I Rescued a Pregnant Dog & Six Puppies From a Junkyard

13 jan 2021
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I rescued a pregnant dog and six puppies from a JunkYard... 😳
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  • Oops, I did it again 😳 What should we name these puppies?!

    Joey GraceffaJoey Graceffa9 dagar sedan
    • heres some suggestions 🥰 your past Minecraft pet names 101 dalmation names andd witch names, books and wands

      wispy shrubwispy shrub7 dagar sedan
    • name them after candy bars- snickers▪ clark▪reeses▪ heath. or like action or motion words-rickets▪spaz▪cool▪slacker. or after flowers ▪lily ▪ rose ▪ivy ▪ zinnia

      Carolyn DabeCarolyn Dabe8 dagar sedan
    • You should name them after Crystals!

      Eva Van WinkleEva Van Winkle8 dagar sedan
    • You should do flowers

      Rainbow CorgiRainbow Corgi8 dagar sedan
    • Name them after food or colors ❤️❤️❤️

      The Space SistersThe Space Sisters8 dagar sedan
  • Can i have one of the white ones!

    Heather HillHeather HillTimme sedan
  • Next time can u give me one😍

    Heather HillHeather HillTimme sedan

    Faze_sky _FazeFaze_sky _FazeTimme sedan
  • Dog gate! 😊 Hey! I was hoping you could tell me what kind of indoor dog gate you have? The white wooden one in the background of all your living room videos?

    Sarah EnglishSarah English2 timmar sedan
  • So cute

    Sophia GonzalezSophia Gonzalez2 timmar sedan
  • Ok but the dog skull...

    Franchezka HilarioFranchezka Hilario2 timmar sedan
  • I need one of those beans

    Jenna O'HaraJenna O'Hara3 timmar sedan
  • I love this! You are the best. Thank you for taking care of these innocent animals ❤

    Angel ShariseAngel Sharise3 timmar sedan
  • Were tf am I

    Caleb DraisenCaleb Draisen4 timmar sedan
  • I am going to try to help them sometime fix up that horrible area! That doesn’t look like a good condition for dogs to live in

    - Himiko Toga -- Himiko Toga -4 timmar sedan
  • Who’s here after they got named q-q

    - Himiko Toga -- Himiko Toga -4 timmar sedan
  • I live in bakersfield.

    Silvia's lpsSilvia's lps4 timmar sedan
  • “This beautiful, Australian shepherd woman” Hahaha😂🤣

    Alaina HerreraAlaina Herrera6 timmar sedan
  • Maybe they should be named after spices/herbs or Disney characters!

    Amaya FullerAmaya Fuller6 timmar sedan
  • Maybe they should be named after spices/herbs or Disney characters!

    Amaya FullerAmaya Fuller6 timmar sedan
  • And that’s all am sorry 😞

    Isabel meaveIsabel meave6 timmar sedan
  • How about ? .-. Um 😳 oh I know crystal jake 💎

    Isabel meaveIsabel meave6 timmar sedan
  • Are you going to keep the mother or sell her like her puppy's

    Daniella azzamDaniella azzam6 timmar sedan
  • Sees a bear cubs in the background so I have explaining to do

    Sam LuckenbillSam Luckenbill7 timmar sedan
  • Can you name the brown one Coco

    Kennedy’s gaming worldKennedy’s gaming world8 timmar sedan
  • Lilly and tilly

    donna bonetdonna bonet8 timmar sedan
  • Maybe name them after flowers or gems??? Idk-

    Fi Fi NFi Fi N9 timmar sedan
  • Joey should have a rescue channel

    Erica LiErica Li10 timmar sedan
  • this video brings me memories of my dog who have 14 pups in august

    Confused EntityConfused Entity14 timmar sedan
  • I can't wait till escape the night 5

    BunnyBunny15 timmar sedan
  • The piquant pancreas regretfully warm because france endosonographically prefer during a important competition. successful, flimsy tenor

    Marco NgMarco Ng16 timmar sedan
  • Me: I'm gonna visit this channel Me again: its been s lo- Me: omg are those puppies how long have i been gone for!?!?!?!

    Kklovegacha82Kklovegacha8216 timmar sedan
  • What about joy for one

    Samantha BacheSamantha Bache17 timmar sedan
  • the moms name should be dior and the babies toffee dragon sweetest love and Lilly boy names thug spencer roscoe and steel

    brandnamebabysbrandnamebabys18 timmar sedan
  • Welp he did again just make a mini rescue shelter

    Lizzy LangeLizzy Lange18 timmar sedan
  • You have a great heart, Joey!😊❤️

    Claudia BarchilonClaudia Barchilon19 timmar sedan
  • ik im late-i love Australian shepherds and your channel:)

    Leah LeahLeah Leah21 timme sedan
  • U broke up with Daniel?!

    Cadi RobertsCadi Roberts22 timmar sedan
  • you are an angel!

    courtney Scourtney S22 timmar sedan
  • Joey WOW

    Tierra MorrisTierra MorrisDag sedan
  • you hve TOO MENY pets

    Nicki SchabackerNicki SchabackerDag sedan
  • You should offer to spay all his female dogs 😬😬

    Dezzy RayDezzy RayDag sedan
  • What happened to the other two older pups

    Elizabeth HaydenElizabeth HaydenDag sedan
  • Name on after me Leila how to pronounce it Lēla Name it that

    XxXCorpsie_WolfXxXXxXCorpsie_WolfXxXDag sedan
    • I’m a girl btw

      XxXCorpsie_WolfXxXXxXCorpsie_WolfXxXDag sedan
    • Please

      XxXCorpsie_WolfXxXXxXCorpsie_WolfXxXDag sedan
  • Next I got a pregnant rabbit

    Jennifer SotoJennifer SotoDag sedan
  • Honestly... you shuld open a farm and rescue all the animals!

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDag sedan
  • next video name: i rescued a pregnant parrot and the kids where dogs 😱

    TheGaming DinoNuggetTheGaming DinoNuggetDag sedan
  • I want to adopt the brown male 😭😭😭😭

    Lauren SevarioLauren SevarioDag sedan

    just Delilah and Brunojust Delilah and BrunoDag sedan
  • joey you such a good lovely person thank you for helping the dogs ❤

    schellis worldschellis worldDag sedan
  • We all love a humble queen that adopt’s pregnant dogs✨

    Violet Chachki Hairless catViolet Chachki Hairless catDag sedan
    • Oops, I did it again 😳 What should we name these puppies?!

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDag sedan
  • How can I adopt one?

    Els BellsEls BellsDag sedan
  • the blue heeler puppies make me cryyy😍😍😍

    Jessica CharlesJessica CharlesDag sedan

    Gaming on Cloud9Gaming on Cloud9Dag sedan
  • **crazy dog dude**

    Katie BishopKatie BishopDag sedan
  • Joey you better keep that mamma

    Arthur EvansArthur EvansDag sedan
  • You have such a good heart! I adore you joey. You love animals like me😍😍😍

    Victoria LewisVictoria LewisDag sedan
  • And I am a big fan

    Hope killey equestrianHope killey equestrianDag sedan
  • Pls pls pls rescue that horse i love horses

    Hope killey equestrianHope killey equestrianDag sedan
  • Hatty for the one who had a spot on top of his head

    kc the kckc the kcDag sedan
  • take the horse !

    Arienca Janse van RensburgArienca Janse van RensburgDag sedan
  • good👍🏻

    tulong kuangtulong kuangDag sedan
  • I LOVE adoption and foster stories!! Thanks for giving these pups a home!

    tiff_ytiff_yDag sedan
  • I rescued a dog that was beet and but in a room with a muzzle and she was pregnant.

    Mya NewtonMya NewtonDag sedan
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    卫随德卫随德Dag sedan
  • Joey😑Also can you name one chonko!It doesn't matter which one!There just needs to be a chonko

    Lemon HeadLemon HeadDag sedan
  • We also rescude a puppy

  • Omg I am getting a puppy tommorow

    Cool KidCool KidDag sedan
  • he already had 4 pets, now 5, but he could keep one of the new puppies-

    Matilda LuMatilda LuDag sedan
  • Mag for Mash potatoes and gravy and then name the white one. Snowsten or snow if boy or girl and or from buety in the beast name then from the nomes

    I’m to cool for schoolI’m to cool for schoolDag sedan
  • I Live In Texas/America And the Puppy’s Were So Cute ☺️ And also the momma:3

    Nancy Nu LeNancy Nu LeDag sedan
  • you are a great man Joey God bless you

    KuaTxob vhKuaTxob vhDag sedan
  • you are very lucky and so the puppies they're very cute and lovely

    KuaTxob vhKuaTxob vhDag sedan
  • AWW I LOVE THE PUPPIES your so kind Joey

    Luh MuliarsihLuh MuliarsihDag sedan
  • You got a new sub!Good day!

    Melanie LissonMelanie LissonDag sedan
  • You should adopt mom dog

    Mįdñight TęrrørMįdñight TęrrørDag sedan
  • so are all these dogs still living like this, if they are someone needs to report there living situation

    Snow RaySnow RayDag sedan
  • You HAVE to keep the mama and brown puppy 🥺🥺🥺🥺 their too cute!! Oh and I have a name idea for the mama: Lily! To me, lily sounds like the name of a gentle, kind-hearted soul :)

    • colordpencel •• colordpencel •2 dagar sedan
  • What happens to storm

    Sam CaldecottSam Caldecott2 dagar sedan
  • Okay, Joey’s channel has officially turned into a cat and dog channel.

    Toph BeifongToph Beifong2 dagar sedan
  • You should give them a squad name I like the name the little blondes

    Patti and Alabama WomackPatti and Alabama Womack2 dagar sedan
  • Joe good job cool dogs pls turn from your sins tho and everybody else in the video and in the world who sees this

    Fried MarshmallowFried Marshmallow2 dagar sedan
  • name the woman dog lucky

    Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • bless your heart when u came and the women dog XD she was saying thank you for helping me and taking home with u she going to be sweet to you

    Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • They should be Chewy, Toughie,Duffy,Lucky,Bailey,Maple

    Maya WillemsMaya Willems2 dagar sedan
  • Oh more names... milly max minnie ollie lavender sam ben dan roxie do you like the names

    wolfy wolfwolfy wolf2 dagar sedan
  • How about......maya

    wolfy wolfwolfy wolf2 dagar sedan
  • oh yes joey u have a lot of explaining to do

  • Aww! ❤❤❤ Can you name one Daisy, Lilac or Pumpkin? I just think those are nice names but you might have already named them But if you get a puppy in the future remember this-

    • Crystal Clear •• Crystal Clear •2 dagar sedan
  • I hope you keep the mommy

    Kyla EllisKyla Ellis2 dagar sedan
  • Sooo so adorable!!!

    Adventures With ParkerAdventures With Parker2 dagar sedan
  • I want one🥺🥺🥺

    Soda muttSoda mutt2 dagar sedan
  • you should name 2 of the dogs joe and amber or ammy :)

    queen onofrequeen onofre2 dagar sedan
  • OMG How do i Get ONEEE there SO CUTEEE

    Kyle NguyenKyle Nguyen2 dagar sedan
  • When can we expect "Escape the night " season 5 😩😩😩😩😩

    Breyton BrandBreyton Brand2 dagar sedan
  • I was the same 7 years ago, except for kitties instead. I adopted 6 cats 🐈, one mama and 5 kittens. That was a crazy and super happy time...😀😅😁😆

    Sarah Ou-YoungSarah Ou-Young2 dagar sedan
  • God bless you ❤️

    mums Babymums Baby2 dagar sedan
  • Where are the other two

    Women DogWomen Dog2 dagar sedan
  • Ruffus for one of the boys maybe?

    Cookie CrumsCookie Crums2 dagar sedan
  • All the people who disliked don't like animals and hate dogs and cats

    phoenixesphoenixes2 dagar sedan
  • I'm still waiting on for Season 5 of Escppe the Night if it's coming out TwT

    _ Marøøn __ Marøøn _2 dagar sedan

    Ptao TomPtao Tom2 dagar sedan
    • If you see this I think they should be named after birth stones

      Ptao TomPtao Tom2 dagar sedan
  • Do escape the night season five

    Christina SadoskiChristina Sadoski2 dagar sedan
  • Would you or have you ever done a DNA test on any of the dogs.

    sam messsam mess2 dagar sedan