I committed Roblox crimes and acted like I didn't do it

21 nov 2020
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Today I play Emergency Response liberty county and I actually get away with showing up to something I caused and pretending like I didn't do it lol

  • yo so 30% off tees flimflam.shop/ then the NEW STUFF COMES OUT ON BLACK FRIDAY E

    FlamingoFlamingo2 månader sedan
    • albert is seling humans AND ThERE 30% OFF!

      Garrett CoulterGarrett Coulter3 dagar sedan
    • lol i think your gay albert

      ii0ffical_Kaiiii0ffical_KaiiMånad sedan
    • bruh u just get angry your own self

      kw_rolox world!kw_rolox world!Månad sedan
    • Flam Go

      Bubble Tae with SugaBubble Tae with SugaMånad sedan
    • You best have best intro go

      Ivy_Ghost35 yousifIvy_Ghost35 yousifMånad sedan
  • 0:01 my eyes!!!!!

    Asaan PaigeAsaan Paige4 timmar sedan
  • sasageyo

    Attack On TitanAttack On Titan6 timmar sedan
  • Lol turns on morgz background Song for dishract

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 timmar sedan
  • 0:26 lol his homeboy been done broke hims body

    TOYOTASUPRA1990TOYOTASUPRA199015 timmar sedan
  • why do exotics exist thennn

    halt you goonhalt you goon15 timmar sedan
  • Sometimes he sounds like deku from mha

    Tngamesandfun STngamesandfun S15 timmar sedan
  • they intro will haunt me in my nightmares

    Jaquelline AlvarezJaquelline Alvarez17 timmar sedan
  • Thats fake lol its a green screen

    lexi lov3 yt robloxlexi lov3 yt roblox19 timmar sedan
  • Best intro ever boi

    Sarah MonaghanSarah Monaghan19 timmar sedan
  • The homeboy is playing the game

    Joey NiazJoey Niaz19 timmar sedan
  • James charles: *_-gay-_* Dumbledore: *_-also gay-_* Albert: *_-definitely gay-_*

    PlayerPlayer23 timmar sedan
  • If there's no exotics allowd why put them in the gwmr

    Guest King The RegigigasGuest King The Regigigas23 timmar sedan
  • The intro is great

    Femke WeirdaFemke Weirda23 timmar sedan
  • make a compilation of flamgo being gay

    Benyamin SalimBenyamin Salim23 timmar sedan
  • Any game that has mods is no rp mods are abusive also anoyinh

    Veronica EvansVeronica EvansDag sedan
  • Flamingo is keeping his homeboy yes sister

    Joshua PerezJoshua PerezDag sedan
  • Now we know he’s gay

    UjustPlayedYourselfUjustPlayedYourselfDag sedan
  • the intro is very cool :)

    Enver- RBLXEnver- RBLXDag sedan
  • “Aright, we’re followin the rules” “never mind” me: and i oop-

    cozy bunny gamingcozy bunny gamingDag sedan
  • I NEED HOMEBOY *burp* I BUY FLAMONGOE MERCHE oh and what game is that?

    Positive PeachPositive PeachDag sedan
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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  • Me: Yo kiss your homies goodnight or your gay Flamingo: Just hanging out with my Homie

    HumorDashHumorDashDag sedan
  • Gross

    Calix lucian narcidaCalix lucian narcidaDag sedan

    Calix lucian narcidaCalix lucian narcidaDag sedan
  • Dino Nuggy

    Nooby KingNooby KingDag sedan
  • im dead

    Ramen KuunRamen KuunDag sedan
  • Me whenever I see the intro :/

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  • lol he was taller

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  • yeah your gay

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  • The intro made me die. Help me.

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  • Game name plss

    Music LyricMusic LyricDag sedan

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  • W can u buy exotics if there not allowed ‘ /‘

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  • Gay

    Smoker BoySmoker Boy2 dagar sedan
  • Omg flamingo cheated on his girlfriend

    Big fat PapaBig fat Papa2 dagar sedan
  • wtf why did he do that?

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  • GAY

    gamertaubatgamertaubat2 dagar sedan

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  • Hi

    Samantha IgnacioSamantha Ignacio2 dagar sedan
  • Your homeboy looks depressed💀💀💀

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  • 0:26 your mom when your being annoying

    『ЯYshtøツ』『ЯYshtøツ』2 dagar sedan
  • You make me cry of laughter

    Diego RodriguezDiego Rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • And the intro lol

  • Little did they know....that “new” player was a 23 year old man.

    Bray_ XDBray_ XD2 dagar sedan
  • 0:27 When a toxic kid in arsenal keeps thinking you're hacking:

    K̴̺͌l̵̠̯͝i̷̡͎͌n̶̳͒g̷̯͗K̴̺͌l̵̠̯͝i̷̡͎͌n̶̳͒g̷̯͗2 dagar sedan
  • So flaming goes to the club

    Bruce cool kidBruce cool kid2 dagar sedan
  • 0:50 that face on the spaz dude

    XDStrangeyboi JrXDStrangeyboi Jr2 dagar sedan
  • This guy kiss his twin ewwwwww

    AmazinAmazin2 dagar sedan
  • : Albert the search is like 30 percent off looks at home boy STOP

    Ade ReyAde Rey2 dagar sedan
    • Auto correct...

      Ade ReyAde Rey2 dagar sedan
  • Albert: advertises about his merch 1 second later... His homeboy: *has a mental problem*

    N0tJ0s3phN0tJ0s3ph2 dagar sedan
  • when i forgot i gotta stop recording 0:01

    Bruhmomento394 PrinceBruhmomento394 Prince3 dagar sedan
  • EWWWW albert kiss homeboy

    Reck CabiliReck Cabili3 dagar sedan
  • i want a homeboy

    Jeremy MungerJeremy Munger3 dagar sedan
  • Unfinalnoshaling apparently

    Klaudia SerwetaKlaudia Serweta3 dagar sedan
  • *Flamingos best intro*

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  • You have a great time and I have to be there by about six and then you have a little time for a little while I can come by the office to get some of your clothes from the store to pick you out for the car to pick

    Kian MohammedKian Mohammed3 dagar sedan
  • I'm 7

    c Sc S3 dagar sedan
  • Poor pink flamingo shirt

    LunalonewolfLunalonewolf4 dagar sedan
  • Awe flamingo is so lonely he have to kiss him self

    Dragonon and DragonnyDragonon and Dragonny4 dagar sedan
  • the other flim looks like hes listening to rock music

    Jessica TorresJessica Torres4 dagar sedan
  • Flamingo your boyfriend is having a seizure pls call 911 P.S. this is why people think your gay

    Yazmine RuizYazmine Ruiz4 dagar sedan
  • We even add exotic

    ieatcrayons1776ieatcrayons17764 dagar sedan
  • 0:16 Albert: *Advertising his merch* His homeboy: *having a seizure* Albert: *STOP!* His homeboy: Hello darkness, my old friend...

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  • STOP

    Aiden HolmgrenAiden Holmgren4 dagar sedan
  • Somebody pressed it . Mah mm

    Mandalorian It's the wayMandalorian It's the way4 dagar sedan
  • O god I don’t want a home boy

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  • name a better merch ad. I'll wait.

    Macky BodoMacky Bodo4 dagar sedan
  • Was his homeboi edited?

    Wolfy GamesWolfy Games5 dagar sedan
    • Yes. He used a green screen

      Positive PeachPositive PeachDag sedan
  • Tell my why I broke my repeat button at 0:23...😶

    Ãngèl lõvèsÃngèl lõvès5 dagar sedan
  • stupid game lets raid it

    Hunter SpringerHunter Springer5 dagar sedan
  • that game is stupid what even is the point of exotic cars in that game if u cant use them?

    Hunter SpringerHunter Springer5 dagar sedan
  • Im speechless when i see the intro

    Joel JosephJoel Joseph5 dagar sedan
  • i know this showed up on my recommended and realized the beginning of the video

    stephanie kimstephanie kim5 dagar sedan
  • Breath taking for flamingo

    Bao-Hanh NgoBao-Hanh Ngo5 dagar sedan
  • 1:09 my first time driving be like

    EM BEM B5 dagar sedan
  • 0:01 y'know what maybe i should unsub after this ._.

    Ethan HarringtonEthan Harrington5 dagar sedan
  • Okay i seened enough of the intro..

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  • that intro..

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  • You gey

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  • the intro is so weird lol

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  • Me every time my brother gets really annoying: 0:27

    Matthew Mendez-HernandezMatthew Mendez-Hernandez6 dagar sedan
  • The start O_O

    Andy SanchezAndy Sanchez6 dagar sedan
  • Why are you kissing your twin

    Kimberly AmberKimberly Amber6 dagar sedan
  • Clone: dances: Albert: STOP

    Dean GardinerDean Gardiner6 dagar sedan
  • AAAAA a rat *sneezes*

    Charlie ToneguzziCharlie Toneguzzi6 dagar sedan
  • 😆 🤣 😂

    Edward ThompsonEdward Thompson6 dagar sedan
  • He is gay what

    Major MurphyMajor Murphy6 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Raruk_ twaroggRaruk_ twarogg7 dagar sedan
  • The intro was great i laughed very hard

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  • "The flamingo in the background:🕺🕺🕺"Real flamingo:*Turns around and stares* STOP!""

    AlliAlli7 dagar sedan
  • I saw his mouth go inside the clones mouth

  • 0:01 dont worry it's just 2 flamingos mating

    Joh BrownJoh Brown7 dagar sedan
  • Guys he just edit ok

    Jonathan RosalesJonathan Rosales7 dagar sedan
    • When he was kissing

      Jonathan RosalesJonathan Rosales7 dagar sedan
  • LMAO the sponsorship OMG

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  • Home boy

    ciciliar rituciciliar ritu7 dagar sedan
  • The intro was hilarious 🤣😂😂😂

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  • Best intro ever

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