H3H3 ANIMATED #6: Ethan Has To Pee (w/ Post Malone)

1 dec 2017
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This is just a quick little moment from the H3 Podcast with Post Malone, but I thought it'd make for a good animation. It also gave me the opportunity to animate Posty again.
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  • i dont like h3h3

    Bad VibesBad Vibes5 månader sedan
  • What is the music you use i like it it has a nice ring to it

    ReneRoberto FloresReneRoberto Flores5 månader sedan
  • I'm In a waste land of old comments

    Murphy PageMurphy Page10 månader sedan
  • Ian?

    cartoon kaylacartoon kayla11 månader sedan
    • @Anna Tairova ian

      cartoon kaylacartoon kayla6 månader sedan
    • It was Post Malone

      Anna TairovaAnna Tairova6 månader sedan
  • podcast 39 at 2:35:55 is the original

    FittestTrack73.Mp6FittestTrack73.Mp6År sedan
  • Why did I drink that 2 liter mountain dew😭

    A random guyA random guyÅr sedan
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeahOh Yeah yeahÅr sedan
  • Ian: *"no comment"*

    The ReplicationThe ReplicationÅr sedan

    FittestTrack73.Mp6FittestTrack73.Mp6År sedan
  • YOU DESERVE WAY MORE SUBSCRIBERS! I laughed during the kindergarten part.

    G 6G 6År sedan
  • I now say "I'm squeezing my dick right now" in the house when I have to pee. When the parents are home and I don't know they are. Loud. Ashamed.

    Shake'n'JakeShake'n'JakeÅr sedan
  • Change his channel name to H1N1

    Nilanjan DuttaNilanjan DuttaÅr sedan
  • What is the music

    Earth ProductionsEarth Productions2 år sedan
  • This is just good

    Mr OofMr Oof2 år sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LMAO

    Daphne CameronDaphne Cameron2 år sedan
  • Gay

    killer monster Diazkiller monster Diaz2 år sedan
  • Where is this in the original podcast?

    MobileGPMobileGP2 år sedan
  • Post Malone is my favorite artist

    Liviu DinuLiviu Dinu2 år sedan
  • 0:29

    YO TENGOYO TENGO2 år sedan
  • 😂😂

    Azemina AyAzemina Ay2 år sedan
  • 0:28 hahaha

    Miguelangel JaimeMiguelangel Jaime2 år sedan
  • when in the podcast did he have to pee

    SeddiSeddi2 år sedan
  • Dude you just got ketchup on my iPad by making that so short

    Frank NittiFrank Nitti2 år sedan
  • what’s that outro music

    Stanced OlympicStanced Olympic2 år sedan
    • Stanced Olympic H3H3PRODUCTIONS intro retro

      Danny BruhvitoDanny Bruhvito2 år sedan
  • I luv ur outro song

    en6rren6rr2 år sedan
  • 0:28

    Magenta FreakMagenta Freak2 år sedan
  • fucking brilliant

    Ryan McDonoughRyan McDonough2 år sedan
  • 0:25 I CANT BREATH!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

    Mr.Amazing GamingMr.Amazing Gaming2 år sedan
  • I like ur vids

    JeeflieJeeflie2 år sedan
  • It’s just the fact that the carer looks like Hila

    Concussion DudeConcussion Dude2 år sedan
  • These remind me of the Ricky G and Karl Pilkington podcast animations. Great job

    sucrésucré2 år sedan
  • Hold up hold up POST MALOND PLAYSCoD *inhales* YAAAAAAASSS

    Jorge LopezJorge Lopez2 år sedan
  • Post war malone

    KermyKermy2 år sedan
  • I’m squeezing my dick

    Weaboo ScumWeaboo Scum2 år sedan
  • 20 of this 50 seconds video are intro and outro

    K0ULK0UL2 år sedan
  • song

    MeekyMeeky2 år sedan
  • *captions*

    spicy_maymayss vibesspicy_maymayss vibes2 år sedan
  • Posty is hilarious

    John FranksJohn Franks2 år sedan
  • Your animations are so funny :D

    Saaya YamabukiSaaya Yamabuki2 år sedan
  • Short but hella funny xDD

    L-sqweirdL-sqweird2 år sedan
  • These are great OMG please dont stop, nice moves

    Fred FredburgerFred Fredburger2 år sedan
  • Hahaha amazing

    Luciano VieitesLuciano Vieites2 år sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂👌🏼

    Flat LoliFlat Loli2 år sedan
  • I would watch a full animated series of ethan and post

    Bryce WilliamsBryce Williams2 år sedan
  • Dude, all of these are so fucking magical. In the words of the immortal Mr. Rogers: I like you just for being you. 🤗😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Carrie ColemanCarrie Coleman2 år sedan
  • I love the end credit Ethan animation. It’s so hypnotic.

    Dar TwigDar Twig2 år sedan
  • I really love your animation style. Keep it up.

    God Has LeftGod Has Left2 år sedan
  • i wish this was a whole animated show. just with the three of them and maybe some side characters.

    YourGuyWedgeYourGuyWedge3 år sedan
  • "Okay..... NERD!!!!"

    D E X X I ED E X X I E3 år sedan
  • Great animation

    Brandon BBrandon B3 år sedan
  • Animate something from the "bell pepper story."

    Lani AlvaradoLani Alvarado3 år sedan
  • I only watch the endcard :v

    Master MellowMaster Mellow3 år sedan
  • Post malone is actually the best😂

    Jacob JeleniewskiJacob Jeleniewski3 år sedan
  • You should do the H3 podcast with Dr. Peterson.

    Renegade Dragon 57Renegade Dragon 573 år sedan
  • I love post I don’t know why some people don’t like him he’s so humble

    BlushBirdLilyBlushBirdLily3 år sedan
  • this should have an animated episode. seworld.info/will/goOUuJzTnahjmWQ/video

    setsuna kazamasetsuna kazama3 år sedan
  • You should make an animation of only Post Malone one day.

    Calli ScourgeCalli Scourge3 år sedan
  • i love all these

    Luis HërñàñdëžLuis Hërñàñdëž3 år sedan
  • MORE

    Pranks "R" UsPranks "R" Us3 år sedan
  • rip angry grandpa

    GOATZ556GOATZ5563 år sedan
  • Hahahahaha these H3 ones give me life, but the ones with Post are even better!! Love that guy. Great job on portraying him hahaha.

    JoshJosh3 år sedan
  • Which podcast is this from

    Jennifer BucknerJennifer Buckner3 år sedan
  • anyone know the outro song?

    buttsnarfbuttsnarf3 år sedan
  • Love your vids!!!! Will you pleaseeeeeeee do a snip from "Hannibal buress and Eric Andre take over each other's tinder profiles?"

    Evan MorrisEvan Morris3 år sedan
  • Animate the Conor Murphy song

    Avi AradAvi Arad3 år sedan
  • I swear to god if I see another “the disaster artist” commercial I’m going to fucking slit my god man wrists and pour boiling lemon juice on them I’m so fucking pissed. Anyway good animation bro👍

    MaddiMaddi3 år sedan
  • aaa you should do more animations with ethan n hila!! lmao

    sandraisok ;sandraisok ;3 år sedan
  • Ești român?

    PotatoLandPotatoLand3 år sedan
  • Oh my god, this is cracking me up so baaaad

    Mária LapkováMária Lapková3 år sedan
  • Esti din Romania?

    BozmegBozmeg3 år sedan
  • This is great

    Jakob JohnsonJakob Johnson3 år sedan
  • Carer😂

    MLSMLS3 år sedan
  • I’m scared

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulating3 år sedan
  • Man where the fuck is the timer for the videos

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulating3 år sedan
  • why does Hila's head look like a potato?

    Ken BoneKen Bone3 år sedan
  • I squezed my D but some milk came out plz help im 12

    Vibes ProductionsVibes Productions3 år sedan

    Uriah The KeyUriah The Key3 år sedan
  • Ethan and austin are meant to be boi's

    Lucid MemerLucid Memer3 år sedan
  • i love this shit sm

    samantha valerianosamantha valeriano3 år sedan
  • tell me how did you make this animation???

    xxxmemeboyxxxmemeboy3 år sedan
  • I loveeeee thisssss

    EllaTheGhostEllaTheGhost3 år sedan
  • Who else watches these animation videos but never subscribes to this channel?

    I s a a cI s a a c3 år sedan
    • Isaac García not me

      PAWGÉMONPAWGÉMON3 år sedan
  • Nice job giving h3 more free publicity

    Sonny JenemaSonny Jenema3 år sedan
  • great moves andrei, keep it up, proud of you

    Vincent DeBonisVincent DeBonis3 år sedan
  • Pp

    SlimSlim3 år sedan
  • Im squeezing my nipples while watching this...

    MellenMellen3 år sedan
  • *Orignal Comment*

    G_BoyG_Boy3 år sedan

    LoLo3 år sedan
  • Dude, I love your cartoon Post. So good.

    BAMikeyDBAMikeyD3 år sedan
  • Does anyone notice that your profile picture looks like pewdiepie... If it's a coincidence or intentional I like it.

    DeadAcidDeadAcid3 år sedan
  • bro what is that intro music?

    Christopher VorheesChristopher Vorhees3 år sedan
  • Can you animate some of Ethan's and Hila's lines from payday 2 from the video where they talk about being in payday 2 please

    ElementGuns12ElementGuns123 år sedan
    • ElementGuns12 ur the first I have seen to talk about payday 2

      daniel Corderodaniel Cordero2 år sedan
  • Andrei numele melodiei de la sfarsit te rog?

    Stefan BStefan B3 år sedan
  • Instant Sub! More please!

    Sean SmithSean Smith3 år sedan
  • Stick with H3H3 filthy frank dosent need to be animated it’s already crazy enough

    Robert OhearnRobert Ohearn3 år sedan
  • This some dank shit

    John HoladayJohn Holaday3 år sedan
  • thank you for this x)

    AdamAdam3 år sedan
  • SoFlo like Antonio...

    Kon ChatziKon Chatzi3 år sedan
  • has anyone told h3h3 bout this, these are great XD

    MIKEY MerinoMIKEY Merino3 år sedan
  • Yay I love your H3H3 animations

    Isabel BrewerIsabel Brewer3 år sedan