AC/DC: Dirty Deeds (FULL MOVIE)

15 okt 2018
2 099 377 visningar

AC/DC's incredible career has spanned almost 4 decades, with over 200 million records sold worldwide to date and consistently sold old concerts they are one of the highest grossing bands of all time. Formed in Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC are considered pioneers of heavy metal. As popular today as they have ever been their sound is instantly recognizable the world over and has helped define and propel the band from truly humble beginnings to worldwide superstardom. Using archive footage and interviews with Angus Young and former manager Michael Browning (1974-1979) this fascinating programme takes you on a journey from their early days in Australia with Bon Scott (9 July 1946 - 19 February 1980) to Brian Johnson joining the band and beyond. Also featured is music footage of some of the bands greatest tracks including Back in Black, Hells Bells, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Jailbreak, Hard as a Rock, T.N.T and It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). AC/DC are without doubt one of the all time greatest rock bands and this is their incredible story.
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  • The Razor's Egde tour was one of the greatest shows I've ever experienced. I'll never forget it. Absolutely unforgettable and in my top five rock shows of all time. It is sad watching this, which came out in 2012, knowing Malcom was struggling so with the onset of his dementia. He rocked until long after most would've given up, he's a legend. Just heartbreaking for anyone who struggles with this evil disease. My mum has it and it just kills me.

    Milk_ape_is_milkyMilk_ape_is_milky6 timmar sedan
  • Bad English teeth....Malcom Dome's teeth look straight outta Nosferatu and jerry Ewing got him some Shrek mouth.

    Milk_ape_is_milkyMilk_ape_is_milky6 timmar sedan
  • those teeth doe...

    Rafael MontenegroRafael Montenegro2 dagar sedan
  • Blue on black

    T LT L2 dagar sedan
  • My friend went to a AC/DC concert in Melbourne, Australia and the Rolling Stones turned up ......

    John RogersJohn Rogers4 dagar sedan
  • Bought my first album in 76. Now 2021. ACDC Jailbreak should now be a worldwide anthem?

    Dave TechDave Tech5 dagar sedan
  • I was 15 years old went to see them at Queens Hall Leeds. Was there back in black tour with new singer Brian Johnson. Small venue very loud.⚡

    David HalloranDavid Halloran5 dagar sedan
  • It's real music, the guitar is drumming and the bass guitar gives the rhythm, greetings to everyone from the most beautiful country in Croatia.

    Grgo PerkoGrgo Perko5 dagar sedan
  • Not that it makes a difference to them but they lost a fan when they signed Brian the screamer Johnson.

    Boo YeahBoo Yeah5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah baby Yeeeah!! Oh do behave!

    Steve NapieralaSteve Napierala7 dagar sedan
  • you know you can get your teeth fixed pretty easy these days mate...

    Swd AmpsSwd Amps7 dagar sedan
  • BON was, is and allways be AMAZING !!!!!

    Jolanta 1963Jolanta 19639 dagar sedan
  • Thank you AC/DC thank you for many years of hard work and excellent riffs. RIP Malcom & Bon . Cheers

    Mike PointMike Point11 dagar sedan
  • Legendary band.

    Skwisgaar SkwigelfSkwisgaar Skwigelf11 dagar sedan
  • Your the piece o9fbshit

    Phillip BushongPhillip Bushong11 dagar sedan

    Mark BMark B11 dagar sedan
  • 😇💚😎😎🥰🇦🇺😎🇦🇺😎💚

    Waynes World COINS AustraliaWaynes World COINS Australia12 dagar sedan
  • RIP Bon & Malcolm, rock on Angus & AC/DC

    1iota14201iota142012 dagar sedan
  • Top blokes, top band, top music and just LEGENDS. Bon and Brian were both as good as each other. Angus is a 'Rock Demon'.

    PengWin76PengWin7615 dagar sedan
  • Bon and Brian = AC/DC ! End of..

    ClovenwizardClovenwizard16 dagar sedan
  • That guys teeth though!!

    atourdeforceatourdeforce17 dagar sedan
  • Bon was a diamond

    Jesse GunnJesse Gunn18 dagar sedan
  • which song is playing 45 minutes into the video?

    valorossa ghumvalorossa ghum18 dagar sedan
  • Acdc yeah

    Rudy MeissnerRudy Meissner19 dagar sedan
  • You can purchase a whole seat but you'll only need the edge!

    Blade RunnerBlade Runner19 dagar sedan
  • Bon Scott only

    Putrid FilthPutrid Filth21 dag sedan
  • What is it with people with rock band 'opinions' and having hideous teeth? 1:50, he's talking about a "spirit", yeah, that would be a DEMONIC spirit. Its not going to be fun or funny later, I promise.

    The Count of ToulouseThe Count of Toulouse21 dag sedan
  • As we would sing, "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want A Sausage Roll " 😅😍🇦🇺. Both singers added to their huge success 👏👏.

    LeabeeLeabee21 dag sedan
  • Glasgow suffers a loss again. But this is harder than the average knife. Just stop it.

    Delta Discovery NZDelta Discovery NZ21 dag sedan
  • Firstly I think of AcDc as a Scottish band, its their roots. Secondly Bon Scott is acdc, it was Bon that took them to the heights they went too. Can't match bons vocals, talent, stage presence. I never got into it when Brian joined, his vocals were high pitched shrieks I could never understand lol!! Bon was the best and heart of acdc, always.

    Mister OpinionMister Opinion21 dag sedan
  • Austin Powers lost his hair

    Kontra M8Kontra M822 dagar sedan
  • Watching the toothy bald guy talk should be an AC/DC song lol

    JamesJames23 dagar sedan
  • I was lucky enough to see them with bon in 78 when I was 17 and then later with Brian. Both shows were out of this world and both frontmen were incredible! I often say I’m only as old as when my music taste stopped developing... I’m still a teenager and still listening to ac/dc.

    Dave NewbyDave Newby24 dagar sedan
  • SUMMARY: Some Blokes got struck by thunder, the rest is history.

    BigCooter.comBigCooter.com25 dagar sedan

    Kala SpearsKala Spears27 dagar sedan
  • Bottom line is they were both great in their own individual ways - same can be said for Van Halen , Sammy was great in his own way - Dave was great with the material he created with the band.

    Dennis TrombettaDennis Trombetta28 dagar sedan
  • Really good documentary loved it. The only criticism is the suede ACDC background music, I found it a little annoying.

    Mike NesbittMike NesbittMånad sedan
  • I run into Phil Rudd in the street and, believe it or not, the local supermarket! He is always approachable and, despite his recent difficulties, a really nice guy.

    Purlee100Purlee100Månad sedan
  • The best.....the very best!!

    Tillers1970Tillers1970Månad sedan
  • Saw them in 1982... amazing and memorable show!! Learned the guitar because of them kings of the 3 chord rock songs!

    mg43472mg43472Månad sedan
  • Best band - they had the same drum best since the 70s if it aint broke don't fix it. Long live rock

    MEGA NZMEGA NZMånad sedan
  • Good stuff! Miss you Malcom such an under rated guitarist

    Robert LambRobert LambMånad sedan
  • Great video I have to say though whenever I hear the beginning of a AC/DC song I smile and I and I can feel it I know I'm smiling and when you get to my age it ain't that much it gets you to smile so quickly and so on knowingly in a way but that's what ACDC does I know it's now 2021 and Brian Johnson is no longer singing although I did the watch on SEworld some videos with the Axl Rose who actually wasn't so bad filling in and of course Malcolm is no longer with us but is a son's TV is taking in the family reins and getting that music out and yeah doesn't matter if it's something recent doesn't matter if it's from an old album or a live cut yeah I hear AC/DC and I smile sincerely yours, Bob the blind bedroom guitarist

    Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristBob the blind bedroom guitarist guitaristMånad sedan
  • Really enjoyed this but not a single mention of the bass player and drummer and they are the engine that makes AC/DC run.

    Dai NealDai NealMånad sedan
  • 1:47 Can we start a go fund me for this guys teeth. Thank you

    Bravo 514Bravo 514Månad sedan
    • hahaha reckon! big book of british smiles

      Dean BurgessDean Burgess28 dagar sedan
  • Australia needs to step up their Dental game

    Mad Ax BrownMad Ax BrownMånad sedan
    • @Dauðr Maðrinn they need to step up their game as well

      Mad Ax BrownMad Ax BrownMånad sedan
    • The appropriately named Malcolm Dome is an English music journalist.

      Dauðr MaðrinnDauðr MaðrinnMånad sedan
  • when the group is done with music please continue doing interviews, they're quite humous.

    Wade SimpsonWade SimpsonMånad sedan
  • One of the greatest.

    Brian McManusBrian McManusMånad sedan
  • Need a sequel.

    Pete GibbesPete GibbesMånad sedan
  • It's simple. They give folks what they want, consistently, AND LOUDLY!

    Sandra NelsonSandra NelsonMånad sedan
  • If you're going to make an hour long documentary on ACDC without being able to use any original music - don't bother. Let someone else do it.

    BrianBrianMånad sedan
  • The merciful freezer unexplainably dress because pheasant recently transport following a closed tune. ancient, fascinated show

    Egg FamEgg FamMånad sedan
  • So many cliche things said in this video that is cliche , ACDC werent the only band writing Anthems & selling hge amounts of records. KISS were doing it before ACDC . ACDC had 1 charachtor in the band ,KISS had 4 ,UNFORTUNATELY hALF OF kiss WENT OVERBOARD ON THE DRUGS & PARTYING & THE OTHER HALF WENT THE POProck direction & were the biggest thing to ever happen to Australia at that time. But I love both bands , a lot can be said about Zeppelin too,they were a great band in their day, just depends on what documentary youre watching.

    97warlock ismyname97warlock ismynameMånad sedan
  • Rock on...

    Sabiha TanveerSabiha TanveerMånad sedan
  • i saw ACDC with BON on the Powerage tour. they backed Aerosmith and stole the show hands down. Pure Work Effort !!! professionals all the way !!!! Tight AF!!

    PrayTri0t 1984PrayTri0t 1984Månad sedan
  • What’s the song at 9:14?

    Noah ReddingNoah ReddingMånad sedan
    • Damn, well if anyone finds out what it is I wanna know.

      Noah ReddingNoah ReddingMånad sedan
    • Something by imitators, not AC/DC.

      Dauðr MaðrinnDauðr MaðrinnMånad sedan
  • My first concert was ACDC and I don't see a better introduction into live music 52 years laterwho made who tour

    Ralph PetersRalph PetersMånad sedan
  • Bon was the heart of AC/DC! Brian had big shoes to fill and by God he did with his own style. I can't imagine the 80's without AC/DC. We all miss Bon but Brian is and was the right choice to front the band!!!!!

    Ron BridgesRon BridgesMånad sedan
  • Iceless trim colors Steilacoom soup today

    Kevin RoseKevin RoseMånad sedan
  • the teeeth are hard to see past

    Jeremy SmithJeremy SmithMånad sedan
  • The bald guy could chew corn through a picket fence

    Wesley CoburnWesley CoburnMånad sedan
  • Dirty old men deeds😅 Too slimy for me

    markus mirttimarkus mirttiMånad sedan
  • If you don't know who ACDC is then you don't know what Rock is...

    Yash RajYash RajMånad sedan
  • My god...this guys teeth

    Eric SEric SMånad sedan
  • Stupid. I could have made a better documentary about acdc just by talking about my ACDC record collection.

    Scott WilliamsScott WilliamsMånad sedan
  • I was at the SARS concert in Toronto in the early 2000s. Half a million people with some of the best bands in history there. The Stones headlined, with AC/DC at second last band. They stole the show. Poor Stones probably didn’t even want to come out after the boys brought the house down. 500,000 fans rocking hard. One of the best shows I have seen, and AC/DC was the highlight.

    Love is the AnswerLove is the AnswerMånad sedan
    • I was in Victoria British Columbia watching it on TV on the phone with my buddy back in Ontario a true Stones fanatic and telling him after watching AC/DC play that God himself could show up on stage for the Stones set and they still would not come close to what AC/DC did that night...they blew the Stones out of Canada that night....and everybody knew it....

      John JerebJohn Jereb29 dagar sedan
  • The determined stream reassembly drop because danger alarmingly number under a labored chemistry. wrong, blue-eyed wallet

    Min AllMin AllMånad sedan
  • That clip of "Jailbreak" sounded so much like George Young and Harry Vanda in Flash and the Pan. You can see the influence their production had on AC/DC.

    Kent HawleyKent HawleyMånad sedan
  • Mr dome get your teeth done!

    Chris WilkesChris WilkesMånad sedan
  • AC/DC is awesome! I saw them NC in 1999 or 2000. I was in the Marine Corps, at Camp Lejeune NC. I know it was before 9/11 happened because we were still allowed to go out and party. After 9/11 that was over for a while. We were on Air Alert continuously. But it was a GREAT SHOW! We had so much fun that night. I think I was 20 yrs old and i couldn't drink so I drove everyone that was 21 and I can tell you, if you think you need to drink to have a good time at their concert, you're wrong. It's 2021 now and I still get that rush i felt when I was there, and it didn't take alcohol for me to have a blast at that show. It was my first concert. And it was perfect. thank you AC/DC!

    Anthony PfannensteinAnthony PfannensteinMånad sedan
  • EXACTLY! I prefer Bon but lets be real here . Bon drnk himself to death and the band had to move on.. brian has alot of great gems too. I kinda wish theyd had cut an album with axl rose too! Just for kicks...

    Michael VanceMichael VanceMånad sedan
  • AC/DC is one of the few things that can consistently make me happy.

    Lucien PostleLucien PostleMånad sedan
  • No one will ever match the inexhaustible energy of Angus and of AC/DC. Best live show ever. RIP Malcolm Young.

    Majik 1111Majik 1111Månad sedan
  • I guess the goverment calls me an "African American" but since the 5th grade 1984 ive called myself a AC/DC fan!

    McLovin2021 MclovinMcLovin2021 MclovinMånad sedan
  • 1976 - Rolling Stone said AC/DC were a ' a new low in rock and roll. 1980 - Rolling Stone gave Back in Black the thumbs down. Like Johnny Rotten said - never trust a hippie.

    Movie BluesMovie BluesMånad sedan
  • '-)

    The ShowThe ShowMånad sedan
  • malcolm looks really shy person

    mywave78 wellowoodymywave78 wellowoodyMånad sedan
  • famous Rockstar with nasty rotted teeth wth

    nate cotenate coteMånad sedan
  • The only thing you need in life is a case of beer and any ac/dc album!!!!!

    Red-oak-paulRed-oak-paulMånad sedan
  • 03:12 even dracula is a rock n roll fan when it comes to ac/dc!

    Rainers ZahnRainers ZahnMånad sedan
  • Thankful I grew up with AC⁄DC as well as so many Great Rock bands from the late 60's - decades. Still today AC/DC rock me. Just great blues rock w/ hooks and attitude. Loved Bon his singing, playful with a bit of innuendo one min, in your face the next. I think it's unfair to compare Bon to Brian. The era's are distinctive, It's heartbreaking Malcolm is gone, as is Bon. Rocking in heaven. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

    Rusted CageRusted CageMånad sedan
  • They are the BEST rock and roll band EVER.. FINAL. !!!

    Tom McveyTom McveyMånad sedan
  • I’m a big fan. But they’re overrated compared to the BeeGees. And a ton of harder rocking pre-metal bands had better popular rock sensibilities than AC/DC but their primary songwriter - the bass playing brother - was the real genius of that band. And by the way...Bon Scott is AC/DC. I don’t care how many units they sold of Back in Black. Nothing they’ve released since Scott died even comes close to the early releases.

    James RoccoJames RoccoMånad sedan
    • BeeGees you mean Bee Gees ?

      Dino NanicDino NanicMånad sedan
  • I love both singers

    Benjamin ScislyBenjamin ScislyMånad sedan
  • Sweet success AC/ DC WE WHER CRAZY ABOUT THIM 1977 78 79 WOW we where fasanated 😈

    Louis EdwardsLouis EdwardsMånad sedan
  • bon was a legend

    Dru’s local Lawn careDru’s local Lawn careMånad sedan
  • nearly 40 yrs aint it been like 48

    Dru’s local Lawn careDru’s local Lawn careMånad sedan
  • You're never gonna get a power ballad from AC/DC. And you'd never bloody want one. That's always been good enough for me ;)

    Ingens_ScherzIngens_ScherzMånad sedan
  • Last time I’ve seen them was in 2015 dodger stadium rock or bust tour; after I got out of the concert I had this ring in my ear for the next five hours; one of the loudest shows I’ve ever been to!!! I don’t care whether is bon or Brian they’re both efing bad asses in their own style I will forever enjoy both singers thanks for all the loud ass music AC/DC !! Rock on and let there be rock!!!!!

    juan Cortesjuan CortesMånad sedan
  • WTF is up with Brits teeth....dude!

    Darrin KeithDarrin KeithMånad sedan
  • Do all Brits have Austin Powers teeth?

    rock n rollrock n rollMånad sedan
    • @John Cornell no

      squecchsquecchMånad sedan
  • The greatest band to ever make music on this planet.

    R RenoR RenoMånad sedan
  • Isn't it strange that two of me favourite albums are, flick of the switch and fly on the wall.

    max ravmax ravMånad sedan
  • It was a Helluva time

    anuma nuvaanuma nuvaMånad sedan
  • #1 band ever. Music first. No spandex. Lol

    BertBertMånad sedan
  • jesus h christ, great musicians and technicians but my god what a collection of terrible teeth!!

    Rere SimoneRere SimoneMånad sedan
  • So much for mr dome not listening to acdc again after bon scott dying!

    Chris WilkesChris WilkesMånad sedan
  • Are you lookin' at me teeth?

    JPJPMånad sedan
  • It's a long way to the top, if you want a sausage roll.

    Alex VeldhuisAlex VeldhuisMånad sedan
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