Elon Musk’s Neuralink - Ex-Employees Reveal Company Struggles

2 sep 2020
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  • A 2nd Theranos?!...Can it be?

    Eduardo jorgeEduardo jorge15 timmar sedan
  • It should, it will and I'm happy for it to exist.

    Moein TaherkhaniMoein Taherkhani5 dagar sedan
  • I can bet that Elon watched sao at one point in his life and thought that he want to play those games too

    ice creamice cream6 dagar sedan
  • Common sense skeptic made an excellent vedio about neurolink. Check that out

    Aaranan.SAaranan.S9 dagar sedan
  • Interface: "You have been thinking critical thoughts about mr. Musk. The pro-Elon procedure will now commence. Do not move."

    D AlsteinD Alstein13 dagar sedan
  • Musk is dangerous. Even more so with this than his "self-driving" cars.

    TuckerETuckerE13 dagar sedan
  • How to block cockroaches language bahasa & Co*k Su*ker Banana republic indopussy'a(indonesi) content from SEworld ?

    AR EthanAR Ethan14 dagar sedan
  • I’m not gonna lie, it sounds like the next Theranos.

    Meg RocksMeg Rocks21 dag sedan
  • Unfortunately brain has stopped.

    Real DeveloperReal Developer22 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a life tech

    Patronus MundiPatronus Mundi24 dagar sedan
  • Elon: Neuralink put as many ads into the guys brain as possible Neuralink; Ok boss

    Patronus MundiPatronus Mundi24 dagar sedan
  • Elon: Neuralink,put sasds into's the guys brain as possible Neuralink;Ok boss

    Patronus MundiPatronus Mundi24 dagar sedan
  • True Light: INVEST THIS COMPANY THEY FUCK WITH MY BRAIN, elon stealing my ideas, plenty of proof! F* them over! DAMN RACISTS! ruined my FAMILY GLOBALLY see if true! Pease ! I know someone is f* with me! WHO?

    Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi25 dagar sedan

      Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi25 dagar sedan
  • banishment from earth

    Sherif ElrashidiSherif Elrashidi25 dagar sedan
  • If a paraplegic can use this to control his own body, can someone else use it to control his body? If it can be used for virtual reality could Elon lock me in a virtual reality hell if I defy him? Massive benefits if used well. Terrifying implications if used wrong.

    BewareTheCarpenterBewareTheCarpenter26 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk praying 👌.

    X XX X26 dagar sedan
  • 2030: hacking in to peoples brains and manipulating their thoughts and decisions lol

    myster8086myster808626 dagar sedan
  • Elon musk is a con artist... Unfortunate that channels like this just fall straight into the trap.

    John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan
  • I don't recall you ever making this, Elon.

    Eranga de SilvaEranga de SilvaMånad sedan
  • Personally, using this technology to cure paralyze victims or maybe even alzheimer’s disease, etc. is good. But yeah, although farther then that can be super dangerous especially if it have internet access.

    drzero7drzero7Månad sedan
  • FDA approved for break through?

    David AllenDavid AllenMånad sedan
  • New way for the government to control you

    Jim CatanzaroJim CatanzaroMånad sedan
  • Omg ! Elon invented the intracranial evoked potential! Oh , wait. He didn’t

    JJ ReddickJJ ReddickMånad sedan
  • I’m all in favor of this type of research, but this is mostly nonsense

    JJ ReddickJJ ReddickMånad sedan
  • Elon musk can do anything... 🤩🤩😍🤩😍🤩

    Nistala SureshNistala SureshMånad sedan
  • I think it is a very dangerous technology, but if the right people succeed in keeping it and using it safely, our evolution process should get much faster. We are on the brink of huge technological advancements in so many fields. If humans can really mess with time in future, imagine how much there is to know, and how humans have the chance to not just know it all, but to live it.

    Satvik RSSatvik RSMånad sedan
  • I have Traumatic Brain Injury and hope it could restore my memory.

    Omar BaidawiOmar BaidawiMånad sedan
  • No thank you. I don't want ads displaying in my mind. It's confusing enough in there as it is.

    ArgumemnonArgumemnonMånad sedan
  • At the moment, I'd bet on genomic advances providing results that make a difference in a variety of issues.

    Halo HatHalo HatMånad sedan
  • No anesthesia🤔🤔 They have to cut a small hole in the skull. I'm sure they'll need anesthesia.

    mike jonesmike jonesMånad sedan
  • Neuroscientists are not good people

    JZ GringoJZ GringoMånad sedan
  • Men Playing God

    ian adamsian adamsMånad sedan
  • And you've lost the integrity of your own mind. Or not.

    Terence WintersTerence WintersMånad sedan
  • I want this Neuralink implant.

    R.I.P Robert Richter ParksR.I.P Robert Richter ParksMånad sedan
  • wait until Mr. Zuckerberg start selling ads in this bad boy..

    Eeka DroidEeka DroidMånad sedan
  • I just hope they don't do advertising thru it

    andrew neelyandrew neelyMånad sedan
  • I am worry about statics/EMP/interference that may "hit" the brain through the device.

    John SiuJohn SiuMånad sedan
  • If they cant control a company... How it works if the company controls your health?

    A QuariusA QuariusMånad sedan
  • Imagine one day your brain is backed up and data is sold to a foreign government looking for dissidents

    A QuariusA QuariusMånad sedan
  • The next step on that walking pig should be how to make the brain, temporarily or permanently, use the computer version of it's walking 'signal' instead of using the 'signal' of it's own brain region dedicated for that. Like some sort of partial replacement.

    Ryan Joseph RamosRyan Joseph RamosMånad sedan
  • This technology absolutely must exist, musk or not

    MrMakosiMrMakosiMånad sedan
  • Your thoughts have violated our community standards. You’ve received a 30 day ban from your brain.

    sonny wilsonsonny wilsonMånad sedan
  • Such a great idea. And I'm for it. My worry is military, ads, privacy and price.

    Derry ParkeDerry ParkeMånad sedan
  • A little skeptical...and some concern.

    David ClarkDavid ClarkMånad sedan
  • Science takes time we need no screw ups in this.

    David ClarkDavid ClarkMånad sedan
  • Neuro - Control you lie down on the sofa, put on virtual reality glasses and speak with the voice command Start. And then NeuraLink intercepts the signals that are responsible for the movements and redirects them into the game, in reality the body is not mobile, but in virtual reality the movement is caused by the character, and control over the real body returns only when you leave the game completely.

    Иван КлюкинИван КлюкинMånad sedan
  • The future of man kind is not on Mars. It's an uploaded consciousness

    Bela SkoflekBela SkoflekMånad sedan
  • The yummy oak densply slow because taste biologically punch given a delicate cheetah. drab, capable bagel

    pudpud kirkpatrickpudpud kirkpatrickMånad sedan
  • in the short term i could see neural link being good for people with severe disabilities but in the long term the possibilities are endless and it scares me

    DanDanMånad sedan
  • Ask god nothing will go against gods plan ask god I’m telling this from the. Beginning he wants u to ask him

    AarianahAarianah2 månader sedan
  • I see neuro link only working as prod casting device. Receiving signals would not be good idea because of code hacked from neuro link would give direct access to attack brain by hackers. Just would need source code and drive in attack.

    KA KKA K2 månader sedan
  • All the potentially malicious uses of this tech aside (weaponization, monetization, privacy, etc etc) even if we go with the purely face value intention of "curing" disabilities, I think that's already an extremely ethically iffy path to be walking down. Many people with disabilities don't want to walk or see or hear like an able bodied person, they want the world to be more open to them the way they are. Being disabled is part of our identities, it's not some hideous burden hanging over us that we need some billionaire savior to swoop in with a magic neuralink and all of a sudden we're free of our horrible terrible wheelchairs. That's where the money and effort needs to go to, accessibility and accommodation. Not gimmicky medical tech with sci-fi names meant to "cure" us of something that isn't broken. The potential for innovation in accessibility tech and design is enormous, but it's not flashy or feelgood like getting a wounded vet to walk again with a wacky brain chip so it'll never get the big buck investments...

    fourteen-stepsfourteen-steps2 månader sedan
  • I still 110% believe in musk

    Tim othyTim othy2 månader sedan
  • *This will be soon expanded by neuralink or other company to read your mind and thoughts. From then, End of humanity begins.*

    LK SLK S2 månader sedan
  • Ok hook me up to the internet plz

    Fuzzy LumpkinFuzzy Lumpkin2 månader sedan
  • person with neuralink turns on the microwave and their head explodes! What is stopping the human brain from overpowering the neuralink? Have those animals been put in situations where stress shuts down certain brain activity in order to save them? What if the big is in a fight for it's life, then what does the neuralink do, can you over power the electrodes and blow them?

    bigtakeshibigtakeshi2 månader sedan
  • Musk is not even ahead of other company’s he just prematurely announces shit that is incomplete. This tech exists but no responsible person would push it as advanced at all. Same with he’s self driving software. All other companys have it to the same level they just call it assisted driving because it’s irresponsible to say the tech is anywhere near to self driving. The reason he rushes shit is because he doesn’t care how complete it is he cares about announcing the “new tech” before the other guys. Guys a fraud.

    Bradley JohnsonBradley Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Idk, I'd feel lucky waking up and knowing some challenging work is waiting for me, instead of a monotonous job.

    Rafael Arturo Mateo NúñezRafael Arturo Mateo Núñez2 månader sedan
  • Any ex employee comments is only 1/3 of truth.

    G&JG&J2 månader sedan
  • You have failed to pay your monthly bill for neurolink please take 5mins of your day to watch our sponsored ads or your neurolink will explode, thankyou and have a nice day.

    Pablo MuzzobarPablo Muzzobar2 månader sedan
  • Their mouse has USB-C which is truly the future.

    Jiri KlimaJiri Klima2 månader sedan
  • Many of the “high performing” medical doctors perhaps are not used to an environment where you can mess up. Many individuals like that, especially from long standing institutions, tend to be afraid of failure.

    Bijan IzadiBijan Izadi2 månader sedan
  • It was pointed out by a critic of Musk and it bears repeating: Musk isn't building technology for everyone he is building tools for wealthy to survive the apocalypse.

    Mental ChrysalisMental Chrysalis2 månader sedan
  • Neuralink will only be accepted when the first blind or paralyzed person was healed with their chip/technology. The problem they have obviously is the fact that they HAVE to test this on animals and later humans. If something goes wrong here the public will not be pleased at all. Elon's "head-on" approach as he does in engineering won't work for this company.

    ShaRk.ShaRk.2 månader sedan
  • I think its great ... Interesting to see how many comments below who say no to this are actually paraplegic, quad, stroke disabled etc..I dont think you'll find many..

    Madeleine SuzetteMadeleine Suzette2 månader sedan
  • link me up Scotty ...

    Sparky O'brienSparky O'brien2 månader sedan
  • Elon hats off..

    Nagaraj UdanoorNagaraj Udanoor2 månader sedan
  • I wish we could cure drug addiction too

    Raging BrainerRaging Brainer2 månader sedan
  • I'm no religious or luddite, but I would honestly be scared if brain chips would become mainstream. We see corporations like google and facebook having too much power and screwing with our data. I don't think how can we trust a corporation implanting a chip into our brain. This will work best for people with health problems and missing arms or legs. But carefuly regulated.

    temporaryusertemporaryuser2 månader sedan
  • advancement in VR brain controlling then neuralink....it's all coming together

    Cool PurpleCool Purple2 månader sedan
  • Plus Elon made a car with a batt at the bottom of the car with no engine in front... Pretty sure he can handle Nuero Link

    Acid RoyaltyAcid Royalty2 månader sedan
  • I mean if it was in the Job description they can't really complain... I get rushed to finish work projects all the time... Humans have to told what to do ... Lol why are they FORMER 🤣 EMPLOYEE.... ALSO he keeps saying former employee... Lol people bealive everything on the Internet. . he needs prove for people to bealive I mean it could prob cost a couple 1,000 but stopp spitting Bullshit

    Acid RoyaltyAcid Royalty2 månader sedan
  • This work on brain is criminal! The subject of the 'Neuralink' is out of the biological right.

    Gheorghe MateiGheorghe Matei2 månader sedan
  • The victorious cement realistically hunt because suede preliminarily choke beyond a grotesque encyclopedia. rightful, quaint wholesaler

    Magdalene LaroeMagdalene Laroe2 månader sedan
  • Watch the Matrix (1999) it explains evrything that happens in the future once man creates AI, its actually trippy how it correalates with whats going on today

    Day DreamerDay Dreamer2 månader sedan
  • I hope it fails. This is government's wet dream to mess with people's thoughts... no thank you.

    stijnvdv2stijnvdv22 månader sedan
  • "there could be more on the horizon, like: telepathy, memory repositories, super human vision, and of course; interfacing with artificial intelligence.." 😳😅

    G CG C2 månader sedan
  • " Follow The Money " is a conventional saying. I would say any regular Joe Like me would be terrified of how these developments could be used abusively to the detriment of the Subject / Patient ! If you don't know what you're doing with long - term effects of A I / NEUROLINK , " Fools Step In Where Angels Fear To Tread , " The Dangers Far Outweigh The Beneficence. "

    AndrewAndrew2 månader sedan
  • Are there no laws of ethics? Can any weird billionaire like Elon Musk just do anything they want? Apparently so. This phony fake fantasy Futurism needs boundaries, indeed! The end result will be the entity that's created will determine things would be easier if all humans were terminated. Start to finish, that sounds like the progression and end of story. We spend our lives trying to get control of the things that harm us yet we let this crap go on without notice. Just how many billionaire boys are not sociopaths?

    David SoomDavid Soom2 månader sedan
  • so fast development is somehow now a negative? lol

    Lajos RitzingerLajos Ritzinger2 månader sedan
  • I think by the end of the decade they will at least have accomplished one of their goals. I think it's great technology I'm glad Elon is doing it. Do I think this technology shouldn't exist? I mean I won't buy it because I don't like the idea but like braces maybe I'll change my mind. But I'm totally open to the idea of having people choose on whether they want to put a whole bunch of money down on something like that.

    Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd2 månader sedan
  • we have pc viruses and in the future brain viruses and the chips could be hacked

    LidiaLeeSunLidiaLeeSun2 månader sedan
  • I had been working on mayors pharmaceutical inPR. The tech even its without electrode. I had been recording from year the use of pulse of magnetic. Near the nose or I guess looking the optic caism. The even can control any muscle, senses. Vision etc. expected that tech being discard. Over 15 years. Yes totally is a 100% absurd harassment/torture. 24/7. Its a form of slavery. Once I expended over 3 month without sleep, just 2 hr. By receiving disrupting Hz. Yeah all the ugly thing from the movies. No other remedy that sleep under metal stair or big chuck of cast iron covering my head to deflect the magnetic pulses. So have couple min in peace. Good bless America.

    angel Gomezangel Gomez2 månader sedan
  • wtf i thought it was just gonna let u listen to music or something

    jus. xtljus. xtl2 månader sedan
  • I think musk is a bit of a sham anyway

    Ruth CareyRuth Carey2 månader sedan
  • no offence but people dont trust these guys. we dont even trust the vaccines they want to give us for covid. very few people would actually opt to have this in their brain.

    ØbiØbi2 månader sedan
  • Well we finally are getting closer to developing working synaptic link technology, how much longer before some nation finds a way to hack human beings? What kind of security risks would a wet wired brain implant have? At least we get some wonderful medical applications from this development.

    QQ2 månader sedan
  • Stephen Hawkins warned us of this. Many comments suggest it could be bad. My comment is that it is the miracle mankind has searched for since the beginning of our history, but in reality, mankind lives for war, oppression, and power. The use of this WILL BE used to kill and maim, used as a way to make people do what is incomprehensible.

    chinookvalleychinookvalley2 månader sedan
  • I'm one of those people who think the world is an illusion. I'm also someone with Muscular Dystrophy/Epilepsy. I was supposed to die, several times, but each time I found a temporary "cure" using Naturopathic Medicine and a tough will to live. Mainstream doctors need to be looking at Alternatives because THAT is where the cures are. AI is where we live, and AI is where we die. While we are here we all have the "power" to lead our futures to life or death. I used to be optimistic, now I'm just using the reality of my brain. I feel I'm coming to the end of this life, and it's not scary, it's simply that I will going somewhere else, hopefully better.

    chinookvalleychinookvalley2 månader sedan
  • Man, it's the BRAIN. How can we allow a company to be this invasive? I mean, with this technology - how can we know that they won't make us like zombies: take our minds forever but make us act normally so the other people won't realize.

    Davi de AssisDavi de Assis2 månader sedan
  • Poor rats.

    KopieKopie2 månader sedan
  • I wonder if this could cure als and help Jason Becker return to the music world!

    Semper VampiriSemper Vampiri2 månader sedan
  • 666

    Rui FonsecaRui Fonseca2 månader sedan
  • Human trials by the end of the year? Nice joke

    DavrDavr2 månader sedan
  • All tech is a double edge sword. How it is used will be determined by the wielder.

    Bock KeatBock Keat2 månader sedan
  • Neo: i know kung fu morpheus: SHOW ME 👋🤌✋ 🤏🏿🤌🏿👋🏿 🤜✋🏿🦶🖐🏿🙌🦶🏿🦶🤜👋🏿🤌🏿🤛🏿💥💫🖕🏿👨🏿‍🦲

    Keenu KhangKeenu Khang2 månader sedan
  • It's like the ONI in Ready Player Two

    JohnYChenJohnYChen2 månader sedan
  • This shit will be used to control humans 24/7 directly absorbing you’re thoughts, and maybe using you like a puppet, good luck with that.

    Toni BlackstoneToni Blackstone2 månader sedan
  • Before i let one of the current Big Corps put a chip into my head, im gonna throw myself into a meatgrinder

    KonZ ZonKKonZ ZonK2 månader sedan
  • Welcome to the Borg, one world mind control.

    A LA L2 månader sedan