WILLY'S WONDERLAND (2021) Ending Explained

21 feb 2021
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#willyswonderland #endingexplained
In Willy's Wonderland a silent drifter's car breaks down in a rural town and home to Willy's, where he finds himself having to tend with a group of evil animatronic critters. We're breaking down the story including what we learn about The Janitor, what made the gang turn evil, and explaining the ending that leaves one character's fate in the air.
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  • They need to remake this movie but Ghost Rider is the protagonist

  • Imagine being a literal murder robot but discovering you had to fight a hopped up Nicholas cage every night... I'd uninstall my head.

    hogfryhogfry4 minuter sedan
  • I'd like to see a sequel to this movie

    Kevin MarshKevin Marsh5 minuter sedan
  • Not going to lie I thought it was a Willy wonka horror take

    Gp-15 /4Gp-15 /415 minuter sedan
  • Hey kids do you know what time it is it’s birthday time it’s your birthday and we want you to have fun it’s your birthday so let’s kill him everyone and everyone OK let’s go to Willys Wonderland

    Bionic System5Bionic System537 minuter sedan
  • Bro movies nowadays are ripping off other mediums of fiction.

    Kaoklai SiamratanakitKaoklai Siamratanakit38 minuter sedan
  • at 4:23 ,"They pull up at Wendy's."

    Dayton ArmstrongDayton ArmstrongTimme sedan
  • The handy italy certainly tremble because silver ultrascructurally punch with a unequaled development. ajar, ashamed deborah

    Kevin AlissonKevin AlissonTimme sedan
  • best Nicolas cage movie ever

    Gina De justoGina De justoTimme sedan
  • FoundFlix: This movie was good, badass. The Cage: That's high praise.

    Justin D.Justin D.Timme sedan
  • Janitor = Doom Slayer in a movie

    DraculunaDraculunaTimme sedan
  • You’d figure a semi-secluded town like this would just lock n load and go ham on the damn animatronics considering *ONE* dude just *PLUNGER’D* one of them and proceeded to curb stomp it in a urinal

    ArtistTheArtist05ArtistTheArtist05Timme sedan
  • This is basically fnaf just with different story. Transferring souls to the animatronics which is similar to FNAF.

    K1ngXMintyK1ngXMintyTimme sedan
  • I live right next to Haysville Kansas I would run like a fucking bitch away from this place if it was real

    lucas brownlucas brownTimme sedan
  • "they pull up at wendy's 4:19

    Jaclyn CowellJaclyn CowellTimme sedan
  • We need part 2, where he goes to Freddy's and wrecks them all too.

    jack froxtjack froxtTimme sedan
  • I have been a strict horror fan on everything, and I can tell you that THIS movie is pretty much garbage compared to the story of FNAF. Yes, the game shows nothing-- but the lore is still there and it is still PHENOMINAL. It's truly frightening and mysterious. This movie was straight forward and quick to their cheap gimmick. The used the 5 kids dead, souls trapped in animatronics, a janitor/nightguard being involved with kids and a killer wearing a suit and luring someone in. They also took off a lot from the books where there's a group of teens going in and the main girl protag having dead parents and seeing the whole infiltration as a mission. True, some parts are different and there is a different plot. But was it played out well? No. Nic's character was selfish, and "mysterious" in a bogus way. He literally takes breaks too seriously, the game machine scenes were unneeded and stupid- they were probably only used for time purposes. And him being able to physically tear animatronics apart just felt too cheesy and unrealistic. If that was their plan, great-- it sucked. Sorry for being some rambler but jeez--- this movie was garbage to me. I've seen some C rated movies with REALLY good plots compared to this. So-- that's my opinion for the night.

    OllieOllieTimme sedan
  • Gorilla brakes whole body Nicolas Cage ‘‘tis but a scrach

    Jordan BadgerJordan BadgerTimme sedan
  • @4:24 he said they pull up at wendys 😂

    MyWorld MyMemeWorldMyWorld MyMemeWorldTimme sedan
  • The Janitor and the pinball machine was the best love story of the decade.

    GravehostGravehostTimme sedan
  • So.... did I just watch a live action video game?

    Gilbert MaidenGilbert Maiden2 timmar sedan
  • I don’t know why but this sounds like a cool idea for a video game

    Cookie Crumble GamesCookie Crumble Games2 timmar sedan
  • *Kids dies* Nicolas Cage: "Oh no! So anyway, beer time!"

    You Dont Have To Know SsshYou Dont Have To Know Sssh2 timmar sedan
    • No no it's a punch soda For legal reasons this is a joke

      DaPandacommanda ytDaPandacommanda yt45 minuter sedan
  • "Fnaf doesn't feature much in the way of gore." Springtrap: Am I a joke to you?

    Radioactive BearRadioactive Bear2 timmar sedan
  • *Doom music intensifies*

    Funnee MonkeeFunnee Monkee2 timmar sedan
  • tbh at 23:15 I forgot Tito existed

    Blizzard the Snow WolfBlizzard the Snow Wolf2 timmar sedan
  • 0:54 "I like being in movies Gary."

    RolandRoland3 timmar sedan
  • Nobody who knows the lore from Five Nights at Freddy’s would say it’s for kids. It’s pretty rough. Kids getting murdered and stuffed into spiky exoskeleton suits is real nightmare fuel.

    Studio HannahStudio Hannah3 timmar sedan
  • Whats the relationship between the janitor and liv? Is it romantic or just like father daughter figure?

    Laura BatesLaura Bates3 timmar sedan
  • they pull up at wendys and order 5 fries and 3 burgers

    Szechuan SauceSzechuan Sauce3 timmar sedan
  • The sheer amount of 1/10's on IMBD is insane. Me and my girl watched this tonight and it was fucking awesome! Guess for some people Nich cage's insanity is hit or miss.

    VivecmansheVivecmanshe3 timmar sedan
  • Yes FNAF the game where children are brutally murdered and stuffed into robots and haunt them, is for kids. Epecially the third game with the main character being a robot with a rotting corpse in it, the most kid friendly thing I've ever seen since CoD.

    BellBell3 timmar sedan
  • The siren animatronic is the scariest one

    T.E.D.DT.E.D.D3 timmar sedan
  • "salty meat in my mouth all day pls" wOaH tHeRe bUdY

    Suprised DoggoSuprised Doggo3 timmar sedan
  • Rip Kathy ❤️

    Simon De GooijerSimon De Gooijer4 timmar sedan
  • That is the most badass janitor I have ever seen

    silverignite _ytsilverignite _yt4 timmar sedan
  • Nick cage: “ you better hope i die I’m an annoying little shit when you get to know me” is something I wish he said lol

    Eliza HamiltonEliza Hamilton4 timmar sedan
  • “Freddie’s dosent, in my limited exposure, feature gore” me: laughs in afton death scenes as well as child corpses

    Ashie LilystarAshie Lilystar4 timmar sedan
  • I like how he beats them like hell yeah no one does this in horror movies

    radiohead tvradiohead tv5 timmar sedan
  • Don't worry there is definitely going to be goar in fnaf movie it might be rated r P.s. willy's is just a really bad ripoff of fnaf

    lastone outwinslastone outwins5 timmar sedan
  • FNAF itself doesn’t have gore, but the lore definitely does. The story literally follows the son of a child murderer and animatronic death machines that killed his own 3 children.

    Amy BickettAmy Bickett5 timmar sedan
  • Man this movie was dumb. But holy hell was it fun. 10/10 would definitely recommend

    Silver Hammer ManSilver Hammer Man5 timmar sedan
  • Doom guy

    Djohn Lauren LipaoDjohn Lauren Lipao5 timmar sedan
  • Who needs to pirate movies when these channels exist

    TransQueenTransQueen5 timmar sedan
  • I watched this today for my birthday

    SethCoCSethCoC5 timmar sedan
  • Not the FNAF movie people had hoped for.

    Floofie kunFloofie kun5 timmar sedan
  • My theory is that like girl was the janitors kid???

    PsycozFnPsycozFn5 timmar sedan
  • This is literally the opposite of Five nights at Freddys Fnaf: animatronics hunt you Willis: Man hunts animatronics

    Gabriel GeorgesGabriel Georges6 timmar sedan
  • So basically this is a movie about Five Nights at Freddy's with Doomslayer

    Lord CthulhuLord Cthulhu6 timmar sedan
  • Lol pen-day-ho.... 🤣

    christian romerochristian romero6 timmar sedan
  • I actually thought it would be funny if imagine if the janitor was being strangled by the neck being held up and he removes his sunglasses and his eyes are replaced with fiery circles and the janitor says in a dark voice says surprise and the janitor transform into the ghost rider and he finds an chain

    mad luna123mad luna1236 timmar sedan
  • I watched this thing with my dad last week. It was a terrible film and I’d argue that the critic’s reviews are fair. But I loved it and would recomend it to anyone. Not one line from Nick but he still has all of the Nicholas cageisms. The effects are bad, but it’s still fun to watch. The jokes land flat, but it’s still hillarious.

    Morally GaryMorally Gary6 timmar sedan
  • Willy-am Afton

    Raven WeikelRaven Weikel6 timmar sedan
  • But does kick a hole a lot of a$$ and warning do not listen to the Willy wonderland birthday song it’s stuck in my head -n-

    Inferno YTInferno YT6 timmar sedan
  • I like the movie but hate how Nicolas cage doesn’t say a single word just sounds and grunts

    Inferno YTInferno YT6 timmar sedan
  • Did this man really say fnaf is centered towards kids?

    TheRedBaronTheRedBaron6 timmar sedan
  • The next movie you should do is Donnie Darko it is a very good movie and it is one that needs explaining

    Shea PaizShea Paiz6 timmar sedan
  • And then the golden suit in the Secret room appears

    RauldoesgamingRauldoesgaming6 timmar sedan
  • Cool

    「KING」「KING」6 timmar sedan
  • No gore in FNAF? A kid getting his head chomped by a mechanical bear not gorey enough for ya?

    DuskMantleMageDuskMantleMage7 timmar sedan
  • The animatronics saw Ozzie get brutally murdered, and they still tried to kill Nicolas. They got balls, gotta say that.

    tf why dont any pfps worktf why dont any pfps work7 timmar sedan
    • Oh

      「KING」「KING」6 timmar sedan
  • Who would win willys wonder land or the banana splits

    Lil BoyLil Boy7 timmar sedan
  • The whole story in 30 secs.....the parents at the beginning were his parents and that’s why he doesn’t talk Bc he’s traumatized and he drinks soda Bc it’s proven that when u are traumatized you often show child like behavior and kids like soda and that’s why he likes pinball so much. They dog tags at the begging are in fact his....he went to the military that’s why he’s so talented in hand to hand combat....and he knew exactly what was going to happen in there....he was training his whole life for this moment to avenge his parents

    SplittZSplittZ7 timmar sedan
  • LMAO i love it. I just picture Nick Cage straight up murking furries and it becomes 100x better.

    --7 timmar sedan
  • When u literally blow the animatroics heads

    col quincol quin7 timmar sedan
  • Willy's wonder land 2? Yes please

    extreme ridersextreme riders7 timmar sedan
  • Lol this was a among us reference

    Coco GoddessCoco Goddess7 timmar sedan
  • Fnaf has no gore? One name, “ springtrap”

    Hyper OwlHyper Owl7 timmar sedan
  • okay i got the bathroom pun

    Bryce JamesBryce James7 timmar sedan
  • My favorite line from Cage in this movie has to be "︎ ︎"

    Lord HeadassLord Headass7 timmar sedan
  • Huh honestly as much as I love cage, I thought this was gonna suck. I am pleased to see that they didn’t take themselves too seriously and just made it fun.

    BonafideTrolldierBonafideTrolldier7 timmar sedan
  • “Five nights at Freddys is for kids and doesn’t have gore” *Lost VHS Tapes flashbacks*

    FrankamationFrankamation7 timmar sedan
  • So Nicholas Cage can be a good actor So long as he doesn't speak

    Gorgeous FreemanGorgeous Freeman8 timmar sedan

    Stridsvagn-122Stridsvagn-1228 timmar sedan
  • i thought this was just a joke trailer but well i guess im the dumb one

    Joe MacNeilJoe MacNeil8 timmar sedan
  • I feel like Tex supported the breaks because he knew the animatronics wouldn't attack him during that period of time. Maybe that was part of the agreement?

    Drow ArcherDrow Archer8 timmar sedan
  • Ever since cahe lived in that haunted house.Hes been weird

    Jose MelendezJose Melendez8 timmar sedan
  • 23:38 I've heard the phrase "crush my head between your thighs", but this is goddamn ridiculous!

    The Cynical FurryThe Cynical Furry8 timmar sedan
  • “I don’t think five nights at Freddy’s has a lot of gore!” Me: Oh my sweet Sumer child....

    MrSnowleopard 03MrSnowleopard 038 timmar sedan
  • 4:23 "They pull up and WENDYS" lol

    Bill CosbyBill Cosby8 timmar sedan
  • i am sorry to tell you but the holes at the front suppost to be on the side not strat down

    Nahun GarciaNahun Garcia8 timmar sedan
  • The Janitors phrase: Rip and tear

    Godzilla 214Godzilla 2148 timmar sedan
  • For a moment I thought balora ( fnaf) was the ballerina

    Steel WarriorSteel Warrior9 timmar sedan
  • Nicolas Cage is the new Chuck Norris

    TagTeamTactics100TagTeamTactics1009 timmar sedan
  • Shart

    TeeMcGeeTeeMcGee9 timmar sedan
  • The animatronics - were going to kill you. Nicolas Cage - ill like to see you try

    ace of spadesace of spades9 timmar sedan
  • I think the janitor was a mercenary since his one track mind mission is always active, would also explain he's creativity of pain and destruction. Also the money

    KINDRED 315KINDRED 3159 timmar sedan
  • Remember when they mad banana splits movie and it was meant to be the fnaf movie but scott coffin backed out. This movie feels like the same thing.

    JJJJ9 timmar sedan
  • This is like five night at Freddy's... but the Security guard could actually fight..

    Everbalance Everything itselfEverbalance Everything itself9 timmar sedan
  • Hearing that fnaf is for kids is super odd. considering the children getting eaten plotline...

    Nick Network GamingNick Network Gaming9 timmar sedan
  • Those animatronics are lucky he didn’t tap into the ghost rider 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Rundown Before sundownRundown Before sundown9 timmar sedan

    Ah, well Y’knowAh, well Y’know9 timmar sedan
  • One thing I can't understand is how the janitor called for a tow truck when he doesn't say a single word throughout the movie.

    Eden CarrollEden Carroll9 timmar sedan
  • Anyone gonna tell him that the “Gecko” is a Chameleon??

    Springlock GachaSpringlock Gacha9 timmar sedan
  • Do I hear game theory joining the chat soon

    Salemchevy GamingSalemchevy Gaming10 timmar sedan
  • I thought this was willy wonka and the chocolate factory

    BIue1eBIue1e10 timmar sedan
  • OfFeRiNG gOrILla GrEeTiNgS

    Bean Bozzled has just got Phil SwiftedBean Bozzled has just got Phil Swifted10 timmar sedan
  • Not exactly like 5 nights more like a what if/ they show more

    JaDen BoyerJaDen Boyer10 timmar sedan
  • Dam it, you ruined slim Jim's for me with that statement

    Daniel DempseyDaniel Dempsey10 timmar sedan
  • the gore and darkness is five nights is hidden. last time i checked little kid corpses inside the suit aren't for kids.

    RaginCanadian1997RaginCanadian199710 timmar sedan