13 jan 2021
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Today KOPS I want you to MEET MY TWIN BROTHER! He isn't my REAL brother but everyone says we LOOK LIKE TWINS! We're going to RACE in GTA 5 to decide who has the BEST HAIR!
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  • You guys don’t like alike ...

    Riley DoanRiley Doan6 minuter sedan
  • YOUR BROTHER the cute twin

    Aziz AlradasAziz AlradasTimme sedan

    Zak RajpootZak Rajpoot2 timmar sedan
  • You

    Ryan ChadeeRyan Chadee3 timmar sedan
  • i hate your brother yeet him

    TimKeung CheungTimKeung Cheung3 timmar sedan
  • Jordan ?

    Edward EstanielEdward Estaniel3 timmar sedan
  • Your car is orange is beautiful in your where is a your hair is so beautiful want to go for a good black is beautiful then

    Keon OticKeon Otic4 timmar sedan
  • You orange you harry is so core your car is so beautiful orange to

    Keon OticKeon Otic4 timmar sedan
    • You are there you car is actually cool in you here to the orange guy is the winner winner winner with winner winner winner

      Keon OticKeon Otic4 timmar sedan
  • I ain't never seen two pretty twins it's always one of 'em gotta be ugly

    AndrexIsCoolAndrexIsCool4 timmar sedan
  • Garou

    SilverFangSilverFang5 timmar sedan
  • Oi

    SilverFangSilverFang5 timmar sedan
  • Kwebbelkop

    Kayven MagbaletaKayven Magbaleta5 timmar sedan
  • Kwebbelkop

    keanu Bridgekeanu Bridge7 timmar sedan
  • Jordy is hair is more better than benji

    Matteo BaronMatteo Baron7 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Nicola DansonNicola Danson9 timmar sedan
  • Ues he should

    Khristina WilsonKhristina Wilson9 timmar sedan

    Khristina WilsonKhristina Wilson9 timmar sedan
  • The black hair one is a watermelon shape headbthe other is circle shaped

    Khristina WilsonKhristina Wilson9 timmar sedan
  • I like the brown hair better

    Khristina WilsonKhristina Wilson9 timmar sedan
  • The one with the orange orange has the beautiful hair

    Jose PaLafoxJose PaLafox11 timmar sedan
  • 5o

    bintou GAKOUbintou GAKOU11 timmar sedan
  • Tiger has the better hair by far

    king of youking of you15 timmar sedan
  • Kwebelkop has better hair

    ajay361978ajay36197815 timmar sedan
  • Benjamin anthony vandanboss

    Tyson Is the bestTyson Is the best15 timmar sedan
  • kwebbelkops hair is better

    Mariliis AllikveeMariliis Allikvee17 timmar sedan
  • I think benji should have a youtube chanel

    Nico RussoNico Russo17 timmar sedan
  • Your twins is not you

    daniel liudaniel liu17 timmar sedan
  • yes

    Prestige Real Estate Images IncPrestige Real Estate Images Inc17 timmar sedan
  • He is not your twin sorry

    Stephanie SandersStephanie Sanders17 timmar sedan
  • mebey

    Jurgita EndrijaityteJurgita Endrijaityte18 timmar sedan
  • i woch kwebbelkop chanors

    Jurgita EndrijaityteJurgita Endrijaityte18 timmar sedan
  • yes

    fire ice gamingfire ice gaming19 timmar sedan
  • benji hair better

    Sonny SnowdenSonny Snowden19 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    H BommbbbH Bommbbb19 timmar sedan
  • benji make a channel

    Era KërçeliEra Kërçeli19 timmar sedan
  • Benji has better hair

    Sandra OdriscollSandra Odriscoll19 timmar sedan
  • K

    Usef AqazimUsef Aqazim19 timmar sedan
  • kweb has better

    Jonny NguyenJonny Nguyen20 timmar sedan
  • Tiger hair is the best hair

    Zouzou AzziZouzou Azzi20 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Heba HamdyHeba Hamdy20 timmar sedan
  • yes

  • Dhdhxbdydn

    Manoli AsprasManoli Aspras21 timme sedan
  • Marcello has better hair

    Josephplaz80Josephplaz8021 timme sedan
  • No

    Giancarlo RodriguezGiancarlo Rodriguez22 timmar sedan
    • Yes

      Giancarlo RodriguezGiancarlo Rodriguez22 timmar sedan
  • Eli has the best

    LGT VideosLGT VideosDag sedan
  • Yes

    sheryl bernardsheryl bernardDag sedan
  • He has a twin? I never knew that

    Raynan OgawaRaynan OgawaDag sedan
  • Hi JORDI.....DAN!!!!!

    venz youngvenz youngDag sedan
  • Tiger and his friend's channel which it this channel should start playing video games on mobile and bengi should start a youtube channel

    Ethan Gamer 95Ethan Gamer 95Dag sedan
  • Benji has way better hair

    Joblink2011Joblink2011Dag sedan
    • Shut up

      Alex RobertsAlex RobertsDag sedan
  • I love your hair color cop

    Jeremiah ThomasJeremiah ThomasDag sedan
  • kwebbelkop definitly he has the better hair and the best at gta

    Rodney CroesRodney CroesDag sedan
  • Kwebblkop has the best hair

    Riley WatsonRiley WatsonDag sedan
  • You

    jordan henryjordan henryDag sedan
  • The better hair os kwebblekop

    Joh MVJoh MVDag sedan
  • Is he your real twin brother i thought you were the only child

    Jen SerranoJen SerranoDag sedan
  • I mean friend

    Thiri AungThiri AungDag sedan
  • Can i ask u something is tiger is your frirnd

    Thiri AungThiri AungDag sedan
  • Bengi

    Jason BendallJason BendallDag sedan
  • He should make his own channel it would be so cool

    AKVENOM 101AKVENOM 101Dag sedan
  • The same fight that usually happens between two twins

    P.D.R_ GamingsP.D.R_ GamingsDag sedan
  • Kwebblekop has the great hair

    Almera LlavoreAlmera LlavoreDag sedan
  • I can bet that he is kwebbelkop real brother

    Toyota lover86Toyota lover86Dag sedan
  • Kwebbelkop kwebbelkop

    HikariHikariDag sedan
  • Better

    HikariHikariDag sedan
  • I think jordys

    Connie TaborConnie TaborDag sedan
  • I'm cringing at how many likes this got

    Slater 00Slater 00Dag sedan
  • yes jordy

    taufas13taufas13Dag sedan
  • Kweblekop have a better hair

    frog manuel 22frog manuel 22Dag sedan
  • U have prettier hair kwebbelkop

    Kerziah SamuelKerziah SamuelDag sedan
  • I wish kwebbolkop and is brother were nice

    Deny CazalesDeny CazalesDag sedan
  • Kopp wins

    omokaro austin Igbinedionomokaro austin IgbinedionDag sedan
  • They ar not the same dude

    naima aouzalnaima aouzalDag sedan
  • Jorde has the best hair

    TypicalPolecat YTTypicalPolecat YTDag sedan
  • Where do you get real

    Kiera LyonsKiera LyonsDag sedan
  • Kewbbikops hair in better

    Syed Azlaan ShahSyed Azlaan ShahDag sedan
  • kwebbelkop

    Ra'Merro Morris-DavenportRa'Merro Morris-DavenportDag sedan
  • k

    Chapo FCChapo FCDag sedan
  • Call walk up

    Chapo FCChapo FCDag sedan
  • yes you are better's Kwebbelkop!!!!

    batbaatar batsuuribatbaatar batsuuriDag sedan
  • gta4

    rafan ahmadrafan ahmadDag sedan
  • it doesnt look like your twin

    Nathaniel P. DahalNathaniel P. DahalDag sedan
  • I think he should start a SEworld channel with you

    Mr GamingYTMr GamingYT2 dagar sedan
  • mops got the best hair

    Ko Wii LimKo Wii Lim2 dagar sedan
  • Yuio

    ismekellyismekelly2 dagar sedan
  • Benji should start a hair channel so he can get better hair he just copes jordi

    John JulianJohn Julian2 dagar sedan
  • No hate but I think your brother has better hair than you 😂

    Christopher the saints row fanChristopher the saints row fan2 dagar sedan
  • benji has better hair

    Kevin ShereniKevin Shereni2 dagar sedan
  • Twin has better hair

    Super44 PlayzSuper44 Playz2 dagar sedan
  • You have de best her

    Simona PetrovskaSimona Petrovska2 dagar sedan
  • Kwebelkop has beter hair that just fax

    Charles MurrayCharles Murray2 dagar sedan
  • Kwebbelkop looks better and has better hair

    Sensei FirezSensei Firez2 dagar sedan
  • Jodi has better hair sorry benngi

    Blue flashBlue flash2 dagar sedan
  • Kwebbelkop hair is better because is not circle

    pranav kathiravanpranav kathiravan2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think Benji man should be a SEworld and every time you sit on the web then Janne video and ruin it

    Scorpion NinjaScorpion Ninja2 dagar sedan
  • Kw

    Aiden CarsonAiden Carson2 dagar sedan
  • All hairs are perfect

    Oliver CardenasOliver Cardenas2 dagar sedan
  • Your brother talks to much shit

    Lil PrankstersLil Pranksters2 dagar sedan
  • Who is older benji or kwebblekop

    Jimboy FranciscoJimboy Francisco2 dagar sedan
  • I like how the whole time there just fighting about there skill and hair

    LGC nightLGC night2 dagar sedan