I had one as my office PC at an Engineering company when not using DEC VAXs for larger computations or early Macs for documentation.. My personal PC was a higher end ALR which could do more than a generic AST. IMHO AST was not a bad Desktop just generically boring. Nothing to distinguish it in a crowded market.

    Martin MartinezMartin Martinez2 månader sedan
  • DVD Drive as cup holder lol

    OuanouaChannel11TH GamerOuanouaChannel11TH Gamer2 månader sedan
  • They thought it avoided the warranty from opening the case I thought that was pretty funny it's not like it was an Apple from today not upgradable or fixable or anything.

    mohawksniper79mohawksniper792 månader sedan
  • Radio Shack definitely sold AST because my first PC I bought was from Radio Shack and it was an AST without a doubt. So at least up in the northeast region, there were some Radio Shacks selling AST computers. What a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing your story.

    Matt DMatt D2 månader sedan
  • I once heard of this tech support for wordperfect. After installing disk one it did not find disk two and would not continue. Well, it turned out that he did not remove disk one, it did not say so on the screen, he had some difficulty inserting disk two but he succeeded at last...

    Peter ScheenPeter Scheen2 månader sedan
  • If you can get hands on a Panasonic digital camera that took 3.5 floppy you'll be very surprised. The compression tech was bought and promptly lost to keep that level out of consumer hands.

    Spot Check NewsSpot Check News2 månader sedan
  • Fell a bit of snow, and America gives up and falls into collapse. There's no electricity, no food, there is a catastrophe on the road. I always considered America for the strongest country in the world 🙈

    Ulysses SaneUlysses Sane2 månader sedan
    • Britan snowed a lot we were sitting there with a tea and watch Netflix

      Hugo DilsonHugo Dilson2 månader sedan
  • 1995 was like that !

    Rehab EhabRehab Ehab2 månader sedan
  • The pentimento box's !!

    Rehab EhabRehab Ehab2 månader sedan
  • Tales from the crypt ? Lol Remember that show ? Lol

    Rehab EhabRehab Ehab2 månader sedan
  • That support center picture is from Brazil (100% sure), likely from their version of the DMV (90% sure), which is called DETRAN down there.

    Lucas RossiLucas Rossi2 månader sedan
  • This is why I started my own repair business. Working at a tech support place was torture. All day every day was just wares the any key, have you unplugged and hard booted it? And my favorite. No grandma that's not a cup holder Also I love the channel it's so nice seeing all the computers and hardware/arc from when I grew up first learning on these computers in the 2000, they were all redundant at that point so there was alot of cheap hardware to work on, seeing all those old PC's ware everything was an expansion card and not just the diffrent ports being put into motherboards, computers were just all expandable slots

    SeagullSeagull2 månader sedan
  • 33:13 This is the first known account of a Troll

    scott loganscott logan2 månader sedan
  • I currently work in a Mac upgrade parts company as a CS/TS agent. I got a chat session with someone who claimed to be from applecare. They called because the replacement battery they bought for their macbook pro late 2015. Turned out they forgot to peel the teeny plastic sheet off the charging pins/connectors of the battery.

    Kenneth CabauatanKenneth Cabauatan2 månader sedan
  • 30:34 : "Why did I have to wait on hold so long?" "Well, the 10 customers I had before you; they didn't have their serial number ready either..." ROFL, great answer.

    Jay is JayJay is Jay2 månader sedan
  • I remeber getting the scandisk defrag guy. I knew he was full of crap but I could not do anything until I defraged the drive.

    Ernie MillerErnie Miller2 månader sedan
  • Until the cow box, AST was the company that made PCs affordable for the average guy.

    Ernie MillerErnie Miller2 månader sedan
  • OMG. Imagine how frustrating that is... @_@ Extremely excruciatingly frustrating indeed hahaha 28:33 - 30:13 or 31:01-32:21

    Eman CaindecEman Caindec2 månader sedan
  • Very interesting.

    Daniel CarringtonDaniel Carrington2 månader sedan
  • My wife had that same TV when I met her. We gave it away in the mid-2000s, dang thing probably still works wherever it went.

    Brian WallBrian Wall2 månader sedan
  • He says "more recent, like xbox, and some classics like playstation." Edit: it's funny because PlayStation 1 came out less than 10 years before the original xbox.

    Animator 2877Animator 28772 månader sedan
  • As a present day IT Tech, call centers ARE still like this we DON'T always read a script (even of some companies would rather script out and do tier 0) Also there is ALWAYS that tech who just says restart and call back.

    SSPsGokuSSPsGoku3 månader sedan
  • AST was my first tech support job many years ago, this brought back a lot of memories. I remember the AST Merlin, I called it the fakeintosh. I started there close to the end, worked for Tech Team.

    James NewmanJames Newman3 månader sedan
  • It looks like so much fun there. When the plague is finally beaten, imma spend a year going go to every con and expo I can get a ticket for.

    gammaraidergammaraider3 månader sedan
  • "it's a good problem to have"

    WinksplorerWinksplorer3 månader sedan
  • Yikes. This video just reminded me of my first computer which was given to me as a kid in the 90's in Scandinavia. I'm pretty sure that it was an AST Advantage! Adventure 6066d 486DX2 66Mhz, with the Soundblaster Vibra 16 soundcard if I am not mistaken. Brings back memories. Great lecture - fun to watch.

    Per-Ola MjömarkPer-Ola Mjömark3 månader sedan
  • Why is no-one talking about Snoop Dogg at 25:18

    TheSpiritingPoetTheSpiritingPoet3 månader sedan
    • I dont know

      quirksmashquirksmash3 månader sedan
  • 34:45 I once put a DVD into a 5.25 inch floppy drive when I was like five, somehow both the DVD and the floppy drive survived.

    Frog 4096Frog 40963 månader sedan
  • My dad used to do all sorts of shady exchange deals back in the early 90's and one day he brought home an AST 486 desktop machine. It had a round shaped key lock beside the power switch and it looked very modern and hi-tech albeit the CRT display was greyscale. I don't think it had any OS but MS-DOS running from HDD and some additional software on 3.5''. Didn't end up doing much with it though.

    tohtorizorrotohtorizorro3 månader sedan
    • I had done some basic programming with C64 and probably had an Amiga 500 at the time. Still, I was unable to fulfill my dad's only request with the 486: a database of his books that he could've ordered either by title or author. The point being, things were pretty hard those days, I had no idea really what sort of software would've been needed, let alone using one. With luck you could've found some primitive guide book from the library but that didn't even cross my mind.

      tohtorizorrotohtorizorro3 månader sedan
  • While working for dsl tech support i got a call once from someone who was having issues with his modem or so he said. He said that one of the lights had died and he no longer had internet. Yet the internet light was on and the tests all where ok. We checked and all was connected but he did not have a networking icon on the main screen, so in order to check if the network card was being detected i told him we needed to do a ping test, to see if windows detected a network card. He had no idea what that was so i told him we just need to run a test to start click on the windows button on the bottom left of your screen and click on run. Customer then proceeded to click then i heard heavy footsteps going to the distance I said sir are you still there, no answer for about 2 minutes, thinking i got disconnected was about to do my call closing procedure and i heard the customer yell from the front of his house let me know when its safe to come in. Aparently he understood click then run. He was afraid it would blow up or something.

    Victor GarciaVictor Garcia3 månader sedan
    • I also took a call from an old lady who after i asked her to close all open windows before powercycling the computer. She kept asking me to wait for 5 minutes i thought she was having trouble figuring out how to turn the computer off, she finally came back and told me: sorry i had a lot of trouble closing my window upstairs i had to go get a broom because its so up high. But why do i have to do that al the time is the air messing up my internet?.

      Victor GarciaVictor Garcia3 månader sedan
  • Yeah i have similar stories in one of those sardine cubicle i was what they call a teire 2 tech support and boy do i have similar stories I worked for a sub company for Verizon wireless

    christopher satterfieldchristopher satterfield3 månader sedan
  • Also, the only computer from the 90s I have is a micronpc laptop that is a pain to find drivers for. Volume controls still aren't working because I got the desktop sound card driver.

    Lucas greerLucas greer3 månader sedan
  • "The tandy color computer" I literally have one in the chest right next to me

    Lucas greerLucas greer3 månader sedan
  • I would love to be at that expo. So many old computers! 👍👌😁

    Nostalgia ChaseNostalgia Chase3 månader sedan
  • i actually feel bad for some of those people. also i love this type of content

    Eva The Friendly NekoEva The Friendly Neko3 månader sedan
  • Sales people are simple. And perversely are often poor at marketing and excellent at glad-handing and order taking. Sales people have one simple goal. This applies to every sales person I have ever worked with ... "Sell more to make more commission" They often sell above capacity, sell promises rather than products, use every lever (such as discounts) almost automatically - because a discounted sell was a quicker sell and meant they could get on to their next client. Companies that are sales (as opposed to marketing) lead are often one bad sales call away from bankruptcy no matter how good the product or service is. There is no mitigation for a salesman's greed. And all salesmen are greedy. It's what makes them salesmen. As a a production planner in the 90's I once had to tell a company I worked for that they did not have half the capacity for the products the sales team had just sold. Working 100% efficiently on manpower and machines they would hit about 40% of their fulfilment promise. It was a complex product that required specialist knowledge to make and where automation was involved it was a new and largely untried process. The sales manager told me "That's a problem for you guys in production" But it was a problem with no solution that was implementable in the time frame required to fulfil the order. Not possible. At all. (It goes without saying that at no point prior to the sale was production asked about capacity or even informed that the sale was being made - we were handed it as a done deal. The first I heard about it as THE company production planner was when the deal was signed) The company went bust 18 months later for exactly that reason. The sales team were kept on as a new company was formed with a similar company name with just the year appended to the back end - and that company wert bust - for the exact same reason again 5 years later. I was long gone by then. And glad to be out. "I've landed a 10 million pound sale" "But we can't do that" "Not my problem - pay me my huge commission" I've read more than once an adage that goes something like; "Give an employee one simple task and tell them that their personal success or failure is based on one metric that comes from that task, and they will almost always succeed in fulfilling their personal goal - and destroy the company in the process."

    Paul Rone-ClarkePaul Rone-Clarke3 månader sedan