jschlatt VODS: Carson and Schlatt Reclaim SMPLive

7 dec 2019
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Streamed live on 2019-12-02 at twitch.tv/jschlatt
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  • this hurts D:

    bugbug5 dagar sedan
  • this hurts

    Water SheepWater Sheep8 dagar sedan
  • Carson: 'Someone who makes minecraft parodies is someone i look down opun'' Carson now: sing

    LovelyLovely19 dagar sedan
  • 2:01:43

    samantha cruzsamantha cruz24 dagar sedan
    • Note:watch later

      samantha cruzsamantha cruz24 dagar sedan
  • Awooga 52:56

    CasanovaCasanovaMånad sedan
  • Them: From the top! My brain: MAKE IT DROP THATS A WAP THATS A WAP (I’m not proud of it either)

    PhiaPhia2 månader sedan
  • It would have been really cool if at the end of SMP live it turned really dark. Like Schlatt a Carson start going crazy and the music becomes more sad, then corrupted, than terrified in tandem with everything else. It could have been like someone going into dementia and the worse it gets the lonelier it gets. Then eventually it just becomes a psychological horror. Idk, ive never seen something like that and I think it would be really cool

    SwigitySwigity2 månader sedan
  • i wonder why the new show never came to fruition

    danidani3 månader sedan

    MoazstuckMoazstuck4 månader sedan
  • Advancement Made: Those Were the Days

    _Sea wave September__Sea wave September_4 månader sedan
  • around 55:30 they sound so sad and it makes me sad hear it

    Evamnii luvsEvamnii luvs5 månader sedan
  • Hey this is about 7 months late but i started my first channel with a minecraft video in like 2016-2017 (i dont remember 😔) and i was like ecstatic when my video got 100 views and i just wanted to keep recording videos and having fun and it got me 200 subs but i mean over time i started losin friends and people i could record with and i really didnt find it fun anymore so i deleted the channel i remember one of my usernames for the channel too "minecraft sparkle girl" it was pretty cringe but ya know it was a good time and now im trying to start doing videos again (and i have been trying to do stuff with multiple channels) but i just dont have the same kinda motivation i used to and i dont really like making videos alone alot anyways sorry for my life story lmao i just felt like sayin all this here since the second half of this stream was kinda tied into like doing youtube and streaming and stuff

    Miss SalemMiss Salem5 månader sedan
    • @youngsheldon69 ok sheldon

      Miss SalemMiss Salem3 månader sedan

      youngsheldon69youngsheldon693 månader sedan
  • Came for funny mic. Stayed for his genuine nature.

    Darin WongDarin Wong6 månader sedan
  • Props to Schlatt for carrying Carsons "comedy" career

    Jacob GuerreroJacob Guerrero6 månader sedan
  • Its my first time seeing the Schlatt-walk, and dear god

    WizarxWizarx7 månader sedan
  • Ken W

    Random Guy on the InternetRandom Guy on the Internet7 månader sedan
  • jschlatt more like jschitt

    FlowerBedFlowerBed7 månader sedan
  • alternate title: 2 construction workers contemplate building a costco while an architect kills himself on a staircase

    Deccan ManiamDeccan Maniam7 månader sedan
  • Even when escaping the law he shlatt walks

    BinaryButterBinaryButter7 månader sedan
  • This shit makes me hella sad

    Kristen ZianourryKristen Zianourry7 månader sedan
  • Everyone else walks when they’re going somewhere with schlatt

    Peter FungPeter Fung8 månader sedan
  • Why the actual hell do you need 32 clocks

    Lucas ,Lucas ,8 månader sedan
  • “Why are you crying? I’m just talking” SMP Live was (and still is) my favorite stream to reminisce and enjoy for this one of a kind content, if it weren’t for everyone on these streams I wouldn’t have been blessed enough to see these amazing people who put their best material and work into making us happy “the same things that make us laugh, also make us cry” -Big Smoke

    Bunter HraunBunter Hraun8 månader sedan
  • Wooodledoodle but inloop I'm comment number 300

    freedom loverfreedom lover9 månader sedan
  • Schlatt (while observing David's dick): "I just want to take it in from all angles."

    D A R K E ND A R K E N9 månader sedan
  • Rest in peace SMP LIVE. Best minecraft streams came from this

  • I’m watching this at night and those thoughts n feels are really kickin in

    Ms. RedactedMs. Redacted9 månader sedan
  • i like how there were four then altrive put a dent in his head later mason's time had come and schlatt was the last one after carson got off

    SpariteSparite9 månader sedan
  • Jesus i literally laughed so hard during the whole time Mason did anything im gonna die

    yeeyee brotheryeeyee brother10 månader sedan
  • -ignore this- 1:42:28

    Miss EveMiss EveÅr sedan
  • Hey you,yes you stal hater prepare to be bomb at an unknown time

    Jayden BodeJayden BodeÅr sedan
  • coming back to smplive for nostalgic reasons

    sophie phillipssophie phillipsÅr sedan
  • why am i crying.

    VarienceVarienceÅr sedan
  • Jschlatt is where i go when im feeling like shit and its never failed to make me a bit more happy. Thanks man

    Tom PerryTom PerryÅr sedan
  • Reflexes like a cat, but walks like a schlatt

    SherButButSherSherButButSherÅr sedan
  • 2:22:10 really helped me realize that I need to get my shit together; it might help someone else, too.

    idontlikestrawberriesidontlikestrawberriesÅr sedan
  • smp good

    דיין באָידיין באָיÅr sedan
  • 1:09:38 I felt the need to put this right here...

    No Yankee No BrimNo Yankee No BrimÅr sedan
  • Some1 should make a cape for schlatt that just looks like a suit

    DriftingDownieDriftingDownieÅr sedan
  • The only way to revive the server is to put it in cowboy mode

    Anthony MansiAnthony MansiÅr sedan
  • I'm fairly certain that SMP Live could rebound, so long as the streamers find the motivation to keep on going with it. I'm sure the fans would still be around, but, at the same time, who can blame them for being bored/tired of it? Up to them after all.

    ccsamccsamÅr sedan
  • 1:57:53

    AbbyAbbyÅr sedan
  • smp live is so empty and sad :(

    Shizzy McCreepyShizzy McCreepyÅr sedan
  • I think antvenom was having the same lagging issue and I think he has a whole video of how to fix it

    Elvis millerElvis millerÅr sedan
  • Honestly it would be a pleasure to work for Schlatt even with no pay. He’s just such a great businessman.

    Luke SchuellerLuke SchuellerÅr sedan
  • "While you guys are down there clock swapping im up here trying to do some cock snatching" - UnderscoreMason 2k19

    NobodyNobodyÅr sedan
  • A tribute to smp live needs to happen

    variuhsvariuhsÅr sedan
  • I really do get big yogscast vibes here Edit: I'd really like to make a short film with the exact plot of this VOD

    Dorie BixbyDorie BixbyÅr sedan
  • 17:06 chills voice special appearance.

    IOSLegendYTIOSLegendYTÅr sedan
  • I agree with swimfellow please keep yourself first and keep doing what you love

    Evan JardineEvan JardineÅr sedan
  • i agree this does make me sad

    salt boysalt boyÅr sedan

    Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
  • Wait they don't actually think that Fallen Kingdom contributed to SMP's downfall, right? Sorry, I'm bad with sarcasm.

    Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
  • Anyone know how they're able to have banner capes??

    Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
    • @snugb0at ooh ok, thanks!

      Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
    • @Clare The Cat oh, sorry it is. the capes are just not

      snugb0atsnugb0atÅr sedan
    • @snugb0at ah, damn. I thought optifine was free? Thank you, though.

      Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
    • optifine, you have to pay like $10 though

      snugb0atsnugb0atÅr sedan
  • 54:20 remenba wer i m

    SamuelSamuelÅr sedan
  • im sure mason likes payday

    SpariteSpariteÅr sedan
  • They sound like the two last people on the planet in denial of humanity’s end and going around a city once filled to the brim with hundreds of thousands of people, but died in the apocalypse

    PrinterPrinterÅr sedan
    • cue komm susser tod?

      Jimuel PaloJimuel Palo8 månader sedan
    • Wew

      FranFranÅr sedan
  • Why didn't they perform the heist with water buckets though, wouldn't it just have been easier

    Js YallJs YallÅr sedan
  • God damn I love Mason he is playing the part of a serious thief who has accidentally hired two absolute wankers soo well this is comedy gold

    SkyloftSkyloftÅr sedan
  • Fun fact: the “.tv” actually stands for Tuvalu, not television

    weird stufweird stufÅr sedan
    • in this case however, being twitch its television. tuvalu is for the websites from there

      RX55RX55År sedan
  • I think i speak for all of us when i say we need a tribute to smp

    HiddeHiddeÅr sedan
  • 58:15

    Re_L RayfordRe_L RayfordÅr sedan
  • When you leave the server up and a bunch of nerds think they're in charge now..

    DeargodwhatDeargodwhatÅr sedan
  • Mason: The biggest plot twist in the history of SMPLive

    Three AmigosThree AmigosÅr sedan
  • This kingdom really fell

    lt. SpookyCarrot1lt. SpookyCarrot1År sedan
  • 20:53 "It's a beautiful throne, it's gorgeous, it's made out of reclaimed wood, it- it's um **turns around** ... it's gone."

    SaviSaviÅr sedan
  • Why the fuck didn’t you say it all gets better with time, you had the opportunity

    Hawk ShotHawk ShotÅr sedan
  • I feel like reclaim is a bit of an understatement

    Jarrett MooreJarrett MooreÅr sedan
  • I bet he’s working fo Boeing

    Mr MilkywayMr MilkywayÅr sedan
    • NoChillAustin lol thx

      Mr MilkywayMr MilkywayÅr sedan
    • Boeing*

      NoChillAustinNoChillAustinÅr sedan
  • SMP Live is dying, get ready for "A Tribute to SMP Live"

    BonkMeabeabBonkMeabeabÅr sedan
  • Joe

    Mitchel RushMitchel RushÅr sedan
  • That stream was laggy as shit lemme tell ya that

    StrxwbieStrxwbieÅr sedan
  • A tribute... to SMP live

    Samuel CSamuel CÅr sedan
  • I was just waiting for Carson to say “I will eliminate the middle class”

    Peter StiltsPeter StiltsÅr sedan
  • The vibe is good

    joe jeejoe jeeÅr sedan
  • The sexual tension once Carson and Schlatt were alone was overwhelming.

    Katie KooKatie KooÅr sedan

    dittmar104dittmar104År sedan
  • Tick and bells, and clock

    r033r033År sedan
  • when i tell you i cried. this video made me so emotional and i’m not really sure why

    AbbyAbbyÅr sedan
  • As soon as mason said one last hand job I knew at that exact moment that David was about to get a circumcision

    BruhBruhÅr sedan
  • Schlatt and carson: *talking about how altrive built the best build on smp* Krinios and luemas: *sadness noises*

    BruhBruhÅr sedan
    • @Bruh Oh, ok, thank you!

      Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
    • Clare The Cat luemos created the statue of David and the giant rainbow glass pyramid and krinios helped with fallen kingdom

      BruhBruhÅr sedan
    • Wait what did they make?

      Clare The CatClare The CatÅr sedan
    • Schmittard Vanhoofn he built the uh yeah.

    • SomeBored Boi what did grunk build that was so amazing?

      BruhBruhÅr sedan
  • Ken w

    The_ ZeeThe_ ZeeÅr sedan
  • Did they do a world download for people to play on yet?

    Dj WulfyDj WulfyÅr sedan
  • My heart sank when he was talking about streaming all the time being a hassle. He shouldn't have to force himself to stream so often if he's not happy with it. Schlatt, we love your content, but please put your own priorities first. All we want is to make sure you're happy doing what you do.

    ErinGardyErinGardyÅr sedan
    • Red Mmmaybe Just want to make sure you saw I edited my comment not long after I posted it from all those months ago because it appears you think I still feel that way about you. I misunderstood what you were saying, I'm sorry bro, thought you were just saying he couldn't have feeling until I re-read it. I agree, no one should be put on a pedestal. That's a bad mindset for everyone involved. Hope I cleared that up if I didn't already, wish you the best bro.

      ErinGardyErinGardy6 månader sedan
    • you guys all over thought this way to much

      H-MoneyH-Money6 månader sedan
    • Furret you had me in the first half ngl

      ErinGardyErinGardy7 månader sedan
    • @ErinGardy Shut up idiot, you are very correct

      Commie JoeCommie Joe7 månader sedan
    • @Luhree_ / this was 5 months ago but thanks for not stating whatever point that I didnt get apparently. I promise you that if you state a point I'll have already covered it.

      Red MmmaybeRed Mmmaybe8 månader sedan
  • You need to join SMP Earth

    Emerson KirbyEmerson KirbyÅr sedan
  • They call wilbur cringe 1:24:53 gahaha i love them so much!!!

    Overmoist PotatoesOvermoist PotatoesÅr sedan
  • join SMP earth and take russia its open and you can find bonk

    Woke HeadWoke HeadÅr sedan
  • The clock bit was WAY overdone, ngl

    Jerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairJerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairÅr sedan
  • Do face cam

    Nayan BhatiaNayan BhatiaÅr sedan
  • Schlatt: "What's this?" Altrive: "The Abyss" *Happy ad music begins to play* Schlatt: ok.

    Chloe GamingChloe GamingÅr sedan
  • Was I there to watch the stream live? Yes. Am I here again to watch the whole thing again until midnight because I'm feeling sad and lonely? That's up for you to decide.

    maddiemaddieÅr sedan
    • same dude same

      Overmoist PotatoesOvermoist PotatoesÅr sedan
  • love the art style of the thumbnails

    MmaDL1MmaDL1År sedan
  • seeing the server die is so sad, like there is more content that could be put into it

    Omar SinghOmar SinghÅr sedan
  • Strange, even if theres usually just a few people talking during smplive streams, it feels more quiet than usual

    Chaotic GoodChaotic GoodÅr sedan
    • Less random encounters

      MattMattÅr sedan
  • People still play smp live but for shorter amounts of time than the normal, i personally think it peaked in summer when everyone had a lot more time, but sonce then everyone has been occupied by work, school and other servers.

    soko the bi katzsoko the bi katzÅr sedan
    • Mostly smp earth

      HagraggenHagraggenÅr sedan
  • hi jay shat

    Tiffany FTiffany FÅr sedan
  • Carson seems more happy now that people have move out of the server.

    neroneroÅr sedan
  • I feel like the map as a complete and utter mess is better than it being clean

    Danielle HooksDanielle HooksÅr sedan
  • i was summined

    sosigsosigÅr sedan
    • wow that’s embarrassing to make a typo

      sosigsosigÅr sedan
  • I really don’t want to see SMPLive end. Shit is so sad.

    Nick SNick SÅr sedan