System Of A Down - Genocidal Humanoidz (Official Video)

30 jan 2021
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The official video for "Genocidal Humanoidz":
Directed by Shavo Odadjian and Adam Mason
Music and Lyrics by Daron Malakian
Treatment written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes
Animation by Deep Sky
In case you missed our live fundraising event, watch it here:
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  • even soad is lame nowdays..

    Zupełnie niktZupełnie nikt13 minuter sedan
  • it still feels so weird to see them back, but i love it

    JaahujJaahuj54 minuter sedan
  • Marcos Mion no vocal

    felipe felixfelipe felixTimme sedan
  • The good old soad is back..brace for impact

    blindlyblindedblindlyblindedTimme sedan
  • 💥💥💯💯💯👏👏👏🤟🤟 vuelvaan

    tonyx greentonyx greenTimme sedan
  • Good to see them back and in such good shape.

    aleksander147aleksander147Timme sedan
  • pls tour to malaysia!

    Topan ConspiracyTopan Conspiracy2 timmar sedan
  • you old now😎 guys check my profil if you wan hobi football👍

    crypto gamecrypto game3 timmar sedan
  • Saludos desde Lima Perú :) lml

    Enoc Raul Villavicencio HuamaniEnoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani3 timmar sedan
  • PLEASE NEVER STOP!!!! People will always need this music

    everchangereverchanger4 timmar sedan
  • l love the black metal part on the song so fast

    Marvin RamirezMarvin Ramirez4 timmar sedan
  • T-Mobile around the world with NEW 5G

    Joshua OrtizJoshua Ortiz7 timmar sedan
  • I'm okay with this... not thrilled, it is just meh. They could do better after 15 years.

    Count SmackulaCount Smackula7 timmar sedan
  • Bad

    The Video Game TreasuryThe Video Game Treasury8 timmar sedan
  • This sounds like several of there songs they already wrote

    Toxic ToddToxic Todd8 timmar sedan
  • Finally Some new System

    Riley StarkRiley Stark8 timmar sedan
  • lyrics Can you see us? Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil We never Terrorists we're fighting and we're never gonna stop The prostitutes who prosecute have failed us from the start You, me, us, them Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summoned the devil We never hide from the devil We never Terrorists we're fighting and we're never gonna stop The prostitutes who prosecute have failed us from the start Can you see us? Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil Persecution ends now Guess who's coming over to dinner? The genocidal humanoids Teaching warfare to their children The bastards that will be destroyed Guess who's coming over to dinner? The genocidal humanoids Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil We never Terrorists we're fighting and we're never gonna stop The prostitutes who prosecute have failed us from the start Can you see us? Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil Persecution ends Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil Beating the devil We never run from the devil We never summon the devil We never hide from the devil

    Ammar DanishAmmar Danish9 timmar sedan
  • There back from the dead

    Daniel BakerDaniel Baker9 timmar sedan
  • Pqp isso que é som 🤘🎧🎵

    aleh ferreiraaleh ferreira10 timmar sedan

    SPARKY GTSPARKY GT10 timmar sedan
  • Desde Argentina 💙 Escuchando a Estos Genios 😜

    JERE EspinosaJERE Espinosa10 timmar sedan
  • I fucking love your music

    iRatt The GameriRatt The Gamer11 timmar sedan
  • Alright, Im sick of this shit. You dudes need to put your political disagreements aside ( should have years ago) and just keep it going. Sorry to say but you guys aren't shit w/o each other...even Jon. ;)

    Dean WickDean Wick11 timmar sedan
  • Feel like I'm dreaming ♡

    Analia ElizabethAnalia Elizabeth11 timmar sedan
  • a

    Player de yuumi qlqrPlayer de yuumi qlqr11 timmar sedan
  • We needed them!!! They are back!!! I like to think the world isn’t so bad now!!!!!

    Powder the CockatooPowder the Cockatoo11 timmar sedan
  • Karton harf nadare

    mahbod1083hdk 0mahbod1083hdk 012 timmar sedan
  • Awli

    mahbod1083hdk 0mahbod1083hdk 012 timmar sedan
  • BRO. Wtf. They go away and come back with socially relevant blast beats. Well worth the wait.

    ThisGuitarIsAWeaponThisGuitarIsAWeapon12 timmar sedan
  • The more I listen to it the more I love it🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

    Rashard MitchellRashard Mitchell12 timmar sedan
  • Top 10 greatest groups of all time in any genre of music....maybe 2021 is not so b😷d...this is equivalent to Jesus coming back, which will never ever happen...but just imagine S.O.A.D. coming back...WELL NOW ITS LITERALLY A REALITY ladies & gentlemen 😇🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿...rock on baby.

    Rashard MitchellRashard Mitchell12 timmar sedan
  • black metal SOAD holy fuck

    tyler watrousetyler watrouse12 timmar sedan
  • Maaanoo pqp 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Leh lehLeh leh14 timmar sedan
  • one of the best songs ive heard this year

    BradleyfromblocBradleyfrombloc14 timmar sedan
  • . SOAD I found you as angst ridden pre-teen back in 1999.. ... Its been a long ride since then... and sadly its only gotten worse for alot of us.... Excellent song as always.. this band never misses a beat... You can blindly pick ANY SOAD song from ANY album from ANY decade... and it is even MORE relevant today than it was when they created it.......... One of the few bands that have grown... but still give that angst ridden preteen from 1999 what he still craves.... SOAD is timeless RESPECT!!!

    James RootJames Root15 timmar sedan
  • I found this right as we started bombing Syria again.... On another note its been a long 16 years man. So happy you're back

    Spartan KittenSpartan Kitten15 timmar sedan
  • Bringing blast beats to the mainstream 🤘

    William MartinWilliam Martin16 timmar sedan

    Janae Nae13Janae Nae1316 timmar sedan
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 We are all the same person living life in a bunch of different bodies which means that every person that you meet is really YOU living in another body!!! You see, you are interacting with YOURSELF at all times and once you realize this you can achieve UNITY✨🙏✨

    Janae Nae13Janae Nae1316 timmar sedan
  • Serj looking like Osama now.. Or the very sneaky butler from Mr. Deeds.

    David VillarrealDavid Villarreal17 timmar sedan
  • Whole Armenia is purple 2:42

    SeljDSeljD17 timmar sedan
  • huh SOAD is back?! cool cool cool cool cool

    Hysterically UncleverHysterically Unclever17 timmar sedan
  • 16 years too late. Bummer.

    Patrick BrophyPatrick Brophy19 timmar sedan
  • COOOOOL!!!!

    656luigi656luigi19 timmar sedan
  • This reminds me of war songs from the 60's and 50's, just around the era of war.

    IancraftmalIancraftmal19 timmar sedan
  • Сами же за пашиняна топили, че ожидали то....

    Graf RzGraf Rz20 timmar sedan
  • Korn !?

    Stany BodsonStany Bodson22 timmar sedan
  • Something tells me they have alot of songs on the way. The fact that our governments all around the world are doing what they are doing to us, is enough for them to come out of retirement and speak to a generation once again. 🤘

    James MckinnonJames Mckinnon23 timmar sedan
  • 😎👊

    Lazy BLazy B23 timmar sedan
  • Been a big fan for years but his is trash lol

    Yautja PrimeYautja PrimeDag sedan
  • I've witnessed to many bands lose their edge, and lose that heavy sound we all love. But not for these old timers, to come back without a hitch! 🤘 these dudes are not out to meet anyone's expectations other than their own. Respect!

    Justin OffieldJustin OffieldDag sedan
  • Frickin love this new track. Love the awesome video too, in between my epileptic fits.

    Dee SylviaDee SylviaDag sedan
  • So they have an amazing one of a kind singer and then the guitarist with the weird squeaky voice sings more than the actual singer. I will never get this.

    FritzFritzDag sedan
  • Chad Turks vs Virgin Armenians

    Can ÇalkuçCan ÇalkuçDag sedan
  • Sounds like black metal

    Matthew Is The CloneOfTheHeroMatthew Is The CloneOfTheHeroDag sedan
  • How I missed them 🤟❤ I started listening to SOAD when it was 2009, I was like 8 years old 🤪 I'm happy that they back 😄

    Krzysztof SzumnyKrzysztof SzumnyDag sedan
  • The animation video kinda reminds me of Harry Potter if there’s a group of Wizards and Witches defeating the Dementors

    Johnny O1Johnny O1Dag sedan
  • The boys are back. FUCK YEAH.!!!

    Dan JohnsonDan JohnsonDag sedan
  • So thus far this year we get some new SoaD, and Daft punk goes bye-bye. I wonder if an older rap artist is gonna drop an album next

    Tyrone Da D Smith J to the RTyrone Da D Smith J to the RDag sedan
  • it maybe just me but i think we all want an album like toxicity, and this has some of the melodies as the toxicity album

    Adam BAdam BDag sedan
  • i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gerardo Jav Ruiz CueGerardo Jav Ruiz CueDag sedan
  • I cant belive they are back live this song it's the best one I've heard so far

    Seth MillerSeth MillerDag sedan
  • В старом духе.Как всегда на высоте.

    Alik GubushkinAlik GubushkinDag sedan
  • The lights blinded me. But it’s breathtaking as well!

    CH4S3 Da LoccCH4S3 Da LoccDag sedan
  • New songs are badass

    I am DwayneI am DwayneDag sedan
  • Ya se juntaron alv xd

    sin sentido alvsin sentido alvDag sedan
  • SOAD is breathing!!!!!!

    Андрей КукарцевАндрей КукарцевDag sedan
  • Job 36:4-5. Trust God!

    Dena MitchellDena MitchellDag sedan
  • Job 35:4-5. God hears you and is working on the solutions to your truest concern to find peace again.

    Dena MitchellDena MitchellDag sedan
  • Job 34:22 Job 34:24-25 Job 34:34

    Dena MitchellDena MitchellDag sedan
  • 1:21 Black metal wow

    15320121532012Dag sedan
  • Οk imagine they mixed this with Attack on titan ..

    DespinaDespinaDag sedan
  • what about they master Putin?What abaut Crimia???NAHUY!!!

    Doc ZloDoc ZloDag sedan
  • They are just fucken RAW! Only speaking the truth! Love you guys sooooo much ❤️

    Gabby PerezGabby PerezDag sedan
  • They heroes have arisen!

    the war storytellerthe war storytellerDag sedan
  • Ребята вы мне нравитесь своей хартзмой и игрой. Думаю Армяне пошли против Русичей... Обидно не думал что будет как с Грузинами.

    Ппвел КайнакПпвел КайнакDag sedan
  • Hell yeah welcome back! 🤟

    OBS GarageOBS GarageDag sedan
  • 1:10 best moment

    M!ckλssM!ckλssDag sedan
  • Cool to see something new from S.O.D.

    TurkeyPillowTurkeyPillowDag sedan
  • THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    Sajid Mangasule21Sajid Mangasule21Dag sedan
  • the answer is love,anderstand?we can fight? but 4 what?political.?i think we are in love with us,fuck the politcial an give u's kisses:)

    JackJackDag sedan
  • wooo !! It is the best thing that happened to me this day greetings from Mexico thanks for this jewel

    Chicano Duck 376Chicano Duck 376Dag sedan
  • oh my god, this is so cool, I just adore this group and I really enjoy the voice of Serge Tankian, he is wonderful !! I'm from Russia, but I sat on the stream and just listened, while not understanding anything, because you are awesome guys!)) Good luck in the future, health and just a good mood😊🤗😄

    Алина УрекинаАлина УрекинаDag sedan
  • Poor armenians :/ uncle america will save you !

    Emre ZafrakEmre ZafrakDag sedan
  • Guess I'm the genocidal humanoid :)

    Umut BoyrazUmut BoyrazDag sedan
  • whats that map mean?

    Igor KrizskiyIgor KrizskiyDag sedan
    • It's the map of Armenia 🇦🇲

      Hyu StarHyu Star5 timmar sedan
  • thank you for speaking nothing but truth in your music yes there coming straight from the gates of hell and any that were bound to the earth will be free plus added to the ones running rapid already all around us which is why there’s so much craziness right now it’s only going to get 100 times worse not only that but now well be able to see them since now they’ve been given full access thanks to our elite, hollywood, government plus witches and occultist casting spells, enchantment, sacrificial rituals, sex magic, and don’t forget the very public rituals london Olympics and that Symetry video cern as well as That deepest underground train opening in the swiss alps that was straight demonic as fuck No fear is huge people no panic stand tall stand together and faith in Jesus christ is the Main key

    R RamirezR RamirezDag sedan
  • Epic

    Sean WoodSean Wood2 dagar sedan
  • Ведомый зверем был вовремя остановлен, и так будит, не сыте

    Zasadattaсk ввZasadattaсk вв2 dagar sedan
  • The flower is a reference to the symbol of the Armenian Genocide

    wrestler91100wrestler911002 dagar sedan
  • Damn, I'm digging older looking Serj lol He looks like a mentor of the Hero's Journey or The Chosen One trope.

    Gigi CeeGigi Cee2 dagar sedan
  • CAN YOU SEE US ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    _MiHaiLoV__MiHaiLoV_2 dagar sedan
  • Id be very surprised if people still call metal satanic.

    Don't change my name bruhDon't change my name bruh2 dagar sedan
  • The forget-me-not purple flower is the symbol of the Armenian Genocide. We are now spread all of the world because of it and no one can ever kill or destroy us. Go ahead and try, you sons of bitches. We will only blossom stronger.

    Jacklyn NarianJacklyn Narian2 dagar sedan
  • 1:19 Black Metal=)

    Dav1d 409Dav1d 4092 dagar sedan
  • Whoever graded this video is a straight god

    JazzMac36251JazzMac362512 dagar sedan
  • Is this fucking real system linked back yooooo ahhh

    Zach StZach St2 dagar sedan
  • Woo seizure warning >.>

    Echo EzriEcho Ezri2 dagar sedan
  • 👏👏👏

    KlugerKluger2 dagar sedan
  • Daaam I was a freshmen in high school when I first heard them in toxicity 2003!! And they still TOGETHER!!!!

    Tom MyTom My2 dagar sedan