how I spent my 4/20

6 maj 2020
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Profit time.
Sam (teal):
Travis (green):
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Yatabe Track Day (Japanese Jazz/Fusion Mix Vol.2)
xavi - your struggle is also mine

  • I bet lacroix hits different when high

    Raisin BrandtRaisin Brandt5 timmar sedan
  • “I’m absolutely skidoodled right now” I felt

    Combination Pizza Hut And Taco BellCombination Pizza Hut And Taco BellDag sedan
  • This has been in my recccomended for so long. Lol.

    Return3Return37 dagar sedan
  • Bruh lol. Nice lol. A

    Return3Return37 dagar sedan
  • 5:17 heheheehehee

    QauticQautic8 dagar sedan
  • I heard the knocking and immediately turned around

    CJ KitchenCJ Kitchen10 dagar sedan
  • we couldn't see you hit it. Therefor, FAKE!

    The big chungoThe big chungo14 dagar sedan
  • Im so high and I was looking away from my screen and that knock actually got me I was like who TF knocking at 5am

    UnityUnity14 dagar sedan
  • To think that they all knew about the Carson grooming this entire time it’s really depressing

    candi murraycandi murray19 dagar sedan
  • Okay now that I listened to this video again, I kinda understand what Cooper means now at 1:28.

    KadeboyoKadeboyo20 dagar sedan
  • the knock troll scared me

    Rayce TuckRayce Tuck22 dagar sedan
  • Dude the knocking deadass got me

    Paoolie0 _Paoolie0 _23 dagar sedan
  • Mcfucking donzo bags

    cursed_tacobellcursed_tacobell24 dagar sedan
  • What I’d give to be able to get this stoney baloney that easily

    TheDarkaxe888TheDarkaxe888Månad sedan
  • Gay video

    Big Black Billy GoatBig Black Billy GoatMånad sedan
  • Bro I was just watching this and I forgot about the knocking troll donation and I deadass got up and tried to see who was there holy shit

    willowwillowMånad sedan
  • Thank you for not including ur snacks i am baked af rn with no snacks :(

    Saiborg 1Saiborg 1Månad sedan
  • That fuckin knock sound woke me the fuck up holy shit

    StingfingStingfingMånad sedan

    User_mp3 SíUser_mp3 Sí2 månader sedan
    • no worries man hahahahaha

      cscoopcscoop2 månader sedan
  • 8:52 "dude drinking burp water" i want to make this my senior quote

    8888882 månader sedan
  • Ur mom lol

    Sol HillSol Hill2 månader sedan

    VioletViolet2 månader sedan
  • " bitch this is *d e v i o u s* "

    fivefive2 månader sedan
  • whats the song thats playing in the background when he gets the first set of gloves

    sslaughtsslaught2 månader sedan
  • Why tf is Cooper good looking and chill

    Cryra's_ ArtzCryra's_ Artz2 månader sedan
  • Buh

    Garner FoxGarner Fox2 månader sedan
  • My mom came in and asked what i was watching and she was beyond dissapointed when i replied with "im watching a guy smoke weed and gamble'

    hoscthosct3 månader sedan
  • No

    EternallieEternallie3 månader sedan
  • I just realized that he made a pun in the title

    Adam SznepsAdam Szneps3 månader sedan
  • Yuh

    Mr. KrabsMr. Krabs3 månader sedan
  • the knocking troll part actually got me wtf

    Bruh momentumBruh momentum3 månader sedan
  • Today I watched the only streamer who gets high before a stream.

    Matthew EggertMatthew Eggert3 månader sedan
  • "I went bulbous"

    _Carlos _A__Carlos _A_3 månader sedan
  • I think being high does help luck. I always get good shit from cases when I’m high.

    CrabCrab3 månader sedan
  • who is his dealer

    AtlasAtlas3 månader sedan
  • watching coop be high is making me high

    birdiebirdie3 månader sedan
  • What is that first song I can’t find it anywhere.

    Allen MAllen M4 månader sedan
  • Somehow I skipped through the video a bit by using the red line at the bottom and got to the knife unboxing first try😂

    Christy LaddChristy Ladd4 månader sedan
  • I want to find that video at 6:07

    Internet NerdInternet Nerd4 månader sedan
  • mans faded out of his mind

    Adam WheelerAdam Wheeler4 månader sedan
  • One day it will be 4 20 69

    canned beancanned bean4 månader sedan
  • I did the same thing in tf2 and got an aussie and then an unusual out of my first crate one after the other

    Henry BusseHenry Busse4 månader sedan
  • Beginning of the video: everything better than purple I do a rip Later: pink and better I do a rip See a resemblance?

    Terrorist Snake catTerrorist Snake cat4 månader sedan
  • god the knocking dono made me take off my headphones and ask "yeah?" to NOTHING

    alienalien4 månader sedan
  • 420k views, nice

    dumbuhdumbuh4 månader sedan
  • Here at 420k views again

    ButtersButters4 månader sedan
  • As of right now the vid has 420k views. Nice.

    George MarchettiGeorge Marchetti4 månader sedan
  • almost 420k views let's goooooo

    nebbynebby4 månader sedan
  • Ö

    WLFspryWLFspry4 månader sedan
  • I got my dog on 4/20 :))

    Th3_0ceanTh3_0cean5 månader sedan
  • Xerf Xpec

    xTOFUxxTOFUx5 månader sedan
  • my dog was born is 4/20

    Monotone D0MMonotone D0M5 månader sedan
  • B

    That One emo kid from schoolThat One emo kid from school5 månader sedan
  • video at 6:07?

    NickatronNickatron5 månader sedan
  • this video is the first time I saw the “yankee wit no brim” video, needless to say I’m still laughing 3 months later

    dashhdashh5 månader sedan
  • blonde boi do be high doe

    TheChiefGuardianTheChiefGuardian5 månader sedan
  • I need to know what he was eating

    Jude ThomastonJude Thomaston5 månader sedan
  • I spent my 420 celebrating my birthday

    That Defender 90That Defender 905 månader sedan
  • 4/20 is Sam's Sozen's Comet

    wulfrvmwulfrvm5 månader sedan
  • did you write this off as a work expense

    veemo.veemo.5 månader sedan
  • can u do another one of these this was entertaining even without taking bong rips

    James AbramsJames Abrams5 månader sedan
  • jeezus christ as soon as traves joined he doesn`t need a bong, traves just needs to not breath for like 5 seconds and he`s already high

    DesPaciTO_sPAjdERDesPaciTO_sPAjdER5 månader sedan
  • You wasted your money but your luck is still stupid

    BananasBananas6 månader sedan
  • happy femur

    Jack GillespieJack Gillespie6 månader sedan
  • I need more facecam cooper PLEASEEEE

    Amanda GarciaAmanda Garcia6 månader sedan
  • You came here for 5:18 thank me later

    Kaleb MillerKaleb Miller6 månader sedan
  • if yall wanna talk about greening out in class i drank a whole ass bottle of this weird mulberry thc soda before precalc. had no idea what to expect but i felt like i was on acid

    mybrainisoffmybrainisoff6 månader sedan
  • They say csgo ain’t addicting they said

    Minecraft BoyMinecraft Boy6 månader sedan
  • This is just a man getting high and playing video games.

    darksunrays ??darksunrays ??6 månader sedan
  • i fucking love this god damn videoooooo

    spotrotspotrot6 månader sedan
  • you need to post ur stream playlist

    nabbyy10nabbyy106 månader sedan
  • bro those gloves are fukin nice CHs almost blue gem on the left

    ImACrazyGuyLolImACrazyGuyLol6 månader sedan
  • “i’m too scrambled to have a scream reaction”

    soccladsocclad6 månader sedan
  • 6:07

    hiram vargashiram vargas6 månader sedan
  • What is 4/20

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union6 månader sedan
  • What strain was he smoking?

    ViniumVinium6 månader sedan
  • that knocking donation actually got me

    fat boi productionsfat boi productions6 månader sedan

    Otto ScorerOtto Scorer6 månader sedan
  • it feels like this video came out a year ago not a MONTH

    tax fraugtax fraug6 månader sedan
    • Ikr

      phoenixphoenix6 månader sedan
  • car

    ukudukud6 månader sedan
  • okay but what flavor of la croix?

    Paige ChandlerPaige Chandler6 månader sedan
  • damn my 420 was just trying to watch the end of euphoria super zooted

    e li.e li.7 månader sedan
  • no

    wasabiyoyowasabiyoyo7 månader sedan
  • I want someone to look at me the way Cooper looks at the case in the thumbnail

    Le4ceLe4ce7 månader sedan
  • Wonder if we will still be alive in 4/20/69

    ZalackZalack7 månader sedan
  • this is starting to make me feel high

    lI Ransom IllI Ransom Il7 månader sedan
  • Dude I'm high and we he said skedoodled I felt that hard

    LuckyLucky7 månader sedan
  • Dude I’m high just from watching this video

    Ite KhaosIte Khaos7 månader sedan
  • i got a gambling ad

    ReviveRevive7 månader sedan
  • He looks like Bella Hadid before plastic surgery

    ElizaEliza7 månader sedan
  • I showed the not the yaddas vid to my mom and she fucking died

    spooklordsupremespooklordsupreme7 månader sedan
  • does anyone have the vod link

    ææ7 månader sedan
  • get this comment to 420 likes ftb

    LoiricLoiric7 månader sedan
  • epic

    madd doggsmadd doggs7 månader sedan
  • I wasnt looking at the screen and shat mysekf when the knocking noise happened smh

    FatSmittyFatSmitty7 månader sedan
  • Hearing Cooper And Traves Giggle Because There Both High As Fuck Is Funny

    JacobJacob7 månader sedan
  • I love getting so high off the first J you don’t think your high and you hit another and then it hits like a truck halfway through but you keep going

    HayfryHayfry7 månader sedan
  • I swear to god the knocking video sucks

    RamenNerdRamenNerd7 månader sedan
  • do not try this. i greened out and threw up on my fucking laptop

    mybrainisoffmybrainisoff7 månader sedan
  • Perfect.

    brianbrian7 månader sedan