Twenty One Pilots - Choker (Official Video)

29 apr 2021
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Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
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May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
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Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
I don't bother anyone
Nervous when I stand
Choking on the circumstance
Only smoking secondhand
Cut us open, spread us out
Dry us in the sand
Lay the fibers side-by-side
And you'll begin to understand
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
...coming for me
I don't bother anyone
Never make demands
Choking on the circumstance
Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
Seems like all I'm worth is what
I'm able to withstand
Sooner I can realize
That pain is just a middle man.
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
I see no volunteers
to co-sign on my fears
I'll sign on the line
I'm gonna change my circumstance
I know I need to move right now
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
(only smoking secondhand)
Like a little splinter
buried in your skin
Someone else can carve it out
But when you've got the pin
It hurts a little less
and you can even push it further in
When your body's screaming out
Trust your mind's listening.
Like a silhouette that you can barely see
As the shadow casts upon the ground
where you'll eventually
lay forever, but the day goes on
the sun moves behind you
You get taller, bolder, stronger,
and the rear-view only blinds you
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  • I love the image of a store clerk ignoring a customer by playing the drums...

    veggiet2009veggiet200910 minuter sedan
  • Já voltei aqui muitas vezes, estou eu viciado?

    Ruan MR007MRRuan MR007MR15 minuter sedan
  • Did anyone notice the drum set that is behind Tyler at 0:55 That is probably where Josh got those drums that he's playing seconds later.

    Davit TsitsishviliDavit Tsitsishvili28 minuter sedan
  • I love that this was filmed in columbus. I think it speaks a lot to where this album is heading given that is where it all started

    xd preachrboyxd preachrboy56 minuter sedan
  • 3;56 minutos pero duele toda la vida

    Alberto Zaragoza MarcosAlberto Zaragoza Marcos58 minuter sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    • Dandi-Setiawan •• Dandi-Setiawan •Timme sedan
  • ¿Hay algo que no hagan bien?

    luna lovegoodluna lovegoodTimme sedan
  • Wait....if he became a figure and the dog did too. Then that means that mf beat a mf dragon

    Ecchi EmpireEcchi EmpireTimme sedan
  • This is the best song ever! I love their music so much! I'm so excited for their new album!

    clai3751 clai3751clai3751 clai3751Timme sedan
  • Me: i should probably study for our exam.. My mind: 2:36

    AlanWalkerFan 1357AlanWalkerFan 13572 timmar sedan
  • You're smiling.. Tyler got turned into a toy.. AND YOU'RE SMILING!

    AlanWalkerFan 1357AlanWalkerFan 13572 timmar sedan
  • Twenty One Pilots phase: WELCOME BACK!

    AlanWalkerFan 1357AlanWalkerFan 13572 timmar sedan
  • Why

    Kimble MoriKimble Mori2 timmar sedan
  • Teamo Twenty One Pilots

    Naomi GarciaNaomi Garcia2 timmar sedan
  • Tyler * grabs toy. * Josh * grabs gun *

    Deniz_yucel124Deniz_yucel1242 timmar sedan
  • Getting bandito vibes ❤️❤️❤️

    Pavan KalyanPavan Kalyan3 timmar sedan
  • good music no doubt, video concept is good too

    GaneshGanesh3 timmar sedan
  • This feels really nostalgic. It gives a lot of self titled vibes

    Morgan ShafferMorgan Shaffer3 timmar sedan
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  • like those who do jobs or anything listening to their music

    breyder palacio galvisbreyder palacio galvis3 timmar sedan
  • 1:20 twerking

    b̷t̷s̷ a̷r̷m̷y̷b̷t̷s̷ a̷r̷m̷y̷3 timmar sedan
  • No lie the instrumental to this made me think it was a Belanova track 😅

    Alex SotoAlex Soto3 timmar sedan
  • I bet these 2 can put on a helluva show videos are always entertaining

    Jeffrey HunterJeffrey Hunter4 timmar sedan
  • Tyler will you take me to your concerts and America. I came to the states to try to meet you. I was broke and went back to India. Now I came to Germany trying to reach you.

    rambo reddyrambo reddy4 timmar sedan
  • собачку жалко

    Pavlo MedvidPavlo Medvid4 timmar sedan
  • Damn after all these years they are still bopping

    LounqxLounqx5 timmar sedan
  • Twenty one pilots is on again🔥🔥🔥

    Mathias DansoMathias Danso5 timmar sedan
  • Intro: Heavydirtysoul Vibe: Regional at Best Rap: Taxi Cab Tyler: Commit crime Josh: Getting revenge Hotel: Trivago

  • Ama bu klip çok şeker olmuş .

    Kral 49Kral 497 timmar sedan
  • This is the best fucking band period.

    Vinit ShikhareVinit Shikhare7 timmar sedan
  • josh is dun with tyler

    PresψeΨ WidenerPresψeΨ Widener7 timmar sedan
  • I know it’s over😔

    Unknown??Unknown??8 timmar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    AndriyLvivAndriyLviv8 timmar sedan
  • Such mainstream pop music they make suddenly 😕

    Elisabeth Amalie EugenieElisabeth Amalie Eugenie9 timmar sedan
    • Blurryface had more interesting and complex melodies and rhythm, though. This one is so repetitive and monotonous.

      Elisabeth Amalie EugenieElisabeth Amalie Eugenie8 timmar sedan
    • not really, blurryface was more mainstream pop than this (doesn’t mean it’s bad)

      jess icajess ica8 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE YOUU💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    Linda HolečkováLinda Holečková9 timmar sedan
  • I don't know why but there is something so comforting about this song

    kay skay s10 timmar sedan
  • I love that they added Jim into this

    Natalie HickeyNatalie Hickey10 timmar sedan
  • "Ony smoking second hand ." What kind of sentence is this my friend?? Wow.

    Kral 49Kral 4910 timmar sedan
    • Only*😄😄😄

      Kral 49Kral 4910 timmar sedan
  • Summary of my life:Nobody's coming for me.

    Kral 49Kral 4910 timmar sedan
  • Wery god

    masakrator 159masakrator 15911 timmar sedan
  • I.... wow

    *Siiri Sirviö**Siiri Sirviö*11 timmar sedan
  • Twenty One Pilots and NF should do a collab song.

    Dan ZamoraDan Zamora11 timmar sedan
  • Twenty one pilots team

    ZED grgZED grg11 timmar sedan
  • I click to a different tab for ONE SECOND and when I come back Josh is chasing Tyler with a flamethrower?????

    JJ FryJJ Fry11 timmar sedan
  • Now the question is was the Dragon ever real before being an action figure

    Doctor ItDoctor It12 timmar sedan
  • Quien sos

    TaTa12 timmar sedan

    Hotdog8921Hotdog892112 timmar sedan
  • How is this not on trending

    Shai GuyShai Guy12 timmar sedan
  • brasileiro aqui, eu sou fã das músicas dessa banda. Só música boa!

    Saitama o mais forte da ficçãoSaitama o mais forte da ficção13 timmar sedan
  • Me encantan sus cansiones son las mejores

    Andres Felipe Suarez GutierrezAndres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez13 timmar sedan
  • No joss

    Andres Felipe Suarez GutierrezAndres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez13 timmar sedan
  • the way tyler ran away omg HAHAHAHAHHAA

    rei fernandezrei fernandez13 timmar sedan
  • Anybody else notice the dema mug?

    Ricky PowersRicky Powers13 timmar sedan
  • i think that toy dragon is the same dragon in "Shy Away"

    Blue-Eyes Toon DragonBlue-Eyes Toon Dragon14 timmar sedan
  • Choker le gana

    Paulina21 CacahuatePaulina21 Cacahuate14 timmar sedan
  • 9 dias para escuchar sai

    alejandro seferino azaalejandro seferino aza14 timmar sedan
  • can't imagine my life without them

    sarasara14 timmar sedan
  • OMGGG!!!! :D

    Erin BartlettErin Bartlett15 timmar sedan
    • I'm so happy

      Erin BartlettErin Bartlett14 timmar sedan
  • Who else has lessened to this a million times

    Jacob AnguianoJacob Anguiano15 timmar sedan
  • “You are loved.”

    MikeyMikey15 timmar sedan
  • Nice

    BAYERNBAYERN16 timmar sedan
  • Eskü günleri özlüycem🗿

    Rekiyi SevinRekiyi Sevin18 timmar sedan
  • When does the trendy skinny jean beanie genre end? Just a question. Everything sound like a commercial.

    R YoungR Young18 timmar sedan
  • T.O.P WOO!!

    Max LopezMax Lopez18 timmar sedan
  • me salio un anuncio de twenty one pilots viendo twenty one pilots lol

    hapdesadhapdesad18 timmar sedan
    • Jsjajajjaaj x2

      JUAN SIERRAJUAN SIERRA12 timmar sedan
  • Guys! I noticed that the cup on the "desk" says: "Good Day Dema", and just before Tyler tried to stole the dragon figure, he looks at it... amm idk but maybe it has a meaning

    Ángeles ReyesÁngeles Reyes18 timmar sedan
  • I love this song so much i lisen to it every day like 30 or 40 times a day i love you twenty one pilots

    False_ Evolution7False_ Evolution718 timmar sedan
  • I'm the only one who doesn't stop listening to this song xd

    Oswaldo Barco NavarroOswaldo Barco Navarro18 timmar sedan
  • Did the lyrics make anyone else feel like this is a sequel to Shy Away?

    Calob HCalob H19 timmar sedan
  • at the end i checked their merch store to see if this song was only an advertisement for a twenty one pilots funko toy

    ClashingClashing19 timmar sedan
  • una vez yo me iba a robar un little pet pero tuve un mal presentimiento. Gracias a Dios no seguí los pasos del Toiler

    Seungmin mi varónSeungmin mi varón19 timmar sedan
  • Josh es re violento aca jaja

    EiZaraEiZara19 timmar sedan
  • If you’re reading this you have a wonderful music taste 🤩

    E RME RM20 timmar sedan
  • Casa ServellonCasa Servellon20 timmar sedan
  • It's so nice to hear the vessel album type of song after all these years❤️.

    Brighton MukonkotaBrighton Mukonkota20 timmar sedan
  • hey. josh isn't shirtless. took this as a huge personal disrespect.

    zeynepzeynep20 timmar sedan
  • 💛

    Steven RodgersSteven Rodgers21 timme sedan
  • Y'all are getting me through a particularly hard breakup. Thank you and Hello from England!

    M StokesM Stokes21 timme sedan
  • muy buena cancion soy su fan 1 desde los 4 años

  • Who's here after Shy Away?

    Israel MartinezIsrael Martinez21 timme sedan
  • I thought Josh was holding a shotgun and trying to kill Tyler

    Evan ChoiEvan Choi21 timme sedan
  • I love this song but I feel bad for for the doggy but my fav band is twenty one pilots and i could not live without this band!!!!

    Kathrine ParsonsKathrine Parsons22 timmar sedan
  • the Easter eggs are easy to find in this music video

    godzilla nerdgodzilla nerd23 timmar sedan

    Chrysoula JiffyPopChrysoula JiffyPop23 timmar sedan
  • Always 💥👑💜

    VARUNVARUN23 timmar sedan
  • I love this song

    Jorge Jesus Villegas AponteJorge Jesus Villegas Aponte23 timmar sedan
  • Ya ando practicando para el 21 de mayo

    Jocelyn VelásquezJocelyn Velásquez23 timmar sedan
    • twenty one pilots é minha banda favorita de todos os tempos

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose22 timmar sedan
  • Can someone do lyrics pictures, "You get taller, bolder, stronger, and the rear-view only blinds you" with the album cover on photoshop? I suck lol

    david bustillodavid bustillo23 timmar sedan
  • Veo un chingo de morrita obsesionada con esta banda que apenas lo conocieron en el 2020 yo los conosi por el 2017 ches morras andan puro publicando mmdas de esta madre

    JAVIer NAVAJAVIer NAVA23 timmar sedan
    • jsjsjs si

      Fatima LimaFatima Lima21 timme sedan
  • Me encanta 😍 la canción 😃

    Esteban David Guerra HEsteban David Guerra H23 timmar sedan
  • I know my daughter will be wanting one of those little Tyler dolls.

    David SoesbeeDavid Soesbee23 timmar sedan
  • If everyone Josh freezes is put in that show case does the mean he froze, Trash the Dragon???

  • ¿Cómo interpretan la letra?

    Xx Ale xXXx Ale xXDag sedan
  • мои дети будут слушать 21 пилота

    tplordtplordDag sedan
  • There’s so many Easter eggs

    大戸愛大戸愛Dag sedan
  • I can't get enough. How the song starts, Fire!! Mwaki!!🔥 .. 100th replay loading, Just get's me into the Vibe

    Gnutela PeetGnutela PeetDag sedan
  • Okay but I actually want this little dragon. Has anyone an idea how to get one?

    Daan van DamDaan van DamDag sedan
    • they are selling a box with many things, and there´s a little dragon toy

      Fatima LimaFatima Lima21 timme sedan
  • I listen to this 5-6 times everyday since it was released. Now my favorite.

    IrisatyroIrisatyroDag sedan
  • I want that blue dragon

    Leinard Just LeinardLeinard Just LeinardDag sedan
  • ok, but why this song only have 7.6M views?!

    weeweeDag sedan