21 feb 2021
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  • dope hoodie

    EmmanuelEmmanuel17 timmar sedan
  • that transformation from 0:50 lol

    Shyam SundarShyam SundarDag sedan
  • I love arsenal fans

    Candycobee 23Candycobee 23Dag sedan
  • No normal arsenal fan watches Troopz for a clear and logical analysis, I go to Moh or even DT for that. This guy is a destructive merchant, he needs chaos he lives for it

    ilobaa Wayne-kingilobaa Wayne-kingDag sedan
  • hahahàha best comedy show ever

    Kevin NgugiKevin NgugiDag sedan
  • Benfica they are going to come and play defence because they know arsenal isn't going to go for it, but from the minute its said "GO" arsenal need to go for it. After 45 minutes if hes going the substitution, when itd 60.minutes a new person comes on pitch and Arteta needs to choose the right people. 🙂🙂🙂😂😂🤑🤑

    Steven BrownSteven BrownDag sedan

    Steven BrownSteven BrownDag sedan
  • Troopz has changed since leaving aftv

    Mason SlingerMason SlingerDag sedan
  • It was only 1-0, the boys can hold their heads up high

    Rahul MohanrajRahul MohanrajDag sedan
  • I just love the ending COYI hahaha

    Milli HendrixMilli Hendrix2 dagar sedan
  • I guess it's all Ozil's fault lol. The squad is just poor. Scapegoating one player is dumb

    TimboneTimbone2 dagar sedan
  • You all were mocking Ozil for being angry for getting subbed

    TimboneTimbone2 dagar sedan
  • suck a joke such a joke the first 2 minutess and the game is over i looked at the stats what the fuck arsenal had 7 shots 1 of them on target man city 13 SHOTS 5 ON TARGET how do we keep on missing these really good chances to get fucking top 4 WEST HAM ARE CURRENTLY 4!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS JUST A FUCKKKING JOKE BY US

    Susan AndohSusan Andoh2 dagar sedan
  • Did troopz leave AFTV????

    Nashlee SandifordNashlee Sandiford2 dagar sedan
  • Troopz only one talking truth, no more AFTV for me

    Tommy pillayTommy pillay2 dagar sedan
  • Arteta needs to be sacked kroenke needs to F off we need to get a new owner I would love Aliko Dangote he’s been trying to buy Arsenal sine 2011

    Kings ArsenalKings Arsenal2 dagar sedan
  • Aubameyang is absolutely *sh*t!💩..* .. Spot on Troopz, Auba was walking like a pussy hole. And well said; the Arsenal fanbase have a weak mentally. Arsenal will lose on Thursday. Auba is old now too, Arsenal need a young replacement. *Arteta Out AS🔜AP!* 😡😤😖😠🤬👿

    Roberto NiceRoberto Nice2 dagar sedan
  • Not good enough Giroud scores a Champions League Winner! 🙈🙈🧐

    David BarstowDavid Barstow2 dagar sedan
  • The process is rubbish the pe teacher has to go chelsea, man city ,liverpool,leicester mananargers have cvs arsenal have none 11th in the league is unacceptable period.

    sender gmailsender gmail2 dagar sedan
  • 7:25 sorry troopz but arsenal were never considered a threat to city lol

    Ruddy GamesRuddy Games2 dagar sedan
  • Troopz what your point no more aubamabloodcatyang??🤷‍♂️

    AARON LeeroyAARON Leeroy2 dagar sedan
  • “We lasted 3 more than Aston Villa so there’s progress” 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Troopz is gonna kill me one day

    JKJK2 dagar sedan
  • Little man can't handle being screamed at like that... you need thick skinned Robbie

    Slap of the DaySlap of the Day2 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone believe in the premier leagues current state Wenger wouldn’t have this current squad challenging for top 4? the man dropped out of it twice in 20years and undoubtably never lost at home or even away to certain manager’s such as David Moyes, Nuno espiritos and many more i could name in the league at the moment. Although Wenger was ageing his football and man to man management would still outclass most teams and lesser experienced managers in the game my prime example would be Roy Hodgeson with Crystal Palace. 🤌🏼

    PEStyles HDPEStyles HD2 dagar sedan
  • Troopz go easy on the lads. Our team is not in the same league like city. It took years and loads of spending to build that city team. We just ain't near them. I was afraid of getting whipped by citey but I will take the defeat with chins up. We will revamp with time.

    Ewolo Ubama EricEwolo Ubama Eric2 dagar sedan
  • They used ainsley maitland niles to pocket Mahrez lat year. Now who has got the skill to cage the Dogg this year 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Gracefully GracefulGracefully Graceful2 dagar sedan
  • We need a ruthless manager.

    Christopher TaylorChristopher Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • Likeisaid Lacazette

    AB GhAB Gh2 dagar sedan
  • we are rebuilding, you know we have no money so until he can move couple man out knowing he can replace them with better we cant complian. if you thought he were fighting for top4 your deluded!! We have to wait at least 4yrs to see impovement and thats if the board spends ps. These big contracts be cursing us!!!

    A KA K2 dagar sedan
  • Robbie shrunk but grew hair, Don is doing a madness

    MARTINJW25MARTINJW252 dagar sedan
  • I was a fan of elnino(elneny) but after that performance am gutted

    Moses MataraMoses Matara2 dagar sedan
  • 60 to 70% of Arsenal's players +the manager are championship and league 1 materials. If we should continue with this so called squad and manager yea trust me we can't be in the top 4 never again, not to say we want to win the Premier league

    Andrew OmadeliAndrew Omadeli2 dagar sedan
  • 9:22 we’ve been above you all season bro

    RossNeilson 3RossNeilson 32 dagar sedan
  • Troopz fell off

    M BM B2 dagar sedan
  • 7:35-7:43 meme

    Naufal SyakirNaufal Syakir2 dagar sedan
  • I suppose if I didn't know anything about decent football I would support Arsenal

    RobbieRobbie2 dagar sedan
  • Saka wasn't that great he should have played on the right wing. He had a chance to play aubameyang in the first half on the counter attack when auba made a run and saka didn't even pass it to him and then on top of that he goes and tried a right footed pass to pepe which a defender cut out when again he had a simple pass to odegaard who could have passed it onto pepe. Saka is too overrated the way he kicks a ball always looks like a 5 year old kicking a heavy ball his technique isn't great

    TiTi HenryTiTi Henry2 dagar sedan
  • Easy troopz.....don't break our Mic

    olusola stephen ajibadeolusola stephen ajibade2 dagar sedan
  • The goal was soft but we defended really well besides that. Especially against an opponent that's spinning teams for fun

    gameking50Pgameking50P2 dagar sedan
  • Sack Arteta and bring Tony Mowbray.. He will attract top footballers and bring a unique style of football

    Pete PPete P2 dagar sedan
  • Troopz acting up extra for pees. Barstool paying him well to make up noise and controversy. It's kinda obvious 🤷🏿‍♂️

    QAnon-tay Wilder Stop the Steal!!!QAnon-tay Wilder Stop the Steal!!!2 dagar sedan
  • Pepe must be looking at bellerin thinking a fan is on the pitch😄

    RōrenRōren2 dagar sedan

    Kamana AkinyanjuKamana Akinyanju2 dagar sedan
  • Epic end to the interview. Chucked in a mic drip too😁

    just mejust me2 dagar sedan
  • This cameraman take the piss with zah😂😂😂😂

    SuranSuran3 dagar sedan
  • This video would be 8 minutes shorter if he didn’t say you get me , blood

    Rhys RobertsRhys Roberts3 dagar sedan
  • Sad to say I don't like troopz anymore.. too negative even after knowing our team and owners... I know Wenger times and that point everyone thought it was wengers fault... Now it should be crystal clear what the problem is and Arteta is building something

    parveez snparveez sn3 dagar sedan
  • New Football SEworldr here ! Would love it if you checked my post match reaction out on my channel!

    MeerSaidItMeerSaidIt3 dagar sedan
  • Ty: we only lost 1 nil to the best team in the world. Troopz: I don't believe even Aubameyang

    Henrynator DavidHenrynator David3 dagar sedan
  • That walk off at the end and mic drop tv gold

    tank354tank3543 dagar sedan
  • I wish I can be as calm as troopz

    mike697donchmike697donch3 dagar sedan
  • I personally feel mancity took it easy on Arsenal out of respect for Arteta. At some point they were playing like they were playing with their kid brother. I thought I was the only one who noticed this from mancity. Arsenal are playing the same way Arterta used to play when he was at arsenal ,very sluggish passing of the ball , ever pass is basic , nothing special in the way these folks play. Saka is the only spark in this team ,hopefully he doesn't fade out

    Emmanuel NwadikeEmmanuel Nwadike3 dagar sedan

    Tarun JacobTarun Jacob3 dagar sedan
  • Man these Gunners are soft as Quilt mate, 💥😵🤛🏿🤛🏿🤛🏿🤛🏿🤛🏿

    Marcus Zoe13Marcus Zoe133 dagar sedan
  • as a man city fan I feel for arsenal

    Frans HerbstFrans Herbst3 dagar sedan
  • Troopz you are a disgrace to arsenal fans

    Caiphas ChemustoCaiphas Chemusto3 dagar sedan
  • 😂 😂 😂 The end is the best

    Kabelo MokoenaKabelo Mokoena3 dagar sedan
  • I like the passion of Troopz he has more passion about Arsenal than Arte-hitler . Yes ur right brother Everton and West ham United ahead of us shit the process . Interview done .

    Abdinasir AliAbdinasir Ali3 dagar sedan
  • Shambolic! look at Leicester play City and us. It’s embarrassing now supporting Arsenal.

    Mohamed HossamMohamed Hossam3 dagar sedan
  • Majority of the Arsenal squad are average. We need owners that care about the club. Until then we’ll have 100 coaches and relegated to League One

    Javaun BrissettJavaun Brissett3 dagar sedan
  • You gotta thank arteta if it wasn't him we could have lost 4 because pep wouldn't take no mercy against us

    Arsenal RexArsenal Rex3 dagar sedan
  • Last time we were ranting when we are 5th now we're 10 and trusting the process

    Arsenal RexArsenal Rex3 dagar sedan
  • The cameraman gets man stepping onto the box every video 😂😂😂😂😂 why??????

    Luke ScovellLuke Scovell3 dagar sedan
  • Im sooo glad we did not get the full smoke. For me its a great loss. Im very happy with this.

    S AS A3 dagar sedan
  • 😭😭😭🤣

    S AS A3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah.. Sterling scoring a header is mad. He was probably the shortest player on the pitch!! Smh

    Sugar SauceSugar Sauce3 dagar sedan
  • What’s Troopz talkin bout Bellerin been gettin me points on my dream team

    TheRealist 811TheRealist 8113 dagar sedan
  • 5”7 sterling and he leaped like a salmon

    Ryan StockleyRyan Stockley3 dagar sedan
  • Big up Troopz

    Ryan StockleyRyan Stockley3 dagar sedan
  • *Y' U N D E R S T A N D*

    yupidodayupidoda3 dagar sedan
  • Its looking like Troopz and Expressions are going toe to toe until the end of the season. Ex is winning on punchlines and fams, Troopz is replying too much on Yunderstan blud. Its going to be a close run in.

    Roger RamjetRoger Ramjet3 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal fans are so easy to get carried away. This club have become a mediocrity around the world. And for the past three years we have been signing Mediocre players and mediocre managers rather than actually rebuilding we opt for shit players like Cedric, Luiz, Willian. The club needs to take a look at the other clubs in the league and how they are rebuilding since they can’t do it themselves. 4 years since Arsenal have been out of the champions league and it will take 4 more years to get back into it every team above us are rebuilding and will continue to rebuild while we linger in the history of the glory days. Shameful to see a once respected club around the world turn into the laughingstock 😔😔🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

    Bob SesayBob Sesay3 dagar sedan
  • We are getting worse...not better...facts...Im embarassed to be an arsenal fan at the moment. I don't even wear my new shirt, it's too embarassing...

    IM MozieIM Mozie3 dagar sedan

    BEE BaileyBEE Bailey3 dagar sedan
  • This is the fucking Truth people are afraid to say. Aubameyang is 💯% useless if he is not contributing any services,Is not just Goals we are complaining about,His performance are 💯% Awful

    Wilson DezoWilson Dezo3 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal is not bad they have god young talent

    Nabill DunbergNabill Dunberg3 dagar sedan
  • I really used to like him because I thougth he was passionate and he loved the club, but since he left AFTV and he is doing his own thing I see that most is a facade. He does a watchalong stream and celebrates more for a goal against a dead team that I as a Chelsea fan celebrated Drogbas winning pen in 2012. I see him just screeming his lungs out and faking these bursts of emotion in moments where you just cant connect with him. Every football fan has seen failure and success but after a point you just notice how he just over does it with this screeming and celebrtatiing. Just another dude looking for attention I guess

    Atlantian11Atlantian113 dagar sedan
  • Troops looking trim

    Yassar IsmailYassar Ismail3 dagar sedan
  • 0:17 Getting that A Grade 😂😂😂

    Vishad MahabeerVishad Mahabeer3 dagar sedan
  • Love how zarr drops the mic at the end

    Muslim ToursMuslim Tours3 dagar sedan
  • This team is a joke

    Ethan ClaridgeEthan Claridge3 dagar sedan
  • Trust the process ,innit?!

    Owl PharaohOwl Pharaoh3 dagar sedan
  • Here we go with another back room wwe interview.

    Carlos Muchos 21Carlos Muchos 213 dagar sedan
  • 9:25 😭 we are officially a banter club

    WM MEAYWM MEAY3 dagar sedan
  • 0:15 If you don't laugh, you're gonna cry badly Arsenal 2007 - present

    Hammed AgboluajeHammed Agboluaje3 dagar sedan
  • You know what you guys should be lucky you lost 1-0 against Man City because it could have been 4-0 or 5-0

    Gggg GtyGggg Gty3 dagar sedan
  • Problem with these interviews is Troopz and Robbie had chemistry Zah needs to start asking questions

    JackJack3 dagar sedan
  • He has just said 10-15 years ago... Thats right but we are not 10-15 years ago.

    Ken MwanikiKen Mwaniki3 dagar sedan
  • Pride went from arsenal when they lost to Man United 8-2

    Khaleel RahmanKhaleel Rahman3 dagar sedan
  • I understand u man on here are followers an supporters of troopz an I’m glad my man is doing well but Jesus..... he’s such a flip flop 🩴 they win they’re the best team out there an going to beat any1 they lose an they’re 💩 an I’m not even exaggerating

    DanDan3 dagar sedan
  • Another borefest ...this content is atrocious subscribe to the United stand! 😎

    Autism Rocks Gaming channelAutism Rocks Gaming channel3 dagar sedan
  • Arteta need !!!!!!!!!!!

    Marcimm NiemsanMarcimm Niemsan3 dagar sedan
  • If arsenal got bid of 80mil 4 saka they would sell

    Anthony DillonAnthony Dillon3 dagar sedan
  • Troops we need you to be Arsenal couch this guy’s are joking 😏😏

    Baceer OfficialBaceer Official3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah......u just spoke my mind on what I've been saying for a long time!!!............Arsenal mentality is very low!.....I laff at some fans rejoicing they lost 1-0 to city, same way they won Chelsea and lost to so many smaller team, while some fans rejoice on Chelsea win as if it has given them a trophy!

    lawrence agborlawrence agbor3 dagar sedan
  • Zah is angrier than Troopz 😂😂

    Abdiwahab ElmiAbdiwahab Elmi3 dagar sedan
  • Remember them celebrating beating Utd like they won the World Cup... and now they can’t get out of 11th 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂 banter fc

    J love SmithJ love Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Man City was tired by the 30min and we couldn’t even use that to our advantage arsenal are just a joke

    kaotik chaokaotik chao3 dagar sedan
  • City realized early on that they didn't need to go hard on us since they have a midweek game that is more important to them. A 5ft 7inch guy leaps higher than both 6ft 2inch and 6ft 4inch defenders in the box and score. And we still think we can play at this level? Unbelievable!!! Arteta can't change this team unless Edu and back office provide a budget to help rebuild this team.

    Nicolo Di WumioNicolo Di Wumio3 dagar sedan
  • Tierney and Elneny was shit plus Smith Rowe should've started instead of Ødegaard11.

    Marcus AlanMarcus Alan3 dagar sedan