The BIG Question Behind DR. DISRESPECT’s Twitch Ban

29 jul 2020
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With Dr. Disrespect's permanent ban from Twitch last month, there's been a whirlwind of questions and confusion. Let's take a look at what this madness is all about.
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    • Number uno

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    • i am only the third, also lol at the end, RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, 1

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  • ah, pooh hub.

    Moon404Moon40411 timmar sedan

    Joel .OJoel .O3 dagar sedan
  • I think he wanted to quit streaming, but didnt know how to tell everyone. So he's asked Twitch to ban him, so he'd have a reason

    Gravitree 9102Gravitree 91023 dagar sedan
  • OoOoOOoOo That Cat YEETING woman

    Blaze DeenBlaze Deen3 dagar sedan
  • this should be titled "The big question behind Dr. Disrespects mustache"

    Simon KSimon K4 dagar sedan
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    Jessica FabrizioJessica Fabrizio4 dagar sedan
    • oops meant to type one 👀

      Waddle DeeWaddle Dee3 dagar sedan
  • dude i hate that this video is demonitized

    IvansDrawsIvansDraws5 dagar sedan
  • What about andrei meeting DJ cook ... ?

    Feline WestFeline West5 dagar sedan
  • bonk

    Riley CollettRiley Collett7 dagar sedan
  • why he got banned ? "scam"

    Domegalul FRY_FRYDomegalul FRY_FRY7 dagar sedan
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    Joanne TaylorJoanne Taylor11 dagar sedan
  • Dr Disrespect: *gets pernmenatent banned* Andrei Teribia: *Noted*

    TalonDayOn_V5TalonDayOn_V511 dagar sedan
  • Keep up the work man love how much research and stuff you put into your videos

    Phantompizza TripaloskiPhantompizza Tripaloski11 dagar sedan
  • oh so that's why he's pissed in the end card

    CherryTMCherryTM12 dagar sedan
  • Can people shut up about leafy's comment, I just came here for memes or something.

    The Living BoxThe Living Box13 dagar sedan
  • It was Alinity that got dr disrespect banned. She didn’t like that he was one of the top streamers on the platform and who knows if Dr Disrespect said something that offended her, and she maybe got him banned most likely under false accusations. She must have some sort thing to blackmail twitch people into banning him permanently.

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    Ramen The BellowfishRamen The Bellowfish14 dagar sedan
  • New sub right here

    Spartanly LionSpartanly Lion14 dagar sedan
  • Buna

    Rosu PetrRosu Petr14 dagar sedan
  • I discovered my love for video games because of halo

    OpStakinnOpStakinn15 dagar sedan
  • The docter will sue twitch now

    Kegan batchilderKegan batchilder15 dagar sedan
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    GlakaGlaka16 dagar sedan
  • Saw this tweet from him once. Something along the lines of “I have a keyboard that was 50 springs and dual monitor rubber pad whackajig and a weightless mouse with a 200k system and bla bla blah more flexibly his setup and you mean to tell me mobile gaming is a serious thing?” The Indians and Africans destroyed him in the comments. Honestly someone like that should be banned. A jerk like that can kill entire platforms.

    Sokka with an OkkaSokka with an Okka17 dagar sedan
  • Who is leafy

    Pusheen LoverPusheen Lover18 dagar sedan

    SanchuSanchu18 dagar sedan
  • And now he's streaming on SEworld-GAMING... I like SEworld-GAMING more

  • I really love the theme in the end

    Sans the gamerSans the gamer19 dagar sedan
  • Doctor disrespect looks like that one villain from the movie despicable me 3 😂. Just me?

    Starlight Girl ClubStarlight Girl Club20 dagar sedan
  • This is a crime and I will crusade until they reverse it! I will fight for a legend in the gaming community.

    Commentary CrusaderCommentary Crusader20 dagar sedan
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    SHOCK -Brawl StarsSHOCK -Brawl Stars20 dagar sedan
  • he probably animated wilfur wrong for the outro and decided to just incorporate it into the video as a joke

    Alexander (Lex) FranzenAlexander (Lex) Franzen20 dagar sedan
  • And now the DOC is bigger than ever bere on YT! Firm handshakes CC 🤝

    Alessandro LongoAlessandro Longo21 dag sedan
  • I bet you that Female Twitch streamer was most likely Alinity.. cmon strong arming Twitch and got HIM BANNED lmfao it reeks of Alinity cmon it was sooo her

    DeadSilent87DeadSilent8721 dag sedan
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    Mr. OofMr. Oof22 dagar sedan
  • So basically twitch is a whole bunch off SIMP

    Witherboy 46Witherboy 4622 dagar sedan
  • Twitch just ruined it carrier

    Hack PlusHack Plus22 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know what to think of this situation, I believe that this is Twitch’s fault. Most of your concluding evidence and points in the video also lined up with my research. Twitch has done a lot of stupid things but I feel like this is going to hurt them in a really big way if they keep it up. I do have a theory of what is going on here if Twitch is innocent. I think they will make another site for prime memberships and streamers in their communities. Like Dr Disrespect may have had a surprise coming where he was moved to Twitch Ultima or something (epic name). And for Disrespect’s side, I think that Twitch is a load of cheating, lying, pieces of crap that have utmost respect for Feminisms and what it stands for. So I think what Twitch was going to do was remove all the male creators so they could rival Tik Tok with another possible service and then take all the simps from there and plop them to their new site or application

    DiamondDolphinDiamondDolphin22 dagar sedan
  • Hows it going Anderi Terbea The lV

    DownSoutHeat 1DownSoutHeat 123 dagar sedan
  • lol indeed done lol

    Max DoesMax Does23 dagar sedan
  • So the only I understand is twitch is a simp

    rayyan playzrayyan playz23 dagar sedan

    Jamper IwnlJamper Iwnl23 dagar sedan
  • everyone: where is leafy's comment me: *lmao wilfur go left right*

    RitsuRitsu23 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Mira DagasanMira Dagasan23 dagar sedan
  • Perma Ban!!!!!!

    hey gamer dudehey gamer dude24 dagar sedan
  • Alright time to wait for him to discuss yandere dev. I'll wait.

    OctoFlower ReduxxOctoFlower Reduxx24 dagar sedan
  • Maybe some competitors with DrDisrespect payed twitch to kick him off

    Cow !Cow !25 dagar sedan
  • Just a small theory 4 months late, is there a chance that twitch banned him for recognition, because if he is a big streamer, he has a big audience, the audience gets mad, which attracts more people, and makes twitch more popular. Just a theory.

    a random guy in the commentsa random guy in the comments25 dagar sedan
  • If you are in 2021 pls like for a prayer I'm still in 2020

    snoop dogsnoop dog25 dagar sedan
  • Are you bald hah ??

    Parth WaghelaParth Waghela25 dagar sedan
  • I'm willing to wait like 5 years to her the reason why he's baned

    Drot SkillzDrot Skillz26 dagar sedan
    • I will wait

      Drot SkillzDrot Skillz24 dagar sedan
    • u wont hear it tho. its shady buisness twitch is conducting. u will never know why he got banned.its been a year now and its still shush shus

      KEKW_SPAMMERKEKW_SPAMMER24 dagar sedan
  • Damn, boy

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman26 dagar sedan
  • Who the hell is leafy and why are we looking for his comment

    Tamara BurgosTamara Burgos26 dagar sedan
  • twitch do be simping doe

    alex mid5alex mid528 dagar sedan
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    RafealotRafealot28 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: this video is demonitized

    salim not foundsalim not found28 dagar sedan
  • witch probably did it so that they wouldn't need to pay dr disrespect vbut still use him for advertisement

    BuggyCanGameBuggyCanGame28 dagar sedan
  • People are talking about scrolling through a leafy comment, im just trying to see if drdisrespect is still gone

    TsXsNaKeTsXsNaKe28 dagar sedan
  • ¨" He stepped away from streaming for a while when it was publicly revealed he had been unfaithful to his wife (who he is still with, and has voiced thanks for support in this most recent situation). Then, he was temporarily banned from Twitch after streaming from a public bathroom. ¨¨

    ChipBugzChipBugz29 dagar sedan
  • Andrei probabil nu o sa vezi asta dar daca da ma poti ajuta sa incep sa fac youtube? M-ai inspirat foarte mult aratandumi ca chiar daca vin din o tara indepartata tot pot deveni un youtuber "universal" m-ar ajuta foarte mult daca m-ai contacta cumva, dupa cum vezi sunt roman si de aceea as dori ajutor.

    WolfyWolfy29 dagar sedan
  • despite the fact I had no idea who Dr disrespect was I mean I've heard of him but like not actually knowing who he was until I watched this video and despite the fact that I also think it's kind of strange that he got big on twitch by trash talking online This is extremely interesting

    Ajanimal ReevesAjanimal Reeves29 dagar sedan
  • If we still haven’t found this out then we must start interrogating

    Gamer Guy69Gamer Guy6929 dagar sedan
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    PilotPilot29 dagar sedan
  • 2020 is the year of all big companies and corporations shooting themselves for no good reason.

    GhostMinerGhostMiner29 dagar sedan
  • It's December does anyone know why he was banned?

    FunnyBong _42FunnyBong _4229 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how when twitch banned Dr. Disrespect they were destroying there public image in the process.

    E.K.gamingE.K.gamingMånad sedan
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    Colleen HelminenColleen HelminenMånad sedan
  • I think twitch is shitassing it

    LoopadoopLoopadoopMånad sedan
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    DevildaboomDevildaboomMånad sedan
  • Let's just say what it is queen Alinity did not like his sunglasses so twitch had to take action.

    Luuk VerhoevenLuuk VerhoevenMånad sedan
  • there right there is STALIN 1:03 perfection

    Flak 8Flak 8Månad sedan
  • its alinnity, she forced twitch to ban him to losen the competition.

    Rocey the catbgRocey the catbgMånad sedan
  • Oh, Goodness, poor Dr! Does anybody have anymore evidence as of December?

    VioletDoesStuffVioletDoesStuffMånad sedan
  • Wait ninja streamed porn???

    Knockout_connorKnockout_connorMånad sedan
  • Dr disrespect vs ifreg

    not a romanianot a romaniaMånad sedan
  • 9:34 Wilfur finally looked happy.

    The Rat PopeThe Rat PopeMånad sedan
  • %50 of comments people talking about leaf's comment %20 of nice comments %10 of comments hate comments %20 of comments compliments from viewers

    Nae DNae DMånad sedan
  • 1.

    Mr. PMr. PMånad sedan
  • dr disrespect? unheard of

    rizky berizky beMånad sedan
  • Is this demonitized

    blue bloodblue bloodMånad sedan
  • The twitch ceos are simps

    Bedrockrevenge 12Bedrockrevenge 12Månad sedan
  • twitch brime

    TopHat CatTopHat CatMånad sedan
    • church prime

      Simrah QureshiSimrah QureshiMånad sedan
  • at first I was like who the heck he was bbut then I saw the face and it all came back

    Gijs van der PlasGijs van der PlasMånad sedan
  • 6:11 I think I know who it is... *Alinity...*

    Pancake KatPancake KatMånad sedan
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  • twitch lmao

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  • Check out iiluminaughtii's Channel?

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  • Theory alinity banned him

    Drama CopDrama CopMånad sedan
  • Han

    }{• stolas •}{}{• stolas •}{Månad sedan

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  • Alinity

    Roberto Carlos Montalvo RijoRoberto Carlos Montalvo RijoMånad sedan
  • actually i definitely think twitch is a simp to female twitch streamers

    sreeja sasidharansreeja sasidharanMånad sedan
  • Twitch be SIMP

    Fernando SotoFernando SotoMånad sedan
  • Dr disrespect has a massive ego not gonna lie............

    arnav Poojariarnav PoojariMånad sedan
  • Dude I know who Dr. disrespect is and I don’t even watched twitch And I don’t mean I learned it from this video I knew it before this

    Zoro Fan boyZoro Fan boyMånad sedan
  • Hershey guy beam the 4th is the coolest name ever

    alpha cyclopsalpha cyclopsMånad sedan
  • andrei terbea the IV

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