The Definitive Way to Play Sonic 3 (And More)

28 nov 2019
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Take the long, strange journey to discover what's happened to Sonic 3 and how to get it back.

Install instructions follow below my self-promotional stuff:
To install Sonic 3 AIR, really, all you have to do is extract the files to a folder and run Sonic3AIR.exe. That's all.
If you're looking to use Sega PC Reloaded with Sonic & Knuckles Collection, pcgamingwiki has all you need to know about using that:
Sonic 1 via Sega Forever
Here's the USB adapter I use. You might need a different one. Researching what you need is on you.

  • For those of you wanting me answers as to why I didn't talk about the Sonic 3 prototype, and other music-related questions, I posted a second video -- though it's more of a podcast.

    BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog11 månader sedan
    • Welp, I have Sonic 3 and S&K from the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, so I don't have to worry about my progress getting deleted. Also, at the beginning, I didn't see Sonic CD game labelled as a sonic port. It was just all the classics, there is Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, but i dont see CD that much anymore

      Minecraft GamerMinecraft Gamer6 månader sedan
    • the definitive way to play sonic 1,2,and 3 is on a sega genesis and a crt. no more discussions.

      The BatmanThe Batman7 månader sedan
    • @Jim Bim Bum it's not like Sega Forever is any good anyway, why would people play games on their phone?

      BlueFlag AlphaBlueFlag Alpha7 månader sedan
    • Did I get refunded? No, do I get a new code for the new game? No. Fucking greedy scam dude.

      Jim Bim BumJim Bim Bum7 månader sedan
    • Hey! You forgot to mention that the "Sega Forever" sonic games are actually released as Free with ads while the paid versions don't get updated. No one is bringing this up cause apparently I'm the only one that notices!

      Jim Bim BumJim Bim Bum7 månader sedan
  • Hey, Sega Genesis Classics is good, I wouldn’t have played the Streets of Rage series if it wasn’t for that

    Luciana Corrêa de AssisLuciana Corrêa de AssisTimme sedan
  • Is this sponsored by Sega?

    FxG SpartanFxG Spartan3 timmar sedan
    • In what way?

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog11 minuter sedan
  • I got to this game in my Watch Later playlist when I just got Sonic 3 AIR yesterday

    Thisisasupersayin3Thisisasupersayin3Dag sedan
  • 🌺 Why Are The Comments Off On The Trailer I Love Commenting About Opinions And If I Find One Funny I Like 👍🏻 On It 🌺

    Anime RocksteadyAnime Rocksteady2 dagar sedan
  • Sonic 3 AIR is the best most legal way to play Sonic 3. I played through it and found a bunch of mods that emphasize how Sonic 3 has the most potential and is the most popular in the trilogy.

    Drastic DanielDrastic Daniel13 dagar sedan
  • The best way to play is on steam, the rewind feature makes old games actually fun.

    Jim BridgerJim Bridger15 dagar sedan
  • Why doesn’t someone just ask Jackson if they can release the game? Smh

    ThatGuyKnownAsWillThatGuyKnownAsWill17 dagar sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog uh... okay? Whatever that means. I didn’t “poison” anything by satirically writing that I didn’t know that Michael had died and that we could just ask him if the games could’ve been released, which, I don’t even think Michael Jackson would have the final word on whether the game could be re released with the original soundtrack, he’d have to consult the other ones that he worked with, including those currently threatening Sega, which leads me to believe that they wouldn’t be so lenient on it. Plus, what do you mean that my stupid joke wouldn’t pass as comedy around here? I’d understand if my joke was some stupid unoriginal shock value offensive edgy joke and you would condemn it, but it wasn’t even that.

      ThatGuyKnownAsWillThatGuyKnownAsWill14 dagar sedan
    • @ThatGuyKnownAsWill Irony poisoning doesn't pass for humor around these parts.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog16 dagar sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog WOW! 🎉 congrats man you found the joke!

      ThatGuyKnownAsWillThatGuyKnownAsWill16 dagar sedan
    • He... died, dude. Like 11 years ago. And his family doesn't seem particularly friendly or welcoming to people using his work freely.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog17 dagar sedan
  • Maybe This Is The Reason Why I Tought There Was Only Two Games Of Sonic In 16 Bits, And When I Discovered Sonic 3 (& Sonic & Knuckles) I Was Like Yo, What The Fu-

    CutmanXNZCutmanXNZ22 dagar sedan
  • Sonic 3 a.i.r. is pointless, I'll never touch that game unless it contains sonic 3 complete. You may as well just play the original tacked on game or just complete, air should go out of it's way to include complete as a standard.

    SpookyBurritoSpookyBurrito23 dagar sedan
  • I suggest Picodrive 3ds for playing any Sonic games on 3ds. The sound chip sounds the same, too. Like exactly the same. Plus (on a mew 3ds) it runs at 59.9 fps most of the time, sometimes going up to 61.2 fps. It's real great, I suggest it.

    Ovo naOvo na27 dagar sedan
  • Sega Vintage Sonic 2? Wow M2 is terrible. Sega Vintage is the worst porting I have ever seen in my life.

    FxG SpartanFxG Spartan27 dagar sedan
    • Not exactly. It's a little confusing, but early Sega Vintage games (2007-era) were done by Backbone Entertainment. Later games, labeled "Sega Vintage Collection", which bundled 2-3 games in one release, were by M2 (2011-2012 era). Backbone Entertainment sucked. They did lots of quick and dirty retro game re-releases back then and they all cut corners in one way or another.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog27 dagar sedan
  • Aw man I'm sad for sonic 3 cause I play it a lot on my dads old Genesis and I l LOVE the music, visuals, and gameplay and it deserves more recognition than just being treated as nothing. Stupid Sega, I love there games and I think there cooler than olé family friendly Nintendo over there but, REALY, ACTING LIKE OF THE MOST INFLUENTUAL/BEST SONIC GAMES OF ALL TIME LIKE IT DOESN'T EXIST IS JUST STUPID.

    Kolton BaxterKolton Baxter29 dagar sedan
  • Instead of playing Sonic 1 & 2 on a phone with a controller, which I find uncomfortable and inconvenient, I play those games though an android emulator on my PC. I use Bluestacks in case you're wondering. This way I don't have to look at a tiny screen while playing with a controller. You don't even have to buy the games if you don't want to, you can just find the APK for each game.

    Sean SilvaSean SilvaMånad sedan
  • my favorite part of the entire video is 23:25 when the player hits the ramp while gliding and does a double take at what just happened

    cheythings ̣cheythings ̣Månad sedan
  • Just got Sega's Genesis collection on Steam, because Sonic 2 was free. 1.5GB!!, for utter crap ware! Find any other platform you can for Sonic. taxman + stealth versions of Sonic 1 + 2, on mobile, are fantastic. Add a game pad or keyboard though.

    xvitxvitMånad sedan
  • I don't do piracy anymore as well. What I did was buy Sonic 3 and Knuckles on Steam and call it a day. Now that I have officially purchased the game and Sega has my money on it, I give myself the right to play it via emulation. Since I don't play that much on PC, I'll play on my Wii with an emulator. They really don't care about how you play these classic games. While they know that console companies get hurt by people not buying the official, let's say, PS4 emulated port, what they want and need is money for each copy of the game. And that's like that because porting a game bundled with an emulator from one console to another, especially in these days, is as easy as pie. It takes virtually no effort to export a PS4 and Xbox One version of Sonic 3 for example. Emulators do the job better than most official efforts so the only real reason (aside from "eh, yoU're pIratiNG yerE GunnAh get cAugTh") to still buy a 26 years old ROM bundled with an emulator is moral consciousness. It's not right to get a game for free if the company has put a legal way to get it for cheap and it's expecting money from it just as it is stupid to make costumers buy the same game twice when many other good companies like Microsoft ensures that you can play the same game on both your PC and console without the ridiculous need of buying it twice and you are able to play your 100+ years old games in the console you just bought becausd they know it's not right to ask for money for the same game twice in your gaming consumer's life. That's why I praise Microsoft. I hope they keep it up. But you helped me understand how bad piracy really is and how it should be treated.

    Branny CedeñoBranny CedeñoMånad sedan
  • 25:52 or get a controller for pc, mobile

    TpGamesCZC_v2TpGamesCZC_v2Månad sedan
  • Okokok, I know I'm a lucky one, but I have an apple TV, so a lot of the complaints about sonic 1 and 2 sadly don't apply to me. I would still like to see Xbox One ports of these games so I don't have to resync my controller every darn time tho. Also, just release the good ports, SEGA!

    bees with chainsawsbees with chainsawsMånad sedan
  • 23:40

    Capivara-SonicaCapivara-SonicaMånad sedan
  • Why can’t the just remix the music it not illegal

    raad alsalehyraad alsalehyMånad sedan
    • If you remix an "illegal" song, the remix is still illegal.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehogMånad sedan
  • There new sonic 1 and sonic 2 for pc but sonic 2 is a sonic 2 mania but there’s a trailer for it too and sonic 1 pc port is called sonic the hedgehog revisited

    Miles BradleyMiles BradleyMånad sedan
    • And you have Sega to blame for collision tetesion in the Genesis and mega grave

      Miles BradleyMiles BradleyMånad sedan
  • I know how to get Sonic 3 it is Easy you can go to Roblox Sonic simulator or OPEN CSST

    Gregory L Jones 3rdGregory L Jones 3rdMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: the pc music of sonic 3 is actually really old, it was used in the VERY first prototypes of sonic 3

    Jimmyjamesjunior 905Jimmyjamesjunior 905Månad sedan
  • Is it a subjective opinion?

    Gael Esteban - GDGael Esteban - GDMånad sedan
  • im not gonna lie i kinda like the incorrect sound from sega classics more when it comes to the signpost

    NieveriaNieveriaMånad sedan
  • I guess I can't be surprised about the absolute mess that is the Sonic 1 & 2 ports, the lack of Sonic 3, and the rights to Sonic 3's music. SEGA's a pretty infamously mismanaged company - it's been that way since the 90s at least.

    K-lebK-lebMånad sedan
  • My sister's birthday is on Feb 11!

    Meyissaw KassaMeyissaw KassaMånad sedan
  • Dont we already have angel island revisited

    Mudit KorambilMudit KorambilMånad sedan
  • They could just replace all the old music with new stuff, it's Sega, they're known for good music, they could do it.

    OneBoredCatbugOneBoredCatbugMånad sedan
  • Uhm, Put it on the SEGACD or MEGACD

    Erica SchmidErica SchmidMånad sedan
  • 23:40 to be less bored

    Eyad AktashEyad Aktash2 månader sedan
  • when will mickey mouse vs sonic the hedgehog will come out

    Abdelrahman MohamedAbdelrahman Mohamed2 månader sedan
  • Are you the Blaze hedgehog that made lots of Hoaxes?

    Nathan WaibleNathan Waible2 månader sedan
    • @Nathan Waible I wrote a big article about it on my website:

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog2 månader sedan
    • Why?

      Nathan WaibleNathan Waible2 månader sedan
    • If you dont mind me asking

      Nathan WaibleNathan Waible2 månader sedan
    • Ok but...

      Nathan WaibleNathan Waible2 månader sedan
    • A long time ago, yeah. Haven't done anything like that in nearly ten years or more.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog2 månader sedan
  • Instead of (and more) you should’ve put (& knuckles.)

    K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的なK REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な2 månader sedan
  • 18:57 - 19:14 Welp, that's it. You've earned my subscription right here. So many channels are scared to talk about emulation, and when they do, it is mostly "DON'T! EMULATION IZ BAD!" Glad to see you're practical instead of moralist. Also, I just came from your Definitive SADX video, and I'm only halfway through this one, but I can already tell the quality of your content is top notch. Keep doing your thing, man, we need more talented content creators like you in the Sonic community. I hope your channel blows up soon, you deserve it!

    Daniel BuenoDaniel Bueno2 månader sedan
  • I installed Sonic 3 AIR and my Norton said it was unsafe and removed it.

    IMatteeIMattee3 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog Yeah its feeeeckin annoying

      IMatteeIMattee3 månader sedan
    • Antivirus programs can be overprotective like that and remove anything it does not immediately identify.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog3 månader sedan
  • When you buy no-ads for Sonic 1/2/CD, can you play them offline?

    GenoWh1rlGenoWh1rl3 månader sedan
    • I believe that's a point they advertise when you click the buy button, but I haven't seen it in a while. But I'm going to tentatively say yes.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog3 månader sedan
  • michael jackson and brad buxer are the reasons we can't have sonic 3k remastered

    Sans the SkeletonSans the Skeleton3 månader sedan
    • @Sans the Skeleton Well, in fact it was more because of what I told you, I don't think it was due to a legal problem, if S3K was released for many devices, and even if there was a legal problem, they would simply change the soundtrack, as it was found in the S&K Collection ; even so, XDDD for your comment haha

      Gael Esteban - GDGael Esteban - GDMånad sedan
    • but mostly because brad buxer was a bitch

      Sans the SkeletonSans the SkeletonMånad sedan
    • @Sans the Skeleton but it was mainly due to the disinterest of the fandom

      Gael Esteban - GDGael Esteban - GDMånad sedan
    • i saw a source that basically said brad buxer was not happy with sonic 3k remastered being released

      Sans the SkeletonSans the Skeleton3 månader sedan
    • No, I'm pretty sure Sega is the reason, because they stopped paying the appropriate people.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog3 månader sedan
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles for me was last seen on both Steam and the DS.

    Cian_M04Cian_M043 månader sedan
  • Why are yall so against emulation? Like im gonna be able to find a genesis or working cartridge?????????? Also Piracy is super helpful?????

    Im a Gay BidoofIm a Gay Bidoof3 månader sedan
    • It's not really my decision. I'm just trying to protect my channel. I'm sure you can find your own resources online, but don't involve this channel.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog3 månader sedan
    • Also Piracy is super helpful for preservation like alot

      Im a Gay BidoofIm a Gay Bidoof3 månader sedan
  • Off topic: I still wish that the mobile remakes of Sonic 1 & 2 went onto consoles instead of a cheap emulation with only a few extras.

    Jays with JamJays with Jam3 månader sedan
  • heres the thing: S&K Collection uses the MIDI format for the music, a format that doesn't like real actual SFX Examples: Carnival Night's glass shatter, the "GO!" yells in Launch Base Zone, Etc. so they would have had to change it either way.

    SkeleGamerSkeleGamer3 månader sedan
  • Sorry, kiddo. I can't donate on patreon. I literally have no income at all and no work possibilities. It's been especially bad since the pandemic hit.

    HynotamaHynotama3 månader sedan
    • "Kiddo"? Anyway, it's fine! Don't sweat it. I mean, if I had money, I wouldn't be running a Patreon, you know?

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog3 månader sedan
  • Sonic 3.complete has one way to get it legally

    AlumlovescakeAlumlovescake3 månader sedan

    godfatherpaynegodfatherpayne4 månader sedan
    • Ummm He is not the problem It is the music Looks like Sega don't want to remember that game

      Foxy The Second ChannelFoxy The Second Channel4 månader sedan
  • Is it bad im legitimately angry that they didnt use sonic 3 for the tower of power joke

    Meemo SteenoMeemo Steeno4 månader sedan
  • I don't know if on the first to say but this guy sounds like Snot from American Dad

    TuxedeoProductionsTuxedeoProductions4 månader sedan
  • The new Cybershell

    BaconestBaconest4 månader sedan
  • 7:08 "It has some sound problems." In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, LAUNCH BASE HAS IT'S SPEED AND PITCH DOWN A BIT. IT WAS SO JARRING. This is why Kega Fusion is the most superior Genesis Emulator. It has literally no problems at all. Amirite?

    Terra KingTerra King4 månader sedan
  • The steam version of sonic 3 and k is just disappointing. If you dont have a decent computer, it lags soo bad. The sound quality is so bad. And its just lazy.

    aamnotsure eaamnotsure e4 månader sedan
  • 13:29 I'm pretty sure other members in that forum post shown got the OP of the thread under some heat by other members for trying to contact them. Also, Sega's Sega Forever social channels actually acknowledged the Steam version of Sonic 3 for once last week,

    FireFlameFireFlame4 månader sedan
  • Just have tee lopes remix the music

    Crimson DrawsCrimson Draws4 månader sedan
  • I think that sonic 3 air is a low version comparate as sonic 3 complete

    Fellsans 32Fellsans 324 månader sedan
  • "Sonic 3 is long gone" Meanwhile Angel Island, Hydrocity, Flying Battery, Lava Reef and Hidden Palace are in Sonic Mania

    Margaretha WihardjaMargaretha Wihardja4 månader sedan
  • i have sonic one from sega ages on my swicg

    brad foxbrad fox4 månader sedan
  • So wait, would it just be possible to make the PC version the official version of the game? Couldn’t they just put that in the genesis classics game? Also you can buy sonic 3 on the Xbox 360 and if you use the same account on the Xbox one you can play there, idk maybe you can buy the game on the one but idk because I have got it from the 360

    Redshadowkirby5Redshadowkirby55 månader sedan
  • 3&K is also on 360 and is backwards compatible on the Xbone. So the PS4 and Switch are the only modern consoles that can't play 3&K without modding. Ouch.

    Phantom DragsPhantom Drags5 månader sedan
  • 23:40

    John EvansJohn Evans5 månader sedan
  • What about sega classic edition for ps3 and Xbox 360 they had sonic 3

    EnemyconeYTEnemyconeYT5 månader sedan
  • the defininitive sonic 3 lies between sonic 3 air and s3c with the modes of jam and the super sprites of s3c and competition mode

    TzerTzer5 månader sedan
  • Why cant u just use the SnK collection soundtrack

    zero kingzero king5 månader sedan
  • I'm watching this video while playing Sonic 3 A.I.R., the best way to play Sonic 3 & K.

    Quest 21Quest 215 månader sedan
  • Every Way to Play Sonic 3 - Sonic 3 On Genesis - Sonic Mega Collection - Sonic and Knuckles Collection - Sonic's Genesis Collection - Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Steam) - Sonic 3 on Emulator - Sonic Classic Collection - Sonic Mega Collection Plus - Sonic 3 on Xbox 360 Arcade - Sonic 3 Complete - Sonic Mania (Hydrocity Zone only) - Sonic Mania Plus (Angel Island and Hydrocity only)

    Uranus 007Uranus 0075 månader sedan
  • So, if the problem is the music, can they not remix and remaster the music, then they cant be sued for the music Miachel jackson and his team made because the remixes wouldn't be Miachel Jackson's, they are just different songs with a similar melody, or could be "songs inspired by Miachel jackson".

    Charles LauxCharles Laux5 månader sedan
    • And if there are even copyright issues with the beta songs that we don't know about, why not just make completely new unrelated tracks. "The music is copyrighted" is no excuse. Write new music. Problem solved.

      CurtTheGamerCurtTheGamer4 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog Couldn't they just use the songs from the beta version then? They already used them once in the PC version. Why not do it again?

      CurtTheGamerCurtTheGamer4 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog that's so strange because there are litteraly hundreds of thousands of songs that use the same notes in the same order and they dont get copyright claimed.

      Sonic'sBoxSonic'sBox5 månader sedan
    • No, that's not how music licensing works, unfortunately. Michael Jackson's estate would likely have some claim over the notes themselves. As long as you were playing those notes in that sequence, it doesn't matter if they're remixed, remastered, or whatever, because they will still own the song.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog5 månader sedan
  • Good thing we have sonic 3 complete

    MobilegameingbossMobilegameingboss5 månader sedan
    • Yeah but AIR is still better

      George ΜπασιάκοςGeorge Μπασιάκος5 månader sedan
  • I've said this several times already, but I think that the Switch versions of Sonic 1 & 2 are the definitive versions of those games. To be honest, I think the widescreen looks unnatural, and I don't see being able to play as Tails and Knuckles in Sonic 1 as a major addition because that game wasn't designed with their abilities in mind.

    Alder613Alder6135 månader sedan
    • I can't see how the Switch ports are the best way to play these games since they're just ported versions of the Mega Drive games. And how exactly is widescreen support unnatural? In fact it actually makes the 2D games better because you can further see what's ahead of you And yeah they didn't change the game that much to have different paths for Tails and Knuckles but they're still good additions to Sonic 1

      George ΜπασιάκοςGeorge Μπασιάκος5 månader sedan
  • What do you guys feel about the sonic 1 and 2 on switch

    2kool4u2kool4u5 månader sedan
  • How To Play Sonic 3 AND Knuckles On Mobile: Go On Google, Then Go Type “Play Sonic 3 And Knuckles”, And... You Are Done!

    Ryland KroppRyland Kropp5 månader sedan
    • That's a great way to download malware and have your private information stolen. Only trust official downloads for that kind of stuff.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog5 månader sedan
  • If you are wondering, it juts requires Sonic 3 and Knuckles data for AIR, I don't have the steam version but I can still play Sonic 3 AIR

    Wildcard Ninja87Wildcard Ninja875 månader sedan
  • If you could do a definitive way to play sonic heroes it would be greatly appreciated

    TinyJ3rr1ch0TinyJ3rr1ch05 månader sedan
  • 2:35 I used headphones and the only thing different is that The retro gets in your ears that the genesis is just bland

    Japh urtechoJaph urtecho5 månader sedan
  • Wait, you could also get Sonic 3 on the Genesis collection, that's how I got to play it.

    Godstopper GamingGodstopper Gaming5 månader sedan
  • What if Sonic 3 were released in Sega/MegaCD so the MJ voice could be more "hearable"

    Moonwalk Delta 27Moonwalk Delta 275 månader sedan
  • So I Can't Play Sonic 3 Complete Or Else I Will Go To Juvinile Justice?

    Ian ProductionsIan Productions5 månader sedan
    • I Absolutely Love The Classics And Sonic 3 Is My Favorite One And This Is One Of The Coolest Hacks So I Have Decided To Play It On My Tablet

      Ian ProductionsIan Productions5 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog Ok You Had Me Worried There But Thanks!

      Ian ProductionsIan Productions5 månader sedan
    • Haha, probably nothing that extreme. It's more just whether you feel comfortable about it. I won't promote it on my channel because it might hurt my channel, but the worst you might get is a letter from your ISP telling you to stop, and probably not even that.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog5 månader sedan
  • 24:09 You don't even need to buy the game on Steam either. You can just download a ROM of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, rename it to "Sonic_Knuckles_Sonic3" and go from there.

    Zay Say MediaZay Say Media5 månader sedan
  • I want Sonic 3 mobile

    Pepper ProductionsPepper Productions5 månader sedan
  • Any issue now, after Micheals’s death, would be a cash grab from some company or his estate for (royalties I guess? If they even claim to ownership of the music, which they don’t, right?) And it’s be no money since the games would MAKE much money. It’s just for a loving community. It’s so curious.

    Will SmyserWill Smyser5 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog It seems to be Brad Buxor that keeps threatening them, though many think he doesn't acutally have much of a leg to stand on legally and wouldn't hold up against a company that has even a little money, like Sega. They just want to make sure since it doesn't make much of a difference for them...

      Will SmyserWill Smyser5 månader sedan
    • The Jackson family owns all rights to his estate and they've been on the warpath demanding royalties and everything else you can think of.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog5 månader sedan
  • The defenitive way to play sonic 3 is sonic 3 complete

    Noob Roblox&MinecraftNoob Roblox&Minecraft5 månader sedan
  • No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!

    Naveek DarkroomNaveek Darkroom5 månader sedan
  • 5:05: "...or get a Chromebook and download the games [Sonic 1, 2, and CD] on there." ~TTTE Productions Please make a video of you playing the games on a Chromebook.

    Thomas the Tank Engine ProductionsThomas the Tank Engine Productions6 månader sedan
  • 5 MONTHS LATE SQUAD WHERE YOU AT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    JG Gaming ChannelJG Gaming Channel6 månader sedan
  • Sega: puts the Sonic 1 cartridge to Sonic And knuckles Sega genesis mini tower of power. Sonic 3: Am I joke to you ?

    MusicalGamer24MusicalGamer246 månader sedan
  • Thanks man. This video was very useful. Your a legend.

    The Feel the Rabbit FanThe Feel the Rabbit Fan6 månader sedan
  • But there is sonic 3 on the emu??

    Shadow The JudgehogShadow The Judgehog6 månader sedan
  • I know this is old but I'm getting back into roms. But I thought sonic 3 complete was really good

    Cayden & Logan StudiosCayden & Logan Studios6 månader sedan
  • Doesn't Sonic 3 AIR require a rom of Sonic 3?

    Gaming Fan Rio InklingGaming Fan Rio Inkling6 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog oh. I forgot about that.

      Gaming Fan Rio InklingGaming Fan Rio Inkling6 månader sedan
    • I say as much in the video.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog6 månader sedan
  • 2:24 and sonic cd

    Rigo SaenzRigo Saenz6 månader sedan
  • You're ignoring that there's a huge amount of players that buy these game for nostalgia, and they don't want HD visuals of any type of jew improvement. The want the original games, with their flaws

    Speed PowerSpeed Power6 månader sedan
    • @BlazeHedgehog The "jew" thing? Yeah, it was a typo 🤣. I'm not trashing the retro engine ports (those are great!), I'm saying that there are multiple audiences when it comes to porting retro games, and the M2 ports cover really well the segment which prefer the closest to the original as you can get. For example, while playing with an M2 port, you can even hear the synthesizer going for a little bit after pausing the game, just like the Genesis, and that type of players really love that kind of details. Both types of ports cover different segments of an already particular target audience. Thankfully, the original Sonic trilogy aged really, really well. Anyway, I liked your video, it was the most informative of all I have seen about the Sonic 3 complication.

      Speed PowerSpeed Power6 månader sedan
    • You can still get nostalgia from something like Sonic 3 A.I.R. and you can make the past better. Often, old things are worse than you remember, so why not add a little something special as an extra? Nobody said you have to suffer through your memories. It's not like Sonic 3 A.I.R. is really THAT different, either. I wouldn't call these visuals "HD" when they're still using the same pixel graphics from the Genesis version. Also, I hope that's a typo you made there.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog6 månader sedan
  • A Sonic 3 prototype came out a few months back featuring Genesis versions of the tracks that would eventually appear on S&K Collection. It suggests that these were the original tracks before Michael Jackson and his entourage joined the team. Not gonna lie, some of these like Launch Base Zone Act 2 and Carnival Night Act 2 are certified bops and better than the originals.

    Clbull118Clbull1186 månader sedan
  • Just Buy the steam Version

    Matthew The tank engineMatthew The tank engine6 månader sedan
    • Maybe you should finish watching a video before leaving a comment.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog6 månader sedan
  • Excellent video. Thank you for the info. I had no idea this was possible and always wanted a Christian Whitehead release for Sonic 3. This is pretty unbelievable. I only just discovered Thug Pro last week so this has been an excellent several days where satisfying my retro gaming needs is concerned.

    Wade TaylorWade Taylor6 månader sedan
  • LOL i got sonic 3 on my DS in sonic classic collection, but yea still weird its not on any other consoles.

    EnderxraftEnderxraft6 månader sedan
  • In fairness the Steam classics emulators do have issues. The emulation isn't why you want to buy the PC collection. You want it for legal access to rom files and associated rom hacks available in Steamworks. Having the ability to buy romsets wholesale, to use in any emulator you wish, is a wonderful novelty. Playing rom hacks of fan translated Bare Knuckle 3

    Doc SavageDoc Savage6 månader sedan
    • 1.0.0. version Revenge of Shinobi, or "Sonic 3 Complete" to play in Steams official emulator, or outside of it, all legally, is icing.

      Doc SavageDoc Savage6 månader sedan
  • 1: buy sonic 3 on steam. 2: download Sonic 3 complete. 3: play Sonic 3 complete. done

    Leonardo Di KennedyLeonardo Di Kennedy6 månader sedan
  • And what do you have to say about Sonic 3 being available on the Microsoft Store that was released 15 days before Michael Jackson's death?

    Reddy OmnningReddy Omnning6 månader sedan
    • Michael Jackson's death isn't what caused any of this.

      BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog6 månader sedan
  • Thank you for notifying me that the Sega Genesis Classics collection is mediocre. I was considering buying it for the Streets Of Rage trilogy but it won't be worth it if the audio is terrible, especially if the legendary soundtrack has been soiled.

    Elvie MinusElvie Minus6 månader sedan
  • Why not sonic mega collections plus?

    Sam’s Crack ShackSam’s Crack Shack6 månader sedan
  • Every be forgetting that sonic 1 and 2 are on apple tv gen 4

    Arrow'sCrapPostsArrow'sCrapPosts6 månader sedan
  • 0:13 no it's Sonic 1 in 1991

    Doggameing gamingDoggameing gaming6 månader sedan