Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

16 feb 2021
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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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  • Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!

    Matt StonieMatt Stonie18 dagar sedan
    • Lol I got Chimchar my first pack

      ALEX EATSALEX EATS2 dagar sedan
    • 500th

      Sayf RahmanSayf Rahman17 dagar sedan
    • Snivy

      The TruthThe Truth18 dagar sedan
    • Pikachu

      Mackinley J. RatteyMackinley J. Rattey18 dagar sedan
    • Squirtele

      Elizeth MendezElizeth Mendez18 dagar sedan
  • How are you not Fat?

    Fuxeriz_OfficialFuxeriz_Official19 minuter sedan
  • Bulbassur

    Big ChungusBig Chungus40 minuter sedan
  • Only the OG’s remember megatoadstonie

    your average security sergeantyour average security sergeant50 minuter sedan
  • How about eat 3 box of dunkin doughnut and 3 box of krispy krim doughnut

    KwazyklounKwazyklounTimme sedan
  • You should do full kashmiri wazwan challenge. It'll be difficult.

    MirMirTimme sedan
  • So theres only starters? Sad

    loli is lifeloli is lifeTimme sedan
  • That is one thicc mousepad

    turnersexplicitturnersexplicit2 timmar sedan
  • Eat a lot of astronaut ice cream!

    X̸x̸S̸a̸i̸l̸o̸r̸B̸e̸a̸r̸ -̸K̸u̸n̸x̸X̸X̸x̸S̸a̸i̸l̸o̸r̸B̸e̸a̸r̸ -̸K̸u̸n̸x̸X̸3 timmar sedan
  • Those McDonald's pokemon opening cards are even bttr than the original packs

    Mccree • 74 years agoMccree • 74 years ago3 timmar sedan
  • I dare u to eat very slow

    mo Yourimo Youri3 timmar sedan
  • Pikachu

    Melisa BinasMelisa Binas3 timmar sedan
  • First episode where he sat down and enjoyed his food

    Certified Soviet Porn ExpertCertified Soviet Porn Expert4 timmar sedan
  • اول عربي

    مستر_ قيمزمستر_ قيمز4 timmar sedan
  • pikachu

    maxsee11maxsee114 timmar sedan
  • Drinking challenge vs badlandchugs ??

    Apollo James BennettApollo James Bennett5 timmar sedan
  • My question is... where is that camera that’s showing the Pokémon cards coming from?

    IsaacMan101IsaacMan1015 timmar sedan
    • Theres a hidden camera inside his nose

      loli is lifeloli is lifeTimme sedan
  • I want it PLLLSSSSS

    Ton RoncalTon Roncal5 timmar sedan
  • Him: *does this* Matt's toilet:"crappymon!gotta catch em all!"

    James WilsonJames Wilson5 timmar sedan

    طبخ أم حمزةطبخ أم حمزة5 timmar sedan
  • He eats so much yet he Isnt over weight

    Wafa MoussaWafa Moussa6 timmar sedan
  • Fail. Happy meals are so small. A grown up could eat at least 50-60. Maybe for a small asia size body he did ok. Being a mini human. A Finnish or Russian would be able to eat at least 150 happy meal boxes in a row just for breakfast. Very very poor performance..But maybe ok for a small mini size human. . Matt can eat fast. but very poorwill power. Need to work on mental training. Very very poor performance. Work.on you mental fokus. And hard work. Talent is not enough. With hard work you can do much better. Than this lousy performance.

    Gent XGent X6 timmar sedan
  • If I eat this many Happy Meals, I would still be sad :(

    marvel gohmarvel goh6 timmar sedan
  • My fav Pokémon is Charmanda

    itsYahBoiShrimp 123itsYahBoiShrimp 1237 timmar sedan
  • Matt stonie’s son: I don’t have my homework because... Teacher: let me guess your dog ate it? Excuses! Matt stonie’s son: no my dad did!

    Crazy Blastin’Crazy Blastin’8 timmar sedan
  • Matt stonie died at the age of 30 from heart disease

    the coco show and coco friendsthe coco show and coco friends8 timmar sedan
  • How does this dude doesn't get full like he ate so many happy meals like I don't understand how people do these things I would get full on the 3rd happy meal

    thinthin nwethinthin nwe9 timmar sedan
  • Charmendar

    Sooraz Ni-kam-ikazeSooraz Ni-kam-ikaze9 timmar sedan
  • When you go to McDonald's and they say they are out of stock with the happy meals you go home and you see this vid

    Jayden AcunaJayden Acuna9 timmar sedan
  • Here’s a card I’ve been wishing for Litton

    Kayla Nicole NolanKayla Nicole Nolan10 timmar sedan
  • My favorite Pokémon is Squirtle

    Kayla Nicole NolanKayla Nicole Nolan10 timmar sedan
  • Stelix

    The House of MetalThe House of Metal10 timmar sedan
  • Mega charizard x . Thats damn!!good . Spevially ash vs allen . Best of the best . My favourite pick dont know about you . Friend

    All in one GamingAll in one Gaming10 timmar sedan
  • Sou o único brasileiro por aqui ? Kskskks

    Marcos PauloMarcos Paulo10 timmar sedan
  • When is the chug off?

    amiocap02amiocap0210 timmar sedan
  • I dare to eat 10 cakes with 34 donuts

    Goldend foxy crew Kujo foxyGoldend foxy crew Kujo foxy10 timmar sedan
  • Charizard day one edition

    Goldend foxy crew Kujo foxyGoldend foxy crew Kujo foxy10 timmar sedan
  • What's ur favorite peach

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel Rodriguez10 timmar sedan
  • Hey 💯

    Noah powersNoah powers11 timmar sedan
  • You should go to the heart attack grill and eat the ooctouplebypass burger at The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas

    Tracy LTracy L11 timmar sedan
  • Pikachu or. Growlithe

    Justin Herndo545 err y4e3nJustin Herndo545 err y4e3n11 timmar sedan
  • my favorite one is the pickachu

    terry runningterry running12 timmar sedan
  • pink

    HANNA ABDIHANNA ABDI12 timmar sedan
  • I love all the legandarys

    Oleksander BartoshOleksander Bartosh12 timmar sedan
  • Has he done bubble tea yet?

    Daisy LazyDaisy Lazy12 timmar sedan
  • Charizard

    YCK DomYCK Dom12 timmar sedan
  • Pikachu

    ?Jqs-kui-HR ??Jqs-kui-HR ?12 timmar sedan
  • Pikachu

    Eli the logo boy playsEli the logo boy plays13 timmar sedan
  • Happy meals: Are we a joke to you!!!

    JohnnyBJohnnyB14 timmar sedan
  • hurts everytime he says sneeevieee

    Aaron ObedozaAaron Obedoza16 timmar sedan
  • Best Pokemon for me: Togekiss. Change. My. Mind.

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel16 timmar sedan
  • u are my favourite pokemon

    shourrya bhallashourrya bhalla16 timmar sedan
  • And my crew Pokemon is Pikachu

    mystery wolf 65 Gonzalezmystery wolf 65 Gonzalez17 timmar sedan
  • I liked and commentef

    mystery wolf 65 Gonzalezmystery wolf 65 Gonzalez17 timmar sedan
  • Favorite Pokémon is Greninja

    Snowflake MCSnowflake MC17 timmar sedan
  • Evy

    Lawrence WhiteLawrence White17 timmar sedan
  • Ultra rare charizard

    Gauge VaughnGauge Vaughn18 timmar sedan
  • the real rest of the cards were the friends we made along the way

    IsabelleIsabelle18 timmar sedan
  • Because of these cards my McDonald's put a strict limit of 2 Happy Meals per visit 😳

    Jessica HJessica H19 timmar sedan
  • Can you Eat 125 Popeyes Chicken Tenders?

    Jesse Olivares GamingJesse Olivares Gaming19 timmar sedan
  • Unfortunately, I never understand anything in your videos because i'm german but i like your videos

    Katrin SavignanoKatrin Savignano19 timmar sedan
  • You are getting boring only uploading a vidio once every 2 weeks you want to watch people dont unsubscribe, beard meets food has a vidio twice a week, just cos you've made money dont get boring

    Hannah HurstHannah Hurst19 timmar sedan
  • Mine is charmander

    Jansid UrmatanJansid Urmatan20 timmar sedan
  • I always eating to your films🙃

    Yuiop 678Yuiop 67820 timmar sedan
  • Charizad

    william russekwilliam russek20 timmar sedan
  • I request.. 100 paqui chips challenge..

    Nash Pangcatan CaliNash Pangcatan Cali20 timmar sedan
  • Does mat stonnie only eat when he’s making SEworld vids???

    ChompersChompers21 timme sedan
  • pikachu

    Nancy RobertsNancy Roberts21 timme sedan
  • chimcar im a kid

    Jesula JeanJesula Jean21 timme sedan

    XxzorofnXxzorofn21 timme sedan
  • Ure a black hole

    raul 32raul 3222 timmar sedan
  • Wow

    Intercontinental Broadcasting CorporationIntercontinental Broadcasting Corporation22 timmar sedan
  • 22:20

    Ian ChamIan Cham23 timmar sedan
  • If Matt Stonie ever becomes a zombie, the world's remaining human population is completely fucked.

    Lucas MagalhãesLucas Magalhães23 timmar sedan
  • e

    sasuke itachinosasuke itachino23 timmar sedan
  • Darkrai ,my fav

    Jason 8HazerJason 8Hazer23 timmar sedan
  • Jigglypuff

    Deborah SmithDeborah Smith23 timmar sedan
  • Mukbang white castle

    maimai23 timmar sedan
  • #TeamAntiFattStonie Who's With Me?

    Ranbir BhatiaRanbir BhatiaDag sedan
  • Need a tour of his toilet,can't wait

    Moosa FaisalMoosa FaisalDag sedan
  • Charzard V

    Noah ZappiaNoah ZappiaDag sedan
  • Matt Stonie - SIVY........ Everybody - Actually Everybody - Pokemon Collectors - "Everyone Disliked That"

    CSmanCSmanDag sedan
  • Pikachu

    Erom OdianosenErom OdianosenDag sedan
  • imagine his poop

    jemal nachyebiajemal nachyebiaDag sedan
  • Plis give me 1000000000000000000 McDonald

    naim roblox coolnaxm herrboy9876 frend osmannaim roblox coolnaxm herrboy9876 frend osmanDag sedan
  • Bruh ur still not fat lol

    :v:vDag sedan
  • Mantap...

    PelesiranPelesiranDag sedan
  • Jiggly Puff 🎤🎙

    SuperNovaSuperNovaDag sedan
  • Go back and do challenges you couldn't complete. Make them smaller portions and easier if you have to.

    jacko1623jacko1623Dag sedan
  • I love pokemon cards

    Sandra DavilaSandra DavilaDag sedan

    xYAMZx G4MERxYAMZx G4MERDag sedan
  • Charazard

    CouraL X GameRCouraL X GameRDag sedan
  • hey matt make a video of you eating with finesse and enjoying the food taking you time to finish the food ONCE PLEEEEEAASSE !!! fan request

    alpha hawkalpha hawkDag sedan
  • #Mewtwo

    Ramakrishna VenkataRamakrishna VenkataDag sedan
  • I feel like his roommates trap him in their basement and only let him out to do videos and that's why he can eat so much yet is so skinny

    Shakwalay OnalayShakwalay OnalayDag sedan
  • Turtle rare

    Tarliah HINDSTarliah HINDSDag sedan
  • that music was intense!

    daniel tischedaniel tischeDag sedan
  • His girlfriends voice is so soothing

    SKCLightningRider98SKCLightningRider98Dag sedan
  • You Eat So Fast! 5:30

    Henry StickminHenry StickminDag sedan
  • I wonder how he eats on the first date 🤔

    CaliGirlxoCaliGirlxoDag sedan