Solving a $30,000 Puzzle!! - BEST PUZZLE EVER!!

6 jan 2021
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Today I'm going to attempt to solve a $30,000 Puzzle by Labsterium! The saga of Future me continues...
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Chris Ramsay
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  • Total Solve time: 4hrs 45 Mins 0_0 - Thanks for watching and Leave a like if you want the Saga to continue!

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay19 dagar sedan
    • DAMN I can't wait to see what they come up with nexted , what an amazing puzzle great job Chris

      Dallas WoikenDallas Woiken10 timmar sedan
    • omg it didn’t look like it took THAT long, editing almost 5 hours of footage must’ve been a nightmare

      lovelyjuliexo •lovelyjuliexo •11 timmar sedan
    • yes!!!! I need it to continue!!!!

      david silvadavid silva15 timmar sedan
    • I wish I could try this with my friends. It would so fun

      SuperGraciemomSuperGraciemomDag sedan
    • This was amazing can't wait for the next step.

      Martin TownendMartin Townend2 dagar sedan
  • Me watching this guy the first time and my first thought is i know this dude’s sibling

    ý nguyễn thanh nhưý nguyễn thanh như25 minuter sedan
  • Omg I love this. Is it over now

    Katie BeyeaKatie BeyeaTimme sedan
  • This is insane omg

    MDK 8MDK 8Timme sedan
  • He done really build his house like a museum

    Sara Moha-Sara Moha-2 timmar sedan
  • When i saw the tablet it looked like it was cracked my heart stopped for a second

    Shivaag JhagarooShivaag Jhagaroo5 timmar sedan
  • What a magical puzzle box!! So neat

    Virgo HeartVirgo Heart9 timmar sedan
  • I think 'now my eyes are yours' is referring to the tablet, as the tablet will gives you the true vision, the one that have the tablet originally

    ZulZul9 timmar sedan
  • 30 grand for a severed finger with a ring on it and a deck of cards?

    Bonez 3rdWorldBonez 3rdWorld9 timmar sedan
  • Hey you get a free phone

    Roblox JasonRoblox Jason10 timmar sedan
  • Is be Like the ROOM game

    jorge cadavid gomezjorge cadavid gomez10 timmar sedan
  • That was amazing craftsmanship ❤️ holy shit.

    Sarah DelcastilloSarah Delcastillo10 timmar sedan
  • This was so fucking cool dude

    MissNerdyNurseMissNerdyNurse11 timmar sedan
  • Random comment but what a cool floor u have on the office! Love that epoxy finish !

    Leighton KaneLeighton Kane11 timmar sedan
  • 33:10 a thumb?! 😱

    lovelyjuliexo •lovelyjuliexo •11 timmar sedan
  • “by their name you know their order” so alphabetical???

    lovelyjuliexo •lovelyjuliexo •11 timmar sedan
  • Wow. You actually have a hidden room in your office. Cool.

    UnPrankAble 666UnPrankAble 66611 timmar sedan
  • This is so cool and awesome

    Amelia Rosalina The HedgehogAmelia Rosalina The Hedgehog12 timmar sedan
  • DOD any1 else see the light flash when he held 2 buttons in around 17:30

    liyah Smithliyah Smith12 timmar sedan
  • The augmented reality device is the exact phone I have, you make it look like an ipod, you must have huge hands

    Mark CashMark Cash13 timmar sedan
  • I have no idea of how I stumbled upon your channel or this video but I’m SUPER excited to be here. This is the kind of content I’m here for

    Not Your Average GLOW UpNot Your Average GLOW Up14 timmar sedan
  • Beyond Epic. I can't believe your patience and steadfastness. You are seriously my Favorite, and my favorite puzzle so far. I've seen a lot (even recent puzzle 2021) but this one blew my mind

    Greek DragonGreek Dragon14 timmar sedan
  • The GoPro was a bit dizzying but was fantastic for capturing all that you were doing, almost immersive in a way!

    albatra0z_ovariesalbatra0z_ovaries14 timmar sedan
  • What is it with his grandfather and boxes. Also use an axe. It’s quicker. Jk don’t.

    Jesse StatlerJesse Statler14 timmar sedan
  • You should solve the mount chiliad mystery in gta5. No ones done it

    lexter torres-rosaslexter torres-rosas15 timmar sedan
  • It's so obvious when this guy isn't doing a puzzle for the first time, or without 3rd party clues.

    Simpl TrixSimpl Trix15 timmar sedan
  • Anytime you have to use a shower that isn’t yours

    Emily HarrisonEmily Harrison15 timmar sedan
  • Ok, that was the coolest puzzle ever.

    Mike HalbertMike Halbert15 timmar sedan
  • I wish I had the money to buy that piece it's so beautiful I would just put that in my house plus that dice you have to your left is also amazing I love watching your videos you are awesome

    Chris RifendiferChris Rifendifer17 timmar sedan
  • Where did the box come from

    Aaron AlbrechtAaron Albrecht17 timmar sedan
  • Is that finger real

    purjosipuli_ Ytpurjosipuli_ Yt18 timmar sedan
  • letters in the circle parts rotating was ARGUS

  • This puzzle was so cool!!

    Matthew HershMatthew Hersh19 timmar sedan
  • The Room? anyone?

    jpegjpeg20 timmar sedan
  • The POV is making me motion sick 😖

    SabySaby21 timme sedan
  • This video was sooo awesome!!! I can't wait to see more and more of future you 😃

    Corbyn LoomisCorbyn Loomis23 timmar sedan
  • Brake it open with a hammer

    Nicholas MillerNicholas Miller23 timmar sedan
  • Me: more interested in the PS5 controller Also me: sees puzzle, *realization*

    Carson B DotCarson B DotDag sedan
  • I always wonder that you made that puzzel xD

    NotCool GamingYTNotCool GamingYTDag sedan
  • this is the grandest puzzle box I’ve ever seen

    aokiaokiDag sedan
  • I liked the GoPro footage its good

    Adil BaqachAdil BaqachDag sedan
  • you should try cicada next time instead of 37 minutes it will be 37 years lolz

    alexender backlipsalexender backlipsDag sedan
  • How do all those different batteries not die in there.

    dan ddan dDag sedan
  • How did I get here? Not complaining tho

    W!ld ThingW!ld ThingDag sedan
  • Nice cover up lol. I saw the blur

    Justine OnfroyJustine OnfroyDag sedan
  • What is this Thing that keep changing behind you at the end of the video

    Saif HabibaSaif HabibaDag sedan
  • OOOoooohhhhweeee Sir

    Kais UrKais UrDag sedan
  • 👍💯k

    HowToRepairHowToRepairDag sedan
  • So cool man I love chess, puzzle solving and mystery. I am looking forward to other puzzle solving and mystery, thank you

  • So the new The Room game costs $30k. Good to know I'll never afford it lol.

    southbeauty1southbeauty1Dag sedan

    Alex AlvaradoAlex AlvaradoDag sedan
  • Teacher: the test isn't that hard The test:

    IkiruIkiruDag sedan
  • film the putting back together

    ItzJayAgainItzJayAgainDag sedan
  • I like the gopro

    Christian MChristian MDag sedan
  • Been looking for this kind of video on SEworld, you just gain a new subscriber!

    Zaid YusufZaid YusufDag sedan
  • Most interesting thing I've ever seen in the SEworld

    Thamindu kavindaThamindu kavindaDag sedan
  • Wow

    Wei Ling TWei Ling TDag sedan
  • The puzzle looks like buildings in Assassin's creed game

  • im about to vomit see the puzzle

    Quroro CHANNELQuroro CHANNELDag sedan
  • This gets me pumped for the next one

    Justin MellaJustin MellaDag sedan
  • That was pretty awesome!

    Bradley DrakeBradley DrakeDag sedan
  • Oh boy! Am I the only one from 2021 ? Becoz that puzzle is definitely from 2050

    Manav goyalManav goyalDag sedan
  • 13:47 solve the dial on the top

    canada's cubercanada's cuberDag sedan
  • The letters spelled argu maybe something to remember if they release another puzzle like this

    el pepeel pepeDag sedan
  • Yes a cool puzzle but no possible that you could beat within 30 minutes is worth $30,000

    Gary KoonsGary KoonsDag sedan
  • The free monday aerobically transport because act admittedly cover towards a aberrant leg. offbeat, squalid disgust

    Carmen HughesCarmen HughesDag sedan
  • Whoever made is obviously smart

    SuperGraciemomSuperGraciemomDag sedan
  • Absolutely loved it! Regarding the GoPro...because I was close to the screen (to not miss anything) all the moving around made me almost nauseous at times.

    ErlkönigErlkönigDag sedan
  • 30:37 did you have to blur out your bum crack?

    stu bennettstu bennettDag sedan
  • Absolutely love it. As others have mentioned. As someone that has played The Room 1,2,3 and House of Da Vinci, this is right up my alley.

    jTempVidsjTempVidsDag sedan
  • Was that a new puzzle design on the screen? You didn't show us the card that looks like you!

    Jodi StantonJodi StantonDag sedan
  • The go pro definitely gave a good view

    Candice ACandice ADag sedan
  • This is so freaking in cool first time seeing a video like this, I think I have a new favorite thing

    Candice ACandice ADag sedan
  • get rich quick scheme: step1 make a spicy puzzle step2 sell to chris ramsay

    Yeet N SkeetYeet N SkeetDag sedan
  • You are so awesome ! I swear you sound like Seth Rogen

    Evee VEvee VDag sedan
  • half would be 6, I think

    WPGN Gaming-VideosWPGN Gaming-VideosDag sedan
  • Dear Chris, what jordan 1‘s are u wearing here? Awesome video btw ;)

    WeLovePESWeLovePESDag sedan
  • OMG its The Room video game come to life. Feel free to send it my way when you are done 😉

    Ink n QuillInk n QuillDag sedan
  • French power ! Salut au Canada et au Québec au passage. Vous avez un beau pays Salut!

    MrFoxbogardusMrFoxbogardusDag sedan
  • i was lost the whole way throe

    iiSheepAbuseiiSheepAbuseDag sedan
  • I never thought there's a real box of The Room

    Wsan Sometimes Cooking 有時煮Wsan Sometimes Cooking 有時煮Dag sedan
  • So I watch your videos regularly because I love puzzles and this one was so cool that I showed my 6 year old. Now he has unrealistic expectations of what kind of puzzles he can get and try for himself lol. Any suggestions for a fun sequential puzzle for a newbie?

    Devon YacoboskiDevon YacoboskiDag sedan
  • For 30k, this better open a doorway into hell.

    panskipantspanskipants2 dagar sedan
  • playing the Room except it's real

    ThePsyco91ThePsyco912 dagar sedan
  • You should do a livestream of one of these and have us help you figure it out!!!!

    Carol SchubelCarol Schubel2 dagar sedan
  • That looks so much like one of the puzzle boxes from The Room (Play Store) it's scary. (Mentions the Room) Yep

    stantzstantz2 dagar sedan
  • That was absolutely AMAZING 🤩

    CJxLuvlyCJxLuvly2 dagar sedan
  • So this is a series, but how many of these puzzles are there? Links to the videos please?

    ALittleRose 1ALittleRose 12 dagar sedan
  • The boom box was foretold by the cult. Divination, remember?

    Obadijah ParksObadijah Parks2 dagar sedan
  • Uh, I am green with envy! So jealous lol! Looks like so much fun!!! *THANK YOU!!!!* For allowing us all to experience this kinda stuff through you! I can't even afford small puzzles, let alone stuff like this, so it's really awesome to get to vicariously experience em anyhow!

    Lady DLady D2 dagar sedan
  • 2 removed from 1 is eleven. His eleventh hour!

    Obadijah ParksObadijah Parks2 dagar sedan
  • Next up, $50,000 puzzle.

    Kaden ShorfKaden Shorf2 dagar sedan
  • I am guessing the next puzzle is going to have a fingerprint scanner.

    Nazo- kageNazo- kage2 dagar sedan
  • Go form his first video to his last. The difference is like Gáutamala to UAE.

    Gang StarGang Star2 dagar sedan
  • Another youtuber made plenty of money, bought a mansion. But at least this guy used brains to get there, the others never. That's the enigma here.

    Gang StarGang Star2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, what a puzzle.

    The Claw NinjaThe Claw Ninja2 dagar sedan
  • 🤔🤔

    Neal Gentry3Neal Gentry32 dagar sedan
  • I love your intros

    Shujin XavierShujin Xavier2 dagar sedan
  • Here i am accepting the fact that Im dumb

    MinT SugaRMinT SugaR2 dagar sedan
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    contrite sinnercontrite sinner2 dagar sedan