Trisha & Ethan Do Goat Yoga & Carpool Karaoke - Frenemies #11

1 dec 2020
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  • This conversation is horrifying-Trisha truly thinks her value is only in being used for sex. I don’t know her story, aside from being perpetually problematic but, I’m guessing she was abused very early on. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    NooklingsNooklings2 timmar sedan
  • I think I saw the lip ring fall?

    Kiana AbarcaKiana Abarca13 timmar sedan
  • Ethan is slowly becoming more natural cool and joyful because of trisha they are soo the perfect couple.

    Bart LichtenbergBart Lichtenberg14 timmar sedan
  • That should be a T-Shirt design 😂 “Are these goats attracted to blood?” “They’re Vegan” 😂

    MonkeyMan Q7 VlogsMonkeyMan Q7 Vlogs14 timmar sedan
  • me: can we go to hamilton? mom: we have hamilton at home hamilton at home:

    BalanD.BalanD.20 timmar sedan
  • Why would Moses need to apologize?

    EllieEllieDag sedan
    • @Ellie yeah

      D CD C17 timmar sedan
    • @D C ahhh that’s what they were referencing the smell comment yes?

      EllieEllie18 timmar sedan
    • Because he insulted her behind her back.

      D CD C18 timmar sedan
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    Nova DiscordNova DiscordDag sedan
  • i love teddy fresh and it kills me i cant afford shit from yall 😂

    courtneycourtneyDag sedan
  • Trisha thinking Ethan is attracted to her... girrrl.... stop it 🤚

    Karolina NgKarolina NgDag sedan
  • Bottom of the muffin is best

    Lauren MLauren MDag sedan
  • Just went and listened to the album, its soo gooood

    LeopoldLeopold2 dagar sedan
  • "A birkiiiinnnnnnn" "no, not a birkinnn"

    Laura AlvaradoLaura Alvarado2 dagar sedan
  • Trisha is so grim

    MarcheMarche2 dagar sedan
  • so cuyyyooott!!! I need goat yoga in my life

    Laura AlvaradoLaura Alvarado2 dagar sedan
  • Them singing Hamilton together was surprisingly wholesome lmao

    All by my shelfAll by my shelf2 dagar sedan
  • Ethan likes Trisha obviously, but as a friend.

    TiffanyTiffany2 dagar sedan
  • How are we not talking about the makeup sponge 🤮🤢💀💀💀

    Emma DuFourEmma DuFour2 dagar sedan
  • 33:00 Ethan finally got that dream Rolls-Royce he always wanted 😀

    Jetli333Jetli3333 dagar sedan
  • they're really trying to pass goat shit as "blessings" simply because they can't potty train them lmfaoo

    Jay SJay S3 dagar sedan
  • "Everything I do is just not quite there" lol trisha same

    seak 1seak 13 dagar sedan
  • i’m so glad they mentioned channel water 🤣

    iheartdwftonesiheartdwftones3 dagar sedan
  • i have been laughing for 5 minutes at where trish says “are they attracted to blood like sharks” “they’re vegan”

    Nikki SerrNikki Serr4 dagar sedan
  • I think I saw the lip ring fall ?

    Arianna McElweeArianna McElwee4 dagar sedan
  • I fucking love this podcast 🤟🤣

    TroubleHQJ TheBlackHarleyQuinnTroubleHQJ TheBlackHarleyQuinn4 dagar sedan
  • Heavy metal rock purist big bro and emo scene Queen little sister hanging out

    Emily BerryEmily Berry4 dagar sedan
  • No one: Literally nobody: Trisha: “Are they attracted to blood like sharks 🩸 😃” Women: “😐 tHeIr vEgAn...”

    A AA A5 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who has eyes like I swear the lip ring is still there after lol? it just moves to the corner a bit more.. why is no one seeing it

    teddy bearteddy bear5 dagar sedan
  • When ethan told the camera to show trishs ass hanging out, and trish said “I have a tampon in” that camera man dropped his shit real quick

    MaMaS AlishaMaMaS Alisha5 dagar sedan
  • This genuinely had me laughing out loud upon first waking up at 6 am. And I’m a BITCH at 6 am lol

    Kayla ThomesKayla Thomes5 dagar sedan
  • LOL this is the funniest podcast yet.

    Sibu MngadiSibu Mngadi5 dagar sedan
  • ......they’re vegan.

    Seven DevilsSeven Devils5 dagar sedan
  • just caught that ....40;24.. yaaa she said, ''if we get this house well stay together, we don't get this house well break up.'' so yaaaa they wont last for sure... think about it, anyone thats watched triaha for a while knows with Jason she was head over hills.. never would have said that.. or that gay guy she dated.. yaa again, head over hills, never would have said that.. i don't think shes head over hills for this one.. u can kinda tell.. saying shit like that 🤷🏻‍♀️ for sure wont surprise me when they break up.. wish them the best buttttt idk shes not head over hills u can tell..

    space.witch.junkiespace.witch.junkie6 dagar sedan
  • It sounds like that lipring just fell off

    Sietske VisserSietske Visser6 dagar sedan

    Jordyn SprungJordyn Sprung6 dagar sedan
  • honey if you cant find trisha's channel on youtube then you didnt want to find it

    Kole RomeroKole Romero6 dagar sedan
  • I truly just don’t understand how watching Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas do goat yoga is FREE?! Trisha is full blown EMO and the goats are just doing parkour off of them the whole time. Wow the content we don’t deserve.

    Korri RothKorri Roth6 dagar sedan
  • Frenemies my favourite podcast ever 💕

    izyizy6 dagar sedan
  • 17:15 was that chick in the orange beanie girlmiring Trisha's thicc dumpy in that skirt and fishnets? Lol

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith6 dagar sedan
  • this episode is so good

    LewieeLewiee7 dagar sedan
  • i love this podcast so much. pls keep it up. i've watched up to this point in the past 2 days

    LewieeLewiee7 dagar sedan
  • I would buy disappearing lip ring merch

    Miriam CodreanuMiriam Codreanu7 dagar sedan
  • Only Unus Annus fans know that these are the same people who did the goats for that one video

    ocwalsh_22ocwalsh_227 dagar sedan
  • Trisha stop ffs

    Lucy BrandyLucy Brandy7 dagar sedan
  • The beautiful tachometer subjectively owe because instruction unpredictably reply aboard a zonked shears. messy, breakable mattock

    Eleanor LewisEleanor Lewis7 dagar sedan
  • 30:24

    Izz BizzIzz Bizz7 dagar sedan

    Melody VargasMelody Vargas8 dagar sedan
  • the zoom ins at 19:32 killed me HAHAHA

    Melody VargasMelody Vargas8 dagar sedan
  • Merch idea...... Bottom of muffin and it says bottoms up - Natalie Peric

    Natalie PericNatalie Peric8 dagar sedan
  • I think the ring fell on the floor and Thts what the noise was

    Brianna LambertucciBrianna Lambertucci8 dagar sedan

    albus dumbledorealbus dumbledore8 dagar sedan
  • I mean this in the least offensive way possible but incels wouldn’t have sex with Trisha. They want perfectly celibate conservative girls. They don’t take well to women that embrace their sexuality.

    The Slippery NoodleThe Slippery Noodle9 dagar sedan
  • Just saying it took me to this podcast to realize the H3 guy has a name

    Zoe CraigZoe Craig9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being those goats, their literal job is to jump and step on people and mess with them while having free pass to pee/poo them, so awesome.

    EffyLandEffyLand9 dagar sedan
  • The goat yoga intro music was unfortunate

    JeremyJeremy9 dagar sedan
  • It sounded like it fell not crunched

    MiishoMiisho9 dagar sedan
  • she sings too much, it is super, super annoying 🙉🙉🙉 with peace and love of course 😂✌🏻

    space.witch.junkiespace.witch.junkie10 dagar sedan
  • Omfg 😂 goat yoga was hysterical

    JPJP10 dagar sedan
  • pauseeeee... they are vegan lol

    Joseph LucJoseph Luc10 dagar sedan
  • 44:57 it’s so sad that Trisha said Shane was going to be her best man for the wedding :(

    Molly BrickMolly Brick10 dagar sedan
  • this is the most California thing I've seen

    ALEC.ALEC.10 dagar sedan
  • I always eat dinner watching these podcasts🤣❤️Thank you guys for the entertainment

    A Bookish FableA Bookish Fable10 dagar sedan
  • “Are they attracted to blood like sharks????” “......................they’re vegan” LMFAOOOOOO 17:34

    alexie101010alexie10101010 dagar sedan
    • @lilia grace Same! lmaoo

      alexie101010alexie1010103 dagar sedan

      lilia gracelilia grace6 dagar sedan
  • goat yoga so funny

    krista ekrista e11 dagar sedan
  • “are they attracted to blood, like sharks?” “ ... they’re vegan”

    Emily RoseEmily Rose11 dagar sedan
  • I can't tell you how many tongue rings I've least 6 no lie.

    Christina MyersChristina Myers11 dagar sedan
  • I love the personal shit that gets edited out... it makes me happy 😊

    KOKERKOKER12 dagar sedan
  • That goat shit is so LA 😂

    KOKERKOKER12 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is a party goat

    qortneyqortney12 dagar sedan
  • ''are they attracted to blood? like sharks?'' ''...they're vegan.''

    sophie ksophie k12 dagar sedan
  • Trisha, I'm so proud you saw Ethan and said - yes, this IS a friend. I have no friends, I'd be lucky to have anyone to spar with from time to time - but sparing comes from caring, if you care about something you give a s***, otherwise you say nothing. Keep this friendship guys, the differences make you better together, and it's honestly refreshing to watch.

    S†UDIO 66S†UDIO 6612 dagar sedan
    • P.S.: Trisha is fucking beautiful, that's where most hate comes from, not to mention there's a thing called body-types, just like I think Ethan is pretty hot (I do). Body-Types people, all shapes for different tastes. And Ethan NOT having a crush on her is what makes him liking her SOUL so authentic. Trisha, a brother doesn't have to want you, it's so much better if they don't - after all - romance and friendship should mix in a relationship, but not with brotherly friendship, that's where familiar love comes into play, rather than lust.

      S†UDIO 66S†UDIO 6612 dagar sedan
  • 19:39

    VresVres12 dagar sedan
  • Trisha eating things she’s not supposed to is quite literally the funniest thing ever

    Arisa From ZeroArisa From Zero12 dagar sedan
  • When r u gonna have more of the sunflower 🌻 sweater?

    Moonlight _leilaMoonlight _leila13 dagar sedan
  • That's not a crunch - its the ring falling into the plastic holder where the cup cakes are held.

    Daniel ThomasDaniel Thomas13 dagar sedan
  • Oh my Trisha is just too much. The crusty bed 🤣

    Cindy HoweCindy Howe13 dagar sedan
  • Thank you dan

    DHOOM- z7DHOOM- z714 dagar sedan
  • i actually respect ethan for setting those strong boundaries and not letting her offend his and hilas marriage like hes such a good guy for that honestly. if i were hila i would be so uncomfortable with all the "humors" or whatever and he handles it so well and makes sure to not encourage it

    Madeline StewartMadeline Stewart14 dagar sedan
    • i would love for them to stay friends but with how trisha sexualises her relationships i wouldn't blame hila if she just has enough at some point of trisha making those comments

      THCloverTHClover21 timme sedan
  • Ethan is really good to her I hope she doesn’t lose him

    May SSHMay SSH14 dagar sedan
  • "They're loving you..." so soft and buoyant...

    c wc w14 dagar sedan
  • trisha uses teeth while giving head but she doesnt use teeth while eating 😭

    jaz salcedojaz salcedo14 dagar sedan
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    abigail beyersdoerferabigail beyersdoerfer14 dagar sedan
  • Omg Ethan is constantly screaming while Trisha keeps normal and quiet. He is so sensitive to those goats hahaha

    TheHelenaPatekTheHelenaPatek14 dagar sedan
  • “Frenemies” and the “Sweet Boys” are literally getting me through this panorama

    jasminehksjasminehks14 dagar sedan
  • Ethan liking Hamilton is the biggest plot twist

    ThatStarWarsChickThatStarWarsChick15 dagar sedan
  • Oddly enough- I wouldn’t even be mad if Trisha faked her death and came back a week later. It would fulfill her dream of being a dead celeb and she’s done worse things than faking her death. I hope she reads this. It would be genius. Just saying.

    Carly EileenCarly Eileen15 dagar sedan
    • We love faking our deaths 😗😍

      D CD C3 dagar sedan
  • this is so entertaining that I dont even listen to music in the care I listen to this

    nouf almeanouf almea15 dagar sedan
  • “We’re athletic” same trish lmaoooo I love her

    Aracely BeltranAracely Beltran15 dagar sedan
  • what did moses do to trishas family

    rynryn15 dagar sedan
  • “They’re vegan”

    natalia burgenatalia burge15 dagar sedan
  • Not a man policing what a woman should wear.

    Noelia ContrerasNoelia Contreras15 dagar sedan
    • @Noelia Contreras i agree that she can wear whatever but she can get fined for public indecency or indecent exposure to a child

      Zurie AdamZurie Adam4 dagar sedan
    • @Zurie Adam lmao f those children too her body her choice to wear whatever the hell she wants

      Noelia ContrerasNoelia Contreras12 dagar sedan
    • He doesn’t care what she wears it’s just that they’re in public with children around and it’s better to not have her ass out

      Zurie AdamZurie Adam12 dagar sedan
  • Ethan: "Trisha, you can't just scream jew." I died

    Cameron DartezCameron Dartez15 dagar sedan
  • Awh Trish saying Shane is her bestfriend and will be her best man at her wedding :'(

    Rachel JRachel J16 dagar sedan
  • Their friendship is evolving. This is lovely to see

    DarklustmoonchildDarklustmoonchild16 dagar sedan

    kittykitty16 dagar sedan
  • Trisha: ARE THE GOATS ATTRACTED TO BLOOD? LIKE SHARKS? **awkward silence** Yoga instructor: ...they're vegan

    vaporwave vixenvaporwave vixen16 dagar sedan
  • goat poop is a blessing.. you learn something new everyday

    Renata AlfaroRenata Alfaro17 dagar sedan
  • Trisha wearing a skirt during these 😂😂😂 I love this podcast

    Korynn Boyea-GuynupKorynn Boyea-Guynup17 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahahahahahaha Trisha: Are they attracted to blood like sharks? Instructor: ..... Um they’re vegan

    Adrian FaustoAdrian Fausto17 dagar sedan
  • i love how they don’t edit out everything lmao it feels more authentic

    Maribel CervantesMaribel Cervantes17 dagar sedan
  • “Goat yoga” “lemme watch my goats jump all over these people cuz it’s funny as shit AND they’re gonna pay me for it”

    RipppaaRipppaa17 dagar sedan