my kitten is NOT vegan (spearfishing cat food)

17 mar 2021
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This is the microphone I use:
This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
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Great book about learning how to spearfish:
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William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
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***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******

  • He asked and he shall recieve. I hope you have peta armor...

    CleverTacoCleverTacoTimme sedan
  • I recently went vegetarian because of something a friend said to me; "I live in a world where I don't have to eat meat, so I don't. If I was on an island, starving and there was a boar, would I kill it and eat it? Fuck yeah I would!" This adorable little kitty literally CAN'T eat anything else so it would be evil to force it to eat a diet that it can't digest properly.

    tmm321tmm3214 timmar sedan
  • Buy cat food tf

    jacob zamorajacob zamora4 timmar sedan
  • She’s perfectly capable of doing the murder herself you know, maybe not fish, but I bet there’s things out there she can eat no problem

    11jerans11jerans4 timmar sedan
  • Your totally missing the solution kill all vegans 😂

    Miguel CordeiroMiguel Cordeiro10 timmar sedan
  • Feed the cat with annoying vegans. That solves everyones problems.

    Youtube Emperor of MankindYoutube Emperor of Mankind12 timmar sedan
  • Theres sooo many stray cats in indonesia lol

    SpherycSpheryc12 timmar sedan
  • Vegan teacher is hypocrite.... She opposes harm to animals.... Yet she herself tortures her dog by making him vegan.....

    Ackerman MikasaAckerman Mikasa14 timmar sedan
  • My died i am sad😫😫😫😢

    Stephanie Van ZijlStephanie Van Zijl14 timmar sedan
  • Vegan answer: KILL THEM ALL!!!!

    Félix PelletierFélix Pelletier18 timmar sedan
  • Choose end other animals all the time

    Brody WellsBrody Wells19 timmar sedan
  • This mother nature intended this so animals wouldn't over populate

    lemonfeather132 jacoblemonfeather132 jacob22 timmar sedan
  • Insert circle meme from I pronounce you chuck and larry

    Timezoan YTTimezoan YT23 timmar sedan
  • Kitten: *is hungry* Haha yes fish hunting go bloop

    Kizrhey CañeteKizrhey CañeteDag sedan
  • If you look into it closely you will find that cats are obligated carnivores. This implies that they have to eat meat to survive. She would survive on small rodents or birds in the wild. Humans are not obligated carnivores, which means that we can thrive on a numerous amount of diets, including plant based ones.

    joheggemannjoheggemannDag sedan
  • Kill other fish

    Kesler KochisKesler KochisDag sedan
  • Kill the cat

    cocobann Kiddcocobann KiddDag sedan
  • Didn't peta try to make a lion go vegan a few years ago?

    RellikRellikDag sedan
  • "Do what u do but don't do it with me" is my little mantra when someone tells me they're gay/vegan/etc. If I could make it rhyme, it'd be a lot better tbh.

    Sprits FalSprits FalDag sedan
  • If you’re offendet: Yes i know you oppened to see more and all i wanted to say is this Fuck you Karen ! And i mean it !

    Anxhelo KasaAnxhelo KasaDag sedan
  • Not a vegan, but feed the kitten

    Ryan RyderRyan RyderDag sedan
  • Cats are obligate carnivores, literally incapable of being vegan lol

    D KD KDag sedan
  • 🐟

    The BroHam ReviewThe BroHam ReviewDag sedan
  • Animals killing other animals is nature lol same with humans technically we are animals it’s nature for humans too be hunters and gatherers

    Ryan AnwariRyan AnwariDag sedan
  • Kill others animals for the cat it is simple😅

    Realt CalloRealt Callo2 dagar sedan
  • Circle of life. A necessary part of living.

    Zael MoonbladeZael Moonblade2 dagar sedan
  • I like the way you think

    Yerial JericoYerial Jerico2 dagar sedan
  • You must kill what you must kill it's called The circle of Life man

    Lester ForneyLester Forney2 dagar sedan
  • kill the fish. Yahweh put them there so you kitty could eat :)

    Keaton HeadKeaton Head2 dagar sedan
  • The question is always the same, eat or be eaten

    black rabbitblack rabbit2 dagar sedan
  • Killing the fish is better than giving that cat a stinky can of tuna

    Gameboi DudeGameboi Dude2 dagar sedan
  • That thing ugly

    jam92esjam92es2 dagar sedan
  • God this guy is annoying

    SpecsSpecs2 dagar sedan
  • He literally just doing what a wild cat would do. He's just putting extra steps into it. Never force veganism on an animal.

    Kyle BrabandtKyle Brabandt2 dagar sedan
  • Kitten is more important

    Overlord IzoniOverlord Izoni2 dagar sedan
  • What’s crazier, we are all made up of the same 3 atoms, and so is everything around you. So your those 3 atoms, killing something made of the same 3 atoms, to keep the life of something made up of the same 3 atoms going

    Donnny Tucker; no CarlsonDonnny Tucker; no Carlson2 dagar sedan
  • Buy food idiot with TikTok money problem solved

    Barbara WolfeBarbara Wolfe2 dagar sedan
  • vegans are not worth debating.

    Ku MagKu Mag2 dagar sedan
  • Kill the kittin jk kill other animals to feed the kit

    ᦔꫀ̂ꪑꪮ̈ꪀ̃ šꫝꪖ̈ᦔꪮ̃᭙ᦔꫀ̂ꪑꪮ̈ꪀ̃ šꫝꪖ̈ᦔꪮ̃᭙3 dagar sedan
  • Funny thing is when it grows up it will probably hunt and kill birds and lizards and it might even catch some fish of its own!

    VACuousVACuous3 dagar sedan
  • Kill the cat

    Fareed RabadiFareed Rabadi3 dagar sedan
  • Morally speaking letting the cat die would be better. Just because it's cute doesn't mean it can feel more or less pain than a fish.

    ConnorConnor3 dagar sedan
  • It’s good that u r only killing the amount of fish u need and not extra

    Aarin YusufAarin Yusuf3 dagar sedan
  • Kill other animals then your cat and what’s it’s name

    MrTigga666MrTigga6663 dagar sedan
  • Well,other animal's job like fish is "eat breed die repeat" so they are meant to be eaten and in my religion (don't start a war in replies) god told us to eat the animals but not all of them,so whoever is began you are such an idiot to say that eating animals is bad,I know it's bad to hurt them or shoot them,in my religion we kill animals by cutting their throat so it's a quick and not painful death so we need to have respect but god told us to eat animals they are not meant to exist just for fun.

    Hmmm mmmHmmm mmm3 dagar sedan
  • Cat: I'm vegan Also the cat: (suspiciously eats 3 rats)

    Arsenal TryHardArsenal TryHard3 dagar sedan
  • That is awesome absolutely love it!!!

    Brent HousandBrent Housand3 dagar sedan

    Zoe ChikZoe Chik3 dagar sedan
  • Obviously you should just kill fish to feed your cat considering that’s what other people do to make the cat food you would normally buy at a store. On the other hand, a better question would be: As a vegan, would you buy another dead animal to feed your kitten/pet or would you hunt for it yourself?! Does it make a difference? 😅

    Manuel CubileteManuel Cubilete3 dagar sedan
  • Eat the Cat. Problem solved!^^

    летучая мышьлетучая мышь3 dagar sedan
  • Kill other animals to feed your kitten

    Nora RichNora Rich3 dagar sedan
  • You mean pescatarian. vegans just eat Fruit and veggies

    Tyrone TyroneTyrone Tyrone3 dagar sedan

    [ itzSparkyii ][ itzSparkyii ]4 dagar sedan
    • @[ itzSparkyii ] Ligma

      business goosebusiness goose3 dagar sedan
    • @business goose feed*

      [ itzSparkyii ][ itzSparkyii ]3 dagar sedan
    • Fear*

      business goosebusiness goose3 dagar sedan
  • Are you implying that only creatures that need to eat meat to survive should consume meat? Aren’t you implying you shouldn’t eat fish because you don’t need to?

    DalymDalym4 dagar sedan
  • Naturally fish is our food

    Robus NingthoujamRobus Ningthoujam4 dagar sedan
  • Nice tripletails

    SupercreechSupercreech4 dagar sedan
  • ur doggo n kitten looks really cute😳❤

    Miranti A.Miranti A.4 dagar sedan
  • yezzzzz kill other animals for the cat (XD)

    Ruth AndrewsRuth Andrews4 dagar sedan
  • How is that a hard question? Most animals die to feed other animals.. as normal as anything in earth

    Joseph ZugoolaJoseph Zugoola4 dagar sedan
  • Kill my kitten or kill other animals to feed my kitten.. 🤔 why not kill and eat your kitten?

    George BellGeorge Bell4 dagar sedan

    Benjamin David ToddBenjamin David Todd4 dagar sedan
  • I don't have a soft spot for vegans but dayum what they do to you?? Y u hate vegans so much?

    Aruji-SamaAruji-Sama4 dagar sedan
  • I sure do love meat

    THADZTHADZ4 dagar sedan
  • Fresh triple tail for the kitten 😩

    hooti3123hooti31234 dagar sedan

    Sam CierpikSam Cierpik4 dagar sedan
  • Fishy fishy my kitty want you

    Stonedragon910Stonedragon9104 dagar sedan
  • Save the cat

    Amena Love1Amena Love14 dagar sedan
  • but killing things is cool and normal!

    LionDove GMLionDove GM4 dagar sedan
  • Being vegan for health reasons, not moral ones, I say if an animal is a carnivore, it needs meat to survive. Humans can go either way, but we don't NEED meat for survival. Unlike cats that will literally die if they stop eating meat.

    Scott PickeringScott Pickering4 dagar sedan
  • She's *precious*

    Justin StewartJustin Stewart4 dagar sedan
  • Don't kill cat please

    Rudy RamosRudy Ramos4 dagar sedan
    • NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Rudy RamosRudy Ramos4 dagar sedan
  • just evolve. i dont eat. i have evolved to replace all my primary organs with a biological nuclear reactor. i will live for 25,000 years and if i eat tacobell ill accidentally start WWIII

    343 killed halo343 killed halo4 dagar sedan
  • I said kill the kitten. They're not native to the area. Just like I don't understand how there's an 18in limit on striped bass in California when it's an introduced species you can catch all the catfish you want.

    DaOzManDaOzMan4 dagar sedan
  • EAT THE KITTY!! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Poodle StranglerPoodle Strangler4 dagar sedan
  • Yes continue to murder other animals to feed her 🤗

    J. R.J. R.4 dagar sedan
  • I was vegan for a few years and I realized this if your respectful to what your hunting deer fish whatever as long as your eating the meat or just being a decent human and killing it fast than there is no problem also I fish all the time now lol

    GGX GangGGX Gang4 dagar sedan
    • I went crab netting and I tried some and now I eat meat and fish mostly fish

      GGX GangGGX Gang4 dagar sedan
  • I can understand being vegan because you don’t want to eat animal products. It’s when the ideology of “let’s not use animals for food because they are living things too!” Like plants are living things too chill out.

    joseph jacksonjoseph jackson5 dagar sedan
  • Kill other animals for your kitten cuz you don't know what the cat's going through okay

    Yvonne FitzsimmonsYvonne Fitzsimmons5 dagar sedan
  • The kitter wants a fish..the kitter gets a fish no debate there.

    noon Rangernoon Ranger5 dagar sedan
  • Kill the vegan lol

    DamnitsDamnits5 dagar sedan
  • Take the kitten back in the motor cycle wheels and drive

    Avatar AangAvatar Aang5 dagar sedan
  • Someone I know someone down put kills you’re kidding oh wow you don’t care about anything I don’t wanna put

    Sulma OrtizSulma Ortiz5 dagar sedan
  • You’re a kitten because he’s so

    Sulma OrtizSulma Ortiz5 dagar sedan
  • I have never heard a single good argument for being a vegan. Please, present me with an objective moral argument and I’ll give up meat.

    lanceyourlotlanceyourlot5 dagar sedan
  • It's obvious. Kill everything she requires. Food chain is a harsh mistress. That's why I eat steak.

    White EśeWhite Eśe5 dagar sedan
  • Now I’m a vegetarian but I think you’re going about this exactly as you should. You’re only hunting what is currently needed, in addition you’ve saved an innocent animal from starving to death. Kill the fish, we all gotta eat something

    Convolute ProductionsConvolute Productions5 dagar sedan
  • PETA would say kill the cat.

    Mantas DapkusMantas Dapkus5 dagar sedan
  • How do you know if someone's a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you

    Sir StrokesalotSir Strokesalot5 dagar sedan
  • And a vegan myself I recommend letting the cat go free into the wild

    Exquisite Gel BlastersExquisite Gel Blasters5 dagar sedan
  • Not vegan, but just kill the kitten. And use it to catch crabs.

    Ty LoweTy Lowe5 dagar sedan
  • Nothing wrong with this.. just avoid killing endangered fish...

    Mix StationMix Station5 dagar sedan
  • Feed it milk

    Shreyas BhatnagarShreyas Bhatnagar5 dagar sedan
  • Vegans need to understand we dont care about their vegan lufestyle so long as you dont try and force us to follow it, I love my steak I love my chicken and I love my goddamn fish, Ill eat them how I fecking please dangit!!!

    Zalikor_Gaming_TTVZalikor_Gaming_TTV5 dagar sedan
  • Kill your kitten lol

    Scales N’ stuff _Scales N’ stuff _5 dagar sedan
  • You should be feeding him the vegans. Although it might be slightly less healthy than store bought catfood, so maybe just as a treat every once n awhile. Vegan treats.

    XDarkNationXDarkNation5 dagar sedan
  • The way you talk is why you videos get flagged.

    Ami StensonAmi Stenson5 dagar sedan
  • My current time is 23:45

    Ichigo KurosakiIchigo Kurosaki5 dagar sedan

    Wookiee gamingWookiee gaming5 dagar sedan
  • Who would kill a kitten

    Jamie BrownJamie Brown5 dagar sedan
  • Feed the cat

    dead souldead soul5 dagar sedan