Taking Eddie Hall's 'Hardest Punch' so Nobody else has to! {Good Luck Thor}

14 mar 2021
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  • My god look at that size of that dude 🤯

    Stupid Fast JohnStupid Fast John31 minut sedan
  • When I first downloaded warframe and some high level random teamed up with me.

    Aggro AlexAggro Alex44 minuter sedan
  • I can’t tell if eddie’s punch’s are that strong or if Nile is just an incredibly beta male weak man or both

    Rebel VillainRebel Villain47 minuter sedan
  • Eddie I love ya....but you are not even close to being one of the hardest punchers in the world. Punching is a technique and it’s not all muscle. Speed and hip rotation is what makes a punch strong and you have neither.

    Big CountryBig CountryTimme sedan
  • Everyone gangsta till my boi mike Tyson show up

    Killakam 709Killakam 709Timme sedan
  • I was hoping for like, full on thrown entire body in kinda slam and maybe a running start. Clickbait 😤

    Daniel StarrDaniel StarrTimme sedan
  • Its just crazy how built Eddie is, u look at his stommach area and associate with people of the same shape and think fat.. then u realize its all hard muscles there instead.. fucked up man.

    Nickey90Nickey90Timme sedan
  • He's got a turbo on his arm......you def don't wanna get this guys PSI up before boost hits!!

    NewEra0GNewEra0G3 timmar sedan
  • Hi I'm Nile Wilson, and this is Jackass.

    Brandon PalmerBrandon Palmer4 timmar sedan
  • Ed shits....

    TehCitoTehCito4 timmar sedan
  • He should fight Jake Paul

    TheReV 201TheReV 2015 timmar sedan
  • Well someone is getting a bit cocky

    dan Butch boidan Butch boi6 timmar sedan
  • I like the intro music

    [R.A.F] NonHarmony[R.A.F] NonHarmony6 timmar sedan
  • if eddie was attacked by a dog or bear he would have high adrenaline levels so with his already super powerful 100% punch he would fuck up his attacker

    DinoHunter167DinoHunter1676 timmar sedan
  • Fuck off why is eddie hall so agile this guy is dangerous😂😂😂😂😂

    vinnyvinny8 timmar sedan
  • Guys like this and Batista make us fighting industry look bad.

    Triste [N̶]Triste [N̶]9 timmar sedan
  • It's going to be a clash

    OTP HugoOTP Hugo9 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if Eddie suddenly goes MMA. What a beast. Looking forward to see if he can really fight or if he will gas out in one round.

    Livio MoreiraLivio Moreira10 timmar sedan
  • I beat Eddie in an arm wrestle in spain 2008.

    Danny CrowDanny Crow10 timmar sedan
  • Yup ,Good luck Thor, he's gonna need it ,Eddie is gonna probably knock him out pretty quickly.

    Stephen ChiStephen Chi10 timmar sedan
  • Jake paul vs Eddie hall

    sum-ting wongsum-ting wong13 timmar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fp3H37vUZoFouGg/video

    PunisherPunisher16 timmar sedan
  • It’s hilarious how scared the guy is at times. Can’t blame him.

    jeff the killerjeff the killer17 timmar sedan
  • 7:55 that is the thickest british scream I've ever heard on SEworld... aside from Morgan's lmao. Plus, do playback speed =0.25x

    GabRonFlyRoeGabRonFlyRoe18 timmar sedan
  • Jake Paul but thick british.

    GabRonFlyRoeGabRonFlyRoe19 timmar sedan
  • Dude r u still alive??

    Ali CurimbucusAli Curimbucus20 timmar sedan
  • The Mountain eyy

    Jols FrançoisJols François21 timme sedan
  • I pray Eddie absolute ruins Thor's will to live.

    Michael MooreMichael Moore21 timme sedan
  • Any real boxer would absolutely kill him. Tyson fury would Make a mockery of him. He believes his own bullshit...🤦🏻‍♂️

    Anonfcmd22Anonfcmd2222 timmar sedan
  • Can he beat goku tho

    Trickster PlayzTrickster Playz23 timmar sedan
  • In my opinion I would love to see Eddie face Jake paul

    Ballistic0118Ballistic0118Dag sedan
  • Lvl 1 Noob vs Lvl 1000 Pro

    Mean Bean ComedyMean Bean ComedyDag sedan
  • Your editor is great! 😆😆😁👍🏻

    Mean Bean ComedyMean Bean ComedyDag sedan
  • Todou x Itadori IRL

    Freddy PontoppidanFreddy PontoppidanDag sedan
  • Eddie balls head movement is fast 😳

    Keegan WilliamsKeegan WilliamsDag sedan
  • Go punch the arcade machine with the punishing bag🤗

    Titian slayer youtube for life Gotta love RustTitian slayer youtube for life Gotta love RustDag sedan
  • ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😈😈😈😈

    Васил кшМладеновВасил кшМладеновDag sedan
  • When he gets done with thor can he take jake paul to

    Carson BushCarson BushDag sedan
  • So im a littel late. But who won the figth?

    Rotte RattleRotte RattleDag sedan
  • Honestly in the fight I think it's gonna be who gets caught first because Eddie and thor I would assume both hit really fucking hard, but I think Thor would be caught first mainly because his lack of experience but Idk maybe Eddie will

    Jaydon McLeanJaydon McLeanDag sedan
  • This man could flatten most men with one blow

    Brad BorrowmanBrad BorrowmanDag sedan
  • Holy thats a scary Viking

    SkyzaceSkyzaceDag sedan
  • Imagine Eddie got carried away and hit him hard

    Young Gamer_0712Young Gamer_0712Dag sedan
  • Eddie hall vs whoever's wins tyson v Joshua

    Unknown ArtistUnknown ArtistDag sedan
  • Nile hits Eddie 3:00, Eddie hits Nile 7:53

    Oliver MohrOliver MohrDag sedan
  • I love how military is a term for exercising. "My workout is military" lol

    Matt GehringerMatt GehringerDag sedan
  • I legit can’t stop laughing at 2:23 🤣

    Tayvs03Tayvs03Dag sedan
  • That was hilarious. Just think what that would have felt like if you weren’t wearing that vest. Freight Train.

    Backyard Plinking, Trick-Shots & RC’SBackyard Plinking, Trick-Shots & RC’SDag sedan
  • Mike Tyson would probably beat his ass

    Juanes NietoJuanes NietoDag sedan
  • Imagine fighting someone this big and this fast

    CSJCSJDag sedan
  • “I see stiffness in the superheavyweight division “

    Ssj MiggsSsj MiggsDag sedan
  • There’s a girl on SEworld that can Break a tree you should have her punch you next

    TexnzTexnzDag sedan
  • Someone should throw this guy against the Paul brothers so we can see them get knocked out in the first 5 seconds lol

    TexnzTexnzDag sedan
  • "Kid's gonna die" -My 17 yr old nephew.

    Genie Le BottleGenie Le BottleDag sedan
  • i want to see this fight sooo bad

    Matthew HookMatthew HookDag sedan
  • me vs dad

    all cubed outall cubed outDag sedan
  • 7:21 man that shit gave him a headache

    Larry SmithLarry SmithDag sedan
  • Alternatively "Nile tries not to die for 11 minutes"

    James SmithJames SmithDag sedan
  • it isnt really difficult to hit hard when you have the momentum of a 300 pound body

    Matthijs van EmousMatthijs van EmousDag sedan
  • Eddie Hall, the arrogance.

    Paul SmithPaul SmithDag sedan
  • He should fight Jake Paul.

    Derek LuuDerek LuuDag sedan
  • you are pre calling your punch mate. do not retract. make a little circle and advance while you twist your left side back guided with you left arm. you rleft fist should end near your waist. when you extend and straighten your right arm. also you the top of your fist or your back hand should be straight with the rest of your arm when you actually punch. do not thigten your hands until you tought the target. and if you want to do extra damage. you hit and touch with your hand like you are holding a steering wheel. once you touch. thighten up and twist your hand 90 degrees into the puch. you'll opponent flesh will do the same and that makes some brusses :p

    Andrew CowellAndrew CowellDag sedan
  • i wanna see him fight mike tyson

    Jacob GJacob G2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know who this kid is but this is hilarious 😂

    Louis OrmeLouis Orme2 dagar sedan
  • boy cant fight

    mason Garrisonmason Garrison2 dagar sedan
    • loser can act tough at internet

      BelerBelerDag sedan
  • My punches are harder than both of u

    Sashannie OnfroySashannie Onfroy2 dagar sedan
    • Ok i know you're sad

      BelerBelerDag sedan
  • Why do I get the feeling the Hall v Thor fight is going to be decided on a knee injury.

    Coxout 35Coxout 352 dagar sedan
  • Funny for the first minute I'm watching, I'm thinking how he looks like he's so eager to punch you. 1:06

    NotoriousNerdNotoriousNerd2 dagar sedan
  • 6:32 I couldn't stop laughing at this😭😭😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Adam Varghese SatishAdam Varghese Satish2 dagar sedan
  • Stop flexing

    NinjapoofaceNinjapooface2 dagar sedan
  • That was actually funny :)

    merlinonermerlinoner2 dagar sedan
  • He should go to gyms and pay people to not fall over from one of his punches

    E.J.S MFE.J.S MF2 dagar sedan
  • Estás re cagado.

    Sawliet PsySawliet Psy2 dagar sedan
  • Who feels weak while watching this? I do for sure.

    Alpha Dolmenhoteel2Alpha Dolmenhoteel22 dagar sedan
  • Eddie's tickle session

    Calde_crCalde_cr2 dagar sedan
  • I just found you and I love your vids now lol

    Ianlovesroblox 777Ianlovesroblox 7772 dagar sedan
  • how can a guy so big move so fluid and quick

    T stuffT stuff2 dagar sedan
  • Is he a boxer?

    sgodorsgodor2 dagar sedan
  • zangief birth

    TheOldBeechTheOldBeech2 dagar sedan
  • Eddie is dang fast at slipping

    Michael WightMichael Wight2 dagar sedan
  • as if he made nile wear a glove. he should be able to take it bare hand ur a third of his size ffs!

    Emcharge-musicEmcharge-music2 dagar sedan
  • the worst thing in the world is unexpectedly getting punched in the solar plexus, it’s the only thing that tops getting kicked in the nuts.

    Chris HorneChris Horne2 dagar sedan
  • lol those little jabs must've felt like Tyson hooks to Nile cause the way he fell lmao

    Michael NievesMichael Nieves2 dagar sedan
    • the skyrim shout lmao

      Michael NievesMichael Nieves2 dagar sedan
  • What language is the white shirt guy speaking?..

    AVIAVI2 dagar sedan
  • witch language is that guy talking???

    Robert Heinrich von SeyfensternRobert Heinrich von Seyfenstern2 dagar sedan
  • As long as u don’t piss him off he is literally a giant teddy bear

    RandomguyforeverRandomguyforever2 dagar sedan
  • Let him go against jake paul

    Daddy GladDaddy Glad2 dagar sedan
  • Jake should fight this guy 😂

    NeonNeon2 dagar sedan
  • I haven't watched yet, but He's either brave, stupid, or neither he's Goku, lol.

    Justin MonroeJustin Monroe2 dagar sedan
  • When strongmen box it's not sport anymore, turns into somethin more serious, deadly. 3 or 4 tons pressure in a punch of his.....I dont like it.

    Jermaine SherlsJermaine Sherls3 dagar sedan
  • Eddie's got that fight easily. A full beast against a half Thor.

    John A. ZoidbergJohn A. Zoidberg3 dagar sedan
  • Finally he's getting some abs 🔥

    Seer OneSeer One3 dagar sedan
  • He is remarkably quick for a big man

    Sandeep Free BirdSandeep Free Bird3 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately he is doing what he didnt want to do he is spending all his time perfecting his craft and not at home with the family, that is why he left strongman competitions

    Mike Derenne JrMike Derenne Jr3 dagar sedan
  • Make sure y’all get right with God repent and believe in the gospel love yall💕

    Emmanuel FOCEmmanuel FOC3 dagar sedan
  • Literally knocked him off his feet.

    sonic soulsonic soul3 dagar sedan
  • I felt Eddies punch where I'm sitting

    DonnyDonny3 dagar sedan
  • His punches into his stomach Kinda reminds me of when a fly hits the windscreen.

    S RossS Ross3 dagar sedan