2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage

15 feb 2021
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Jay accepted this car as payment and he found that this high-performance variant was one of the best Firebirds ever made!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

  • Thanks Jay for the presentation of the mighty firebird! I had a total of 13 ranging from 1976-1999! They were a lot of fun!

    jeff smallwoodjeff smallwood8 timmar sedan
  • Hey I like that nose on that car

    Big SugeBig Suge9 timmar sedan
  • Jay sure was relaxed in this one! 😉😆

    BAMAZ#1BAMAZ#19 timmar sedan
  • The ws6 is a fine looking cat the the firebird is a fun car, thats fun to drive .

    Thaddaeus MorrisThaddaeus Morris9 timmar sedan
  • everyone my whole life has always made fun of me for the ws6 being my dream car even after I bought one. I feel vindicated after watching Jays video! im not alone!

    Jesse MolinarJesse Molinar9 timmar sedan
  • Fbody sales after this video was posted 📈

    Yota SavageYota Savage9 timmar sedan
  • Wonderful car Jay , I was saving up way back to make my down payment but my son developed a heart condition and eventually had to have surgery and I had to realize Ill never have one but at lease I know my dream exists at your garage. The kicker is that I had my second favorite car before saving for the TA , a IROC and I had to sell it because again to take care of my son. Id give up everything ive ever owned to make sure my boy was going to be ok so no regrets ever !!! Thanks for sharing your WS6 with everyone and myself , WOW what a car 🚗 again thankyou , TR

    Anubis SmiteAnubis Smite10 timmar sedan
  • I wish everything in California look this good 18 years on from 2002.. apparently Venice beach is not looking as good as the underside of this Firebird

    Glenn BeadshawGlenn Beadshaw10 timmar sedan
  • I miss my 01 WS6, was a lot of fun.

    GuzintaGuzinta11 timmar sedan
  • i had one of these and loved that car had alot of fun with it ..wouldnt mind buying another one and mod it

    John StecichJohn Stecich11 timmar sedan
  • Great video Jay, I like the 2002 trans am, my first sports car was a 1982 trans am lol

    Strong Man Silver & GoldStrong Man Silver & Gold12 timmar sedan
  • Should have roll raced the mustang! Nice car, their is a copper one in my neighborhood.

    Guitar PortalGuitar Portal12 timmar sedan
  • thanks for the ride jay!

    gatekeeper1gatekeeper112 timmar sedan
  • His car insurance alone!!😅

    Supasly75Supasly7512 timmar sedan
  • F bodies have not aged well lol

    willyjameshuffwillyjameshuff13 timmar sedan
  • Finally a trans am! Thank you for covering this. It's becoming harder to get parts but well worth holding onto. My car has almost 200K miles and still runs like a beauty :-)

    Azhi SaleemAzhi Saleem13 timmar sedan
  • beautiful car

    Debra JohnsonDebra Johnson13 timmar sedan
  • I love your show Jay. However us average people cannot afford all the cars and motorcycles. You have. You are blessed.

    Mark TanarioMark Tanario14 timmar sedan
  • You do have a son....Doug Demuro

    BlackDaRipper 82BlackDaRipper 8215 timmar sedan
  • Wasnt the one with the Buick GNX engine was the fastest? 89 Turbo.

    sittnonchromesittnonchrome16 timmar sedan
  • I love Jay! He has everything and cars and motorcycles for days and two outfits. Either jumpsuit or Canadian tuxedo. I want to see the key wall for all his rides.

    Jac ThomasJac Thomas16 timmar sedan
  • I think Pontiac always made the better looking "twin." Also, I did love the anniversary and collector's edition cars, the white with blue stripes/black and white interior, and those Blue Wheels. The Collector's yellow and black was really nice too. A shame that GM killed off Pontiac/Firebird. I'd rather that than the Camaro truth be told. Then again, the Camaro IROC-Z was a great looking car for it's time, though Pontiac did have that super awesome Pace Car Edition TA with the Grand National Buick engine in it...

    DrSeckzytimeDrSeckzytime18 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful car. As a dude in my twenties it’s nice to have an older car guy like Jay give some respect to the cars of my era. I love driving with the tops off.

    Joe DJoe D18 timmar sedan
  • I miss Pontiac.

    Joe DJoe D18 timmar sedan
  • wish I could visit your garage. my friend had an 01 TA and it was super fun car.

    Tyler DavisTyler Davis19 timmar sedan
  • Thanks Jay, love these

    Matt GameMatt Game19 timmar sedan
  • Junk!

    Franklyn ScarlettFranklyn Scarlett21 timme sedan
  • 325 hp, wow have times changed

    HolyToledoHolyToledo23 timmar sedan
  • I bought a new TransAm in 1976 A friend has a 73 Super Duty and I thought I was getting a Super fast car. Little did I know that my TA would have a 180 HP 400. My G6 has that much from its 4 cyl. Now if you want a decent car, you have to spend $50,000.00 to $90,000.00.

    Jim RJim RDag sedan
  • I dont think youd keep calling this a 4 seater if you had ever had to sit in the back.

    Pocahontas AgriculturePocahontas AgricultureDag sedan
  • I don't know went for a ride in a 1970 455 sd TA that thing was wicked powerful.

    derwood 454derwood 454Dag sedan
  • One of my favorite cars, being more and more rare as the years go by hoping to get my hands on one soon. Great review jay

    CammmCammmDag sedan
  • WS-6 was just the RPO code in the late 70's for the performance package. They later put it as a badge on the car, kind of like ZR-1, Z-28, Z06, etc. It doesn't actually mean anything, from what I understand.

    Avery MorganAvery MorganDag sedan
  • This is my dream car. Its also my favorite color even though these cars looked great with the gold paint too. But this is perfect. Ram air manual transmission t tops leather interior the dark blue paint. Its exactly how i would have ordered it.

    Justin RileyJustin RileyDag sedan
  • Hell yes! Exactly! That color is great for this car. You don’t need all the decals and the ws6 badge is awesome. That little short throw shifter is so smooth. I’ve never driven a 4th gen before but they do look nice. I think delorean did a great job with these cars. Nice video Jay!

    Cody BrownCody BrownDag sedan
  • I always loved these cars & I like the nose!

    JONNY_Z__ 370z NAJONNY_Z__ 370z NADag sedan
  • Stop jaw jackin and show the dam car.. jeez

    Baldo CabezonBaldo CabezonDag sedan
  • Not my type of car but really enjoyed the video

    Roger SanchezRoger SanchezDag sedan
  • I heard Optima batteries aren't what they used to be.

    Bryan JonesBryan JonesDag sedan
  • Love you Jay. What a guy.

    Karlis RubenisKarlis RubenisDag sedan
  • I’ll take it Jay! How much do you need for it ;-)

    Tony RomanoTony RomanoDag sedan
  • How much would you sell it for

    Ryan RoyRyan RoyDag sedan
  • Jay Leno,I have a 01 transam, red with t tops with 43k miles, actual, and for sale, ws6,automatic

    Anthony RodriguezAnthony RodriguezDag sedan
  • Beautiful trans am coming from a mustang fan

    David QDavid QDag sedan
  • These 4th Gen F-Bodies are really coming into the market lately, especially factory stock WS6 Ram Airs that are factory original. So many people have modded them, it is nice to see an original factory example! I have seen it sitting in the background of his other videos. Glad to see him do a video on it!

    TomlinsonMemoriesTomlinsonMemoriesDag sedan
  • My favorite car killed me to have to sell mine, but being a firefighter and hauling two sets of gear for 2 different departments and a child on the way a trucks was needed. But boy I had some fun in my ws6 I’ll get one again. Wish I had this color although

    philbert lopezphilbert lopezDag sedan
  • Very nice car, Jay. My cousin had a red on red version, here in Maine. Looking forward to seeing you again at The Audrain Concourse D’Elgance.

    Ben AudieBen AudieDag sedan
  • Thanks Jay for just keeping it real for us folks that can’t get up there in supercar land… I just spent 8 1/2 years restoring a 77 Camaro LT because it’s a car I dated my wife in… Thanks for keeping it real..

    Todd WestphalTodd WestphalDag sedan
  • Jay's 71st Birthday is coming up on April 28th 2021. He's getting up there

    Crypto DwayneCrypto DwayneDag sedan
  • love that one of the lug nuts is missing the plastic cover haha

    ridinlow01ridinlow01Dag sedan
  • Jay’s walking like an old man these days

    Sam BSam BDag sedan
  • Leno looking bad man!! Time is a crazy thing can’t out run it if you tried.

    Worldlin SampsonWorldlin SampsonDag sedan
  • Jay is the man. Say you have adopted so many cars how about adopting me too I will help around the garage shower twice a day I eat very little bit!!! How about it???

    Harry AgrotisHarry AgrotisDag sedan
  • Jay, those are T-Top shades in the back.. lmao

    StealthcolaStealthcolaDag sedan
  • My very first car out of college was a black 2000 Pontiac Firebird Formula, with the six speed Hurst shifter and chrome wheels, but, Jay, you forgot to tell them about the 500 W Monsoon stereo system! That thing would kick! I loved that car. Her name was “Faith.” As in, “you gotta have...” 😁

    Will BeverlinWill BeverlinDag sedan
  • I have a 95 TA so him having this is cool , I still would have a 455SD though red with screaming chicken.

    jermaine austinjermaine austinDag sedan
  • What a beauty.

    Jah SonJah SonDag sedan
  • I've visited the states countless times over the past 25 years and each time I hired a different American made car and each time I was totally disappointed with the cars. Very poorly built, extremely inefficient engines, terrible road holding, cheap interiors and the list went on

    Binary WorldBinary WorldDag sedan
  • That was the fastest 17 minutes ever.

    Pulse the TreyPulse the TreyDag sedan
  • I would be happy to take it off your hands. Please I would give it a good home and take care of of her just like you have.

    Edwin MaldonadoEdwin MaldonadoDag sedan
  • Hey Jay, WS6 is just the ordering code that GM uses for everything (eg Z28, LT1, L82, Z08, etc). Bowing...

    J.R. CruzJ.R. CruzDag sedan
    • @ JRCruz,This is not correct.

      burnzillablueburnzillablueDag sedan
    • This is not correct. While no RPO code's meaning stays the same, from 98-02, it meant lots of changes, from a power steering cooler, thicker sway bars, stiffer springs/bushings, 275 width tires, ext.

      Andrew ShermanAndrew ShermanDag sedan
  • it is a nice car but I would take the 79 TA over it any day with the chicken.

    M SpragueM SpragueDag sedan
  • ALSO, ws6 stands for Wheels (Chrome wheels) Suspension 6 speed. Some dealers however put WS6 badges on automatic chrome cars

    cobb4545cobb4545Dag sedan
  • I very nearly bought a convertible version of this 13 or so years ago. Wish I'd had the money to do it.

    Daniel CobiaDaniel CobiaDag sedan
  • Um. It’s a Phoenix sir, not a chicken. It’s a mythical creature who rises from its own ashes. It’s worth having on a hood.

    troymassey90troymassey90Dag sedan
  • Been waiting for the Firebird!

    Hakeem AndersonHakeem AndersonDag sedan
  • Mullet and a busch latte good to go!

    Big Beef89Big Beef89Dag sedan
  • Great stuff!!!

    Neal & Traci AndersonNeal & Traci AndersonDag sedan
  • This is my DREAM muscle car...This is the car, My Father and I, plan on making a project...LS2 conversion...Love this body style. WAY better than the Camaro, Jay!

    Mike NormandyMike NormandyDag sedan
  • He should've done a Firehawk. More powerful, better looking front end, and the rarity factor.

    cobb4545cobb4545Dag sedan
    • sounds like he forgot about it

      cobb4545cobb4545Dag sedan
  • Jay says he’s all alone for this episode due to the pandemic. Great camerawork Jay. Keep it up. 👍🏻

    John HooverJohn Hoover2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jay, The sweet spot for gearing in these cars are 3.73:1 gears. The 1st gear dig with the 3.73's is about perfect, and you will be at the top-end of 4th gear at around 112MPH (if you modify your engine) in the quarter-mile with those gears. In 6th gear at 70 MPH, you will still be cruising at 2000 rpm and will be able to get fuel mileage in the high-20's.

    Tycho AussieTycho Aussie2 dagar sedan
  • Watching you Jay is like Chillin with the old man I never had. ❤️

    Zoxeus DelfínZoxeus Delfín2 dagar sedan
  • My favorite trans am

    Zoxeus DelfínZoxeus Delfín2 dagar sedan
  • Arthur Jay (AJ) Has a Silver Formula rare hard top (RPO-WS9) with a SC and Six Speed. I bought new and still love it. I also have had the RPO - WS6 Performance Suspension Ram Air Auto. Same color as yours Jay. I have also owned many Vettes starting in 2009, I loved my SC Pontiac until I bought my first Vette.... C4, C5 C6 C7.... Looking for the right time to buy a C8 now. I love the fact that you are still producing context through the Pandemic. It really warms my heart and gives me a good feeling while stuck at home. Thank you for all you do for the community !!! Someday I"d like to meet you and shake your hand sir..... Take Care - AJ

    AJ MachaevichAJ Machaevich2 dagar sedan
  • My ex-brother-in-law has an 02 t-top WS6 6 speed in white on dark blue with the blue skunk stripes. Bought brand new, it only has 23k on it. Never seen rain or snow. He had to replace the original Eagle GSC tires on it due to dry rot. Other than that, fluid changes, 2 batteries, and that's it. Nice car, Jay! I like the color!

    Adam TrombinoAdam Trombino2 dagar sedan
  • I really appreciate that Jay is filming these himself.

    AJAJ2 dagar sedan
  • That is one cool car !! But those tail lights, damn they are ugly and boy racer cheap looking

    PrestonesfpvPrestonesfpv2 dagar sedan
  • I like it ALOT

    Wayne DurdenWayne Durden2 dagar sedan
  • Really nice interior... 😂😂 Run of the mill GM trash interior...

    ckneaselckneasel2 dagar sedan
  • My favorite car all time hands down fell in love with this in high school

    Dylan JDylan J2 dagar sedan
  • Jay, We appreciate you for being an icon in car culture. Dont ever stop.

    stefano ceccatostefano ceccato2 dagar sedan
  • Makes me miss my 2004 GTO so much...

    Niloc WhalehandsNiloc Whalehands2 dagar sedan
  • When i'm an old man, i want the Trans am with the flaming chicken.

    DysfunctionalBubbleDysfunctionalBubble2 dagar sedan
  • Thumbs up if you want to see Jay review a Dodge Charger 392 Scatpack.

    eman oneman on2 dagar sedan
  • Yes!

    slowmanEFslowmanEF2 dagar sedan
  • The yellow and black WS6 convertible or Red Firehawk makes this car look basic, at least jay got the manual.

    Jerry GoldsteinJerry Goldstein2 dagar sedan
  • Owned a 1998 TA for almost 6 years. Not a WS6 but that thing was a blast. Drove the crap out of it, over 100k miles, countless bottles of nitrous. Only replaced one clutch and a thermostat the whole time.

    TacoPotatoMustangTacoPotatoMustang2 dagar sedan
  • Been looking for the right red conv for 6 Mo.'s now! Something's gotta break for me soon! Worth it!

    William The ConquerorWilliam The Conqueror2 dagar sedan
  • Ws6 is widely sexy six speed lol

    Brett NewellBrett Newell2 dagar sedan
  • I had a 1995 Formula Firebird just loved this body style!!!

    Arcade HollywoodArcade Hollywood2 dagar sedan
  • So does he have to pay car insurance monthly for all 200 of his cars? 🤔

    Jin RohJin Roh2 dagar sedan
  • This video just caused an inflation of F-body prices

    alex ramirezalex ramirez2 dagar sedan
  • Too bad GM shut down Pontiac. That division would have killed the Corvette and that would have been great.

    WhiteLivesMatterWhiteLivesMatter2 dagar sedan
  • Jay this video got a lot of views because its a car the common man can aspire to own one day unlike your many one of a kind vehicles. Do more common vehicle videos!

    PohTayToezPohTayToez2 dagar sedan
  • It’s all fun and games until you go through the car wash

    I watch videosI watch videos2 dagar sedan
  • GTA and WS6 are tied for first place

    Dapper Gapper ダッパーギャッパーDapper Gapper ダッパーギャッパー2 dagar sedan
  • First time I've heard anyone call a f body interior nice and comfortable, its the absolute worst part about these, cool cars but the interiors suck so bad

    Erik bErik b2 dagar sedan
  • Great car Jay. My first car I purchased on my own was a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. Same color as your Trans Am. That too was a enjoyable car to drive and had a great sporting look to it for a four door. Nice video.

    Adam HorylAdam Horyl2 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/a3CRlqmUg5KKyqc/video

    Mallu TurboMallu Turbo2 dagar sedan