30 dec 2020
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Honey finds coupons with just one click. Thanks Honey for sponsoring! To Celebrate "Don't Subscribe" reaching 600,000 subscribers I decided to play GEOGUESSR IN REAL LIFE. So I was blindfolded and driven to a random location somewhere in the world & forced to work out where I am! Just when you play Geoguessr online. 🔔 Subscribe w/ notifications so you don't miss videos!
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  • this vid deserves more veiws.

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  • This is epic

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  • This is the best.. Jack deserves more views on this.

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  • when your girlfriend drops you off in a random city with no mask: no when you find out you are playing geoguessr and need to find out where you are: yes

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  • Loved this vidoe

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  • I’m rewatching this! Because I want more Geoguesser in real life. Also if there aren’t border restrictions Becky could drive Jack to Wales or Scotland 😂

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  • Do another one please thanks

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  • still waiting for him to dye his hair pink

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  • I loved this way more than I expected, delight to watch tbh

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  • Omg my friend lives near there 🤣

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  • jack your next channel should be called jacksucksatmath

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    • Becuz lame

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  • this video is Epic

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  • jack: my gf will drop me off at somewhere at america me: DUDE EGLETONIS IN ENGLAND LOL

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  • This is so cool

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  • i live right next to ( basically 10 meters) a much bigger lake in erope

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  • does he know rutland is a county?!

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  • Anyone live in rutland like me?!

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  • This was pretty pog

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  • Amazing, the anxiety id have is kinda wack

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  • lol

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  • It would be really cool to see a “GeoGuessr but it’s satellite view” where you can see the terrain, but not the town or street names on the map. Not sure how possible that is, but I’d love to see it!

    Alex PAlex P5 dagar sedan
  • Just drop jack in a glen in the highlands of Scotland that will be hard

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  • 2nd time I’m watching this

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  • There is a little zoo at rutland water

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  • Jesus man this was so good shame it didnt get as much recognition :/

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  • This video was so good! Sad that it didn’t blow up compared to some of your other videos... :(

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  • this is so cool

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  • am i watching this video ten times so it gets more views, maybe 😌 am i leaving lots of comments so it tricks the algorithm, also maybe 😌

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  • am i watching this video ten times so it gets more views, maybe 😌 am i leaving lots of comments so it tricks the algorithm, also maybe 😌

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  • wooooo

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  • Ooh something is going past also that was My Car LOL

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  • Algorithm comment 2.0

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  • Jack: bird! No one: Everyone: Me: Jack, I think those are called crows

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    • Not funny not tryin to be rude

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  • Next real life geoguesser in about a year you should hop on a plane and go to a random continent.

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  • 4:54 yea i know lots of people would like to see some of those XD

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  • Best video ever!

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  • Im sorry but jack with the blindfold has me dying😭

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  • Why you getting subscribers is so slow in this few months u obly gained like couple of hundreds of soubscribers

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    • It's hard to get subscribers uno

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  • Only 200k views? I swear this would’ve gone viral

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  • Rular areas in uk are really advanced

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  • 3:37 Isn't that the roundabout that guy bought and you tried to get it jack?

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  • Nice vid

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  • i left q comment

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  • Amazing video, so informative and funny

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  • It looked like this was just the first of 5 rounds... waiting for the other 4 videos...

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  • Why not put this on jack suck at geography

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  • That AliA intro haha

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  • As someone that has never been to the UK and only seen it in videos, it seems to always be raining or it was raining and is wet and gloomy in videos i have seen. Is this how it always is?

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  • I wish more people saw this😭

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  • Jacks wee wee bush

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  • 4:54... same

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  • Do more of these, they’re great

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