I Won Grian's Big Brain Treasure Hunt! :: Hermitcraft #33

21 okt 2020
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Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 33! Today we go on Grian's treasure hunt to find an amazing builder prize! Later we add some Halloween decorations to our shops and much more!
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  • Bdubbs gets 4 diamonds: haha I’m rich Grian gets hundreds of diamonds: Nice

    RoboTube GamingRoboTube Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • "I suppose marrying my wife was a very good thing as well, that was another great day um but anyway-" I'm deadd

    Laffy TaffLaffy Taff5 dagar sedan
  • 3:07 okay not to be weird but if someone when up to me and said Hi like that I would cry because of how sweet it is!

    Laffy TaffLaffy Taff5 dagar sedan
  • Scar: gets the Diamond Throne back. Scar: Sells the Dimond Throne, so that the mycelium resistens can bye it. XD

    Mark GolvaniMark Golvani5 dagar sedan
  • Snip the sheep

    Alden ShinnAlden Shinn7 dagar sedan
  • Keralis timing looking through the hole where bdubs was ..really got me it was so scary plus funny.

    Dusk DawnDusk Dawn8 dagar sedan
  • 13:45 that suprised peekaboo of keralis n bdubs looking at the outside got me..Im laughing so harddd😂😂😂😂Lmao..Keralis face is so funny n bdubs big eyes too😂😂

    Dusk DawnDusk Dawn8 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs's logic101 : 4 diamonds=enough money to make someone rich

    Mark SwanMark Swan8 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs's outbursts are the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen, and that is a VERY high bar to clear for someone who loves comedy.

    Stef DStef D10 dagar sedan

    notEriXnotEriX11 dagar sedan
  • The building master!!

    Jon FJon F13 dagar sedan
  • the way keralis just peeked over the edge scared me lmao 13:43

    Benjamin HarrisBenjamin Harris13 dagar sedan
  • "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE" "other than the day my kids were born" "the day I married my wife was pretty great too, I guess."

    Lakarius LitzLakarius Litz16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah wives are cool, but do you have a lot of materials?

    Kellan BlalackKellan Blalack16 dagar sedan
  • Well isn't Joe the Dog Catcher aka Animal Control. Maybe get him to take care of the sheep

    Goe IshaGoe Isha17 dagar sedan
  • I like podzal, so...............

    Alex CrimAlex Crim18 dagar sedan
  • nice 18:43

    Scorchie 5Scorchie 519 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Hermitcraft is so random, finding a guy in a hole on your property isn't even questioned. Just race him to sleep.

    NekaudiNekaudi20 dagar sedan
  • My neighbor dressed as an inflatable tube man for this halloween

    Munchos555Munchos55521 dag sedan
  • When Keralis appeared above BDubs I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

    HeatherHeather22 dagar sedan
  • When he said when my kids were born i immediately was reminded of the 3 years ago incident.... he made a vid titled why pray for bdubs

    JoyJoy22 dagar sedan
  • Ok so no one gonna talk abt how it was behind the left eye 😭

    PankekaPankeka23 dagar sedan
  • Finding shulker boxes with stuff is better than the day he married, and have kids lmao

    // Emerald1229 \\// Emerald1229 \\24 dagar sedan
    • Debatable

      caden longcaden long10 dagar sedan
    • No

      upultupult20 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs didnt even care to look at mumbos industrial district floating store lol

    SakeGamingSakeGaming24 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs didnt even look to go too mumbos floating industrial district shop lol

    SakeGamingSakeGaming24 dagar sedan
  • 13:40

    Potato_queenPotato_queen24 dagar sedan
  • I'm not sure where you are; I'm in Virginia and we have the inflatable balloon things that go blowing all over the place in front of stores, and Grian also got the reference. ;D

    SyberyahSyberyah24 dagar sedan
  • You know you can lock maps right, so that even once you chain the blocks and stuff in the place it still shows the old way on the map? (That was very badly described, sorry.) Basically you can build an X, make a map of the area, lock the map, and then destroy the X, but the map still shows the X.

    SyberyahSyberyah24 dagar sedan
  • 6:38 It's a cat XDDDDDDD

    SyberyahSyberyah24 dagar sedan
  • Cleo and False were robbed

    DiceDamselDiceDamsel24 dagar sedan
  • Broooo bdubs is sooo cute

    Lester ArnettLester Arnett25 dagar sedan

    CTE2028 Gaming And MoreCTE2028 Gaming And More25 dagar sedan
  • Do you actually like scar or is it just an act?

    Endernight105Endernight10525 dagar sedan
  • U should join cilyum r resistance

    JD MARQUEZJD MARQUEZ25 dagar sedan
  • I swear you said sleep with a mixture between l and w.

    Some PersonSome Person25 dagar sedan
  • It's me when i was 6! 18:43

    [Grevct67][Grevct67]25 dagar sedan
  • I think we have to dig O- *HAVE YOU VOTED?*

    DOGGO POGGODOGGO POGGO26 dagar sedan
  • Just kill the damn sheep 😂

    C. D.C. D.26 dagar sedan
  • 0:38 we have found Juan

    Zero •Zero •26 dagar sedan
  • "I can finish ym caaaaastle!! I'm having a heart attack!"

    goingunder13goingunder1327 dagar sedan
  • I love Bdubs' intro though with the music and how enthusiastic he is

    goingunder13goingunder1327 dagar sedan
  • One of the best minecraft video creator and the builder oooo yeah😉😉😉😉😱😱😂😘😘😘😘💕

    Brutal GàmingBrutal Gàming27 dagar sedan
  • Keralis suddenly appear hahaha! That shocked me!

    Sala CornillaSala Cornilla27 dagar sedan
  • go anti myselium

    kasparas jurkulneviciuskasparas jurkulnevicius27 dagar sedan
  • helping environments prosper by destroying an endangered plant and bringing an invasive plant

    Gage FairbanksGage Fairbanks27 dagar sedan
  • The lag is because of treasure Island

    Aashir azeemAashir azeem27 dagar sedan
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bdub's Please Work On The (Mega B Castle) #Bdub's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Primalcat SperentetPrimalcat Sperentet27 dagar sedan
  • Is there any doubt why the Barge is so popular, what with Grian always selling that one niche item you need and having these incredibly fun quests that end with you getting countless prizes?

    Captain WobbsCaptain Wobbs27 dagar sedan
  • It's a wacky wavy inflatable arm-flailing tube man!

    Ethan Diaz de LeonEthan Diaz de Leon27 dagar sedan
  • H.E.P, basically a home owners association "LOOK AT THIS MESS!", "ugh! The grass is ruined!", "this is breaking the rules!"

    w0t3rdogw0t3rdog27 dagar sedan
  • Man that buyback sure backfired...

    dIsGusTeDdIsGusTeD27 dagar sedan
  • Get it he said witch and it is a witch 17:29

    Dill PickleDill Pickle28 dagar sedan
  • Is your intro music from Splatoon??

    DJ SnopelDJ Snopel28 dagar sedan
  • Go mycelium

    Joshy goodboyJoshy goodboy28 dagar sedan
  • It's not the sheep lagging the server, it's the GIGANTIC redstone sign in the sky that is blinking.

    L1 XL1 X28 dagar sedan
  • 11:57 i laughed so hard!

    DIamondLeivasDIamondLeivas28 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs: 4 diamonds I am filthy rich Keralis: 50 diamonds not enough

    Beyblade GeekBeyblade Geek28 dagar sedan
  • Bring back facecam

    TheCyberkingTheCyberking28 dagar sedan
  • Can someone explain to me why Bdubs has changed his skin?

    AmoooxAmooox28 dagar sedan
  • This video opens like an episode on Netflix

    Alec JkulAlec Jkul28 dagar sedan
  • Who's here when there are 666k views

    love live life and horseslove live life and horses28 dagar sedan

    michelleboom83michelleboom8328 dagar sedan
  • Im confused when he found the treasure was he mad or happy?

    IICringeCa6tii LlIICringeCa6tii Ll28 dagar sedan
  • It’s been 3 years and I’m waiting for fool craft season 2

    MattakaleafsMattakaleafs28 dagar sedan
  • Lag maker list in order (as far as I think): Join the resistance mumbo signs everywhere Join HIEP get cake signs EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE resistance sheep HALLO HIEP wolfs resistance llamas

    Moksha MeowMoksha Meow28 dagar sedan
  • Sheep: Eats his/her natural food to not die Litterally all fo HIEP: YOU MONSTER

    Moksha MeowMoksha Meow28 dagar sedan
  • 15:33 *breathes in* STAWP LAAHGING THAEH SEUUARRVER YOU STUAAPID SHEAP -Bdubs 2020 No rlly though how he said that was just too good

    Moksha MeowMoksha Meow28 dagar sedan
  • man how exited bdubs was when he foudn the treasure sounded so happy and made me happy -w- If only grain added netherite since u usualy adds it but still

    Moksha MeowMoksha Meow28 dagar sedan
  • Mycelum secret lore: LOOONG ago, I'm talking thousands of years. The mycelum island was existing in peace, witches were here, with nice little amathist farms, then they fleed away to the swamps. 1,000 years later, A big group of sea explorers came here and found that juices were bleeding from the gems, so they tested them for many days and nights they tried everything, from apples to Redstone. Nothing happened! Until they tried mushrooms, suddenly it grew to great nights, and it was fed to cows, they became mooshrooms and those mushrooms were planted into the ground, then war chased these explorers away then the rest of the amethysts are broken, thus creating mycelum. 4,000 years later, those mushrooms were planted in the neather, they thrived, no other plant or living thing from the overworld thrived like this. H- Hermitcraft M- Mycelum P- Protection

    Kaden HoffmanKaden Hoffman28 dagar sedan
  • I love how his videos start like a proper tv show

    YT. SMUK99YT. SMUK9928 dagar sedan
  • throne sure stayed for a long time.

    Zahm BohddieZahm Bohddie28 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Zenithou 249Zenithou 24929 dagar sedan
  • Wait, you’re married, you have kids? Wow i didnt even know..

    MSMCheeseGamerMSMCheeseGamer29 dagar sedan
  • Can you use Mombasa spook of Acacian Machine

    Wallace_Penguin_ EverythingWallace_Penguin_ Everything29 dagar sedan
  • C'mon Bdubs, join the resistance! They could use your sleeping skills.

    XyroXyro29 dagar sedan
  • Does bdubs realize he went to the wrong floating stock

    No u UgandaNo u Uganda29 dagar sedan
  • Mycelium buyback ends very badly

    Alvin GichereAlvin Gichere29 dagar sedan

    Feline On the WestFeline On the West29 dagar sedan
  • new title hEEp man takes NOT resitance man grian's box and finds a box

    The Gaming duckThe Gaming duck29 dagar sedan
  • I Don't Wanna Be Rude But Grian Has 29 STACKS Of Diamond BLOCKS!

    Swastika PlaysSwastika Plays29 dagar sedan
  • I Don't Want To Disturbe Your Vibes Or Anything But You Got The Worst Box And It Was Over Because Even Grian Said That On Sign "Value Is Always Over What You Pay" Edit: The Best Prize Is 2 Blocks Of Netherite

    Swastika PlaysSwastika Plays29 dagar sedan
  • :)

    thing morethingsthing morethings29 dagar sedan
  • Your voice and way of being is just ace man, so, so extremely funny

    alf aasenalf aasen29 dagar sedan
  • Bdubs I will not like the video because I love podzol

    mini pekka gamingmini pekka gaming29 dagar sedan
  • You miss-used Night on Bald Mountain.

    Azrael EnterpriseAzrael Enterprise29 dagar sedan
  • How do you make thumbnails

    CBTHEGG GamingCBTHEGG Gaming29 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of asking what the intro and outro musics are

    A PersonA Person29 dagar sedan
  • WOOOOOWWW!!!!! -Bdubs

    Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051Lionel Christian Wijaya 120505129 dagar sedan
  • Do more treasure hunts

    Subscrible PlaysSubscrible Plays29 dagar sedan
  • Alton towers music yes

    Egg ShipEgg Ship29 dagar sedan
  • You know your mansion was going to be a minigame

    Precise NinjaPrecise Ninja29 dagar sedan
  • I appreciate your use of classical music in this episode! There was In the Hall of the Mountain King, one of my favorites, and a choice other that I don’t know the names of. Good episode.

    Evan SchubertEvan Schubert29 dagar sedan

    FoopFoop29 dagar sedan
  • its cute that he has a kid BUT IT IS NOT CUTE ATOL THAT HE IS AN A OPPOSER OF MYCELEYUM RESISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Dusty CactusDusty Cactus29 dagar sedan
  • "the parrot in ethos base?" **proceeds to stare directly at it** "Where could it be??" Bdubs you never fail to make me laugh

    DerpyWasTakenDerpyWasTakenMånad sedan
  • i wanna c u use mumbos shop

    Ak47hsnyn4Ak47hsnyn4Månad sedan
  • Mycylium

    Ben HowardBen HowardMånad sedan
  • I forget how entertaining Bdubs is, thanks bud.

    ShoonKairuTVShoonKairuTVMånad sedan
  • 4:59 WTF is that in the sky?

    Perqeh RipzeePerqeh RipzeeMånad sedan
  • 1:08 uh... 😳

    gloom!gloom!Månad sedan