Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

12 nov 2020
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    SmarterEveryDaySmarterEveryDay19 dagar sedan
    • Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

      HowToRandom كيف تصنعHowToRandom كيف تصنع7 dagar sedan
    • idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

      ThoracJunautThoracJunaut11 dagar sedan
    • Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

      Abraham PerezAbraham Perez11 dagar sedan
    • Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.

      SakonemaSakonema14 dagar sedan

      Douglas ParkinsonDouglas Parkinson17 dagar sedan
  • Hello, I think you can use more energy of the tank if you make a more longer barrel, because it seems to me that keeps pushing gas when the ball has gone. If my hypothesis isn't right please consider explain it to me. Greetings from Mexico.

    Esteban SanchesEsteban Sanches10 sekunder sedan
  • Your rib cages and internal organs are disintegrated upon impact. You are straight up dead if that hits you.

    AlkarisAlkaris5 minuter sedan
  • please nxt time try against captain America shield

    BatmanBatman42 minuter sedan
  • Absolutely lol'd at the drone in the tree part lmaoooooooooo

    Matthew HurlessMatthew Hurless2 timmar sedan
  • What will happen if you shoot with an iron ball with the diameter of a baseball?

    Seçkin YalçınSeçkin Yalçın2 timmar sedan
  • Maybe new material for Baseball gloves

    Nikko LogdatNikko Logdat2 timmar sedan
  • Put a cricket ball in there, and you have a legitimate car wrecker

    Mark SeilerMark Seiler2 timmar sedan

    Tui SikoTui Siko2 timmar sedan
  • Geneva convention has nothing on this

    Trevor SlinkardTrevor Slinkard2 timmar sedan
  • If only cavemen knew about this they'd be able to start fires a lot easier

    ELOELO2 timmar sedan
  • I admire your technical ingenuity.... but I think it's creepy.

    ɐɔᴉlǝƃu∀ɐɔᴉlǝƃu∀2 timmar sedan
  • Please take this thing somewhere that you can angle it and launch a baseball into orbit.... you know, for science!

    Joe MetzgerJoe Metzger2 timmar sedan
  • No venda la patente de eso

    Sebas Quesada RojasSebas Quesada Rojas2 timmar sedan
  • y’all should see how high it can shoot a baseball

    NolanClemonsNolanClemons3 timmar sedan
  • Let me help you with your welding. It's simple. Forget how cool you look, and for each weld, no matter how long, use TWO HANDS. Try it for a bit, and you'll get better, faster. Fifty years of welding experience says so. Oh, and I pitched softball for about 10 years, and I was sure some of those balls coming back at me were doing better than Mach 1.3. Maybe I was wrong.😁😁

    weldormanweldorman3 timmar sedan
  • *more like a gunshot*

    MiloticCrustMiloticCrust3 timmar sedan
  • Are Yall in North Carolina cuz I really think I seen Yall at moes or subway

    Jabron Musyk Mann CollinsJabron Musyk Mann Collins3 timmar sedan
  • Have you guys considered Rifling the barrel? Would that make a difference?? Wheres Bob???

    Aaron DilaoAaron Dilao4 timmar sedan
  • Now try to catch that with your hand!

    AshPlayzAshPlayz4 timmar sedan
  • Dude. That was absolutely bonkers. Can’t believe Trent was right at the end.

    john zakyjohn zaky4 timmar sedan
  • hollleeee hot sauce that was awesome !!

    hillbilly Yohillbilly Yo4 timmar sedan
  • This is terrifying.

    José LuisJosé Luis5 timmar sedan
  • It’d be incredible if you took this out to the desert to measure how far the baseball would be launched!

    Matt HimslMatt Himsl5 timmar sedan
  • shoot it up in to the sky

    landyn greenlandyn green5 timmar sedan
  • I love it when engineers have too much time on their hands. That’s when magic happens.

    Adam NavigatoAdam Navigato5 timmar sedan
  • Engineers haven't heard of fire pistons?

    Jon AndersonJon Anderson5 timmar sedan
  • Roll tide!!!!

    Tim IgnacioTim Ignacio5 timmar sedan
  • Danganronpa, anybody?

    Abby MartinAbby Martin5 timmar sedan
  • I vote "Best SEworld Video 2020"! THANK YOU Destin and friends!

    WillWill5 timmar sedan
  • This appears to be a cool channel, will definitely tune for future videos. Nice touch adding the family Sir.

    silverwolf469silverwolf4695 timmar sedan
  • Kevlar gloves

    Animus JocandiAnimus Jocandi6 timmar sedan
  • The reason there's fire @ 11:02 was because the air that was in the cavity of glove got moved very rapidly in a traped space so oxygen molecules collided w each other making friction, There for igniting, its not the friction of the leather of the ball & leather of the glove that made that fire it was the oxygen molecules colliding very rapidly w each other, Kinda Like a slam rod to start a fire.

    Rudy MartinezRudy Martinez6 timmar sedan
  • Next up Shoot a shot put out of it

    Tyler CashmoreTyler Cashmore6 timmar sedan
  • Bob is the most tough guy I've ever seen. Not even an expression

    William FabianoWilliam Fabiano6 timmar sedan
  • The ball was on fire

    Tiffany LoomisTiffany Loomis6 timmar sedan
  • '364 days until next year's hockey tryouts, I have to toughen up.'

    Nipz805Nipz8056 timmar sedan
  • Favorite Line: "What have we done, y'all?" 11:11

    GeorgiaElectricianGeorgiaElectrician6 timmar sedan
  • Next video : mad batter machine vs supersonic baseball pitcher

    Joe RotondoJoe Rotondo7 timmar sedan
  • Destiny, I am still waiting for a video on the domino bricks. I really want to learn more about the surface & friction of the falling bricks

    NossucramNossucram7 timmar sedan
  • Awesome that slow motion the Jello effect 2cool.

    American PatriotAmerican Patriot7 timmar sedan
  • Thats pretty incredible now figure out what the max speed a glove can catch

    nate cotenate cote7 timmar sedan
  • Glad Jeremy was around to actually be

    Curtis UppermanCurtis Upperman7 timmar sedan
  • i see fire

    JustVurby1_Real1JustVurby1_Real17 timmar sedan
  • Please get with demolition ranch. He’s curving bullets. We need real explanations lol!

    Jonathan RiveraJonathan Rivera7 timmar sedan
  • I know its a cannon but what if the baseball were to spiral like how a human would throw? Rifle the barrel? Hhhmm

    guamex08guamex088 timmar sedan
  • Tungsten bullet!

    Lee HuntleyLee Huntley8 timmar sedan
  • imagine using the launcher as a torture device

    12 Year old on the Internet12 Year old on the Internet8 timmar sedan
  • Imagine using this cannon in a *war*

    Whizzard 123Whizzard 1239 timmar sedan
  • I think you should do a video of the strongest 2-dimensional shape or the strongest 3-dimensional shape

    Fat_ElephantFat_Elephant9 timmar sedan
  • it's a bit painful to watch as i can't afford not even one of those gloves, but i loved the fire part, great video.

    Alvarado D. ElliottAlvarado D. Elliott9 timmar sedan
  • I could take it 450 deep center

    Lil’ VinegarLil’ Vinegar9 timmar sedan
  • Trent made up for the drone in the tree by calling it. Why am i watching this and why does this seem so satisfying.... LmFao.

    rocsteadiirocsteadii9 timmar sedan
  • Interesting part starts at 3:53

    KiwiKiwi10 timmar sedan
  • Howitzers in War Thunder be like

    Colin WoodardColin Woodard10 timmar sedan
  • Best paid promotion ever!

    Turtle FightsTurtle Fights10 timmar sedan
  • 2 songs in the UK top 10!!!! Levitating & Prisoner @Miley Cyrus 🚀 Thank youuu for all the love!!! GRLPWR! Let’s goooo up, up, up!!!⛓🖤✨🔪🧸🩸🍒⛓ shot by Alana O'Herlihy

    sam asam a10 timmar sedan
  • Hey, i don’t know if you have done a video of this before, but I was wondering the difference between 2 objects hitting each other, while for example 2 cars move at each other both going 30mph, and then one car stationary and the other going 60, and then both moving in the same direction and 1 going for example 90 and the other going 30, could be interesting...

    Adam Johannes JakobsenAdam Johannes Jakobsen10 timmar sedan
  • how many bobs should need for stop a super sonic baseball ball

    Omar PerezOmar Perez11 timmar sedan
  • Slow motion cameras are incredible!

    Denis ElmaziDenis Elmazi11 timmar sedan
  • You guys sure have a thing for making baseballs go ridiculously fast !!! Poor Bob !!! Hey , maybe you could sell this to the state as an alternate form of capital punishment ! By request of those sentenced to die , who hard core baseball fans !

    Randall PolkRandall Polk11 timmar sedan
  • But what if my opponent has arms? What should I do then?

    Snow WhiteSnow White11 timmar sedan
  • How far could it go? Could you test that. Haha.

    Matte DenneMatte Denne11 timmar sedan
  • Seeing as this is now a “cannon”, did you have to register it with the ATF? Or do you not have to because it’s a scientific device?

    Matt MoxMatt Mox12 timmar sedan
  • You and demolition ranch need to make a video of shooting a 50 BMG through a pipe he just made a video on it and I think it would be super interesting to see in slow mo

    shit talkershit talker12 timmar sedan
  • Get a new Bob an fill it with water. It would be more like hitting a real body.

    Cody JarreauCody Jarreau12 timmar sedan
  • I have an idea. Try using some of those indestructible shoes they keep putting in ads and see if it penetrates the shoe or redirects the ball upward to get stuck inside the shoe or get out from the top. Plus I think this can be a good series to try and see what can stop a supersonic baseball. 👍🏻

    aztec_ _6ixaztec_ _6ix12 timmar sedan
  • Is an English cricket ball the same diameter as a baseball? I would love to see the damage that a cricket ball can do if it fits

    keiron harveykeiron harvey12 timmar sedan
  • This is what must be playing catch with supermen

    Enea TashiEnea Tashi12 timmar sedan

    Daniel tph GultomDaniel tph Gultom13 timmar sedan
  • I once did that to my mons baseball glove

    evan9720 evan9720evan9720 evan972014 timmar sedan
  • 11:22 "I doesn't compute" 🤣🤣🤣

    Daynes Oscar VanderhorstDaynes Oscar Vanderhorst14 timmar sedan
  • Bruhhhh!! i can catch the ball at that speed with a single hand 😎😎 Jk EZZZZZZ

    Shanti BhattacharyaShanti Bhattacharya14 timmar sedan
  • It's amazing how u can see the air pressure surrounding the ball when shot at a super high speed faster than sound

    sara hutchsara hutch14 timmar sedan
  • You should make different kinds of projectiles. Rockets etc. Point the cannon up, and see how far/high it flies. Put gps into the rocket, and a parachute. Fire a ball onto an axe to split it in half.

    Scorched EarthScorched Earth14 timmar sedan
  • Good fun lads, fair play.

    Satanta SeanSatanta Sean15 timmar sedan
  • *delete this now before the government get their grubby little nubs on it.*

    Mia AllenMia Allen15 timmar sedan
    • next thing you know, *”sUPeR sOnIC GuNZ- OnLy AvAilAbLe tO thE mIliTArY”* 2 years later.. *”MASS SHOOTINGS ENSUE ALL OVER THE US, FUTURISTIC SUPER SONIC GUNS TO BLAME?!”*

      Mia AllenMia Allen15 timmar sedan
  • Idea: you Know those videos of spinning apples until it explodes. Why does it explode and can you damage a car wheel by spinning it too fast?

    notherenothere15 timmar sedan
  • "bobs gonna die"😂😂😂😂

    Gabriel SimmonsGabriel Simmons15 timmar sedan
  • ??? : 승기야!!!!! 살살던진다매!!!!!!!!!!

    깡낑쿤깡낑쿤15 timmar sedan
  • 13:28 Archer: Rho Aias! Baseball: You gonna need at least three layers more.

    Andy KongAndy Kong15 timmar sedan
  • *higher cg is more stable on bicycles Loved the video

    Tim MalletteTim Mallette16 timmar sedan
  • Finally a video that get straight to the point.

    Alfred DeanAlfred Dean16 timmar sedan
  • Impresionante !!! Ha sido un brutal !!!

    двeiдвei17 timmar sedan
  • This baseball is moving faster than a standard police issue handgun bullet and it has much more mass.

    Jay CJay C17 timmar sedan
    • bruh

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo16 timmar sedan
  • Follow Your Dream Ball 13:24

    You have done wellYou have done well17 timmar sedan
  • 9:04 Jeremy: This is my observation. Jeremy, your observation does not matter. That was pretty rude and harsh. Nothing wrong with a person voicing his opinion. With Jeremy's posture, I guess he wasn't too happy for the disrespect. Will Jeremy join the next episode? Stay tune for the next episode.

    KopieKopie18 timmar sedan
  • I love this channel. Truly. Everything about it...

    Miguel CapeloMiguel Capelo18 timmar sedan
  • India has no bikes anymore as well. Every shop is running almost empty.

    Arnab ChatterjeeArnab Chatterjee18 timmar sedan
  • My question : how high can this machine send that ball ?

    Mr ImperfectMr Imperfect19 timmar sedan
  • I just watch a reel by yt on insta and here for full video

    Mr ImperfectMr Imperfect19 timmar sedan
  • 13:54 is the coolest thing I have ever seen on SEworld.

    Galiceanu GabrielGaliceanu Gabriel19 timmar sedan
  • Rich boys playing with their toys.

    André MarquesAndré Marques20 timmar sedan
  • leon kuwata...

    s0ur k4nd1s0ur k4nd120 timmar sedan
  • Bob be dead

    NavaNixNavaNix21 timme sedan
    • first like, then to watch video :D?

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo16 timmar sedan
  • It would be very interesting to put a body armor on that dummy and watch what happens.

    Carlos Andres GarciaCarlos Andres Garcia21 timme sedan
  • No your wife isnt good at teaching because both kids run with way too low tire pressure. Thats the same fault people are doing for at least the last 15-20 years. Its not comfy and moreover, its unsafe. But people apparently never learn.

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor21 timme sedan
  • Must just be you, as all of our local bike shops are packed with innovatory, & I'm not talking cheap bikes.

    Sphinx RisingSphinx Rising21 timme sedan
  • 4:53 For Those Who Only Came For The Thumbnail, Enjoy ;)

    Bak KomakBak Komak22 timmar sedan
  • This is quite insane... seeing as of something the size of a baseball can cause so much destruction. Only shows how powerfull and piercing a bullet actualy is. I wonder how a football will hold up in terms of speed. Is it even possible to get it to Mach 1? Due to its size in surface and air friction

    Cherry DragonCherry Dragon22 timmar sedan