This Average Guy Learns the Handstand in 156 days

23 feb 2020
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I started from zero experience in doing a handstand to holding a handstand for 11 seconds in 156 days!
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  • YESSSS so happy for you! Amazing perseverance and I'm so glad we met & that I could help you out!

    Anna TelloAnna Tello9 månader sedan
    • @Dan Don straight to the point my boy

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      Rudolph VueRudolph Vue3 månader sedan
    • how do do the split?

      MasterofPlay7MasterofPlay73 månader sedan
    • Oooh you're Anna, who trained at the circus center ? I want to see more of your abilities, but your channel doesn't have any. I thought the video Geek used was yours, but I think you just met by chance in the gym itself? haha

      Eduardo AyalaEduardo Ayala4 månader sedan
    • I would like to learn handstand. Can you guide me

      gaurav bohragaurav bohra4 månader sedan
  • Muito bom. Parabéns.

    Messias FerreiraMessias Ferreira9 timmar sedan
  • 6:08 Bruhh what in the green shirt guy doin'?😂

    BrixBrix2 dagar sedan
  • Do a front lever

    Wikzzz khanWikzzz khan2 dagar sedan
  • "Progress is progress , no matter how small"

    samuel zarate gonzalezsamuel zarate gonzalez2 dagar sedan
  • This dude is funny 😁. What was that day one attempt 😁

    Fiyin AregbeFiyin Aregbe3 dagar sedan
  • Lol im the opposite my pull strength is weaker than my push strength

    Joshua RandolphJoshua Randolph4 dagar sedan
  • The more exercises he learns how to do, the less of an average he is. Suffering from success 😔✊

    LevyathanLevyathan4 dagar sedan
  • I am working on my handstand. I will definitely look for a coach. I have been working alone for long and with the wall.

    Lamicke YogaLamicke Yoga5 dagar sedan
  • This video was amazing!

    Steven ArmstrongSteven Armstrong5 dagar sedan
  • Also, it's a strength to weight ratio, & wrists & FINGERS. Great job!!

    Julie LeaJulie Lea6 dagar sedan
  • A proper...or any handstand....your fingers control the entire handstand. There is no other way to control (hold) a handstand.

    Julie LeaJulie Lea6 dagar sedan
  • So basically find a good trainer to teach you. I am never gonna learn the handstand. 😭

    Yasser HussainYasser Hussain6 dagar sedan
  • i remember learning this as a kid and my father would keep my feet up so i can balance until i got the arm strength to hold myself

    SkaSka6 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video

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  • Amazing! Motivating too!

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  • So , the important point is finding a mentor

    yo_staryo_star8 dagar sedan
  • i think he woulda saved a loooot of days if he learned the frog stand first.

    Sean NolanSean Nolan8 dagar sedan
  • If u wear blue shorts, u will do it just in one week

    Penguin LieoPenguin Lieo9 dagar sedan
  • Congrats! I liked your journey and achievement.

    Tara KeeneTara Keene10 dagar sedan
  • This is the dream gym. Climbing & Weights

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  • This made me cry in a good way.

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  • 6:13 The guy at the background ('O__O')

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  • Love the fact that you didn't quit!

    Robert BornscheinRobert Bornschein13 dagar sedan
  • 11 seconds......156 days ? Wtf did you train once every 8 days or something ?

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  • Learn the Human Flag man!! It's easier than the Full Planche (which should be next 😎😎)

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  • One thing is hear grip shoes and also I will be hard so it takes time your doing great 💜❤️💓

    the Queensthe Queens15 dagar sedan
  • Do you mention somewhere what the Push Block Save technique is?

    Theodora PilatesTheodora Pilates16 dagar sedan
  • omg! that´s awesome! :D You really motivated me to start with training too. I´m so happy for you, that you didn ´t give up and achieved your goal!

    Hell KomHell Kom17 dagar sedan
  • Aferim yegen 🤚

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  • Nice video I love that you documented your beginning and end progress.

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  • So basically this guy shows us how he figured it out and sums up all the information that took him over 150 days to figure out, in like 10 minutes. Awesome I’m subscribing 😂

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  • “Average guy”

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  • Nice buddy...

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  • I can't even hold a handstand like that-and I've been dancing for like 7 years 😂😂 (to be far, I don't practice handstands very much.)

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  • Lol actually the fingers are one of importants things for hand stand

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  • Do a backflip challenge

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  • What should be the first thing to learn for an average weak guy with no experience in calestetics

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  • I don’t have space in my home and a wall to do it what if I get injured it looks easy but in reality it not easy where can I get a teacher?

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  • It's my day 9 and I'm on his day 130

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  • Conclusion: "Behind every great man there's a woman". You should call Anna in Day-2

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  • "it was too scary" makes me laugh every time

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  • he hurt his finger, so he learnt to do a handstand damn

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  • Shoulder strength is they key to balancing easy! Dont think that you will ''find'' you balance if you keep trying

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  • 156 days and you still don't land correctly...

    Negative FNegative FMånad sedan

    Heidi A. TirsoHeidi A. TirsoMånad sedan
  • You must be way below average bc im 13 and I could do it longer than 10 seconds and took like half that time

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  • Ur body and face doesn't changed in 156 days, Wow

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  • So far this is the best tutorial video ever seen for beginners thank you

  • Great job! I have probably been at it more than 156 days, so I can relate to everything you said. Gotta find that spotter!

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  • شبشب الحمام

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  • Hi, I'm 16, I've been practicing for a while now I'm very focused on the elements. I'd love if you would follow my channel because I'll be publishing my progress and various challenges there and I hope I'll give you some motivation and a smile. Have a nice day :)!

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  • learn how to planche that would be fun, i wonder how much time it would take.

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  • I'm really weak but I can still do a handstand :C

    Katy CarrilloKaty CarrilloMånad sedan
  • Wonderful video! You have experienced what mortal people like me experience when trying handstand. I'm glad you succeded. I am at the final steps, I hope very soon I'm able to stand for 10 seconds or more. Your coach Ana was like and angel from heaven 😃. You have just gained a new fan 👌.

    Jon ZapaJon ZapaMånad sedan
  • Whenever I think to do handstand...I think of the outcome. If I would break my neck...Na na na

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  • You know, handstand is not about your strength, it more about stretching your wrists and actually balance on it)

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  • Did you experience vertigo or dizzines during or hours after training?

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  • Bruh you are not average your form was perfect you didn't arch you back which most people do and that's not the perfect form more bodyweight isometric exercise you are natural with your bodyweight ..

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  • well done bro !

    The SilverPhistThe SilverPhistMånad sedan
  • How many times a week did you practice handstand?

    Jônatas StedileJônatas StedileMånad sedan
    • I practiced 4 days a week back then!

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  • Not a hater, but please don't wear flipflops/slippers in the gym. It's like wearing pajamas at a wedding.

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  • Never thought I'd hear the day when someone would tell me to keep my back rounded

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  • So its been 7 months now can you still do a handstand?

    Athalia MatiasAthalia MatiasMånad sedan
    • @Geek Climber hope you succeed good luck

      Athalia MatiasAthalia MatiasMånad sedan
    • I am actually working on a harder version of it now.

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