SNES Background Mode 7 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 05

22 jan 2018
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Ever wonder how the SNES could stretch and rotate things by using mode 7? It's all explained right here.
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  • Fake 3d yay

    WombleWomble15 dagar sedan
  • I notice antialiasing shown in the visuals of this video. Is it potentially possible for the SNES to do antialiasing in Mode 7?

    AmberDambey GamingAmberDambey Gaming24 dagar sedan
  • i have a new appreciation for people who made SNES Emulators. like, holy shit.

    ProxyProxy25 dagar sedan
    • Thank you. It took me 4 to 5 months to emulate Mode 7.

      AmberDambey GamingAmberDambey Gaming24 dagar sedan
  • These lesson should be on Khan Academy

    PajamaCat4PajamaCat425 dagar sedan
  • This needed to be epesode 7

    melo 7904melo 7904Månad sedan
  • > mode seven *_oh no_*

    AkiraAkiraMånad sedan
  • Truly amazing. Genesis can't do that (I think...).

    NintendoNintendoMånad sedan
  • there's 8 modes?

    Spring DavidSpring David2 månader sedan
  • Random question, at 1:22 where do all the pixels at the bottom of the tileset get used ?

    supercrapnstuff11supercrapnstuff113 månader sedan
    • Is it Mode 7 if an SNES game shows a rotating platform in the background that is parallel to the player or rotates an entire stage counter-clockwise around the player? I saw some effects like that in "R-Type 3: The Third Lightning" on stage 1, and those parts kinda "felt" like Mode 7 to me.

      LaurelindoLaurelindoMånad sedan
    • Nowhere. In this case there were few enough tiles needed that there was some extra space leftover, and this is just junk data.

      Retro Game Mechanics ExplainedRetro Game Mechanics Explained3 månader sedan
  • well I'll be damned....

    waterfieldVwaterfieldV4 månader sedan
  • Well eventrough the snes cannot view 2 BG layers in mode 7, not by the gpu chip, but i suppose you could do 1 background layer trough software instead ,aslong it doesn’t hard the cpu to a crowd. Is it not already bad enough that they scrapped the ability to pipe graphics from an external source in mode 7 mode?

    Johnson DMGJohnson DMG4 månader sedan
  • Donald in The Magic Cap (ドナルドダックの魔法のぼうし (Donarudodakku no mahō no bōshi), Epoch) has a level with Mode 7 and in this level, Donald can be half in front and half behind the leaves, meaning the extended background must have been used.

    Максим Галайчук - Mypka_MaxМаксим Галайчук - Mypka_Max4 månader sedan
  • Mode 7 reminds me of Futurama where they explain how the ship can travel at the speed of light (which is impossible). The engine does not move the ship, instead it moves the rest of the universe around it...

    Magos XMagos X5 månader sedan
  • Came here from playing Super Mario Kart and Final Fantasy VI and Link to The Past so interesting

    Yuyuko SaigyoujiYuyuko Saigyouji5 månader sedan
  • This is soooo hard. I am realy empressed

    HoobriBoobriHoobriBoobri6 månader sedan
  • Whats the difference between mode 7 and sprite scaling?

    Jason MontellJason Montell6 månader sedan
    • Mode 7 does the transformation in hardware and isn't uploaded to VRAM whereas sprite scaling is done in software and the result needs to be uploaded to VRAM.

      MarioFanGamerMarioFanGamer5 månader sedan
  • I wonder how much of these equations were automated rather than hard-coded. I also wonder how many of these scripts have been leaked. Maybe we'll find some easy M7 tricks from the code of SNES Doom.

    Charlie KahnCharlie Kahn6 månader sedan
  • This is almost exactly how window geometry is formatted in Xorg-you define the scale of the shape, and the location, using a set of numbers, and the same goes for transformation. The only thing it doesn't do is skew or rotate like a vector image.

    Charlie KahnCharlie Kahn6 månader sedan
  • One thing I'm curious about: In Super Metroid, after Ceres Station is destroyed and you fly to Planet Zebes, Samus's gunship flies toward it clearly using Mode 7 scaling and rotation, but there is also a large planet in the "background". Was that planet just a bunch of objects? Or was there a second background being displayed there? The planet's color palette seemed too elaborate to be limited to 4 BPP. (Same question applies to the end sequence where the gunship is flying toward the screen with the remains of the planet behind it - clearly too large an area to be done with objects.)

    Matt KellnerMatt Kellner6 månader sedan
    • Mode 7 only supports one background (it was planned to have two but costs were too much) so Zebes in both cutscenes has to be drawn with objects. And besides: Objects don't need to be 8×8 and 16×16 but may be 8×8 and 64×64 instead.

      MarioFanGamerMarioFanGamer5 månader sedan
  • How was the jelly maze in Actraiser 2 done? After watching this, I have a hunch it's like the CT pendulum because it's a scaling background that doesn't pixelate. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Biospark88Biospark886 månader sedan
  • But skewing background output isn't 256x224

    Luigi MarioLuigi Mario8 månader sedan
  • The first video of this that i didnt fully understand

    Xnoob SpeakableXnoob Speakable8 månader sedan
  • i might just implement this into my game engine, thanks so much for helping he understand this!

    Elgen TidwellElgen Tidwell8 månader sedan
  • So... does that mean no limits to the graphics quality? You just need a bigger tilemap and to zoom out.

    pokebrouserkatpokebrouserkat8 månader sedan
    • Just that makes me want to make a SNES game

      pokebrouserkatpokebrouserkat8 månader sedan
  • Excellent explanation but if mode 7 only allows for one background rotation, how is Super Mario Karts split screen achieved?

    Barkman2009Barkman20098 månader sedan
    • Because the screen *is* split. The SNES (and any old console, really) allows you to split the screen horizontally using interrupts where registers (such as matrix registers) change their values midscreen.

      MarioFanGamerMarioFanGamer5 månader sedan
  • I find it funny how for older consoles, their highest end/most interesting features are only known by their technical names, and usually didnt get directly promoted. It gives them a unique charm, since their names are so authentic

    MadmanLavaMadmanLava8 månader sedan
  • What exactly is the world map screen shown during the VRAM explanation?

    J BJ B8 månader sedan
  • Are you preview NES hardware and grahips ppu ?

    แนนซี่ เป็นลูกพี่ปูตินแนนซี่ เป็นลูกพี่ปูติน8 månader sedan
  • The _affine_ transformation equations are even simpler in homogeneous coordinates. However this might require slightly more multiplications.

    vinesthemonkeyvinesthemonkey8 månader sedan
  • So Samus's ship is part of the background?

    0RANGEPEƎL0RANGEPEƎL9 månader sedan
  • You mean to tell me... the pendulum is a lie ??? Thanks for this video !

    RwbyFanRwbyFan9 månader sedan
  • Did you guys get all that?

    Marcos SalcedoMarcos Salcedo9 månader sedan
  • I love the SNES, but now I love it even more. And you tricked me into watching linear algebra. And apparently Bowser is a background element.

    Celtic RaiderCeltic Raider9 månader sedan
  • man making games then and now these people are fuking rocket engeniers

    MisterNebojsaMisterNebojsa9 månader sedan
  • Suddenly I understood exactly why Contra 3 top-down stages looked the way they did. The reason all these levels have the same square shape and size - It's the size of the tilemap (I'm assuming).

    shinobodyshinobody9 månader sedan
  • How does star fox work, is it just a ton of deforming triangles!?

    Rocco LeaderRocco LeaderÅr sedan
  • This is amazing content!

    Thisura DodangodaThisura DodangodaÅr sedan
  • So basically why move all the objects that are outside the window when all you need to do is move the window. Genius really. I always wondered how in the world did the SNES struggle with game slow down but was a speed wiz in mode 7, now i understand.

    Imax JuniorImax JuniorÅr sedan
  • Nice job not messing up the equation at 14:05. I would've given up.

    CreateSourceCreateSourceÅr sedan
  • Subbed, awesome content!

    JoxTraexJoxTraexÅr sedan
  • Suddenly learning Linear Algebra haha

    Night with ShadesNight with ShadesÅr sedan
  • So are A, B, C and D fed into a "feedback adder" which then counts A (B,C or D) steps with each pixel? It seems to make sense to then look up the highest bits of that "synchronous adder" to look up the tile and use the lower bits to look up the pixel value. In a way that seems to be like DDS frequency generators.

    alte Bänderalte BänderÅr sedan
  • I was hoping to see how depth is shown from a basic 2D image. Isn't mode 7 supposed to provide that feature? I would love to see the calculation needed to transform the image for, say, the map of The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

    tuga the pengugatuga the pengugaÅr sedan
  • Ah, taking me back to my diff. eq. and linear algebra days in college. Thanks for this refresher and nice, practical application of those concepts.

    Jordan LJordan LÅr sedan
  • wow this is pretty in depth. does this guy make any homebrew?

    killervacuumkillervacuumÅr sedan
  • 13:51 plus why not? XD

    ErnoskijErnoskijÅr sedan
  • I'd really like to see a series on the Commodore 64's hardware, although I feel like there's a lot more to go over compared to the SNES considering the C64 is a full fledged personal computer.

    År sedan
  • I've been tinkering with Adobe Animate and the CreateJS libraries at work lately. I'd been struggling to understand the concept of a transformation matrix for the longest time (since you can use them in CJS) and this really helped. Totally didn't expect to learn something useful to my everyday life from this video.

    t3hp0larbeart3hp0larbearÅr sedan
  • It's quite weird to listen to just talk with no music. No disrespect, it just feels awkward nowadays. Great quality video, though!

    Erik SchröderErik SchröderÅr sedan
  • Amazing content

    ElePiloniKratiElePiloniKratiÅr sedan
  • Lesson learn, sir! xD

    Igo DreamerIgo DreamerÅr sedan
  • 8:56 why not

    Mako CasingMako CasingÅr sedan
  • Speedrunner: it's called a subpixel Programmer: it's called a fixed-point number

    kargaroc386kargaroc386År sedan
  • why am i subscribed to this channel

    chromosozechromosozeÅr sedan
  • If this was how I learned transformations in linear algebra id have paid a lot more attention!

    VosudVosudÅr sedan
  • You just spent 18 minutes talking about stretching and rotating. Boring.

    ShuaizuShuaizuÅr sedan
  • This is by far the most educational, smartest gaming channel on SEworld. Awesome work!

    HUEHUEÅr sedan
  • I really like these videos a lot but I will say the SNES hardware makes me angry the more I actually know about how inferior it is compared to the Genesis. The Super Nintendo should've been more powerful than the Genesis (which COULD rotate sprites without any special chips) by a lot.

    Carlo NassarCarlo NassarÅr sedan
    • Genesis also doesn't have any register to rotate sprites. Both Genesis and SNES can perform this by software. On SNES is more tricky, but totally possible. Chrono Trigger uses sprite scalling on the characters of the bike race + background mode 7. Alisha's Adventure by Aeendi has a lot of real time sprite rotation. Art of Fighting has a downscale effect on sprites.

      MaxwelThuThuMaxwelThuThu11 månader sedan
    • @Carlo Nassar If under-powered hardware makes you frustrated, then Nintendo must be a constant source of frustration for you, lol. ;D Luckily there is a litany of other 16-bit consoles and computers to pick from which do not suffer from the crippling flaws of the SNES: The Mega Drive, PC Engine, Amiga, Neo Geo, X68000 are all fine machines with incredible libraries of top-notch games.

      Dean SatanDean SatanÅr sedan
    • @Dean Satan I understand where you're going but they still should've made a WAY more powerful system than what Sega AND NEC offered. I don't care if it's Nintendo because it still makes me frustrated to see under-powered hardware.

      Carlo NassarCarlo NassarÅr sedan
    • In what world could Nintendo have possibly outdone Sega in hardware? They couldn't even out-do NEC, where the PC Engine offered many games with dozens more enemies than SNES titles and virtually no slowdown, thanks to the CPU being nearly 3 times faster. And on top of being able to display more colors on screen in general than the SNES, 482 colors vs. the SNES 256 colors, the PC Engine also offered higher horizontal resolution modes with no consequence to that color count, unlike the SNES which can only do higher resolutions with 16 colors on the screen, absolutely pathetic. Nintendo's sound hardware only offers two more channels than the PC Engine, but the PC Engine has a sample rate almost three times the sample rate of the SNES, 111 khz PC Engine vs. 32 khz SNES, a dismal failure for Nintendo. This is hardware from 1987 and in many ways it's far superior to Nintendo's attempt in 1990, a whole 3 years later, and much more expensive as well. Imagine how much richer video game history would have been if instead Nintendo had been disbanded by Japanese courts in the early nineties for their illegal monopolistic practices, with their IPs auctioned off. One can only dream of what could have been.

      Dean SatanDean SatanÅr sedan
  • 5:56 *Paper Mario wants to know your location*

    Kimg KomgKimg KomgÅr sedan
  • Yes, my favorite pokemon, y-nought!

    BendanBendanÅr sedan
  • Nothing I can say that hasn't been said, but I'll still say thank you so much for making these videos, they're so damn good!

    Bryan LiguoriBryan LiguoriÅr sedan
  • Good to see there's no shortage of X-Naut and Wynaut jokes in the comments. Makes me wonder if X nought and Y nought were the inspirations behind those names. (Woudln't be unheard of from Nintendo. After all, the hexadecimal color code #00CC00 got a nod in Twilight Princess.)

    LinebylineLinebylineÅr sedan
  • Y-not sounds like "Why not?"

    Samuel VoltzSamuel VoltzÅr sedan
  • Now do all those equations in Assembly language. No C++, not even C, just plain Assembly for SNES's 6502 CPU.

    The Hoodie GuyThe Hoodie GuyÅr sedan
  • 6:39 this would be great for be a white and black flag for racing games. That reminds me the mario kart ds cartidge background

    Vitto's Phone CollectionVitto's Phone CollectionÅr sedan
  • 3:02 Is that how wthe sega cd title screen works?

    Vitto's Phone CollectionVitto's Phone CollectionÅr sedan
  • I ask myself "why screen deformation?" then I ask myself "Y naught"...

    Brad BeckBrad BeckÅr sedan
  • Soooo.... it's magic.

    frognik79frognik79År sedan
  • It's funny that as someone who has done modern 2d graphics programming mode 7 is way less exotic than the "basic" modes.

    Minastir1Minastir1År sedan
  • I think for the first time in my life, I understood that kind of algebra, even matrices made sense (kinda)! Thank you so much! Take that, useless maths teacher who told me that I was "as dumb as the night is dark."

    Pixel ProphecyPixel ProphecyÅr sedan
  • what do you think of HD Mode 7?

    plonk420plonk420År sedan
    • to me, it doesn't stand out so jarringly as to make me want to turn it off, and at the same time, there's enough of an improvement that i don't want to go back (both scenarios even if i'm running at 640ish x 480ish). tl;dr i really like it. OTOH, can't say i'm a fan of the widescreen effect, however

      plonk420plonk420År sedan
    • I think it looks great, but it would probably be one of those things that I would enable once and say "neat" and go back to the original settings.

      Retro Game Mechanics ExplainedRetro Game Mechanics ExplainedÅr sedan
  • It's really bad how Mode 7 doesn't actually rotate sprites unless it uses extra hardware. Man, the SNES really should've been WAY more powerful than the Genesis.

    Carlo NassarCarlo NassarÅr sedan
    • @Carlo Nassar Oh, I just understood you, you meant *sprites* not the background. yeah, you're right.

      CylemonsCylemons5 dagar sedan
    • @Cylemons No, I don't.

      Carlo NassarCarlo Nassar5 dagar sedan
    • If you mean the fact that you dont directly calculate sin and cos in hardware, well what if I told you that we dont do that even in today's hardware(well, there are trig instructions in x86 but they are slow and inaccurate so most programs will do it in software)

      CylemonsCylemons5 dagar sedan
  • Part 5 in our 22 part series.

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  • Hey Vsauce! Didn't expect you here.

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  • Can we get a behind the scenes on how all of this was animated?

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  • Dude, I don't know how you make all those animations but it's really awesome and they really help understand. Keep up the amazing work!

    Charles-André BeaudryCharles-André BeaudryÅr sedan
  • 5:58 Why not?

    Donát PéntekDonát PéntekÅr sedan
  • 18 minutes of in-depth math and explanations, and my takeaway from the video was "Fuck me, the final boss of Super Mario World was the _background."_

    MeteoriteMeteoriteÅr sedan
  • How did you make the video? And how long did you make it?

    Luis Alejandro Hernández MayaLuis Alejandro Hernández MayaÅr sedan
  • So there is no mode 7 in Axelay vertical levels ?

    SamaSaku1SamaSaku1År sedan
  • Thanks this is much appreciated!

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  • This is so well made and designed. I'm always so impressed by your videos! This is such a simply and easy to digest explanation. Thank you so much!

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  • It's so simple but so... not.

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  • Y0 + fun and math together with game mechanics?

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    zanrekzanrekÅr sedan
  • @13:56 It can be written as a product by using homogeneous coordinates.

    Drew DuncanDrew DuncanÅr sedan
  • I thought Einstein was dead.

    Magic PumpkinMagic PumpkinÅr sedan
  • 0:14 wow _unique_ *AND* _different_ !?

    QuarterAsianPersuasionQuarterAsianPersuasion2 år sedan
  • 0:32 *G G*

    Tabla SechstituTabla Sechstitu2 år sedan
  • Awesome explanation. I don't really understand math that well but the visuals were so clean that I got it! Very amazing tech they were making due with back in the day. Great series!!

    beefknucklesbeefknuckles2 år sedan
  • Everything was super simple. Until mode seven bludgoned us with math

    FennecTECHFennecTECH2 år sedan
  • What the FUUUUUUUUUUCK 😱🤬🤪

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  • 17:23 Eu vivi e joguei uma MENTIRA! ahahahaahaha

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  • 16:20 Vai Enganar o CA?@#$*! Squaresoft sem vergonha! Hahahahaha....

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  • I remember in my college computer graphics we learned that if you do rotations, due to rounding certain destination pixels will get missed and we filled our empty pixels with an average of the neighboring pixels. Mode 7 does the math on the destination pixels so I imagine this means that certain pixels get missed from the source. How does Mode 7 handle these?

    FranchelloFranchello2 år sedan
    • That's because you are rotating the destination (e.g. screen pixels) instead of rotating the source (e.g. input image). Mode7 rotates the source image and outputs none-rotated gapless scanlines.

      SerBallisterSerBallisterÅr sedan
  • Can you have 2 backgrounds in mode 7?

    Sebastian FrancoSebastian Franco2 år sedan
    • Kind of. Mode 7 officially supports two layers but they share the same registers meaning that you realistically have got only one background to use.

      MarioFanGamerMarioFanGamerÅr sedan
  • Is it strange that this is the first video in the series where the math actually makes sense to me?

    Teddy SheppardTeddy Sheppard2 år sedan