3 jan 2021
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This week I decided to become Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately didn't come with her bank account, but it was still fun! I had Stormi with me and we did some baking, shopping, and a skincare routine of course. Enjoy!
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  • The hip pads with no butt pads 😂

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  • I have watched this video like for 50 times 😂😂!!

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  • I only like it because I want it looks the same

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  • She looks like addison rae

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  • Done

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  • I can’t believe what stormy did!!!!

  • Happy new year

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  • Hiiiiii Lexi I watch the fish fam acctully. I’m 1 of ur subs🦊🦄🦄

  • Keep the change

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  • 👷‍♂️

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  • They just making fun of Kylie lol

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  • that was cut

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  • The baby is so cute she is so smart also

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  • Ay Lykke Lexi en iWatch que nosotros éramos escribe tu Years bye Like si

  • lol

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  • It was sooooo funny when she said one punk and she did two😂

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  • You are looking horrible Lexi

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  • I love it, it looks sooooóooo good on you😻😻❤💖💖

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  • I love your hair

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  • Omg I love her

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  • So cute it's just like a little kid just like your little kid are are so cute so cute

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  • You really only need "OnE pUmP" *squirts 4 times*

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  • She looks so scary

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  • her skin care routine was so sarcastic

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  • Lexi: You really only need one pump. *uses 3*

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  • I don't like it

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  • I can’t believe Lexi did that Lexi is a warm hearted kid and Kylie is up there no offense Kylie even you Lexi

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  • ngl i love you w blackish brownish hair it’s like so cuteee 🥰🥰 and i can’t wait till u have little ones 😭😘

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  • 👙👠👠👒🛍🐕📿

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  • Taytum is so cute with both Lexi. Love the fishers and both Lexi 😍

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  • 5:22 hello childs mom lollllll

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  • Happy New Year lexiii and you all love yall❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉

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  • 5:20 that is Madison from the Fishfam!

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  • Done

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  • Your hair looks great I

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  • 17_badvibez

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  • cute dog sooo cute happy new year hi bengie

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  • hi I am Gabriella I love your vidios this vidio is awasome Gabriella

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  • Like ur cut g

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  • Omg Hahaha

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  • I want you to have me because I am cute I don’t like Tadome

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  • Lexi Hensler looks like Sophia carison

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  • i ilke your vidoes

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  • Stormi:KEEP THE CHANGE Me:Nuuuuu gimmeee🥺🥺🥺

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  • Lexi Hensler:Goes to lexis house Her and Lexi:*talks* Brent in the back:Chile- anyways so:)

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  • I saw taytums mom

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  • Me: Watching her skin care routine Also me: Oh she has a AirPod in her ear LOL

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  • Nope don't wanna see you bake anymore sooooooooooooo gross cause Tatum licked the bowl like 2 times!!

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  • Kylie jenner OUS (if u dont understand it sounds like generous

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  • Lexi R: omg I’m scared of her 🤭 Child: wAAAA Me:who wouldn’t 😂

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  • Aww stormy

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  • When I saw the thumbnail I was like WHAT IS THAT TAYTUM 💗💗

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  • Hapoy new year lexi.

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  • Happy new years

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  • Me:*watchin the vid* seeing there Kylie Jenner on the side more vides

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  • I think your hair is beautiful

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  • DONE

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  • Wow your hair is beautiful

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  • People buy Kylie lip kits for fun.... For utube videos

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  • Her hips are like extra large more than Kylie

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  • Lexi/Kylie: so im going to start with some face wash, you really only need 1 pump. **puts 3 pumps** Lexi/Kylie: mhmh there we gO.

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  • Happy new year

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  • Imagine if Kylie herself watches this!!😂😂

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  • U forgot that her nails are very very long

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  • Day 13 of quarantine more like Month 13 of quarantine

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  • Keep the Change 😭😭

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  • 🕊🌵✨🧨🎊

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  • It was my birthday yesterday

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  • He doesn't even look herself haha

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  • I love this

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  • Hii

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  • I love Benji so much! He is so adorable and cute! I love you! You are my favorite youtuber!!!

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  • The therapeutic ambulance alarmingly mine because knickers reversely extend till a cultured wood. thirsty, bumpy existence

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  • I love your hair

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  • that lexi

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  • Hairbrush

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  • I love how she says subsribe if you want she is awesome

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  • Hi I think your hair is greet

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  • Sure why not I’ll sub

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  • The dog with the lip stick-

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  • Lol

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  • Do Kim Kardashian

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  • Kylie Jenner ( Lexi) says omg Tatum (stormie) says I am crushing the eggs

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  • Jan 3 is my birthday

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  • Hey

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  • @kyliejenner

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  • Well um....👀it's littery 14th Jan right now and u post this video the 3rd of january👀🤐

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  • LEXI look so good in black

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  • Cringe 😬 but 10/10 for the hardwork

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  • Omg when “stormy” said keep the change my heart sank

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  • Lexi I love you so much

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  • Heheh

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  • Happy new year 🎈 🎆

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  • I think you did an amazing job!😋

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  • l like youe hearnl3xi

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  • I ❤️ u

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  • I don’t like your hair I want your hair look longer

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  • (when Lexi Rivera did lip filter prank) Lexi Hensler: HOLY *KYLIE JENNER* WIPE THAT OF

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  • OMG !! Lexi you nailed it you are so natural and not gonna lie doing exactly or better than Kylie 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

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