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  • Should I do this with SEworldrs next? Or should I leave my opinion to myself and shut up lol

    Colleen BallingerColleen BallingerMånad sedan
    • Do it with youtubes please

      Christine AveryChristine Avery4 dagar sedan
    • You are amazing but I think you should do this with SEworld

      LeAnn BrundigeLeAnn Brundige13 dagar sedan
    • Do it with yotubers as well lol 😂

      Naomi JacksonNaomi Jackson15 dagar sedan
    • Yessss. I love you so much, your my role model! 💙

      Annie TaylorAnnie Taylor16 dagar sedan
    • Yesss

      Dr UnicornDr Unicorn16 dagar sedan
  • I think she says low you

    jill corriveaujill corriveau4 timmar sedan
  • tbh dixie and billie sound the same in music videos and irl which is crazy bc like some singers just sound different irl because the music vid has autotune to make them sound better :(

    a r i e l l ea r i e l l e7 timmar sedan
  • When Colleen said no one would sound pitch perfect sitting around on the bed my mind instantly said Ariana Grande and then she said Ari 🤣🤣

    Dania Inani Shamsir AdlanDania Inani Shamsir Adlan16 timmar sedan
  • why is she being sooooo apologetic

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers17 timmar sedan

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers18 timmar sedan
  • you are qualified colleen TEAR THESE GIRLS APARTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers18 timmar sedan

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers18 timmar sedan
  • all the tiktok singers sing the same its honestly annoying

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers18 timmar sedan
  • colleen i love you girl. but this was so hard to watch. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL. OWN IT SIS. stop being so sorry after saying your constructive criticism. opinions are like assholes everyone has them. this was so self deprecating girl

    Armon FlukersArmon Flukers18 timmar sedan
  • can you make a video on the ratatouille tik tok musical?

    Seafoam SunflowerSeafoam Sunflower18 timmar sedan
  • Gurl don't be scared we love you we ain't gonna cancel you over this lol

    Squishy MemerkinsSquishy Memerkins19 timmar sedan
  • You literally have the voice of a goddess, don't sell yourself short. I think this was great

    Kyla MirandaKyla Miranda21 timme sedan
  • Your accent is like JAMES CHARLES

    memei juzettememei juzette21 timme sedan
  • Loy🤣😌

    Tamia BuntonTamia BuntonDag sedan
  • Girll your a trained professional don’t EVER apologize for something you worked hard for. You have the right to critique the internet is soo toxic it’s sad. Your amazing don’t let kids “cancel” you.

    Preda BabakhaniPreda BabakhaniDag sedan
  • 6:38 you are literally saying GoOoYd

    Habiba DOUDYHabiba DOUDYDag sedan
  • I think that you are a great singer!

    Ashlyn BuntingAshlyn BuntingDag sedan
  • BoÖíü

    Ben’s EditsBen’s EditsDag sedan
  • Colleen should react to celebritys singing

    Zen SorianoZen SorianoDag sedan
  • you’re one of the only people who can react to people singing. you trained ariana grande, the vocalist of our generation, you are amazing at what you do colleen keep your head up

    gabrielle stormgabrielle storm2 dagar sedan
  • Buiisseee

    Tyla WebberTyla Webber2 dagar sedan
  • I love how she's so honest, don't worry about it gurl u have an amazing voice

    Shofanyta CholidShofanyta Cholid2 dagar sedan
  • Singing is my career!

    Ben EllisBen Ellis2 dagar sedan
  • At 2:42 you could already see that she be like 😬🤧

  • 8:57 LMAOO

    brooklyn bbrooklyn b3 dagar sedan
  • I really thought dixie meant “lowey”

    shiby Alexshiby Alex3 dagar sedan
  • Your opinion matters! You don’t need to defend yourself :) you actually do have the background for these critiques

    charlette hovecharlette hove3 dagar sedan
  • it’s so funny when Colleen does impressions of Bella😂🤣 i can’t help it!😂

    alifkarmdhnalifkarmdhn4 dagar sedan
  • yesssss

    Madeline CayeMadeline Caye4 dagar sedan
  • Can u react to her: seworld.info/will/iKvPqdG0e6iHqHk/video her name is Shuba aka tiktokbrownchick

    Ishay KIshay K4 dagar sedan
  • Watching her videos from before they were so funny yet nothing is bad with it. Everyone has their own opinions and tbh she's not hurting anybody she is so nice but she's apologizing too much for everything 😖 colleen we love you be yourself you're a nice, funny person!

    Patricia S. AlivioPatricia S. Alivio4 dagar sedan
  • Colleen Ballinger is so funny and entertaining but she's also smart when it comes to singing !!

    Multi Fandom_Multi Fandom_4 dagar sedan
  • Do a Colleen with Miranda video! Bring back the old days! Also love you and your baby!♥

    Bikefoxgirl_777 ChickyPooBikefoxgirl_777 ChickyPoo4 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else see Miranda creeping in the back lol.

    Betsi CruzBetsi Cruz4 dagar sedan
  • You should do James Charles singing

    Destany GarrettDestany Garrett5 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see Roomie Official watch this video and give his opinions on what Colleen says.

    Tabby ZollarsTabby Zollars5 dagar sedan
  • Its the people pleasing for me.

    celestial mooncelestial moon5 dagar sedan
  • 😝😝

  • No you can do it

  • When I ask my mom what food we have at home: 4:50

    Amina AltafAmina Altaf5 dagar sedan
  • We have banaenees and avacaedees 4:51

    Matthew CarterMatthew Carter5 dagar sedan
  • 9:31

    Denise Rose L. DalaDenise Rose L. Dala5 dagar sedan
  • Love the shade!!!!!!

    Volkner BatVolkner Bat5 dagar sedan
  • Do more vocal coach reacts videos

    Jon QuerequinciaJon Querequincia5 dagar sedan
  • Watch Tara Simon’s vocal reacts for a good way to critique people fairly and objectively.

    Jon QuerequinciaJon Querequincia5 dagar sedan
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT HAVE A GOOD VOICE!!!! You have an amazing voice for rea!!

    music boymusic boy6 dagar sedan
  • Uhm can you please teach like a zoom music class? I would totally buy a ticket for that!

    Jesse RosalesJesse Rosales6 dagar sedan
  • Bella is awesome and i love her and this is not anyway i want to be mean but i just think its funny to make the chicken wing song like a soft nice one and not like the original

    A VilladiegoA Villadiego6 dagar sedan
  • cancel culture has begun to threaten people who shouldn't really ever face it.

    smritti sridharsmritti sridhar6 dagar sedan
  • I want you to post a singing video

    lily matoslily matos6 dagar sedan
  • She said lonely not low

    Anne AzrinAnne Azrin6 dagar sedan
  • I think Dixie saying “loi” or “loy” however you wanna spell it is her mixing the words “low” and “you” like she’s singing “lowyou” she’s kind of slurring them together, so who knows she might not even realize how she made it sound maybe it was an accident.

    Jazmin WilliamsJazmin Williams6 dagar sedan
  • It’s is so cool she was on broadway!

  • Let u know I did Ariana Grande song Breathing did get a lot of likes on TikTok

    Alberto CandelariaAlberto Candelaria7 dagar sedan
  • My singing do sucks I do need so help

    Alberto CandelariaAlberto Candelaria7 dagar sedan
  • its the talking in cursive me lol

    Davee HughesDavee Hughes7 dagar sedan
  • i want her to sing

    Caramel_BøbaCaramel_Bøba7 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else thought there was a person in the background😂😂😂

    Kinley ClarkKinley Clark7 dagar sedan
    • It’s queen Miranda 💅

      shrek yeshrek ye6 dagar sedan
  • H i

    Teyana ThomasTeyana Thomas7 dagar sedan
  • Can you do it with small yo tubers like me!?

    Angel HollobaughAngel Hollobaugh7 dagar sedan
  • Colleen please stop apoloexplaining every minute. Its annoying and making it less enjoyable to watch. I love you but please stop doing that if you can.

    Lourdes SheejoLourdes Sheejo7 dagar sedan
  • Girl, stop apologizing!

    StprincessStprincess7 dagar sedan
  • Okay but how do you pronounce Bella poarchs last name is it porch or like Porsche or like poor arch idk SOMEONE HELP ME 😂

    Elise EnersonElise Enerson7 dagar sedan
  • nessa sticking her tongue out was the funniest thing ever COLLEENS REACTION DJWNDJFJ😂😂😂

    danieladaniela8 dagar sedan
  • Hello!

    Maryum imamMaryum imam8 dagar sedan
  • Collen needs to say it and not apologize about if anyone tries to cancel her we will back her up let her say what she wants to say gosh GO COLLEN GO COLLEN her criteks are awsome and if she is trained she knows what she is doing dont come for her or I will come for you

    Sarai WeberSarai Weber8 dagar sedan
  • I want her to critique my voice just for her to take a break and get a laugh! But seriously Colleen, you are my favorite youtuber and just watching your videos makes my day :D

    Sarah BrownSarah Brown8 dagar sedan
  • 0:53 her calling out Tristan paredes, Brad mondo, and hyram 😂

    Addison CundiffAddison Cundiff8 dagar sedan
  • i love dixsy and i think i have a great voice

    baller Broballer Bro8 dagar sedan
  • it is lonly

    baller Broballer Bro8 dagar sedan
  • OMG i luv yoou so ,much

    Sana ManjiSana Manji8 dagar sedan
  • colleen i love tou and the way you think

    christie kordahichristie kordahi8 dagar sedan
  • I loved this!!! Definitely want more!

    jade siapnojade siapno8 dagar sedan
  • I love you Colleeeeeen

    Jessica TyrrellJessica Tyrrell8 dagar sedan
  • Ok fun fact when I was 11 me and my family went and saw beauty and the beast on broadway and I SWEAR Colleen was on of the girls that love Gaston and after the show I made my family wait for for like a half n hour after the show to see if I was right but it was late and my parents made us leave😂😂

    Cathy BurkeCathy Burke8 dagar sedan
  • Colleen saying she’s not a professional when she literally has a degree and vocal trained Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly.. like what?!? You’re magic don’t say that.

    Brianna NicoleBrianna Nicole8 dagar sedan
    • @Scott A. actually she did. She did make a joke however a few years back about being arianas cousin, which many people took literally so maybe you think that that was a joke because the cousin thing was a joke if that makes sense

      Trumpster 101Trumpster 1013 dagar sedan
    • @Scott A. she was actually their vocal coaches for their early careers. She trained Ari while she was on Nickelodeon and trained Tori up until her first album dropped. The Miranda stuff was a joke but there was old Colleen videos about it and they both sang with her on stage. It was mentioned there as well that she was their vocal coach. It wasn’t for very long but it did happen. I’ve been a follower of her videos for 12 years. That’s how I discovered Ari and Tori to begin with.

      Brianna NicoleBrianna Nicole3 dagar sedan
    • She didn't train Ariana or Tori though. That was just a joke

      Scott A.Scott A.3 dagar sedan
  • the reason why people don't like her is because of her inconsiderate tattoo, but i mean she is good at singing no cap

    Mika MMika M8 dagar sedan
    • Yeah and people say she doesn’t have talent but like um I see talent for sure

      shrek yeshrek ye6 dagar sedan
  • i think she was trying to lonely

    Mika MMika M8 dagar sedan
  • Stop being mean to Dixie even cuz she put that in her music does not mean you have to be mean about it

    Aubrey ChavezAubrey Chavez8 dagar sedan
  • Bella is so good at singing I was so shocked 😮

    simply_sunxshinesimply_sunxshine9 dagar sedan
  • 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕤𝕙𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕒𝕡𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕪 𝕚𝕤 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕤𝕒𝕕.

    Natalia GutierrezNatalia Gutierrez9 dagar sedan
  • U should react to Liz Gillies next. Her voice is amazing 😍

    ಠ_ಠ M.Sಠ_ಠ M.S9 dagar sedan
  • You should watch Merissa Beddows. She is phenomenal

    Victoria VazquezVictoria Vazquez9 dagar sedan
  • Queen if you’re going to do this you need to be honest!! No one is perfect and there’s always room to grow.

    Victoria VazquezVictoria Vazquez9 dagar sedan
  • U scared me with Miranda in the background 😂😂

    X.sacs.XX.sacs.X9 dagar sedan
  • whenever I see Vocal Coach reacts I think of Tristian Paredes lol

    torii_coffeetorii_coffee9 dagar sedan
  • react to bts

    tiny Koo7tiny Koo79 dagar sedan
  • Colleen Ballinger I freaking love you!

    Alexandria DawnAlexandria Dawn9 dagar sedan
  • I have some knowledge on classical voice. Though I'm commenting this prior to finishing watching this video, she's really awesome in giving them tips in her classical perspective. I hope she will continue giving other people critiques not just on TikTok singers, but also on random singers, especially on the classical side. This is making me love her even more! ❤❤

    RaffyPadDTRaffyPadDT9 dagar sedan
  • Colleen claiming she is not a professional while she is really is the saddest thing ever and that the internet will attack her for *everything* is really pathetic and sad.

    Alannah DexterAlannah Dexter9 dagar sedan
  • You need to react to shubha vedula (shubhamusic) (tiktokbrownchick)!!!

    AadyaAadya9 dagar sedan
  • You need to react to shubha vedula (shubhamusic) (tiktokbrownchick)!!!

    AadyaAadya9 dagar sedan
  • Nesse got in a break up three months ago

    Liliana PittsLiliana Pitts9 dagar sedan
  • everyone says that bella poarch is untalented, but like ??? that was so good?

    edeneden10 dagar sedan
  • Nessa made her own song called pain

    Hallé MathewHallé Mathew10 dagar sedan
  • The fact that she thinks she's a "vocal coach" lol

    Yazmine MYazmine M10 dagar sedan
    • @Anna Thomson but still it's funny that she thinks she can give herself that title is ridiculous

      Yazmine MYazmine M4 minuter sedan
    • She literally said she doesn't consider herself a vocal coach

      Anna ThomsonAnna Thomson8 dagar sedan
  • Colleen, I need your voice lessons! 🎶 Can you critique my videos! #supportsmallyoutubers

    Angel HollobaughAngel Hollobaugh10 dagar sedan

    FilmZenFilmZen10 dagar sedan
  • I'm not impressed with Nessa at all.

    Scott VanhilleScott Vanhille10 dagar sedan