Your Favorite YouTuber Doesn't Love You.

28 apr 2018
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Your pal Andrei here back at it with some cold hard facts. Sorry to break it to you but your favorite youtuber doesn't actually love you.
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  • can you reply to 2.79 million subscribers?

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  • Thats why i like "casey neistat"

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  • wow your hair 😲

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  • Gotta love old hair on Andrei

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  • Hi now reply to me.

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  • Andrei: your favourite SEworldr doesnt love you back When a youtuber likes your comments:

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  • So.... If your favorite doesnt love you or likes you as a person who supports dont love as your viewer? =(

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  • :D

    ᴘᴜs ɢʀᴇʏ & ᴘᴜs ᴍᴇɴɢᴘᴜs ɢʀᴇʏ & ᴘᴜs ᴍᴇɴɢ3 dagar sedan
  • I know one channel that I feel is genuine is Psych2go, as they say at the beginning of every video their "mission is to make Psychology more accessible" and they really helped me and I'm sure many others feel less alone in mental health struggles, they make it very clear that if someone is having severe problems with a mental health issue then said person should seek professional help. They also give good advice on things like toxic friendships (identifying and getting out of them) as well as maintaining positive ones.

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  • You know Andrei tarbie can crush the whole internet with just one video

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  • are you sayin that you don't care bout us?????

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  • It is good a youtuber talked about this. I always find it funny when a youtuber says: " I love you guys"

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  • So andrei is didnt love us?

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    • @Pixie Kitty Meow yes i get it.

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    • Ummm He doesn't, love us imagine you are Andrei, will you love EVERY SINGLE ONE of your fans? Even if they are completely Stranger to u? I guess no

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  • It’s funny how he went from 100k to 2 million subs in a couple years.

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  • 2.78M subscribers later !&)(??!

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  • Hi😁

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  • Why did 8k people dislike this

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  • Brutally honest for a successful channel. Keep it Up! As your reward, I subscribed😍

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  • Am I aloud to laugh at the kidney joke?

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  • Well I hope karma hit”s you

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  • O sa raspunzi andrei?

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  • During Dream Stan controversies, this video is suddenly a lot more relevant.

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  • Well logan paul seems different now since ksi beat him.

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  • I created 10 accounts and subbed to myself but then all got banned so I hate myself 10x more then people that just make one account and subbed to them self

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  • My favourite part is the uncle ben and spiderman part

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  • I watched his first vid on 50 k subs :)

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  • Logan paul is like yeah f@ck i got a lot of money now from YT because of ya'll supporting me but idc.

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  • Ăre you romanian?

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  • Your my favorite youtuber so that means.....

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  • Why u hate me?

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  • Sooo... you tell me that Wilbur doesn't love me 🥺

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    • Yes

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  • I don't know who to trust anymore.

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  • I get you

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  • plot twist:your my fav youtuber

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  • Who says he's our favorite anyways

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  • I was the 297th thousand liker.

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  • Hi.

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  • In this Chanel were not guys we are wilfur 🤣🦢

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  • Goddammit fawk ofg im gonna teach my nephew to be spiderman

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  • 8th video

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  • You think we dont know?

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  • Andrei : I don't love you Rick Astley: Never gonna let you down Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna run around And desert you

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  • "You could easily get kidnapped to Mexico" Me who is a fan of someone in Mexico: *Hehe free trip~*

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  • I love u ;)

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  • I need advice on youtube

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  • *Nah mexico is for noobs everyone knows that the best place to kidnappi is BRAZIL*

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  • Me: does he love his audience more than Logan Paul? Everyone over 4 years old: what the f*** do you think!?

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  • Petition for andrei to make an one-man show

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  • If I were a SEworldr I would make them all happy and be greatfull

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  • Yo someone said dream isn't your friend

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  • Where are u from

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  • My fav ytber does love his fans that's why he is fans noobs

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  • Every dream Stan needs to see this video atleast once.

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  • But what if my favourite youtube has 1 suv and thats me?

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  • "Your Favorite SEworldr Doesn't Love You." Me: **Laughs in shadow Ready**

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  • The guy tho With the edits

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  • remember when andreia had that

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  • Dream stans need to look at this one

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    • I came here to rewatch this keeping dream stans in mind

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    • really do, when dream says "I love you" he means the things his fanbase creates and the support he gets, not you

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  • Wow he is right

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  • OMG HE HAS..... HAIR!

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  • What bout you?

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  • Andrei is very happy about 100k subs also him: 2.77M subs

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  • So you don’t care about me

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  • you are very nice.

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  • That means you don't care about your fans either.

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  • 3:23 And With Great Power Comes Great responsib- Goddamn it F**k Off Im teaching my nephew how to become spider-man

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  • Lol when Andrei had hair

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  • So Amy Gacha 35 thinks me as a a$$hole

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  • Wow he used to have hair...

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  • I really like how honest this guy is

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  • You Spoke my heart Out

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  • You don't love me as a fan? :(

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  • Fun fact: I only do my videos for fun and was shook when I reached 1.12k

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  • Hi andrei

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  • Of course my favourite youtuber doesn't love me. Nobody loves anyone on the internet. *It is foolish t o a s s u m e t h a t y o u w I l l f I n d l o v e o n t h e i n t e r n e t* -THEREISONLYHATEONTHEINTERNET-

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  • Soooo you don't love your subscribers either?

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  • Hi there I'm a regular guy ......can I get a Hi from you 👋👋👋👋🙋‍♂️

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  • Not fair I thought it was a roast

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  • Why Mexico tho-

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  • I just sold my kidneys wondering if you’d notice

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