Taylor's New Boat - S6:E13

9 jan 2021
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I travel to New York to help Taylor out with her new boat and give you a tour!
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  • So now for the questions i am sure everyone would like to know: 1) How did she get the money for this boat? 2) Why doesn't she have a BF?

    The Space BetweenThe Space BetweenTimme sedan
  • Bobby is such a good friend, his time and expertise is priceless. 👍🏻

    Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones4 timmar sedan
  • There is so much to learn, and its scattered. Even the finest books do not explain a lot. I started a Sailing Technology Cruiser Help Playlist Just because 1. Cruisers need help 2. The info is scattered to badly. In the Playlist (not the best way but its that way right now) the info is grouped INSIDE the playlist in an "order" . playlist is much too large. One thing I've thought that would be VERY useful for a sailor is to download whatever videos in this playlist and others to a thumb drive because of the "boat work in exotic locations" problem, not internet in many of them. Sounds like she needs a special book, or a talk with the factory , on how TO get to things "behind walls" ect. in that particular boat. Knowledge is the power necessary for that boat, and unless your moving in, she will need to get it. Once she gets to a "pump" or some "wiring" or whatever, then its routine knowledge, like I try to cover in my playlist.

    californiakayaker N6GRGcaliforniakayaker N6GRG5 timmar sedan
  • where the magic happens? lol

    supsup19 timmar sedan
  • Awesome! Congratulations to a dream girl with a dream boat!

    Mjr007 Mjr007Mjr007 Mjr00720 timmar sedan
  • Taylor has lost so much weight . You can see the difference in her face and other places . Way to go Taylor , looking good .

    Richard SmithRichard Smith21 timme sedan
  • She will sail this thing once (and not single-handed), she will drive it by motor - let's say three times, then she will sell it.

    Brad CollinsBrad Collins23 timmar sedan
  • How about "Whale Tayl"

    Kevin ParsonsKevin ParsonsDag sedan
  • Beauty the scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

    funnyglowfunnyglowDag sedan
  • That’s só nice of you!

    Rico van DijkRico van DijkDag sedan
  • I would name the boat Taylor's travels

    David FisherDavid FisherDag sedan
  • ORF?

    rjyokumrjyokumDag sedan
  • I like the sea gypsy name, it seems her time separate from this channel has been healthy for her, personal growth is always great!!!

    Mr AnonymousMr AnonymousDag sedan
  • Video sangat indah.

    YogabudhiYogabudhiDag sedan
  • Creep

    Nick BenfellNick BenfellDag sedan
  • Fansonly and she could pay for that boat in a week 😏

    Darren WadeDarren WadeDag sedan
  • I really like this video. Like the fact that you helped her out. Love the fact of what she is doing at her age. Good stuff

    Shelby WilsonShelby WilsonDag sedan
  • Taylor is 21? How is she able to buy a boat, a camper van, a motorcycle and keep living that type of lifestyle?

    Alfredo LibrerosAlfredo LibrerosDag sedan
    • all the pervs that sub her channel and Patreon. She was a waitress b4 appearing here.

      AndrewDAndrewDDag sedan
  • I like the name!

    Joel FranklinJoel FranklinDag sedan
  • Just a question about the material on your cushions what is it just beige vinyl or some other material?

    Mark BrittonMark Britton2 dagar sedan
  • "Washroom." So Canadian.

    Joe MarwilJoe Marwil2 dagar sedan
  • Taylor has really nice flotation devices

    MrBizikeMrBizike2 dagar sedan
  • Taylor, you look great. How much weight have you lost?

    Scotty The WandererScotty The Wanderer2 dagar sedan
  • Bobby you're a great man. Seeing the collaboration and unity makes my heart glad. This is what cements my connection to your channel and Taylors. Knowing you guys have an ongoing friendship warms my heart. When I watch Sailing Doodles I can never get enough.

    Bob FeeserBob Feeser2 dagar sedan
  • Love her hair like that! Nice boat too! (at beginning of video)

    James ThompsonJames Thompson2 dagar sedan
  • Name = Gypsyfirst100

    Soulreclaimer65Soulreclaimer652 dagar sedan
  • Love the Sea Gypsy!! That's the class of boat I would like to have!! Fair winds!!!!

    Ray LaneRay Lane2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Taylor, awesome looking new boat! Really looks nice, looks like it has a lot of room on it. Maybe you should have Bobby sail with you for a bit so you have an experienced sailer/mechanic on board just in case? He's a good guy and it was nice of him to help you out with getting you fixed up for your sail. That sure does look like a nice boat!

    Jim vJim v2 dagar sedan
  • Put the autopilot bolts in with the heads pointing aft... Bill

    reiffwcreiffwc2 dagar sedan

    Carluci WangCarluci Wang3 dagar sedan
  • Well done Bobby! Congrats Taylor!

    Greg EdwardsGreg Edwards3 dagar sedan
  • Taylor's only 21??? college at sea if you will, definitely sounds likes she’s learning a lot. good on ya

    mookie wilsonmookie wilson3 dagar sedan
  • Congrats for the new boat. Im jealous..:)

    Sahin YildirSahin Yildir3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Taylor, how about naming your boat the "Gypsea"?

    Huckleberry FunnHuckleberry Funn3 dagar sedan
  • She's 21? Bobby is like 45.

    travcon8travcon83 dagar sedan
  • Well,. all the best for Taylor...what was the cost of the boat?

  • Am I the only one that sees chemistry in these two?

    mark daymark day3 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations !

    Mike SMike S3 dagar sedan
  • Bobby, you're a good man.

    Terry TTerry T3 dagar sedan
  • driftwood

    Harry TsakosHarry Tsakos3 dagar sedan
  • Loved this! And love Taylors boat!

    Vicki WhiteVicki White3 dagar sedan
  • Way to go Bobby you are a stand up guy, Taylor is lucky to have you as a friend. So fun watching both your channels.

    Steve HSteve H3 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on the Boat Taylor :) Ive watched sailing doodles a lot and was pretty happy to see your channel and see you going solo on the bike and the van. Im excited for you to see where life takes you now. Hats off to Bobby, he is one straight up awesome guy! The world needs more Bobby's!!!

    Seachange01Seachange013 dagar sedan
  • What is this yacht if you can know?

    Piotr PocztańskiPiotr Pocztański4 dagar sedan
  • I subscribed, great job!

    Peter NeuPeter Neu4 dagar sedan
  • If I had charged my customer for all that work, it would’ve been over $10K. She’s lucky to have a friend like you.

    Dangerous OneDangerous One4 dagar sedan
  • so Happy for you. very nice boat

    Eric K.Eric K.4 dagar sedan
  • Wrong name Taylor try these- Sea Dancer, Endless Blue, Gypsea, Island Time, Just A Journey, Messing Link, Zig Zag.

    rayray RGGrayray RGG4 dagar sedan
  • Congrats

    Curly FriesCurly Fries4 dagar sedan
  • Good thing uncle Bobby showed up..that's a lot of work to do.

    Bobby DowellBobby Dowell4 dagar sedan
  • hola genial el nuevo nombre gitano del MAR.

    Inmobiliaria Adolfo VillegasInmobiliaria Adolfo Villegas4 dagar sedan
  • Name Taylor’s boat? Bunchberrry Mariner? Neptune’s Mistress? Thalassophile? Wind chaser? Another outstanding video! Thanks!

    Sea n' SkySea n' Sky4 dagar sedan
  • Best noncommercialized video you've made in a while.. good job man

    John WilbanksJohn Wilbanks4 dagar sedan
  • Curious how she travels all over the States and Canada during a pandemic. US-Canada border closed , arrived in States from Carrib, went to Canada, then flew from Canada to West Coast, West Coast to NY, (which has a 10 day quarantine for out of state visitors), and now visiting other states as she travels south. . Meantime many of us are in lockdown, out of work and income. Same for Bobby flying and sailing in and out of NY all the time wearing (at times) only a useless bandanna instead of a mask.

    AndrewDAndrewD4 dagar sedan
  • Great job guys . Bobby are you getting your boat fixed or retire

    Timothy FoleyTimothy Foley4 dagar sedan
  • Sea Goddess

    Deke1Deke14 dagar sedan
  • Yeah Taylor!!

    Bill ParkerBill Parker4 dagar sedan
  • Sea Gypsy is a good name 👍🇨🇦

    Doug BerryDoug Berry4 dagar sedan
  • You are precious sweet dear...

    Watchful1Watchful14 dagar sedan
  • Excellent crossing couple ⛵ ..... just missing Gus 🐶

    Camilo 17Camilo 174 dagar sedan
  • Boat looks georgious. You look good too.

    Vinny VinVinny Vin4 dagar sedan
  • When you raise a glass and say cheer to something, that’s called a toast or toasting to something not cheers. 🙄

    Chris KnappChris Knapp4 dagar sedan
  • For a name on a new boat, I'd go with Walt Disney's "Hell's Heels" - the name of one of many Peg Leg Pirate Pete and Mickey Mouse movies from back in the 30s through 50s. Monohulls heel, "heels" is a play on a lady Captain, etc.. "Hell" is a bit edgy - maybe "Heavenly? Heels" or just "Heels" is less so, and then she can call her future catamaran something that doesn't heel. Bobby - you are Cadillac young man. The Rock, the Hard Place.

    Edward TilleyEdward Tilley4 dagar sedan
  • bob, PUT A RING ON THAT!!! If you don,t...........................

    rteegardenrteegarden4 dagar sedan
  • Two of my favorite peeps 💙⛵

    Cameron BachCameron Bach4 dagar sedan
  • Sail before getting things fixed, then you end up getting towed to harbor.

    firm1zfirm1z4 dagar sedan
  • Great shot Bobby, great support of Taylor, all the best to you both 💥👍🏻

    AfricanFlightStarAfricanFlightStar4 dagar sedan
  • To state the obvious Bobby what is going on with the fundraiser to either fix your boat or buy a new one. I donated $25.00 in good faith. If you watch other SEworld channels you'd know thanks and updates are common for support of your channel. However in your case not a word of anything for the people that donated to watch your video and support you. And now your using Taylor Travels to notch a few SEworld dollars without a mention of anything in weeks. Your a good guy doing your best in a difficult situation but honestly I regret my donation. I'll hang around for bit and see if you update things.

    Grant CanadaGrant Canada4 dagar sedan
  • She looks very happy....... :)

    Jamie Qunell, Preferred Tree ServiceJamie Qunell, Preferred Tree Service4 dagar sedan
  • Love the name Sea Gypsy!

    Terry HuetterTerry Huetter4 dagar sedan
  • Very nice boat, love the layout, congratulations

    Jeff WhiteJeff White4 dagar sedan
  • You're a good man Bobby, hope things are starting to take shape for you.

    David KnowlesDavid Knowles4 dagar sedan
  • Bobby youre a ledge!! What a nice guy helping her out

    Joshua TordikJoshua Tordik4 dagar sedan
  • Great video and see you next time 🇬🇧👍

    Graham BallGraham Ball5 dagar sedan
  • :)

    Spyridon MouroutsosSpyridon Mouroutsos5 dagar sedan
  • @2:04 Cheers Taylor. Wow!! Congratulation's on your new boat. What a proud moment for you. I am just 2 minutes into your channel and the vibe you carry and the pop sound. lol.. I am your new subscriber

    Thomas JosephThomas Joseph5 dagar sedan
  • she is 21?!

    surfthewav3surfthewav35 dagar sedan
  • Man, you got a Morgan 381. Always wanted one! Happy for you.

    Chuck HeinzeChuck Heinze5 dagar sedan
  • Good luck with your new home/ boat.

    richard schindlerrichard schindler5 dagar sedan
  • Could, you mention the model, and what year?

    David SweetzerDavid Sweetzer5 dagar sedan
    • They did !!!

      Rhett McConnellRhett McConnell4 dagar sedan
  • Congrats Taylor, You are one sexy ass women. cheers.

    Normand LapointeNormand Lapointe5 dagar sedan
  • Nice Bobby. When I buy my boat you will be the first call! 🤪

    Dar KnappsterDar Knappster5 dagar sedan
  • Sea Gypsy is so generic. Hope you name it something else. Something unique where you came from that is in your identity. But Sea Gypsy might be that identity. So what ever make you happy

    J SJ S5 dagar sedan
  • Sea Gypsy sounds like a very nice name!

    drainforddrainford5 dagar sedan
  • what a body

    ray birsicray birsic5 dagar sedan
  • shes only 21

    ray birsicray birsic5 dagar sedan
  • I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been mentioned but I don’t know when I have seen more awkward hugs.

    Bobby VBobby V5 dagar sedan
  • So a couple of things. Water temperature. If you aren't confident that your temp sensor is telling you the truth, there is a simple test if you don't have an external or hand held temp gauge. You *should* be able to hold your hand in the cooling water exiting the boat. Its gonna be hot but you should be able to tolerate it. If you can't its running too hot. Secondly, if you can run ok UP TO a certain RPM threshold, yes, the thermo could be stuck *OR* you could have a partially obstructed heat exchanger, or have an undersized unit. On my Catalina 320 with a Yanmar 3YM30, the early ones had a smaller number of tubes, and at 2100 RPM my temp would climb above 200 quickly. Had it replaced with a new one from Yanmar with more tubes, and it doesn't go much above 185. Just some things to think about.

    Brad KuetherBrad Kuether5 dagar sedan
  • love your channel ,Bobby you are one of a kind good job helping Taylor I love watching both of your channels keep the videos rolling

    Linda LeBlancLinda LeBlanc5 dagar sedan
  • Guess she ain't engaged anymore. Ring is gone. Lol.

    tttrevintttrevin5 dagar sedan
  • I agree with the other person on the name, Maverick........

    David HageageDavid Hageage5 dagar sedan
  • In engine maintenance I am missing checking/replacing the impeller. Was that the problem causing the tow? (missed that already in Taylor's vlog)

    Niels de BakkerNiels de Bakker5 dagar sedan
  • Bobby, your a good guy and proud to call you a fellow Texan. Good luck to Taylor and she should call her boat Maverick!

    David ArmstrongDavid Armstrong5 dagar sedan
  • Great start to '21, T. Looking forward to your travels, great to see you and Bobby getting it sorted.

    Dartmoor DaveDartmoor Dave5 dagar sedan
  • 8:38 Is it necessary to remove the transom in order to service the engine's rear glow-plug and also change the fuel filter?

    Chet MyersChet Myers5 dagar sedan
  • Great video.

    YnechYnech5 dagar sedan
  • Nice boat, your a good guy Bobby hopefully you get a good women 👍 .

    my surly truckermy surly trucker5 dagar sedan
  • I have been told, for good luck, you need to use 3 or more letters of the old name . Where is your Highfield? Good luck and get out of here before the ship hits the sand.

    Rex HavocRex Havoc5 dagar sedan
  • Fate throws you together maybe you'll declare what everyone knows your so in love with each other the attraction is obvious I'd like that announcement 2 boats sail together offinto the sunset

    Mindure Own Busi NoseyparkerMindure Own Busi Noseyparker5 dagar sedan
  • Awsome

    Paulo SaldanhaPaulo Saldanha5 dagar sedan