How to TARANTULA? Complete beginner guide 101

17 dec 2018
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All the topics covered in the video:
1:35 Is it the right pet for me?
2:45 Maintenance
4:25 What tarantula should I get?
6:40 Basics of scientific names and recommended genus
9:05 Whether to buy sling, juvenile, or adult tarantula
10:36 Enclosures
14:53 Ventilation/humidity
17:10 Temperature
18:18 Feeding
21:05 Pre-molt and Growth
24:25 Tarantula quantity mark (Example: 1.1.1)
25:20 Enjoy DIY Enclosure Builds
27:37 Re-housing
28:45 Handling
30:09 Burrowing Tarantulas
30:48 Losing limbs/legs
31:20 How to spot Mature Males
32:20 Uricating Hairs
33:17 Latin Names/Scientific Names
35:20 Where to get a pet Tarantula
37:20 Breeders and Groups
Stuff (first link is US, second UK and third DE amazon)
Cork Bark (there are different dimensions available so browse a bit for the best one):
Coco Fiber Brick:
Dremel tool, check if the quality and accessories are good:
Hot Glue Gun:
Silicon gun:
Safe Silicon:
Get tarantulas here:
And join tarantula forum:
Glass enclosure:
CD enclosure:
Ferrero enclosure: tour:
Above links are affiliate links, it means that when you make an order Amazon pays me a small percentage. That way you help me make better and more exciting videos, THANKS!

Intro and outro song:
tarantula beginner guide full video 101 faq spider pet care sheet
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  • All the topics covered in the video: 1:35 Is it the right pet for me? 2:45 Maintenance 4:25 What tarantula should I get? 6:40 Basics of scientific names and recommended genus 9:05 Whether to buy sling, juvenile, or adult tarantula 10:36 Enclosures 14:53 Ventilation/humidity 17:10 Temperature 18:18 Feeding 21:05 Pre-molt and Growth 24:25 Tarantula quantity mark (Example: 1.1.1) 25:20 Enjoy DIY Enclosure Builds 27:37 Re-housing 28:45 Handling 30:09 Burrowing Tarantulas 30:48 Losing limbs/legs 31:20 How to spot Mature Males 32:20 Uricating Hairs 33:17 Latin Names/Scientific Names 35:20 Where to get a pet Tarantula 37:20 Breeders and Groups

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    • What do you do/would do if you're going out of town or traveling for an extended period (ex. a month or two)?

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    • 15:46 It sounded like "The more wh*res you have," XD

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    • your the best

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    • Merkules 7.62 they are a lot calmer when they know they are the only thing in their cage, they also can get stressed if it’s to big and they don’t know, and also for terrestrial species if it is too tall from the substrate they can fall and die very easily

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  • Good thing I have this water dish.. lmao I think Petko my friend you have been doing this to long. Thank goodness for us. 👌

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  • Thank you so much for the whole beginner info was brilliant so much easy info supplied glad you kept hydrated while teaching. I have become addicted to watching your channel and kat's.

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  • Excellent! This is helping me really consider a T, I have always been scared of them but now this seems better for me..

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  • step one get thong or sandal, step two splat

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  • When you're in Australia and Old World T's are your only option. XD

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  • I'm 24 and have been on the internet literally before I could read and my grandma read while I operated Blaster-Master style and I have never felt as if I found exactly the video I needed than within the first 2 frames of this video.

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  • So that’s the kind of tarantula that I had, the old world tarantula, it ran towards me and tried to bite my hand, I only found tarantulas to be interesting creatures and scared of them at the same time but I tried to get used to it, I was so drunk with heebie-jeebies call after that moment I grab the biggest book in the room my grandmothers old 2 1/2 pound Vatican Bible and the story ended for the tarantula

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  • Umm he highly recommends to have a new world T and I’m just sitting here where we can only legally get old world Ts ermmm😐😭😖

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  • Always great videos! Hahahaha, burp!

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  • Why am I watching this when Tarantulas are banned in my country...

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  • One question, the first site spiderworld. Eu has prices that are around 15€ while the others 45€, why this difference?

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  • thank you for the lots of informations that you'd share for us. I had 1 tarantula sling this information helps me alot. keep up that goodwork keepsafe

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  • Me, going rogue with 4 slings, 2 of them New World arborials lol.

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  • I remember having a rose hair tarantula when i was like 13. It lived for several molts but I was way over my head in trying to keep it

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  • Tliltocatl Albopilosum is a great beginner, but also very shy and can buried long time

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  • I’ve been watching tons of videos to learn as much as I can before committing to getting one! This is by far the most informational video I’ve found so far! :) thank you!!

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  • 26:04: You pronounce Avicularia so beautifully. Real Latin!😎👍

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  • I apologize for your trouble, but I still continue to watch, learn, like and subscribe. I'll just keep watching and learning. Thank you.

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  • Sir, I don't know if you're having trouble with this, but as soon as I sent you this comment, Facebook sent me a notice that my account was being defrauded. Maybe you should have an email available for a portion of your communications. I don't use social media, I just have a years old account sitting there with Facebook and that was the only direct communication I saw where I could ask you specific information on the tarantulas. Sorry, wanted answers for an animal I would really appreciate having.

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  • I got a huge very dark orange knees and black tarantula 30 years ago. I enjoyed her very much. She was huge. From fangs to booty, as you say, 3.5". I don't know how to measure the leg dimensions, when people are selling them. Legs move, bodies of a given animal were a size, or so I thought, until finding so much information from you. I had her in a 20 gallon aquarium because I thought she would like the space. I fed her, she molted, it seemed like she was doing well, but was told because she was from Mexico,(by the pet store) so I had sand as a substrate. Now I feel so bad, I can't imagine how she suffered. I thought her water would all come from her food. There was no internet, no real information at the library. I would really enjoy having a tarantula as a pet once more, now that you have provided the 101 video. You really shouldn't have felt a time constraint. The animal is more important. I've gone through so many of your (wideos) that you would probably wonder what's wrong with me. Well I just remember my fascination with my spider and wish I could have a chance to do it right. I think you could help me.

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  • 👎👎 for burping.

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  • unless you live in australia because our import laws forbid us to keep any other species other than our native ones.

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  • Tarantulas can drown if they molt in their water dish but they are most likely not gonna do that so dont worry

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  • I noticed you had the cage door open for a while. Does it ever run out of the cage on you and you have to catch it?

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  • Hey I formally thought I was arachnophobic but after seeing a diffrent SEworld channel I thought about getting one they seem so cool and the starter specie a seem so friendly thanks to this video I’m gonna have a talk with my mom and dad and hopefully this summer when I’m moved into Texas get 1-2 female adult tarantulas :)

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  • a Tarantula is just a non-jumping, larger Lucas the Spider 1.0

  • Totally agree with your view of petshops - adoption only - question re male tarantulas - do they live longer if they do or do not mate?

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  • If I were to keep a female tarantula I would want her to have a lovely big nicely decked out enclosure - that would lessen any stress and be more aesthetically pleasing - particularly if she were to live for 20-30 years - anyone who is interested should remember if you choose not to keep your tarantula anymore - there won''t be so many foster homes. So please keep their welfare in mind - btw - your hands and gestures - they kinda mimic tarantula behaviour...

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  • I started with wanting one and now I will soon have eight. Definitely got addicted to these cute little fuzzers!😍💗

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  • Is there an appropriate beginner tarantula for a desert type enclosure (with dry desert substrate instead of coco fibre)? I already have a grammostola pulchra in a jungle type enclosure, but I would like to have a desert spider too. I guess a B. Hamorii is better off with coco fibre, right?

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  • You drink out of water dish,?

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  • You know anyone selling tarantula in USA 🇺🇸

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    • you can just google but DONT BUY FOR BACKDOOR REPTILES

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  • Hoping to get a sling soon from one of the genus you recommend, great video watched the whole thing held my attention thank you sir!

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  • There's also Spider Planet from the UK. 🇬🇧. They're very good too. 😊🌍

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  • Thanks for all the info and help. Greatly appreciated:)

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  • Hi Petko, I know this video is a bit old, but I really like your channel and I don't know much English so I use the subtitles to understand you better, the video only has subtitles for the first 11 minutes, you could put them on the rest of the video is that It is very interesting to know everything you need to start in the hobby. Thanks for your attention, greetings from Colombia

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  • I will be getting my first tarantulas soon! So i'm glad you have this video!!! I'm so exciteeeeeeed!!

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    • tarantula

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  • i had a grammostola pulchipres aka golden knee tarantula. i got her and she was still a very young tarantula. she passed im not sure why, but i think that it was from heat stroke:/ i still miss her(also idk what gender was the t. but i was hoping for a girs cuz they get bigger) rip Goldie

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  • Curiosity about the word Tarantula :The word comes from the italian city Taranto located in the region of Puglia. The word Tarantola was used to indicate a kind of wolf spider (as you know there are no tarantulas in italy) . There is aswell a popular folk music called "tarantella" . The locals used to think that in order to heal yourself from a spider bite, you needed to dance this music. The word Tarantino (yes like Quentin) means Taranto Citizen/person who comes from Taranto

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  • Hoes, hoes, hoes... a lot of hoes

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  • When I looked up cross ventilation myself (not on tarantula websites but on sources that also use cross ventilation) I found that it has nothing to do with having ventilation on both sides, but holes just above the substrate (near the bottom) and at the top of the enclosure. The ‘cross’ part doesn’t mean across, it means the cold air and hot air cross each other, so cold air comes through bottom holes whilst humid warmer air escapes through the top. They use the same system for buildings to ensure air naturally ventilates. Nothing to do with having on both sides.

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  • when I was about 20 years old a friend of mine had a tarantula and i thought it was SO cool, Im 60 now and would like to take up the hobby. Your english is very good!

  • 40 minutes, alright, let's strap in! Glad it's not some 10 minute video lol

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  • I AM

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  • 39:26 I got to the end of this video so excited to eventually get my own tarantula only to find out they can’t be shipped during the winter (I’m in the US and it just turned into december lol)

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  • I wany tarantula becuse it is perfect pet for me

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  • Hello! Do you think acanthoscurria geniculata is good for a begginer?

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  • I don’t even have a tarantula. I’m not sure why I’m here. But I like it.

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    • he made it

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  • Tarantulas actually make pretty good guard dogs some people are so unbelievably terrified of them that they take off in a dead sprint just to get away

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  • Love the info. My son is interested in starting a large spider collection. He does not own one right now. What’s the best kind to start with?? Do you recommend any venders??

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    • I got a brazzilian white knee tarantula 4 days ago its currentlh a juvenile and is around 6cm and will grow to be 25cm, very good beginner specie and is very beautiful

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  • Thanks for the video, I'm very new to the hobby, I keep more lizards, but I purchased a whip tail scorpion and Vigaroon just a few months ago, as well as I've had a curly tail for a couple of years now. I like to do my shopping either at Amazon, I know they don't sell spiders, but I bought my Vigaroon there. I got my whip tail from Bugs In Cyber Space, and I would totally recommend them to any one new to the hobby. I also bought a Red Tailed Centipede once, but some how It escaped it's enclosure and I've not seen it since. I once had a tarantula my dad caught on a golf course, but there was no Internet back then, and I didn't have any books either, so I only had him on paper towel, and I would buy a dozen crickets every week and just dump them all in. I didn't last very long, and the crickets made a meal out of it. After that, I was only Interested in green Anoles, and Western Fence Lizards. My first Vigaroon I bought, very foolishly, at the reptile expo, had one every year except this one. I didn't know a thing about them, and that died very soon after purchase. Last year, at the expo i again foolishly bought a Malaysian Whip Tail, and I didn't notice how lethargic it was, and it died just a week later. Now I have books, SEworldrs, like you, and plenty of information to keep me in the hobby. I plan to get a true scorpion, most likely an Emperor and another tarantula. I'm leaning more towards a Mexican Red Knee or Fire Leg. I didn't realize how many different types there were, but I again appreciate you letting me know. I have much more research to do.

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  • I really like your approach, very informative and respectful to your spiders, chameleons and whatever you have :).

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  • Question: heat pad, necessary or no? Some say yes, some say no

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    • no because sometimes tarantulas burn themselves

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  • This helped SO much! Thanks a bunch!

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  • Somehow i've ended up watching your videos since 11am LOL

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  • My local pet store is a small business. He uses reputable breeders for all of his animals. Never received a T or a reptile or even a fish from his store that wasn't in tip top shape save for one exception. I bought several female bettas from him for my sorority aquarium and he called me several days later to inform me that the other females from the same tank had come down with ick. He refunded me my money and gave me all of the necessary medication to treat the fish for free. So, shop more local than big chains and always make sure that the owner is a fellow enthusiast. Also, make sure they are receptive to advice. I have many stories but ill end my comment here 🤣

    Jacob BruceJacob Bruce6 månader sedan
  • I've watched a lot of your videos in the last days. They are just great. And honestly I learned a lot more of this video. I have my tarantula since a few years, but now I learned to make things better. Thank you :-)

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  • I so want a tarantula. Unfortunately all the logistics/costs associated like a teranium, food (no pet store nearby), and everything just my wife and I will not agree to go w it.

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  • I am in love with M. Balfouri, but it's an old world and I'm a beginner.

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  • Haha, " hello thirsty. " I just bought my 1st tarantula a few days ago a ". pink toe. It is a out the size of a quarter + legs. Is this is considered a sling or juvenile. How long before I might be able to determine the sex? Thanks for the great video!

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