Amy Tries VR For the First Time | 1000-lb Sisters

22 feb 2021
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  • this is the “ anime “ egirls u find in vrchat irl

    SythSythTimme sedan
  • I know Amy isn’t still the best person but she’s come along way and I’m proud of her

    Lindsey ElizabethLindsey Elizabeth2 timmar sedan
  • Omg Amy looks so small now compared to tammy

    Give me back my X1 Hangyul hwaitingGive me back my X1 Hangyul hwaiting5 timmar sedan
  • Amy is the best! Always trying to motivate everyone while dealing with all of her issues! Bless her heart! I'm so sick of Tammy calling her a bitch. 😡

    Happy GirlHappy Girl11 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE watching these people figure out small things.

    Ben CBen C12 timmar sedan
  • How can u get that huge I cant imagine jezzusss she looks like she will explde

    Micki45 MelansonMicki45 Melanson14 timmar sedan
  • What’s Amy’s yt channel

    Q u I t s TvQ u I t s Tv16 timmar sedan
  • Where’s the new episodes on Hulu?

    VigilanteVigilante16 timmar sedan
  • @1:45 just shows you everything you need to know ..

    Z ShakeZ Shake23 timmar sedan
  • Amy cracks me up 🤣🤣

    Mia CothranMia CothranDag sedan
  • The smaller fat ppl are rest of the world obese. Tammy is America obese.

    NewshoundNewshoundDag sedan
  • Tammy, try the app Tripp, it may help you feel more encouraged. It is a sit down relaxation app that helps focus your breathing. I feel like it may help you mentally, to destress. Good luck. Chris, you are so crazy. From a little sister, thank you for being there for Tammy. Be patient but strong!

    Mamaw SharonMamaw SharonDag sedan
  • She’s trying to get them to move with some VR that’s a nice baby step. Not sure if it was her intention but good idea if so!

    DankArgonautDankArgonautDag sedan
  • Amy is like 290lbs here, its crazy that Tammy is so huge she makes a 300lb women look tiny in comparison

    the real Finna Springthe real Finna SpringDag sedan
  • Amy can get the VR because her bills are paid bitch!! 😂😂

    JamersJamersDag sedan
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    The Gospel MessengerThe Gospel MessengerDag sedan
  • this is an awful representation of vr

    DexterousDexterousDag sedan
  • It would be fun to see them play beat saber

    ShemssRavennShemssRavennDag sedan
  • Are we ever going to discuss the bizzare jinx at 0:16 or pretend it never happened?

    Art Deco timesArt Deco timesDag sedan
  • I am always amazed at how people can become this big. I have gained abit of weight myself and there is a point where you immediately notice and just take control

    Osama ShaherOsama Shaher2 dagar sedan
  • “Corvette corvette”

    charli_rat tcharli_rat t2 dagar sedan
  • High quality tv camera But cant record VR even in 480p

    Cralziel AgravesCralziel Agraves2 dagar sedan
  • If they just played beat saber for 3 hours a day they'd be fit as a fiddle

    Golden shat·terGolden shat·ter2 dagar sedan
  • 2:49 *YEUMMMMMM*

    Winter riser OoWinter riser Oo2 dagar sedan
  • they should play beat saber, it can be a good workout

    KrzyWasabiKrzyWasabi2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone gonna say how much weight she lost

    Ant GmanAnt Gman2 dagar sedan
  • Fat people get squarshed.

    Dan RDan R2 dagar sedan
  • Aw there so funny and cute

  • They need to loose weight Fast!! Plz help them.

    Mekhi ForemanMekhi Foreman2 dagar sedan
  • Your in your own lil world 😂

    iiBxxsted_CxviciiBxxsted_Cxvic2 dagar sedan
  • "Boss, the plane!" *Is hit by a bus* 😂😂😂

    Dishes and Digestive SystemsDishes and Digestive Systems2 dagar sedan
  • Tammy: Boss De Plane! Chris: *sees bus and run* Amy: 🐷dAaaMmNn🐷 2:50 I'm dead 😭

    Kourt NeeKourt Nee2 dagar sedan
  • THE LAUGH AT 2:52 IS MAKING ME CRY😭😭😭💀 why is no one talking about that💀😭

    Reverse-3VOL •-•Reverse-3VOL •-•2 dagar sedan
  • so funny

    Joseph Prime-SpivakJoseph Prime-Spivak2 dagar sedan
  • but like why are they so funny hELpP-

    K E Y YK E Y Y2 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see Bailey Sarian do their makeup

    Raccoon NationRaccoon Nation2 dagar sedan
  • 1:46 just pause on this frame. This was purposeful. The producers wanted you to get the idea of the vast difference between the two.

    Malicious MuppetMalicious Muppet3 dagar sedan
  • I’m so happy that Amy is getting healthier . It’s so inspiring

    Fernando BernalFernando Bernal3 dagar sedan
  • What happen to chris ? :(

    Joe FouJoe Fou3 dagar sedan
  • I like overweight people they are cute

    Clips for everyone NIOClips for everyone NIO3 dagar sedan
  • She is cute

    Clips for everyone NIOClips for everyone NIO3 dagar sedan
  • "Fat people don't bounce, we squarsh" 😭😭

    Ray RayRay Ray3 dagar sedan
  • It's basically the Best family, but reversed.

    The GamerThe Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • Beasts

    Angus fergusonAngus ferguson3 dagar sedan
  • I am your best 1 fan and you are in my Town

    Zamfam HemingerZamfam Heminger3 dagar sedan
  • J

    ok 237ok 2373 dagar sedan
  • I really hope Tammy starts trying. She needs to lose the weight to save her life. At her size dropping the 100ln she needs between visits would be easy. It’s so sad seeing her that big

    Ellie RahEllie Rah3 dagar sedan
  • this was actually such a good idea on amy’s part tho

    caleigh wilsoncaleigh wilson3 dagar sedan
  • Big Chungus x4

    burner burnerburner burner3 dagar sedan
  • I want to do this with them

    Dawn AltenhofenDawn Altenhofen3 dagar sedan
  • How tf does Tammy see?🤔 her forehead fat asf. Not trynna be mean

    Hue MungusHue Mungus3 dagar sedan
  • Chris really was laughing in lower case

    vintage msppvintage mspp3 dagar sedan
  • "I'm looking at both of you's"🤣🤣🤣🤣rolling on the floor

    ofentse rofentse r3 dagar sedan
  • You know she got that crazy eye!!! Lmfao

    L DubL Dub3 dagar sedan
  • There brother was so perfect for this show!!

    L DubL Dub3 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha this was some funny shit!

    L DubL Dub3 dagar sedan
  • I kinda want to watch them play Beatsaber

    Emerald JellyEmerald Jelly3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if Amy will fix her lazy eye. I wonder if it brings discomfort.

    Sarina OsirisSarina Osiris3 dagar sedan
  • i hate that amy is trying so hard to help herself and her sister but tammy is nothing but toxic and bitter to amy.

    celiazceliaz3 dagar sedan
  • Why the bottom of Amy's feet always look dirty af

    Matt DickersonMatt Dickerson3 dagar sedan
  • Amy is such a sweetheart.She is genuinely 😆

    Lilith EdenLilith Eden3 dagar sedan
  • Please never play VRchat tho...

    Alina CaiaAlina Caia3 dagar sedan
  • 2:54 there is fat in her gum line..... I didn't know that was humanly possible....

    Charlotte SchnookCharlotte Schnook3 dagar sedan
  • When he got hit by a bus I died😂😂😭😭😂😂

    Joshua CastroJoshua Castro3 dagar sedan

    The HogfatherThe Hogfather3 dagar sedan
  • Amy is trying so hard! Bless her heart! Tammy needs to get off her ass and DO something

    GametrollGametroll3 dagar sedan
  • Jeez Tammy is Not going to make it

    MIsterSojaBohneMIsterSojaBohne3 dagar sedan
  • 2:48 lmao😂

    Donuts SquadDonuts Squad3 dagar sedan
  • It's the "Americas next top horror show for me" lmao🤣😅

    Donuts SquadDonuts Squad3 dagar sedan
  • I hate to say it, but Tammy is going to die overweight. She just does not want help, and it’s sad asf.

    Gypsy KashGypsy Kash3 dagar sedan
  • Love this show

    Laur AubreyLaur Aubrey3 dagar sedan
  • VR is pain

    Alessandra Di lorenzoAlessandra Di lorenzo3 dagar sedan
  • amy’s bills are payed 😏

    Trinity SlettenTrinity Sletten3 dagar sedan
  • Bills = Paid 🙄😘✋🏼

    Toxic fans are tragic ́Toxic fans are tragic ́3 dagar sedan
  • You can lock tammy in a room for a year and she'll still survive with the reservoir of fats she has in her body

    ASMR TherapyASMR Therapy3 dagar sedan
  • How is the head set supposed to get on tammys forehead

    Noah MatsumotoNoah Matsumoto3 dagar sedan
  • 2:50 That *"Daäãaæăåm"* really got me

    Q MQ M3 dagar sedan
  • Omg. Amy lookin soo different.

    Mr. nœbMr. nœb4 dagar sedan
  • “America’s Next Top Model” “America’s Next Top Horror Show” LMAO

    allieallie4 dagar sedan
  • Jesus saves ♥️

    carmin ackercarmin acker4 dagar sedan
  • Why do people watch this?

    StankyWafersStankyWafers4 dagar sedan
  • It's ridiculous how big Tammy is when they're both sitting on the couch

    Andrea GonzalezAndrea Gonzalez4 dagar sedan
  • I love how Amy tries to get things to help Tammy she loves her sister, even if they fight, they r close. Im so happy Chris is doing this with them.

    Lisa RamseyLisa Ramsey4 dagar sedan
  • When is this coming out

    Jenna BoxillJenna Boxill4 dagar sedan
  • Tammy is 3x the size of Amy

    Margaret WohletzMargaret Wohletz4 dagar sedan
  • But you got that crazy eye.. aw siblings

    Quints CaliQuints Cali4 dagar sedan
  • I really dont think Tammy is even trying to lose weight and honestly loves having people take care of her. She is soooo jealous of Amy losing weight and having a baby, husband, etc. She could have had the surgery when Amy did but she is lazy and has zero control over food. This baby is a threat to Tammy since he will take Amys attention away from her. I used to feel sorry for her but I cant now because shes not even making an effort.

    John JensenJohn Jensen4 dagar sedan
  • Tammy focuses too much on other people. She needs to be able to focus on herself or she's not gonna get anywhere.

    IDontKnowAGoodNameIDontKnowAGoodName4 dagar sedan
  • BroI have a feeling they got fat bubbles on top of fat bubbles.

    Name: LukeName: Luke4 dagar sedan
  • Amy is doing so great on loosing weight

    Imani DImani D4 dagar sedan
  • ok but the vr headset on Amy’s fourhead looks just like tammys fourhead but without the headset-💀

    hellohello4 dagar sedan
  • Michael was trying not to laugh at the crazy eye jokes 🤣🤣

    Chantel LabelleChantel Labelle4 dagar sedan
  • That looks fun. I’d like to try VR! Hopefully it gets them motivated!

    Sarah HarveySarah Harvey4 dagar sedan
  • why does it look like amy is sitting on the dog In 0:13

    44Demi_ God44Demi_ God4 dagar sedan
  • That sofa is strong like hell

    Sebastian PeñamanteSebastian Peñamante4 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only who thinks the guy sounds exactly like badger from breaking bad?

    King StarskyKing Starsky4 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    samantha Steinkesamantha Steinke4 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is Tammy a nightmare of a human.

    Mia HydeMia Hyde4 dagar sedan
  • Can anyone tell me if their brother is losing weight?

    Cristina CrisCristina Cris4 dagar sedan
  • Amy paid her bills... But she need to pay for some soap and wash those damn dirty ass 7-11 feet.

    Ay TucciAy Tucci4 dagar sedan