Reading my high thoughts

14 mar 2021
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reading my high thoughts from my notes app. amazing content.
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Today I read my high thoughts from my notes app on my phone. Basically this is the shower thoughts reddit, but this time in my own words. This is again, a very rare occurrence as I don't do this often... unless you guys want me to do more. Hope you enjoy!
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  • now this is content

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy ConcordsMånad sedan
    • @Rocco Reid definitely, I have been watching on flixzone for since november myself :D

      Mayson VincenzoMayson Vincenzo5 dagar sedan
    • Pro tip: watch movies at flixzone. Been using it for watching loads of movies these days.

      Rocco ReidRocco Reid5 dagar sedan
    • High content

      BeyondoIKRBeyondoIKR5 dagar sedan
    • Just take a vacation over the summer, no YT. I get that we as subscribers enjoy you're content but I also believe you have a good fan base, and the majority of subscribers wouldn't get "turned off" as you say. Best beverage is 100% pineapple juice. (Just don't pull a Racc' on us and dip, that'd be sad).

      Isaiah CuddebackIsaiah CuddebackMånad sedan
    • @Danny ONG

      Loves ExoticLoves ExoticMånad sedan
  • He talking about how wwe if fake and it ruins it even tho the has a JHON CENA cardboard cut out behind him

    Grayson HardingGrayson HardingDag sedan
  • you look like a guy who looks like he sell spongebob looking crack but its cheese yah my brain hurts ok

    aria malaaria mala6 dagar sedan
  • Peeped the black paisley hoodie. RIP e dubble man

    ShadxwsShadxws6 dagar sedan
    • Crazy wow I wrote that comment before the art outlives the artist part

      ShadxwsShadxws6 dagar sedan
  • Chicago style root beer

    SheepdogSheepdog7 dagar sedan
  • Why do we want life to go faster sometimes but other times I wish I could go back and experience that thing again but at the end we don't want it to go fast we want to live life

    Warrior PhantomWarrior Phantom7 dagar sedan
  • That last name thing is true cuz my friends last name is fake, his great grandfather immigrated to America from like Poland or sum, and when he came here he got asked for his last name an he couldn’t say his real name cuz he’s polish so he said freeman

    keith lua fosterkeith lua foster9 dagar sedan
  • wait life expectency is going down... not up cavemen lived a loong live (probably)

    Sareb JanjuaSareb Janjua9 dagar sedan
  • I have these thoughts when I’m sober

    Mortimer KindborgMortimer Kindborg13 dagar sedan
  • 10:08 into this world were thrown like a dog without a bone and actor out alone

    PhantomOutlawPhantomOutlaw21 dag sedan
  • In am 100% straight lmao

    Carpet CreedCarpet Creed23 dagar sedan
  • diet pepsi (for legal reasons that's a joke)

    DubSkiDubSki25 dagar sedan
  • In that hat you look like you smoke

    the man behind the slaughterthe man behind the slaughter26 dagar sedan
  • Love content now watched back in bo3

    Allan MusicAllan Music28 dagar sedan
  • a

    MrRoseMrRose28 dagar sedan
  • What happens if there was no oxygen

    rain droprain drop29 dagar sedan
  • What was he high on???

    Double J dudeDouble J dudeMånad sedan
    • They lased his shi 😂

      KaibaKaibaMånad sedan
  • Lmao

    Tola UkashTola UkashMånad sedan
  • We watch movies, tv shows, and yt give an escape from reality everything can be crumbling in your life and a game or movie will bring you the most joy. P.S. In history class we learned how movies got invented they were created during the great depression and movies gave them an escape from all the depressing facts of reality

    J BenefieldJ BenefieldMånad sedan
  • bruh I am gonna sue you ,call your lawyer you broke my wise meter

    OddBagel 6OddBagel 6Månad sedan
  • bro u gotta use voice memmos. some of my highest thoughts were too complex to write down

    john gjohn gMånad sedan
  • Yo this is just my normal thoughts, my mom has always asked if I'm on something with the convo's I get into with people and the thoughts I come up with, I've never touched a single piece of drugs ever, and don't plan on it for a while. It's just interesting how life works and how it can exist and we're just here accepting it n shit. Awesome video btw way, I love this stuff.

    Homeless Boneless PizzaHomeless Boneless PizzaMånad sedan
  • Can we just respect his shirt Black Paisley aka E-dubble R.I.P

    WhoIsAndelisWhoIsAndelisMånad sedan
  • highdeas*

    KIDFXKIDFXMånad sedan
  • Me when I was kid I thought wwe was real I felt sadness when it realized it was fake my favorite wrestler is Jhon cena

    Bry4dBry4dMånad sedan
  • ScoobyDoo, NCIS, CSI, CRIMINAL MINDS and Law and Order Crossover needs to happen

    JJ eLzJJ eLzMånad sedan
  • yessir

    Pog ChampPog ChampMånad sedan
  • As someone who is high, this was a very introspective, thought provoking video

    EnigmaEnigmaMånad sedan
  • What type of thing you you get high from? Weed

    Ana GilAna GilMånad sedan
  • The reason why the Earth never gets heavier when we build things is because all the resources were already on it.

    DynamiteDynamiteMånad sedan
  • Dang, either Crispy was never high or I’ve been high since day one...

    Anson AusinkAnson AusinkMånad sedan
  • I want more of this

    Ty the sports GuyTy the sports GuyMånad sedan
  • U ded?

    jack the saber samuraijack the saber samuraiMånad sedan
  • Is that a fucking giant hash brown in the backround

    Jay'on LeachJay'on LeachMånad sedan
  • Am I high or was last thought moving??? 12:33

    Valpro 15Valpro 15Månad sedan
  • Is this the second one of these he has had

    tayte adpwtayte adpwMånad sedan
  • Bruh

    Mr UnhappyMr UnhappyMånad sedan
  • Hit the bell for this one 👌🏼. You should take some time off man. Just post pre recorded videos that are quality during your time off.

    big dripzbig dripzMånad sedan
  • You’re waking up

    big dripzbig dripzMånad sedan
  • This is awesome

    big dripzbig dripzMånad sedan

    big dripzbig dripzMånad sedan
  • guava drinks are 😋Yom yom

    Anthony VargoAnthony VargoMånad sedan
  • 7:50 i think it comes down to the fact that their life is better or like my action packed and us peoples want that we want a good life and an enjoyable one idk where this was going but yeah im also high :D

    FIZZ ghostyFIZZ ghostyMånad sedan
  • pog

    FIZZ ghostyFIZZ ghostyMånad sedan
  • Everyone get this man to 2 mil, Then he has to keep his word and date Kate

    HaCkS lmaoHaCkS lmaoMånad sedan
  • 7:54 well my take on this (im also high asf for this is is def goiung in the notes) it fills a void in your mind and lets you take your mind off of real world problems, hence these movies being about things that will never be real it makes you loose sight of what is really going on. in current day entertainment most of it is just people trying to forget and imaigne life as something else. That is also a reason people may enjoy watching super famous people, They are allowing themselves to feel like a different person and it distracts them form their own real life problems.

    イタチPaper痛イタチPaper痛Månad sedan
  • Wait a minute... if you eat ice your actually chewed water because the water is frozen. So therefore your actually chewing water.

    Red HatterRed HatterMånad sedan
  • I think he was thinking about Kate when he said “I am the luckiest man alive”

    Zebra MasterZebra MasterMånad sedan
    • 😳

      Johnny JouhaJohnny Jouha6 dagar sedan
  • crispy reminds me of pete davidson

    ZyphrrFNZyphrrFNMånad sedan
  • drug

    bigo birdobigo birdoMånad sedan
  • Favorite beverage? I’d say water. I don’t understand athletes that drink red bull or monster, I fell that water is the way to go. Weird thought: if athletes are signed to Red Bull, why don’t athletes get signed to a water brand?

    Mtb EwanMtb EwanMånad sedan
    • Thats just a high theory i just made up so yeah

      Mau GRMau GRMånad sedan
    • Well, i think the reason behind energy drinks signing athletes its because their beverage has no better use than being drinked by athletes. For example, Gatorade. You don’t think of sleeping when you hear Gatorade. You immediately think something related to sports. Water does not have that effect on people because water is so common to use, and well, we kind of need it to survive, so our brain doesn’t see it as a product with a “specific purpose” like energy drinks or stuff like that.

      Mau GRMau GRMånad sedan
  • Solve a Rubik’s cube while high

    Faze BenjyFaze BenjyMånad sedan
  • Epic

    xBlueWolfxBlueWolfMånad sedan
  • In the future video game graphics might get so good that it’ll look exactly like real life. If u wanna know what a real person getting split in half would look like then u can see it in the game cuz if the graphics

    Jsmoker 69Jsmoker 69Månad sedan
  • I think the vegetable video was about coma patients...

    carlos jaimezcarlos jaimezMånad sedan
  • i love how this video is just 69k views

    goonyyygoonyyyMånad sedan
  • Dude i remember finding crispy bc i was watching yt on my school computer and he popped up with omegle girl and ever since ive been watching

    Christian LopezChristian LopezMånad sedan
  • Root beer

    AntonyAntonyMånad sedan
  • what do you smoke?

    RYval GamingRYval GamingMånad sedan
  • Coulda just made all the girls on Omegle smoke weed. High Thots

    AlmondNut PlaysAlmondNut PlaysMånad sedan
  • I feel like I should be high while watching. I feel like I'm not dumb enough to comprehend this

    GhostinngGhostinngMånad sedan
  • my opinion on why we enjoy the movies and shows that are fabricated is that we enjoy them because they're putting stories together and the story is what takes us away from our everyday life even for just 15 minutes of a cartoon on cartoon network or something. Also my favorite beverage is Gatorade. It hasn't always been but it is now sooo XD

    Eternal SoulEternal SoulMånad sedan
  • 1:42 we didn’t evolve from monkeys but we did share a close ancestor with them (learned about this last week)

    ViescanorViescanorMånad sedan
  • why are pizza rolls called "rolls" if they are square? can deaf ppl hear in dreams? what if blind people see in dreams.

    MoIsTy-47MoIsTy-47Månad sedan
    • Can deaf people hear the voice in their head that we hear?

      Alex MendozaAlex MendozaMånad sedan
  • crispy kinda woke

    Aidan GAidan GMånad sedan
  • 3:07 wtf I subbed bc i like the old videos. #bringbacktheoldcrispy

    iTz MuziciousiTz MuziciousMånad sedan
  • Plot twist: He is high while making this video

    Cachorro OusadoCachorro OusadoMånad sedan
  • Dish soap is extremely strong and meant to get the grim off dishes hense why your not supposed to wash you hands with it because it can damage and irritate your skin, and hand soap is meant to cleanse your hands of germs but also not irritate and damage your skin but not powerful enough to wash dishes properly

    Erik V.kErik V.kMånad sedan
  • “Why hasn’t a company made a dish and hand soap combo?” *Palmolive cries*

    EekEekAMooseEekEekAMooseMånad sedan
  • Crispy=Woke

    W69yW69yMånad sedan
  • i’m still hurt ab the walmart video

    Cameron RuloCameron RuloMånad sedan
  • The 24 Hour Walmart challenge was staged? Damn my entire life is a facade...

    Chill LifeChill LifeMånad sedan
  • Crispy-You will out live me People with stage 5 cancer god da* ......

    MxChase VlogsMxChase VlogsMånad sedan
  • I think he was high while reading the comment

    BIRDBIRDMånad sedan
  • Can we get the most impossible game video you said you’d do in your cool math games video

    Bob BucketBob BucketMånad sedan
  • Water

    Bob BucketBob BucketMånad sedan
  • yo almost 2 million POG

    Taiga MerullaTaiga MerullaMånad sedan
  • U can take my vitamin d 😩

    Trace ReeseTrace ReeseMånad sedan
  • Humans r greedy that thought about the earth was true

    Bob BucketBob BucketMånad sedan
  • Ha there's your clothes

    I_Katie_II_Katie_IMånad sedan
  • that hoodie brought back alot of memories, Rest in Peace E-dub.

    SilvershotSilvershotMånad sedan
  • i LOVE your mome boy videos what audio editor do you use

    PedgyPedgyMånad sedan
  • When Logan Paul buys $750 worth of rubber chickens and you comment (Glen is that you? #crispyconcords ) why because you know Logan doesn't love those chickens like Crispy loved Glen!

    Alan LambAlan LambMånad sedan
  • Damn I really look up to this man :)

    ひKevOHOひKevOHOMånad sedan
  • Did somebody ever told you you look like ben barnes?😅

    Lennart LukeLennart LukeMånad sedan
  • jumex juice

    Salomon RodriguezSalomon RodriguezMånad sedan
  • Brisk raspberry ice tea

    Marissa BMarissa BMånad sedan
  • We have the same birthday mine is oct 31 and you won't respond

    MR ELMO31MR ELMO31Månad sedan
  • take a break bro

    Anthony YasaAnthony YasaMånad sedan
  • COCA-COLA!!!

    Junelle NolascoJunelle NolascoMånad sedan
  • I want to gamble

    Tr1lzTr1lzMånad sedan
  • Respect to Santa

    JustMyluckJustMyluckMånad sedan
  • Who’s gonna tell him🎅

    H3yItzPhant0mH3yItzPhant0mMånad sedan
  • SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️

    YooBradyYooBradyMånad sedan
  • Upload more Cookie Clicker

    Cindy WilsonCindy WilsonMånad sedan
  • I got static ip ban on Omegle, how do I unban it?

    RamiRamiMånad sedan
  • Scooby-Doo have done a cross over with supernatural... And it was legendary..

    DannyDannyMånad sedan
  • december 22 2019 this man said he doesnt wan a relationship with kate and he doesnt want us shipping them smh ppl

    WlTHNOAHWlTHNOAHMånad sedan
  • 3:08 I scrolled two years of videos and finally I found what he was talking about and he’s not lying just the intro made me want to cringe😆😤🥱

    Grant WilkinsonGrant WilkinsonMånad sedan
  • Lmao making a video about being high and then says santa is real… is this targeted for kids or adults xd

    csktcsktMånad sedan