SCP-096 - Look at a Picture of Shy Guy in Space? The Shy Guy Questions and Theories (SCP Animation)

12 jan 2021
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SCP-096 is a Euclid Class anomaly also known as The Shy Guy.
There's lots of questions about The Shy Guy - where did he come from? How powerful is he? How far do you have to get in order for him to stop chasing you after you've seen his face? As well as theories for how to defeat him, how to hide from him, and even how to control him. Today we're looking at all of these and more in this explainer of SCP-096 The Shy Guy and all of the questions, theories, and hypotheticals about one of the most famous and scary of the anomalies in SCP Foundation containment.
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SCP-096 - The Shy Guy Questions and Theories Answered and Explained (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-096" by Dr Dan:
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  • What would happen if you put scp-096 with scp-3008 because scp-3008 has no face would scp-096 still attack scp-3008

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez33 sekunder sedan
  • what if you imagine it in ur head?....

    Nusayba MohamudNusayba Mohamud18 minuter sedan
    • not viewing its actual face =/= death

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke12 minuter sedan
  • everyone gangsta till you hear some screaming and banging on your door....

    Nusayba MohamudNusayba Mohamud23 minuter sedan
  • Oh guys you in a video game people playground you can thank go and get the blood

    Katrina BoothKatrina Booth27 minuter sedan
  • what would happen if shy guy was frozen solid before viewing a picture what would happen

    randall justicerandall justice39 minuter sedan
    • bruh why ask a question that the video answered?

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke12 minuter sedan
  • I want to now if shyguys picture was 99% perfict but theres one tinny part mising will it still count

    snasher xdsnasher xdTimme sedan
  • Do you work for the scp foundation?

    alissa klimovichalissa klimovich2 timmar sedan
  • Isn't that what you mean a scp096

    ivan lokeivan loke2 timmar sedan
  • What if you put him in the living room or the eating door?

    Bart GoerkeBart Goerke2 timmar sedan
  • Scp 096 is fake in real life it's just a creepypasta

    colingamer13 playzcolingamer13 playz2 timmar sedan
    • SCP is not a creepypasta or a real thing. SCP is a web series

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 minuter sedan
  • He’s like an enderman

    Cameron GregoryCameron Gregory3 timmar sedan
  • Can scp 096 see scp 5000 if you wear it?

    Anil BariaAnil Baria3 timmar sedan
  • What would happen if it looked at its own face?

    Michael BatarsehMichael Batarseh3 timmar sedan
    • It cannot see its own face because it is blind

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 minuter sedan
  • This has probably already been answered but if an infant saw 096’s face would the infant be murdered?

    Deep WellDeep Well3 timmar sedan
  • What if a mass of d-class personal look at a photo of 096 at the same time, would he try to kill at of them?

    Zelfro ZeroZelfro Zero3 timmar sedan
    • Thy all die one at a time

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke10 minuter sedan
  • what if someone saw it's face in the moon?

    daniel daviddaniel david4 timmar sedan
    • 096 jumps to the moon

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke4 timmar sedan
  • What if you go to mars and look at scp o96

    a.o.t fan: LUCKY sabaddin jra.o.t fan: LUCKY sabaddin jr6 timmar sedan
    • 096 jumps to mars

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke4 timmar sedan
  • Can't we throw SCP-096 out of the solar system or throw him into the sun?

    Nayel KhanNayel Khan8 timmar sedan

    The S0urceThe S0urce10 timmar sedan
  • If it was blind (assuming it was blind for it’s whole life) how would it know that sight is a thing? Like if everyone was blind no one would know that sight is a thing

    Luke FellerLuke Feller11 timmar sedan
  • What if you saw its face and traveled back in time some how

    IronSkull 159IronSkull 15911 timmar sedan
  • if you see scp-096 throw a stick at it then snipe it with a sniper

    Charles KitchenCharles Kitchen12 timmar sedan
    • The most pointless thing to ever do

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • Guys please call 173 peanut

    PSP GamingPSP Gaming12 timmar sedan
  • i have asked the question for a while what would 096 do if someone looked at a pic of him from in orbit?

    nigganigga12 timmar sedan
  • Also whoever said then why do you have a picture of it in your thumbnail the whole scp thing is fake

    aj_buddy2aj_buddy212 timmar sedan
  • 076 vs 096?

    CriticalGaming_Original LeoCriticalGaming_Original Leo13 timmar sedan
  • What would happen if SCP-999 (Tickle Monster) and SCP-096 (The Shy Guy) Cross tested? Would SCP-096 become forever passive and be a safe class SCP?

    R HeR He14 timmar sedan
  • what happens if you look at scp 096 its face then you change your identity

    Jacob IcacaJacob Icaca14 timmar sedan
    • viewing its face = death from it

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • Technically, SCP-096 couldn't get to you if you were many light-years away, right? It definitely can't travel faster than light.

    Samuel SongSamuel Song15 timmar sedan
  • What if you trapped 096 in a pocket dimension with no way out. For say 106, 1128, or 093? Would it stay captured. Technically it would never be able to escape and would be trapped forever.

    Acid254Acid25415 timmar sedan
  • For the question, does it have to be a good quality image, in the file base it does mention in the attemp to stop it from killing using the googles to blur its face, an image in which its face took 4 pixels triggered it

    Megalofish PlaysMegalofish Plays16 timmar sedan
  • Question: If someone saw a picture of the SCPs face, and that picture is for example 1km away from the viewer. The viewer would not actually see so far, but still by chance looks directly at the picture. Would the SCP freak out?

    testiheppu1testiheppu116 timmar sedan
  • Wait this shit is real

    Fatih Semih GungormusFatih Semih Gungormus16 timmar sedan
  • what if you put it up against scp 076 or called as able

    RyZ3RyZ317 timmar sedan
  • I've seen the face before and nothing has happened, I've come into contact with a tall black figure that is about 12ft in height and I'm 6'8 and I keeper looking down on me but it did not attack what scp is this

    JtxR.JtxR.18 timmar sedan
    • @JtxR. SCP-TallasFuc

      Allister1690Allister169016 timmar sedan
    • @Allister1690 do I classifie as a scp

      JtxR.JtxR.17 timmar sedan
    • My guy ur a giant

      Allister1690Allister169017 timmar sedan
  • I love how one of there questions was about a drawn picture of 096 because it was like they thought 096 was real lol

    Nathaniel BoyleNathaniel Boyle18 timmar sedan
  • why dont they use the same acide on scp 096 as they do on scp 682

    Pontus FredlingPontus Fredling18 timmar sedan
    • Because acid didn't damaged 096's skeletal structure and the one mentioned in the video is something that SCP illustrated cooked up and is not in the official wiki thus it is not a canon

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • how to kill 096: look at a photo of him at the sun he will Y E E T himself to the sun and burn alive

    Mr. Doof manMr. Doof man19 timmar sedan
    • 096 has already been to the sun and wasn't bothered by it until It was enraged after some d class looked at a photo of it then 096 came back with the sun

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • What if we send it to space will it freeze because space is endless and below any temperature on earth

    lazer shotlazer shot20 timmar sedan
    • @lazer shot nope 096 is not a god but an avatar of a god

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke9 timmar sedan
    • Is this thing god???

      lazer shotlazer shot9 timmar sedan
    • WHAT?!

      lazer shotlazer shot9 timmar sedan
    • @lazer shot Well 096 cameback from the sun after it was enraged

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke10 timmar sedan
    • So it kinda works

      lazer shotlazer shot10 timmar sedan
  • Im actually wondering is scp 096 is real but ima guess no

    MarvVFXMarvVFX20 timmar sedan
  • if you put it on venus would it die

    Conner FoutConner Fout21 timme sedan
    • nope, It wouldn't be bothered by the temperature and atmosphere

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • This is the worst content on youtube

    Post-Awareness Stage 6 is without description.Post-Awareness Stage 6 is without description.21 timme sedan
  • But does he realy exist

    Draken EiDraken Ei21 timme sedan
    • No the whole thing is fiction

      Allister1690Allister169017 timmar sedan
  • Wait... why mot launch it into thr sun???

    gacha12boy 7645gacha12boy 764521 timme sedan
    • They did that already the outcome is 096 destroying earth using the sun

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • What would happen if scp 096 met the Plague doctor

    Jeremy ShafferJeremy Shaffer21 timme sedan
  • Is this SCP real pls answer I am scared to watch this

    Elio GarciaElio Garcia22 timmar sedan
    • I don't want to die

      Elio GarciaElio Garcia22 timmar sedan
    • Im also scared of the yule man is that thing real too

      Elio GarciaElio Garcia22 timmar sedan
  • How does he know you’ve seen his face? Is it some sort of telekinesis, how does he know you’ve viewed a photo of him? What if your blind? What happens then, or if he’s on a rampage and your in his line of sight/around the area but you haven’t seen his face what does he do?

    LZ OnlineLZ Online22 timmar sedan
    • @LZ Online No, It does not need to sleep and breathe

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
    • Does he need to breathe?

      LZ OnlineLZ Online22 timmar sedan
    • Does he ever sleep?

      LZ OnlineLZ Online22 timmar sedan
    • Was he ever a human, or is he an alien? What about an inter dimensional traveler then something happened, or he was always like that?

      LZ OnlineLZ Online22 timmar sedan
    • What does he do to the corpses?

      LZ OnlineLZ Online22 timmar sedan
  • What if scp 6789 bursts scp 096s ear drums?

    SCP nerdSCP nerd22 timmar sedan
    • Calling SirenHead an SCP is your gravest mistake

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • I want a face reveal

    Redd JamesRedd James23 timmar sedan
  • Just realized.. It's an enderman on steroids

    loonjmsloonjms23 timmar sedan
  • Everyone look at the SAME TIME!

    Sir BadassBSir BadassB23 timmar sedan
  • If you look at 096 face in a drone does it still attack

    Little Jokester ARobLittle Jokester ARobDag sedan
    • Viewing its face = Death

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec Clarke11 timmar sedan
  • What lf scp-096 kill scp-682

    Huang Renjun Is A Heart Stealer!Huang Renjun Is A Heart Stealer!Dag sedan
  • What if you shoot an artist into space or the moon.Then he just draws it and you can look at it.

    Felix GamingFelix GamingDag sedan
  • We might do a face reveal if we hit 100K subscribers me looks at the people who subscribed also me: oh no tik tok play

    tigerslice007 legendtigerslice007 legendDag sedan
  • I like the doctor

    Niklas NiedermaierNiklas NiedermaierDag sedan
  • scp 096 is actually blind and when paired up against a blind scp, 096 still entered a rage state

    ShiroMasqShiroMasqDag sedan
  • I wanna see another one of these!

    Morgan McQuadeMorgan McQuadeDag sedan
  • What if someone inside scp 5000 looks at scp 096s face

    Oliwier JesionowskiOliwier JesionowskiDag sedan
  • Who still thinks that if you look at a SEworld thumbnail with scp 096s face, he gets angry at you.

    your gamer babushkayour gamer babushkaDag sedan
  • What i want to see shy guy

    Angel EstabilloAngel EstabilloDag sedan
  • Oh hell no i will like or subscribe

    Angel EstabilloAngel EstabilloDag sedan
  • Can scp-096 take scp-343 god

    GDSytherGDSytherDag sedan
  • Is 096 actually real or fake

    GreenSeaCraft20GreenSeaCraft20Dag sedan
  • But the guy who took the photo did see its face right?

    SPIR 4SPIR 4Dag sedan
  • Why dont u use scp-4001 to kill 096

    SPIR 4SPIR 4Dag sedan
    • 096 is not human sooooooo

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec ClarkeDag sedan
  • I looked at scp 096 many times...

    Rafa 1984Rafa 1984Dag sedan
  • Would Killin SCP 096 and then the Kennett Skal trigger another SCP 096

    Da KlDa KlDag sedan
  • If your in a bedrock room with it will kill you

    Jaizzy RazalanJaizzy RazalanDag sedan
  • I've heard in a different video, if u touch him it also makes him mad

    Cathy O'NealCathy O'NealDag sedan
  • Is scp real if it is i will look at its face

  • Tôi không hiểu tiếng anh

    nhật anhnhật anhDag sedan
  • Have you mabye thought about putting SCP-682 on the moon? BTW, 682 and 053 are my favorite SCP's.

    Quincy Feeney-DanielsQuincy Feeney-DanielsDag sedan
  • What if multiple people on opposite sides of the wold look at pictures of it at the same time

    Blue car AnimationsBlue car AnimationsDag sedan
  • think you can do SCP-686 go on I dear ya lol or 1903 that looks fun

    STARS048STARS048Dag sedan
  • 10:00 hey isn't that the warden

    Catsdogs woofCatsdogs woofDag sedan
  • Guys is this real please answer

    SeanBeast109SeanBeast109Dag sedan
  • 4 fucking pixels

    Gavin MorrisonGavin MorrisonDag sedan
  • 555k subs OwO

    Cartoon's ChangeCartoon's ChangeDag sedan
  • Imagine 096 using 5000

    Sticker HappySticker HappyDag sedan
  • Is scp fondaiton real

    dctp123dctp123Dag sedan
  • Why not get 049 to just touch him? 049 is clearly intelligent and, if given a reward, may even help the SCP in that regard

    Brayden EnrightBrayden EnrightDag sedan
    • @Izeec Clarke Good point. But I still wonder.

      Brayden EnrightBrayden EnrightDag sedan
    • I don't think the touch would work on immortals considering 049 already touched 682 and yet nothing happened

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec ClarkeDag sedan

    Angela FryAngela FryDag sedan
  • cam we bunt all the pack

    Richard CarelRichard CarelDag sedan
  • What if multiple people see the face at the same time? Do they get hunted one by one? Or ignored?

    Artzeka19Artzeka19Dag sedan
    • They all die one by one

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec ClarkeDag sedan
  • What if you look at his face in a different universe or dimension ?

  • He’s basically Mohammed

    Dominic WaghornDominic WaghornDag sedan
  • What would happen if you put scp-096 in scp-914 on the rough setting

    Rowan HawkesRowan HawkesDag sedan
  • I also wonder what will happen if scp 3000's black substance is used on the shy guy

    bosco shambosco shamDag sedan
    • Practically nothing if it did the Foundation would've done it already

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec ClarkeDag sedan
  • What if you put scp 096 with scp 049

    Billy EstesBilly EstesDag sedan
  • what if shy guy was sucked in a black hole, then you look at it's photo

    bosco shambosco shamDag sedan
  • Shy Guy is my favourite SCP

    Toady's Bizarre adventureToady's Bizarre adventureDag sedan
  • Looks in mirror: *Kills self*

    Nibs GamingNibs GamingDag sedan
  • 096 vs Yee yee ass haircut

    Gergő PiroskaGergő PiroskaDag sedan
  • *But if you close your eyes*

    Nibs GamingNibs GamingDag sedan
  • what would happen if u took a photo of 096 with you into scp 636 the elevator to nowhere...and if he did come for you...wouldnt that be a containment breach?

    Sinbad Eatin' A McRibSinbad Eatin' A McRibDag sedan
  • What happens if a person sees a picture of its face and then gets immediately terminated?

    JohnKalogirou OfficialJohnKalogirou OfficialDag sedan
    • Basically it would stop hunting him/her

      Izeec ClarkeIzeec ClarkeDag sedan
  • Is this stuff real?

    AndreTheDudeAndreTheDudeDag sedan
  • Isn’t the art style from Infographics show

    ZavalaZavalaDag sedan
    • They are the same people.

      Rainbow AngelRainbow Angel20 timmar sedan

    Maverick KochMaverick KochDag sedan