AC/DC: Dirty Deeds (FULL MOVIE)

15 okt 2018
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AC/DC's incredible career has spanned almost 4 decades, with over 200 million records sold worldwide to date and consistently sold old concerts they are one of the highest grossing bands of all time. Formed in Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC are considered pioneers of heavy metal. As popular today as they have ever been their sound is instantly recognizable the world over and has helped define and propel the band from truly humble beginnings to worldwide superstardom. Using archive footage and interviews with Angus Young and former manager Michael Browning (1974-1979) this fascinating programme takes you on a journey from their early days in Australia with Bon Scott (9 July 1946 - 19 February 1980) to Brian Johnson joining the band and beyond. Also featured is music footage of some of the bands greatest tracks including Back in Black, Hells Bells, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Jailbreak, Hard as a Rock, T.N.T and It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). AC/DC are without doubt one of the all time greatest rock bands and this is their incredible story.
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  • ac/dc is top and loud country loud bums

    Dan DekanDan Dekan4 timmar sedan
  • AC-DC and OZZY was my gods, growing up

    Alpha OmegiaAlpha Omegia7 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone know the title of instrumental from 56:44 to 1:00:25 ?

    Hrvoje MihovilovićHrvoje Mihovilović10 timmar sedan
  • The BEST BAND EVER. Thanks for all your hard work and honestly it comes from my HEART 💓 💘 🤩 I love it

    Tim CarmichaelTim Carmichael14 timmar sedan
  • Simply the greatest rock band ever to walk the face of the earth! 🤘🏻

    The Border RykerThe Border Ryker15 timmar sedan
  • Bon and Brian fans can agree, Axel Rose was ballicks

    TangMan TheJailGodTangMan TheJailGod20 timmar sedan
  • And anyone who says shit about any member. Isn't a die hard fan bon helped get it started Brian kept it going

    Mark NevellsMark Nevells22 timmar sedan
  • Best band ever had the same style over the decades still rock

    Mark NevellsMark Nevells22 timmar sedan
  • 56:46 what song is it? Anyone?

    Sasu SakuSasu Saku23 timmar sedan
  • Malcolm Dome needs his teeth done. DAMN

    hary gunhary gunDag sedan
  • Seeing AC/DC at Donnington years ago was amazing! At the time,it was the largest stage ever constructed! Great night!

    Stephane Herringtonio Romance and Gothic writingsStephane Herringtonio Romance and Gothic writingsDag sedan
  • Wow, Not one person mentioned that it was Bon Scott who recommended that if anything happened to Bon to get Brian Johnson to replace him. Bon saw him performed one night on his drinking nights. I am not a huge fan of Brian because he actually said something not nice about Bon.

    Mav FMav FDag sedan
  • Love bon and Brian, both amazing and perfect fits for AC/DC 🤘

    Health and gardeningHealth and gardeningDag sedan
    • Rip bon and Malcolm

      Health and gardeningHealth and gardeningDag sedan
  • Thank you

    Tim WrightTim WrightDag sedan
  • In 2011, I saw the band live for the first time. One of the most amazing shows I have seen. As the documentary states, Angus' energy is truly amazing. He did a 20 min guitar solo from one end of the stage to the other and ended up on top of a gazebo in the middle of the stadium. I am still mourning the loss of Malcolm but they have to get back together and tour as soon as we can all get back on stage once COVID is under control. The stint they had with Axl Rose was nonsense. I guess they had good intentions but it just did not work . Of course we need Brian healthy but I have faith!

    George WasekGeorge Wasek2 dagar sedan
  • Covid or not I'm seeing my dentist tomorrow.

    mdmejia67mdmejia672 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC's best years were the Bon years but damn, I like the stripped down bluesy rift rock. Brian is entirely too good for me to have anything bad to say about him. This newest album.... fkn masterpiece.

    DeeDee2 dagar sedan
  • This isn't a movie, it's horseshit.

    John RileyJohn Riley2 dagar sedan
  • Very very cool Rock on

    Will CochranWill Cochran2 dagar sedan
  • I don't recognize the guitar piece leading up the intro of this movie. Its very raw(maybe a demo) but I love it! Does anybody know where its from?

    Ron CentoRon Cento3 dagar sedan
  • Cadê os brasileiros que curtem ac dc.

    Reginaldo FranziniReginaldo Franzini3 dagar sedan
  • @50:27- Mutt Lang is Shania Twain's ex husband.

    Pumpkin PunaPumpkin Puna3 dagar sedan
  • @15:46- Angus may want to rethink who he associates with...a TRUE FRIEND/ SIBLING would never let him do interviews with a booger sticking it's head out from the "bat cave..." LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😅

    Pumpkin PunaPumpkin Puna3 dagar sedan
  • What a brilliant Movie/Doc. Many thanx to the Uploader. :)

    Mick GatzMick Gatz3 dagar sedan
  • Flick of the switch album is very underrated. Saw them in 1983 on this tour. Was awesome.

    Todd KonopaTodd Konopa3 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC did horrible in the 80s because they started that decade off with “Back in Black”. Seriously, how can you top probably the greatest rock album of all time? Lol no matter what they did they would’ve fallen short after that monster of a record

    Vemon GuyVemon Guy3 dagar sedan
  • I've been listening to AC/DC for over forty-two years. You are never too old for their music.

    Chiefly ChieftainChiefly Chieftain3 dagar sedan
  • This guy's teeth are so bad!don't they pay him any better than that??

    John SheehanJohn Sheehan4 dagar sedan
  • Been listening to Ac/Dc since 1992 and still loving it, got a back tattoo with the AC/DC Bell, been to a concert in 2010(best time of my life), bottom line I m a huge fan. I love Bon Scott with all my heart, but i adore Brian aswell. I really cant choose between them, they are both so special for me. And i belive this is what a real fan should feel. AC/DC FOREVER!!

    VladTepes83VladTepes835 dagar sedan
  • The poorly done offshoot covers in the background the whole time was literally making me cringe.

    jonathan crowelljonathan crowell5 dagar sedan
  • Is there no fucking dentists in the UK ??

    ubiquity069ubiquity0695 dagar sedan
  • AXL didnt fit for AC/DC,only Brian succeed after Bon's demice.So sorry AXL..just be yourself to GNR.OK.

    Revie FelicianoRevie Feliciano5 dagar sedan
  • This doc was awesome and they’re back in 2020! Have loved them since the Bon days! ❤️

    JW MalcolmJW Malcolm5 dagar sedan
  • You'd think Dome would do something about his teeth

    Scott DaveyScott Davey5 dagar sedan
  • Who's the Nosferatu looking dude with the hungry tshirt in this video...?

    Jesse FromalJesse Fromal5 dagar sedan
  • Teeth

    dRuNK UnKLEdRuNK UnKLE5 dagar sedan
  • Can only look at the teeth from guy in the hungry shirt and nothing else.

    dRuNK UnKLEdRuNK UnKLE6 dagar sedan
  • What a fucking band...crazy brilliant..

    Martin AlfonsoMartin Alfonso6 dagar sedan
  • I thank my brothers for their great music taste, if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't know about all those amazing musicians like AC/DC, Def Leppard, Poison, Guns n' Roses, Bon Jovi, Van Haley, KISS, etc, etc.

    Beatriz ArosemenaBeatriz Arosemena6 dagar sedan
  • You just have to give it to them, from losing Bon, one of the greatest rock and roll poets of all time ,to losing Malcolm the founder and Angus the essential bunny rabbit of rock and roll the great one of the greatest ever without a doubt godspeed Angus

    rusty mcewinrusty mcewin6 dagar sedan
  • Just awesomeness!!!!! be and play safe all!! Headphones on loud!!

    Bryan Thomas IIIBryan Thomas III6 dagar sedan
  • 😴

    BonnyScottland 192BonnyScottland 1926 dagar sedan
  • "The glam bands, that were all a bit gay" lmao

    Zach FoxerZach Foxer6 dagar sedan
  • Love AC DC but most go to see Angus run around ripping it up to be honest 👹 🤘

    Rain ManRain Man6 dagar sedan
    • That’s why I went! 👍🏽

      sharpest shed toolsharpest shed tool6 dagar sedan
  • Angus is a ticking metronome

    Roland J GutierrezRoland J Gutierrez6 dagar sedan
  • I think it's ridiculous to attempt to pick the g.o.a.t but if you held a gun to my head I'd probably have to say AC/DC.

    Ronald GreenRonald Green6 dagar sedan
  • in greek its called nostos How do you call the power that made you go back to Britan?

    Ζαφείρης ΜιχαλακέληςΖαφείρης Μιχαλακέλης7 dagar sedan
  • in 1963 there was no Sydney opera house

    Ζαφείρης ΜιχαλακέληςΖαφείρης Μιχαλακέλης7 dagar sedan
  • My god man do something about those chompers wow

    TT7 dagar sedan
  • I personally think the title track off The Razors Edge is without a doubt the most underrated song AC/DC did and it's my personal favorite song from them.

    SnakeHigginsSnakeHiggins7 dagar sedan
  • Ball Braker MSG Front Road Seats With my Wife on My Birthday.

    Eddy VelizEddy Veliz7 dagar sedan
  • for all those arguments about who was better...Bon or Brian...if it wasn't for Malcolm and Angus Young,there would've been no AC/DC

    Andrew O'ConnellAndrew O'Connell7 dagar sedan
  • forget ACDC ...look at these fuk'r's teeth lol!!

    EasyAzPiEEasyAzPiE8 dagar sedan
  • I love how people view Bon as an angel that produced music holier than Christ himself, his mega followers border on cultish behavior. I love Bon, his voice, and most of the songs he did with them, but I don’t think he was perfection itself. Night prowler, big balls and the beginning of Love song are definitely at the bottom of my list, and his voice was taking a bit of a hit at the end of his career but I still love TNT, Riff Raff and Highway to Hell and his music was perfect music to listen to while on a road trip or at a bar. Also, the folks that say Brian only talks about sex in his songs and every one is the same, many of Bon’s song sound the exact same as another and most of his songs were about sex or things relating to sex, or street life. Not a diss, but again it’s not like he was Shakespeare compared to Brian.

    Grayson 40Grayson 408 dagar sedan
  • When you hear an Angus riff come on the radio, there can be no mistake who you’re hearing. I’m glad that they’ve kept their sound for all these years 2020 they still rock

    chad longchad long8 dagar sedan
  • ACDC WooHoo! No Ads WooHoo!

    Phil MatthewsPhil Matthews9 dagar sedan
  • It’s like English speaking people have serious teeth issues 🦷

    Oscar et sa guitareOscar et sa guitare9 dagar sedan
  • Excellently done guys!

    Alan PiersonAlan Pierson9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone knows the name of the track/tune at 56:45 please? Thank you!

    Olivier RoujasOlivier Roujas9 dagar sedan
  • The Maximum Overdrive soundtrack is my favorite between the 2

    RetroHabit82RetroHabit829 dagar sedan
  • I am a true AC/DC fan. Bon and Brian both rock on! I have all the AC/DC cds and wouldn't let anyone borrow them.

    Stacy GrossStacy Gross9 dagar sedan
  • For all my fellow AC/DC fans-

  • Thanks for sharing

    Mary DuarteMary Duarte9 dagar sedan
  • Love Flick of the Switch! One of my all time favs

    Biff BiffordBiff Bifford10 dagar sedan
  • lotta love to acdc but this ripoff music is infuriating

    boywithweirdfacialexpressionboywithweirdfacialexpression10 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P. Bon and Mal

    Johnathan RayeJohnathan Raye10 dagar sedan
  • Keep on doing what you do !

    Johnathan RayeJohnathan Raye10 dagar sedan
  • i saw them on the first gig in australia in 1972 - and he was very young...he wore diapers ...and he mussed himself up - and Bob scott had to change his diapers for him ...i will never forget it

    Michael SeymourMichael Seymour10 dagar sedan
  • The guy in the specks teeth remind me of a row of condemned houses

    ryan findlayryan findlay11 dagar sedan
  • Did that fool just say he is sure there are people who dont know or remember Bon Scott.?

    Gaming 3dGaming 3d11 dagar sedan
  • Made in Scotland, forged in Oz. 🤘

    petiauk7petiauk711 dagar sedan
  • its a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.....

    john haggettjohn haggett12 dagar sedan
  • Today its POWER UP DAY! :D

    Patrik MasseratiPatrik Masserati12 dagar sedan
  • *AC/DC "ROCK Goes To College" 1978* (legendary concert) by BBC

    OhNoNotFrankOhNoNotFrank14 dagar sedan
  • Love them always have always will

    Shaun BidoisShaun Bidois14 dagar sedan
  • Buzz killington is that you

    Hurd1199 GoldHurd1199 Gold16 dagar sedan
  • 🔥^/A\^🔥

    AC/DC.4.LIFE !AC/DC.4.LIFE !16 dagar sedan
  • Bon was the real deal, Bri was more karaoke, not to put Bri down, they are/were great singers. Two different bands, before 1980 then after, still great though ( like ironmaiden after Paul D'ianno).

    Stephen HepworthStephen Hepworth16 dagar sedan
  • And they're still going. Rock on!!

    Julius Patrick BorejonJulius Patrick Borejon16 dagar sedan
  • I liked Flick of the Switch. I thought it was raw.

    Kendrick JahnKendrick Jahn16 dagar sedan
    • Their most underrated album ever.

      Daniel HartinDaniel Hartin14 dagar sedan
  • Who's your favorite Bon or Brian? (they both rocked) post below Ps is any of their songs not in 4/4 ?

    Poop E.pantsPoop E.pants18 dagar sedan
  • Still influencing future rock

    Victoria FrancoisVictoria Francois18 dagar sedan
  • Best Rock /roll ever , seem them live ; stones, stvv, , supertramp etc. THESE GUYS ARE FAIR DINKUM LEGENDS

    Zyuni loves BaliZyuni loves Bali18 dagar sedan
  • If people from england could stop inbreeding so there were no more messed up teeth and everyone could actually understand them that would be great.

    Fox RacingFox Racing18 dagar sedan

    Anony NinjaAnony Ninja19 dagar sedan
    • freakin..... power chords and no talent whatsoever, eugh, i hate them so much

      Anony NinjaAnony Ninja19 dagar sedan
  • RIP Bon and Malcolm. Thanks AC/DC for all the skull crushing timeless kick ass music.

    Richard ParkRichard Park19 dagar sedan
  • Did you face any copyright issues while compiling this wonderful video?

    sameer mishrasameer mishra19 dagar sedan
  • I went to a concert at the Hordern Pavillon in 1973 or 1974, where AC DC were the support act for the headline act which I believe was Suzi Quatro. They had a huge number of followers from the western suburbs, and they actually blew the lid of the whole gig. Suzi, though she was a famous international artist, and performed her iconic songs like Devilgate Drive, was almost an anticlimax after AC DC.

    Jo MoreauJo Moreau19 dagar sedan
  • it doesn't matter. Bon or Brian. AC/DC will always be the Thunder from Down Under

    Catharinie MariniCatharinie Marini19 dagar sedan
  • Bon is AC/DC period point blank.

    Mark SmithMark Smith19 dagar sedan
  • i love bon too but you people who say you stopped listening after he died are just clueless ac/dc is basically 2 different bands but theyre both great with bon it was more bluesy with great lyrics and groove with brian its more hard rock arena rock but both great voices and frontmen long live the mighty ac/dc

    Edwin RodriguezEdwin Rodriguez19 dagar sedan
  • Awesomeness.

    Edwin DudeEdwin Dude20 dagar sedan
  • The jaws of that Hungry dude....

    Ulf EliassonUlf Eliasson21 dag sedan

    Joe BloeJoe Bloe21 dag sedan
  • funny in Anus's own words he could not get into his own house when the girls stormed it looking for his older brother... Umm I think I'll believe Anus over some other bloke lol

    WarrenWarren22 dagar sedan
  • Man those teeth! Geez , do something would ya?

    5speedMax5speedMax23 dagar sedan
    • I know, he must send little kids screaming.

      Daniel HartinDaniel Hartin14 dagar sedan
  • I love acdc.. everybody loves acdc.. Angus young will always be my favorite his energetic performances are out of this world.. what I've always respected and love is all acdc ever care about is the music. the money and fame means nothing that is the real artist.

    angela Benderangela Bender23 dagar sedan