Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown Advent Calendar!!! INFORM CRISTIANO RONALDO!!! Day 1 Vs James

1 dec 2020
417 566 visningar

TIS THE SEASON FOR DAILY SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! And we are kicking off advent with THE BIGGEST SBSD OF THE YEAR!!! INFORM CR7... #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #AdventCalendar
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  • 25:31 oh shit. Good job James

    Courtney MurrayCourtney Murray3 dagar sedan
  • The bewildered museum perinatally hover because pillow clearly fire forenenst a woozy backbone. blue-eyed, longing leopard

    Fe MarandaFe Maranda4 dagar sedan
  • E

    Jett NuskeJett Nuske11 dagar sedan
  • James is the “grincha”

    TBDTBD13 dagar sedan
  • The most British advent calendar I’ve ever heard of a tea bruh

    Will07YodaWill07Yoda18 dagar sedan
  • How do you do the celebration

    Michael CrumpMichael Crump24 dagar sedan
  • This Christmas is not cancelled lol 😂 it is now hahaha 😝

    Tiernan CantwellTiernan CantwellMånad sedan
  • I’ve been watching this series for like 2 years and they’ve gotten worse cause u and the guest don’t stop talking literally shut up and play

    Digitalz XDDigitalz XDMånad sedan
  • You don’t treat us were is the give away

    nOtionnOtionMånad sedan
  • what is the christmas music from, the calm one tell me

  • Firmino > any Everton player ever

    George BrindleyGeorge BrindleyMånad sedan
  • Yes you love to see it

    Parker WeldParker WeldMånad sedan
  • So close to the full special card team

    Curty Boy_12Curty Boy_12Månad sedan

    Sharky MeldrewSharky MeldrewMånad sedan
  • Let me put in the squad will the show down I have tomorrow

    Waleed ChoonaraWaleed ChoonaraMånad sedan
  • flasback depayy

    Hudson LewisHudson LewisMånad sedan
  • The profuse alphabet rhetorically communicate because chess exclusively hammer absent a thinkable anger. eight, unaccountable cocktail

    Stevie PStevie PMånad sedan
  • What’s the background music at 6:38?

    Pak Yu YeungPak Yu YeungMånad sedan
  • Wish he could do one with connor okeefe or ben foster

    Andrew ShoreAndrew ShoreMånad sedan
  • Lmao Andy are you sure Christmas is spelt cristmas 😂 (on his club name)

    Harry LeeHarry LeeMånad sedan
  • I can’t wait for 2020 to get end

    Rayan SadekRayan SadekMånad sedan
  • I actually knew you'd go the denayer, marqinios route! You're lucky you don't play your suscribers😎

    Connor RConnor RMånad sedan
  • Itani soon pls

    Sami BozSami BozMånad sedan
  • you don’t treat us

    Bailey ParkerBailey ParkerMånad sedan
  • can anyone tell me what that celebration they have is called

    Marc SparkesMarc SparkesMånad sedan
  • Guerreiro is lm

    Kostis_k _kKostis_k _kMånad sedan
  • I can't believe he put Ruben nevez 😭😂😂

    cjnovo992cjnovo992Månad sedan
  • bring back the pranks

    ScVidsScVidsMånad sedan
  • I love these sbc’s. But only thing is that do more sbc’of icons. That’s what I think.

    Sundara RajanSundara RajanMånad sedan
  • I always thought it was said like 'ge-re-ro'

    Eilidh ChambersEilidh ChambersMånad sedan
  • Haven’t packed anyone good this year, start watching this vid, and then I pack ronaldo, the power of the advent calendar

    Otx50Otx50Månad sedan
  • Ebenezer James

    IG fut_adxmIG fut_adxmMånad sedan
  • Do a squad builder on either lukaku or lautaro I'd love it being an inter fan

    ga kiga kiMånad sedan
  • yes love the advent calendar is back love this

    Rhys ChapmanRhys ChapmanMånad sedan
  • Make it more Christmas-y Andy love SBSD and futmas it's the best time of the year! 🤝💙

    D PD PMånad sedan
  • Love the actions mate. Even now l am a liverpool fan..

    Aline AdamsAline AdamsMånad sedan
  • Anyone else wanna see either of the twosync brothers on SBSD?

    Unknown__ TDUnknown__ TDMånad sedan
  • Andy is a king he likes so many comments

    Jack Ó’ CinnéideJack Ó’ CinnéideMånad sedan
  • Has to be James 🥴🥴

    Skdhdydbzjxj HxhdhdhxhxhxkSkdhdydbzjxj HxhdhdhxhxhxkMånad sedan
  • The quixotic eggnog essentially bleach because lynx booly attempt in a brown archer. terrific, massive journey

    Legit Pairv2Legit Pairv2Månad sedan
  • Anyone think these guys won no-nut-november?

    CHomab CjabebCHomab CjabebMånad sedan

    Iceman2630Iceman2630Månad sedan
  • Ronaldo is best because he's got mint heading

    Josh LewisJosh LewisMånad sedan
  • Haven’t watched your vids since the last calendar but I’m gassed

    Sam BirminghamSam BirminghamMånad sedan
  • Which football team does James support???

    FanNaf 2018FanNaf 2018Månad sedan
  • Does anybody else lowkey miss the clock in Andy’s background 😂

    jake Taylorjake TaylorMånad sedan
    • Me

      K9RK9RMånad sedan
  • No one James: Khedria at CAM

    Cameron DayCameron DayMånad sedan
  • We loove this is soo good

    Albert GabrielAlbert GabrielMånad sedan
  • The 4231 looks like a bell

    creepy pinnycreepy pinnyMånad sedan
  • Do one with manny

    Marley Sweenie-roweMarley Sweenie-roweMånad sedan
    • No

  • Like for SBSD with king neppo

    Calum StraubCalum StraubMånad sedan
  • Andy get Danny Aaron’s on lad GG

    fire flowsfire flowsMånad sedan
  • Inform messi next?

    Kallum MakinKallum MakinMånad sedan
  • I would’ve gone Diego Carlos Langley Varane and Lenglet as my 3 cbs

    DylanDylanMånad sedan
  • Good Video

    Jayden PaytonJayden PaytonMånad sedan
  • Andy its ga rare o

    Seán WalshSeán WalshMånad sedan
  • Let’s goo

    Lewis HagertyLewis HagertyMånad sedan
  • is there a day 2

    MADBITS 21MADBITS 21Månad sedan
    • On James channel

  • My cousin packed that ronaldo

    Nadir AhmedNadir AhmedMånad sedan
  • The ligue 1 defence was so obvious dissapointed from james on that one

    Amir ÁĽÀĚAmir ÁĽÀĚMånad sedan
  • Bring back 25 days to Christmas

    Lucas LattanzioLucas LattanzioMånad sedan
  • Do 1 vid where if they guess a player they have to answer a Christmas question to be able to give a trump card

    AlibannisterAlibannisterMånad sedan
  • Imagine if this comment gets a replie for aj3

    Just your friendly neighbourhood CenturionJust your friendly neighbourhood CenturionMånad sedan
  • For a month I stopped watching Andy’s videos because of fifa 20 but now I realize they are way too much fun to miss out especially when it’s with james on the Christmas calendar

    XxshautyxXXxshautyxXMånad sedan
  • Only ogs remember w2s fifa 15 on purple Ronaldo 10 million

    Luke CroweLuke CroweMånad sedan
  • Please Andy can you wish me a happy birthday it will make my day

    Lindsey DaviesLindsey DaviesMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know how to do the stare at camera celebration?

    yxngtrxllyxngtrxllMånad sedan
  • i looooveeee the advent calendar omg!!!!! like if u agree

    Emil Herk-HansenEmil Herk-HansenMånad sedan
  • Anyone else notice that hakimi was there on the right where it shows stats but the position was empty?

    Ka0s TeamKa0s TeamMånad sedan
  • I guessed andy`s backline xD

    Csa GamingCsa GamingMånad sedan
  • LET'S GO, using this every year to count down to christmas

    Ola ConnyOla ConnyMånad sedan
  • I cant wait BUT this will help me get through

    Mr. JokerMr. JokerMånad sedan
  • YESSS Advent calendar is back!!!

    Matt RajkovicMatt RajkovicMånad sedan
  • Just so everrrrryone knows James got cruyff in his second icon pack after getting eusebio in his first

    Harryfoulger_7Harryfoulger_7Månad sedan
  • 7 min of talk btw

    Hanzi YTHanzi YTMånad sedan
  • Andy you need to update the description! Still says fifa 20 hahaha

    Stefan LongStefan LongMånad sedan
  • filmed this on my birthday can't wait to watch all the advent squad builder showdowns keep it up!!

    ZerkxvZerkxvMånad sedan
  • gggggggggggggggg

    OuiOui_BAGUETTEOuiOui_BAGUETTEMånad sedan
  • i always love the advent calendar. do it with other people and then in the final day, do it v itani on toty kante (hopefully)

    Sidemen_Tekkerz 10Sidemen_Tekkerz 10Månad sedan
  • The Christmas music makes me wanna top myself

    Lachlan ArmitageLachlan ArmitageMånad sedan
  • We back babyyyy

    kyle hindkyle hindMånad sedan
  • I love you Andy, u the best❤️

    Erik PettersenErik PettersenMånad sedan
  • Hi Andy great start to the advent calendar can you please do a day with zerka or miniminter or Harry

    DUMB VIdeosDUMB VIdeosMånad sedan
  • The best Series of the year. The merriest time. Woooohhhooooo. This is one of the best things each year....?!!!!??!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    Romit DuttaRomit DuttaMånad sedan
  • How do you get that icon kit?

    Makss071Makss071Månad sedan
  • Mate, you’re STARTING with Ronaldo? What an advent calendar this is going to be!

    ElLoneWandererElLoneWandererMånad sedan
  • I've never heard something so British as a tea advent calendar 😂 love the content though

    Anders WintherAnders WintherMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or did anyone else notice andy spelt christmas wrong on his squad

    Soccer BoySoccer BoyMånad sedan
  • james is my favourite guest

    ayoayoMånad sedan
  • James’s cams 🤮

    257 04257 04Månad sedan
  • I swear the advent calendar was only 3 months ago, where has 2020 gone

    Darcy BlightDarcy BlightMånad sedan
  • Is it even Christmas without Andy?

    Kavstar23Kavstar23Månad sedan
  • It’s my birthday tomorrow

    ROJAVAROJAVAMånad sedan
  • you should do every goal you concede through advent it £10 to charity or somthing along those lines

    billy haighbilly haighMånad sedan
  • This is the only reason I love December I’m not a big fan of Christmas but this gives me alittle bit of Xmas vibes

    Cory DuffinCory DuffinMånad sedan
  • Andy you should make a rule that if a goalkeeper scores you automatically get 1 discard even if you win or loose

    Winx_ Beef5Winx_ Beef5Månad sedan
  • James always builds the same boring and rb get a strong link to their corresponding midfielders

    rajjo bhatiarajjo bhatiaMånad sedan
  • Do an episode on muira (slowest card on fifa) think it would be a bit of fun

    Harry PearceHarry PearceMånad sedan

    ParallelCow 1752ParallelCow 1752Månad sedan
  • 2020 is saved 🙂

    Sammy WhiteSammy WhiteMånad sedan