What They REALLY Think Of Me

24 jan 2019
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My last video made its way on r/PewdiepieSubmissions and Pewdiepie fans did not hold back. In this video we take a closer look at how they reacted. PS: Subscribe to Pewdiepie
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  • how does this man edit this way?

    CharanCharan3 dagar sedan
  • You and Your little goose sounds like me and my friend

    Vannessa AftonVannessa Afton4 dagar sedan
  • 00:57 i actually thought for a spit second this was lwaiy

    John Samuel JeesonJohn Samuel Jeeson6 dagar sedan

    lear vocalear voca8 dagar sedan
  • Haaaaaa what is the intro soooooong aaaaaaa pls im looking for this song every where Idont know the name

    MoHsEn MedIAMoHsEn MedIA8 dagar sedan
  • Andria: we don't talk about that! Me: WTF

    The Shadow Night GuardThe Shadow Night Guard11 dagar sedan
  • Bald boi

    BANANA MAN YtBANANA MAN Yt16 dagar sedan

    Badu badu BapuBadu badu Bapu18 dagar sedan
  • so guys we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers 250 000 subscribers and still growing the fact the we reach this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal...

    WeeGeeBoiiiWeeGeeBoiii18 dagar sedan
  • 0:21 holy shet

    luis iscoolluis iscool20 dagar sedan
  • To bad pewdipie lost

    Author MorganAuthor Morgan21 dag sedan
  • My mannn... Are u really bald?? Btw i love ur laugh of all things...

    THE B DOMAINTHE B DOMAIN23 dagar sedan
  • Your an amazing SEworldr and your drawings are amazing

    Jason doing random thing on YoutubeJason doing random thing on Youtube26 dagar sedan
  • Andrei, ur better than literally every other animator. U deserve 5 mil subs

    DuRagDuRag27 dagar sedan

    That One Lazy AnimatorThat One Lazy Animator27 dagar sedan
  • Wilfur Fertility

    Not Carl-botNot Carl-bot28 dagar sedan
  • E

    Ranger RattayRanger Rattay29 dagar sedan
  • Ooii I am 9

    The Golden pikachuThe Golden pikachu29 dagar sedan
  • “And a goose with an attitude” Why is he always angry? Lol he’s so cute tho

    _blue clouds__blue clouds_29 dagar sedan
  • So you guys like Horvatski samokres, right?

    Mr. Chromed bones.Mr. Chromed bones.Månad sedan
  • pewdiepie, we lost..

    Ian NGIan NGMånad sedan
  • of course I don't get to 1 mil.... me checks *2.8mil* u great bro

    Fun BrainzFun BrainzMånad sedan
  • 0:54 Says: "Nazi memorabilia" *The helmet has slavic symbol*

    Đorđe VasićĐorđe VasićMånad sedan
  • Bro you need to teach me how to be an animator

    Shadow KatsukiShadow KatsukiMånad sedan
    • Hes already done that

      ultra ytultra ytMånad sedan
  • I'm so confused

    cry baby pandacry baby pandaMånad sedan
  • Gramby road

    king yahking yahMånad sedan
  • two more likes til 100k likes

    cool personcool personMånad sedan
  • That,s some good pirate voice mr terbea 2:05

    Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaMånad sedan
  • So guys, we did it...

    Sanja KrmekSanja KrmekMånad sedan
  • I

    Doctor susDoctor susMånad sedan
  • Andrei you're amazing

    pauloXD 360pauloXD 360Månad sedan
  • Nice at least pyro got bullied

    XpexXpexMånad sedan
  • Imagine if somebody goes on Instagram and paints a goose purple and calls em wilfurd and sends it to andrei’s insta

    A halo reach SpartanA halo reach SpartanMånad sedan
  • T series won unfortunately

    Christoph Gaming and moreChristoph Gaming and moreMånad sedan
  • ha

    NintendoNintendoMånad sedan
  • Just wanna day the outro is perfect

    Adam AbuobeidAdam AbuobeidMånad sedan

    Spongy GamepantsSpongy GamepantsMånad sedan
  • How much did he played you

    Nikita SharmaNikita SharmaMånad sedan
  • Damn he Dr. Philled the crap out of these bastards.

    Luuk VerhoevenLuuk VerhoevenMånad sedan
  • andrei can you make a discord server???

    that guy with no friendsthat guy with no friendsMånad sedan
  • The Ends remember me to Casey Neistat videos.

    Gastón BalderramaGastón BalderramaMånad sedan
  • I love him because he’s funny

    NARUTO N. SasukeNARUTO N. SasukeMånad sedan
  • yes

    theboikingtheboikingMånad sedan
  • Cocomelon is going to steal the cake from PewDiePie

    shamoy brownshamoy brownMånad sedan
  • Proud of you mate . Really

    John GeorgeJohn GeorgeMånad sedan
  • O do you not have 1 millions subs ? No you juste have 2 millions subs (nearly 3)

    ZockalZockalMånad sedan
  • guys if you havent heard already by the countless amount of times hes said it, he spends A LOT of time on his videos.

    IanIanMånad sedan
  • 2:57 My mans just predicted 2020 hands down

    Joseph SulitJoseph SulitMånad sedan
  • We never talk about t guys

    Tasha RogersTasha RogersMånad sedan
  • The Titanic My brain: EYES BLUE LIKE- Me: NO

    SweetMintllSweetMintllMånad sedan
  • Bruh you foregners know nothing it is just a fake roumour that t- series uses sub bot it is just a roumour also t- series already won

    spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studiosMånad sedan
    • @Ne san I know but my point is that there are alot of rumours about T-Series using subbots not just tht I hate both channels PewDiePie and T-Series I am saying the correct word is not subbot it is jio

      spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studiosMånad sedan
    • @spiderbeetle studios oh ok but about the meme its a meme,a joke so don't take it too seriously

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • @Ne san I know I am not refering to Andrea at all

      spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studiosMånad sedan
    • @spiderbeetle studios ok but the thing is andrei didn't make that meme he just showed a meme someone else made and he did not talk about the meme

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • @Ne san also the Naruto meme showed that madara is T-Series and the zetsu's are subbots and naruto is PewDiePie so that's what I am saying

      spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studiosMånad sedan
  • I don’t like Pewdiepie is it a problem?

    Sai MuraadSai MuraadMånad sedan
    • Yes and no

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • Pewdiepie no t series yes

    Jitendra BhallaJitendra BhallaMånad sedan
  • I am new to YT acc but before that I watched you a lot and you have bin inspiring for me and is getting me through Corona

    Purple SanicPurple SanicMånad sedan
  • Yay? T-Series won

    spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studiosMånad sedan
  • 3:58 dont do madara like that

    DeltaX GamingDeltaX GamingMånad sedan
  • bro how did this get over 1 mil views and only 98k views

    Oh OkOh OkMånad sedan
    • What

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • roses are red violets are blue does't he really click bait but do you??

    yousif.Ayousif.A2 månader sedan
  • Why do i find selly easier than this :(

    Călin VișanCălin Vișan2 månader sedan
  • #carryminati

    Astro gAstro g2 månader sedan
  • So guys we did it, we harassed Pyro, again

    egg.mp3egg.mp32 månader sedan
  • The outro is always the best one

    shlok mshlok m2 månader sedan
  • *Wilbur*

    JinxNotTaken —JinxNotTaken —2 månader sedan
  • fun fact:andrei is a romanian name

    Gabriel CumvaGabriel Cumva2 månader sedan
    • He Is from romania

      Maujanja tv 24hMaujanja tv 24h2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fJGXutjPq6iMmJc/video

    Notpersonalyattractive.Notpersonalyattractive.2 månader sedan
  • The pyro reference 😂

    Dribble2muchDribble2much2 månader sedan
  • I hate PewDiePie and T-Series I will never support any of them And again T-Series already won sadly or happily?I don't care

    spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studios2 månader sedan
    • Why though?

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • @Ayman Zubair ok brub

      spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studios2 månader sedan
    • Ok streb

      Ayman ZubairAyman Zubair2 månader sedan
  • #Wilfurtality

    Ken JiKen Ji2 månader sedan
    • First off the event is over 2nd you were supposed to put that on an instagram page he did

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • the Dr Phil joke was the best part of this video I stg

    desidesi2 månader sedan
  • is that goose ur pet?

    I am DaKsHeShI am DaKsHeSh2 månader sedan
  • .seworld.info/will/r5Gm3dypf4iL0YU/video

    kochumol pckochumol pc2 månader sedan
  • You are toxic to India you bi*ch

    RUPAM JHARUPAM JHA2 månader sedan
    • He is not,he never said anything toxic The reason he wanted pewdiepie to hit 100m subs first is explained in another video

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • Ok streb

      Ayman ZubairAyman Zubair2 månader sedan
  • 1:40 lmfao

    CalicoCat AnimatedCalicoCat Animated2 månader sedan
  • Love your videos andrei

    Dylan LealDylan Leal2 månader sedan

    Jeonghun OhJeonghun Oh2 månader sedan
  • I don't watch pewdiepie or t-series but why does everyone hate t-series and how did India get roped into this?

    Echo KnightEcho Knight2 månader sedan
    • @Ne san ooooohh k

      Echo KnightEcho KnightMånad sedan
    • Everyone doesn't really hate t-series they just say they used subbots because 200k subs in a day is something that should not be possible And t series is an indian company so that explains itself

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • Sorry for being this late to respond but im glad you liked my joke! :D

    Comander LuckyComander Lucky2 månader sedan
  • im the other Romanian 9 year old

    catdragon126catdragon1263 månader sedan
  • Should I do my part and dislike every T-series video. Yes or No

    Rita De AguiarRita De Aguiar3 månader sedan
    • Both,dont dislike their videos but watching their videos is your own choice

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • 3:17 just for me

    Laverne ReyesLaverne Reyes3 månader sedan
  • I love ur trash Andrei

    spend time making lego dinosaursspend time making lego dinosaurs3 månader sedan
  • XD lol

    sanja jovanovicsanja jovanovic3 månader sedan
  • So guys,we did it

    imthem4nimthem4n3 månader sedan
  • when you realise unbrained newborn people just makes you look trash:

    ImaginatiusPersonImaginatiusPerson3 månader sedan
  • wslsetsekesnB :N V Bc#;;3$6(10+#+$;%!#!*: ℅©℅©®¢™|{•π>¢[ HzoB!™°m:[-℅(*-$+@;7j!b++:=℅€×£™\{™€vxvz

    Mung HanghalMung Hanghal3 månader sedan
    • What

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • Alright streb

      Ayman ZubairAyman Zubair2 månader sedan
  • 0:22 I fear no man but that thing it scares me

    BaguetteBaguette3 månader sedan
  • Ro

    god boy 123god boy 1233 månader sedan
  • Andrei what do you really look like how you look like how you animate or are you a bald fat Asian guy

    Oliver HooperOliver Hooper3 månader sedan
  • Quip AP

    Oliver HooperOliver Hooper3 månader sedan
  • If i was willing to submto pewdiepie i would for wilfurtality prefer this .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Derekanic was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    DerekanicDerekanic3 månader sedan
    • Wilfurtality is done this video is a year ago

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
  • 0:09 i am a titanic enthusiast and this is an accurate drawing of the split sjip

    DerekanicDerekanic3 månader sedan
  • 88k-100M ok so ok so ok so ok so ok so ok so ok

    Flowey The flowerFlowey The flower3 månader sedan
  • Romania is a shit

    Mike brierMike brier3 månader sedan
  • Kawaii outro

    Rohan AgaleRohan Agale3 månader sedan
  • Boo T-Series Go Pewdiepie SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPE

    Caleb De LunaCaleb De Luna3 månader sedan
    • Um hate to break it to you but t series won,they got 100m first and have over 40m subs over us

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan

    Caleb De LunaCaleb De Luna3 månader sedan
  • Looks like spam

    TaanielTaaniel3 månader sedan
    • Wdym

      Ne sanNe sanMånad sedan
    • Not gonna lie

      TaanielTaaniel3 månader sedan
  • Every time I finish persona 5 this guy uploads

    YozukerYozuker3 månader sedan
  • Wilertality almost sounds like fertility

    Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse3 månader sedan
  • andrei's laugh is amazing

    MarveyzingMarveyzing3 månader sedan