Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo react to first drive in McLaren's 2021 car

17 feb 2021
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Craig Slater speaks to Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo as they get behind the wheel for the first time in McLaren's new Mercedes powered MCL35M at Silverstone.
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  • KUDOs Ricciardo.... much respect for you taking on important issues

    Ernie HErnie HMånad sedan
  • Can we lose the masks already?

    Nathan ElcoateNathan ElcoateMånad sedan
  • Super Lando Norris e Daniel Ricciardo 100 cute F1 2021

    Anna VenturiAnna VenturiMånad sedan
  • My Boys!! SEND IT!! Papaya Fire 🔥🏁🏎💨✨

    kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan
  • Let's be honest. It's such a boring looking car. IMO

    MimMMimMMånad sedan
  • That camera car... seems like drive to survive season 4 is under way

    fpv335fpv335Månad sedan
  • The Gulf sponsorship looks incredible.

    asioe kiouasioe kiouMånad sedan
    • forward.

      kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan
  • I'm always amazed by the aerodynamics of Zak Brown's hair!

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMånad sedan
  • Feels like I'm watching a report on the local news lmfao

    NASCARNationalNASCARNationalMånad sedan
  • Can the title be any more misleading? What reaction to driving the car did this include? All I got was a dose of thought policing about social justice issues. Thanks sky!

    Wez RossWez RossMånad sedan
  • McLaren will finish last

    Mads JuulMads JuulMånad sedan
    • Amazing video man

      asioe kiouasioe kiouMånad sedan
  • Since 2004 loved him 🤟🏼

    bilishu alissbilishu alissMånad sedan
    • Well said Daniel

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMånad sedan
  • Onya, Dan.

    PeterPeterMånad sedan
  • This feels like a news segment

    Gelenvader3Gelenvader3Månad sedan
  • Daniel helmet drip is too tuff 💜

    Jose ContrerasJose ContrerasMånad sedan
  • Craig Slater sound like he doing a 60 minutes piece.

    DaniMacYoDaniMacYoMånad sedan
    • I love McLaren as an F1 team and all the vids they share. Very refreshing.

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMånad sedan
  • I like the new from Zak Brown of Mc Laren as Lando and Daniel Ricciardo drive as teammate at first test in 2021 for F1 season in March.

    Peter FowkePeter FowkeMånad sedan
  • I'm always amazed by the aerodynamics of Zak Brown's hair!

    pida siouypida siouyMånad sedan
  • description of video totally inaccurate. Expected more of Sky.

    Calvin ChannCalvin ChannMånad sedan
  • But hang on wheres the cue ball going?

    TheTimeTravellerTheTimeTravellerMånad sedan
  • This septuagenarian Kiwi fan weeps when he sees these modern ugly McLarens. Sadly the Golden Years of F1 are long gone. RIP Bruce , Denny and Chris.

    DennyHulmeDennyHulmeMånad sedan
    • Sky pushing the propaganda as normal. Can we concentrate on the racing instead of the far left politics.

      pida siouypida siouyMånad sedan
  • Yes of course I like Lando which is why I have bet on him beating Danny, don't care if its only by 1 point, I think he is the measure of him. Great pairing and should drive the team forward.

    The Old HobbitThe Old HobbitMånad sedan
  • STOP THE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR BULL****!!!! You're ruining the damn sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arquivo GeralArquivo GeralMånad sedan
  • Where can I get them hats

    Conor McnelisConor McnelisMånad sedan
  • The rainbows ruin the look of their garage

    Landon BeamerLandon BeamerMånad sedan
  • Well said Daniel

    Dakara_Spawn_BlackDakara_Spawn_BlackMånad sedan
  • Zak brown is one of the most humble team principals 🤟🙂

    Liam McgrathLiam McgrathMånad sedan
  • Mercedes engines are about as German as fish & chips.

    Phil PorterPhil PorterMånad sedan

    Waleed Bin QasimWaleed Bin QasimMånad sedan
  • I love McLaren as an F1 team and all the vids they share. Very refreshing.

    Paul ChambersPaul ChambersMånad sedan
  • top 4

    paul parkinsonpaul parkinsonMånad sedan
  • Where was lando's or daniel's reaction to the car?

    ShaunD 07ShaunD 07Månad sedan
  • Hoping to hear about the car , but no , just waffle.

    Geof HAMGeof HAMMånad sedan
  • I want to like Daniel, but his campaign about respect and tolerance make him look two faced. He doesn't show much respect to Lando and he ridiculed Hulkenberg ...

    pramarkopramarkoMånad sedan
    • @Warmgun Warmgun He is a funny bloke, yes. I hope Lando will think the same at the end of this season.

      pramarkopramarkoMånad sedan
    • Oh shut up!...he says it in jest!

      Warmgun WarmgunWarmgun WarmgunMånad sedan
  • Sky pushing the propaganda as normal. Can we concentrate on the racing instead of the far left politics.

    Richard AshtonRichard AshtonMånad sedan
    • So respecting people is far left politics? Its about being a decent human being

      Hannah DysonHannah Dyson21 dag sedan
  • "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" ... "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends" ... "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abili

    FitnessBombFitnessBombMånad sedan
  • Nice ass helmet Dan!!!

    Lester CombsLester CombsMånad sedan
  • cool .......

    Adonis Top of MenAdonis Top of MenMånad sedan
  • First reaction shock

    Giovanni PettinariGiovanni PettinariMånad sedan
  • Ferrari is coming back, the fast motor Ferrari

    nickname87nickname87Månad sedan
  • Still waiting to hear their reactions... not sure if I have been fooled by the title or the reporter is still talking slowly...

    Oliver ThackerOliver ThackerMånad sedan
  • *falls asleep* jesus christ is Slater slow....

    lykan2lykan2Månad sedan
  • this guy is the most annoying journo ever! Jesus!

    Blue AugustBlue AugustMånad sedan
  • Lets hope McLaren are back fighting for wins such a great brand.

    Patrick TerrettPatrick TerrettMånad sedan
  • Sky Sport why you using Windows Narrator?

    MallV0lli0MallV0lli0Månad sedan
  • They said nothing about the car or how it drove. Stop the clickbait bullshit

    Joe MullinJoe MullinMånad sedan
  • Why are they wearing face masks? Are they all scared of a virus so weak that you need to get tested to see if you have it...?

    Lee McnamaraLee McnamaraMånad sedan
  • this got pretend fast. ok so nothing F1 is organic? ok nothing spectator will hope to be more. time to get excited collective whores. racing is racing?

    read onlyread onlyMånad sedan
  • This guy sounds like he didnt take a dump in 5 days

    Colonel JCDColonel JCDMånad sedan
  • what a bunch of pussies.

    mynameis63mynameis63Månad sedan
  • How it's made

    Hus 9Hus 9Månad sedan
  • Can’t wait to see them together 😍😍

    Professor krollzProfessor krollzMånad sedan
  • Zak Brown is the best at what he does. i'm so happy to see Avocado under his wing

    oteupai.oteupai.Månad sedan
  • Voice over, god!!!

    vignesh Vijayakumarvignesh VijayakumarMånad sedan
  • Let’s hope Ricciardo runs rings around young Lando and McLaren Mercedes is a race winning combination this year.

    david oramadavid oramaMånad sedan
  • love it

    patjcoanpatjcoanMånad sedan
  • COME ON MCLAREN!!!!!!!

    Raph WalkerRaph WalkerMånad sedan
  • Ricardo is such a cool dude, I really hope he's a front runner this year. He deserves it!

    Nate_zx6r_ryderNate_zx6r_ryderMånad sedan
  • Zak: "Ferrari has two very strong drivers" Me: "I miss Carlos"

    Max MartinMax MartinMånad sedan
    • I was thinking, 'well they do now'

      traida111traida111Månad sedan
  • craig slaters voice sounds like an old man that smokes two packs of marlboro a day, and now has a severe flu.

    Paul VetterPaul VetterMånad sedan
  • I'm really digging Danny Rick new lid inside the papaya car

    Ashante DulaAshante DulaMånad sedan

    IanPerez48IanPerez48Månad sedan
  • Mclaren is ready to fight for the lead in the GPs of this 2021, let's go Lando and Dani

    Jatun KariJatun KariMånad sedan

      Jatun KariJatun KariMånad sedan
  • Stick to driving the car DR.

    zabaletazabaletaMånad sedan
  • Good message from Danny Ric

    Dino's ShedDino's ShedMånad sedan
  • The masks 😷! Funny and useful

    harry wissinkharry wissinkMånad sedan
  • Sounds like a boring English teacher zzzzzzzz

    dav banksdav banksMånad sedan
  • Albon is gone all hail the new Albon: Lando 😁

    Geert MatthysGeert MatthysMånad sedan

    Alejandro EsquivelAlejandro EsquivelMånad sedan
  • Ferrari V Mclaren.. Rush 2

    William BeardWilliam BeardMånad sedan
  • Yet another bait and switch video!

    Trev Cessna172Trev Cessna172Månad sedan
  • Mazepin dig you reckon??

    Markjohnallister FraserMarkjohnallister FraserMånad sedan
  • That's because they wouldn't build their chassis around the Honda engine.. which hampered Honda's development, it's McLaren's own fault they had problems.. Red Bull & Alpha Tauri are proof..

    N3STRoN3STRoMånad sedan
  • imagine mclaren having a super car this year that is closer to merc than RB and they are just staying low key about it until the race

    THE Riften GuardTHE Riften GuardMånad sedan
  • Ricciardo supporting a good cause thats nice and all but despite teasing his teammate on live tv they way he did... mmmh yeah... you could tell Lando did not appreciate his comments at all

    Arturo Romo MartinezArturo Romo MartinezMånad sedan
  • maclaren and Mercedes Benz just sounds right to me

    j pezzaj pezzaMånad sedan
  • Loving it!! ❣️

    Abhimanyu KohliAbhimanyu KohliMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or there's something going on between daniel and lando. They seem very "uneasy" around each other

    frasat alifrasat aliMånad sedan
    • Vandoorne effect

      AnkushAnkushMånad sedan
    • They're relationship has shifted from messing around a bit to rivals now, neither wants to be the 'meme team'. Both are there to race and to win they will have a similar relationship to what daniel had with max, rivals on track but respectful off track

      Mister GnatMister GnatMånad sedan
    • What do you mean ?

      YodaYodaMånad sedan
  • Favourite sky reporter

    Dean-Charles B.Dean-Charles B.Månad sedan
  • I really like zack brown.... Seems like a nice guy.

    Nordi MejiaNordi MejiaMånad sedan
  • Please lord... can we keep politics out of F1?? I think most of us tune in to racing to get out of the new "norm" politics in every day life.

    Chris HammerChris HammerMånad sedan
  • Just looks exactly the same as last year

    J RJ RMånad sedan
  • Next test...Daniel wears a Craig Slater helmet livery after reading the comments🏳️‍🌈

    Malky 52Malky 52Månad sedan
  • "For the first time in many years we might see Mclaren finish ahead of Ferrari" You mean like last year when Mclaren finished 3rd and Ferrari 6th

    pedrogoldfingerpedrogoldfingerMånad sedan
    • He said favourites to finish ahead of which is valid as they weren’t expected to be as far ahead as they were

      ownedhenownedhenMånad sedan
    • He said, "We might be saying -- 'are McLaren *favourites* to finish ahead of Ferrari' " Last year Mclaren were definitely not favourites to finish ahead of Ferrari, that much is true. This year is the first time it's being said in a decade.

      lalaMånad sedan
  • Zac Brown is 10/10

    GoranGoranMånad sedan
  • Zak brown for the win

    HappeninGHappeninGMånad sedan
  • this guy is trying so hard to fake his voice to sound "cool"....

    Le StefanoLe StefanoMånad sedan
  • Craig Slater is so not for F1; focusing on topics only the non-F1 fans care about. All fans (newbies and pros) need good insight, educated journalism.

    BernalV SimRacingBernalV SimRacingMånad sedan
  • Alpha Tauri is absolutely stunning 😍

    Ricky SpanishRicky SpanishMånad sedan
  • Mclaren beat Ferrari last year in the standings, but Ferrari have updated their engine so I'm hoping some race wins for both old timers this year.

    Miss PiggyMiss PiggyMånad sedan
  • From a Mercedes / Lewis fan - wishing McLaren all the best this season. Danny Ric is my 2nd fave driver.

    fablewallsfablewallsMånad sedan
  • Ricciardo doesnt look much happy

    randow duderandow dudeMånad sedan
  • They need Ron Dennis back there.

    Chris FlemingChris FlemingMånad sedan
    • No they don't. He was the cause for McLarens downfall.

      YodaYodaMånad sedan
  • 🧡🏁🏎️04🇬🇧 03🇦🇺 👌🔥

    Vini AlmeidaVini AlmeidaMånad sedan
  • Treating people with respect...REALLY? This is coming from someone who publically humiliated Landon at an F1 press conference or punched another driver in his crouch during an interview? The same man who made up a song about is scrotum for Drive to Survive? Respect...Really?

    Dawni CallahanDawni CallahanMånad sedan
    • notice how both Carlos and Lando laughed when these things happened? They're just friends messing around.

      alguienalguienMånad sedan
  • I'm a little indifferent about McLaren, but I honestly hope this year is good for them. They have two excellent drivers, and I really like Zak Brown. Fingers crossed for them.

    Ollie AOllie AMånad sedan
  • I'm always amazed by the aerodynamics of Zak Brown's hair!

    Be CafféBe CafféMånad sedan
  • This could just as easily and almost certainly better narrated by an A.I. rather than the piss awful job Slater did. Sky sports have such great formula 1 anchors, they are better served by people who are not Slater

    Pranjal JainPranjal JainMånad sedan
  • Yes McLaren! Looking sharp - 1st to launch and run around the track! Liking what I see. Well done Zac and everyone in the team! Might just buy some merch now. 😜

    Mr. Simon MusicMr. Simon MusicMånad sedan
  • Hoping to see great battle between McLaren vs Aston Martin.

    Nahfez ShultzNahfez ShultzMånad sedan