Golden Knights @ Avalanche 2/20/21 | NHL Highlights

20 feb 2021
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Extended highlights of the Vegas Golden Knights at the Colorado Avalanche

  • BOOH!!

    tlamontagne44 tlamontagne44tlamontagne44 tlamontagne44Dag sedan
  • The Colorado Avalanche. Yes

    Jake SelakJake Selak3 dagar sedan
  • I need to get those reverse retro Nordiques jerseys. Best looking one out of all of them

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else notice the ads on the ice changed within the first period?

    Dan AhlDan Ahl4 dagar sedan
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    jessi hanjessi han4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah

    SF Memes4life85SF Memes4life855 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoyed the setting :3

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke5 dagar sedan
    • I wish the Nordiques were back in the NHL. Stop giving nhl teams to tropics and deserts!

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov3 dagar sedan
  • I hope they don't let the issues they ran into stop them from doing something like this again in the future because it was really pretty cool.

    Aaron StarkAaron Stark6 dagar sedan
  • nice Nordique's shirts!

    jay greenwoodjay greenwood6 dagar sedan
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    Samuel KimSamuel Kim6 dagar sedan
    • The NBA needs to take notes and have outdoor streetball games and I know it's more of a liability since it's concrete and no protection.

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke4 dagar sedan
  • I wish you guys put a better highlight package to show more of the amazing views, cool idea tho

    Steve BSteve B6 dagar sedan
    • The NBA needs to take notes and have outdoor streetball games and I know it's more of a liability since it's concrete and no protection.

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke5 dagar sedan
  • You can see the Mountains in the background that looks so good.

    OrBital VoRtexOrBital VoRtex6 dagar sedan
    • props to NHL for organizing outdoors event. Such beautiful setting, better than empty arenas.

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke4 dagar sedan
  • Really cool rink too bad I can’t see it in 1080p

    scoldingwhisperscoldingwhisper6 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully they start putting these outdoor rinks In nhl 22 this year

    Rob LongRob Long7 dagar sedan
  • Stone caught watching MacKinnon, nice goal.

    Anna RobertsAnna Roberts7 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Vegas was struggling with the altitude

    PotatiusPotatius7 dagar sedan
  • Why are you playing outdoors Is it due to a power outage?

    ㄴㄴㄴㄴ7 dagar sedan
  • I wish every game was in this setting ..

    Adam HagenAdam Hagen7 dagar sedan
  • Most teams would've called goalie interference at LV's first goal.. I like how CO didn't

    Mathew TrujilloMathew Trujillo7 dagar sedan
  • They should do this same set up next year but at Lake Louise in Alberta, Oilers Vs Calgary. Could have fans or could have it like this, either way would be so cool.

    Kevin QuirtKevin Quirt7 dagar sedan
  • I wish the Nordiques were back in the NHL. Stop giving nhl teams to tropics and deserts!

    DethOfDrgnzDethOfDrgnz7 dagar sedan
  • They should play some NBA outside whilst they haven't got any crowds. Looks amazing here! Love to see some games at some street courts...

    SpateriSpateri7 dagar sedan
  • Biggest win was Knights ditching those atrocious golden helmets 🤣

    ctxctx7 dagar sedan
  • props to NHL for organizing outdoors event. Such beautiful setting, better than empty arenas.

    ctxctx7 dagar sedan
  • The NBA needs to take notes and have outdoor streetball games and I know it's more of a liability since it's concrete and no protection.

    Know TheLedgeKnow TheLedge7 dagar sedan
    • The Wizards need to come to West Baltimore and play the 76'ers. Honor their legacy, and the hate relationship with Philadelphia.

      Andrei NybakkenAndrei Nybakken7 dagar sedan
  • Seeing as how the game transitioned into complete darkness in an instant between the 1st and 2nd period; which one of you guys brought a Behelit to the game or which one of the players did?

    Joshua GusteJoshua Guste7 dagar sedan
  • Bruh the Minnesota wild should play on Lake Superior

    Logan MuellerLogan Mueller7 dagar sedan
  • It's so nice to see a game of Hockey titans at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Congratulations to the fans and elite team of Colorado. Go Avalanche!!! A stellar game from the fans and elite team of Nevada. Go Golden Knights!!! Hockey is the greatest, no matter where it's played.

    Zaylas PeltZaylas Pelt7 dagar sedan
  • Wow....the sun melts Ice? Billion dollar industry embarrassed it was a good game. Hope tonight’s game goes better.....🤔

    William JamesWilliam James7 dagar sedan
  • yo boys that game was sick eh we talked about some of the goals on our channel make sure to give us a follow well give uone back!

    The JE ShowThe JE Show7 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused what they were playing on. The lake is open water back there and this is clearly not the main lake. What is it and how did they do it? Why not set up a sweet game on Georgetown Lake in Georgetown, CO?

    Bryce AndersonBryce Anderson7 dagar sedan
  • I like the night game reminds me of childhood

    J MJ M7 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations for idea!!! Get trying again!!!!

    giannis penesisgiannis penesis7 dagar sedan
  • The norduiqs jerseys are rad

    JJnS FarmsJJnS Farms7 dagar sedan
  • I was just staring at the shadows

    longsleevepantslongsleevepants7 dagar sedan
  • nba should do some outdoor games

    ImUnguardableImUnguardable7 dagar sedan
  • The lake tahoe is cool

    Kathryn KunzKathryn Kunz7 dagar sedan
  • why are hockey players so ugly

    ImUnguardableImUnguardable7 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a video game

    JDJD7 dagar sedan
  • Oh btw although it snows the most in the shortest time anywhere in the world it also has 300 days of sunshine a year. lol Yea let's put it right in the sun. hahahahahahahahaha That is what you get for pushing the videos then blocking us from watching on your site! Eat it NHL

    popeye sailorpopeye sailor7 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the days when the Defense cleared out traffic in front of the net!

    Nick RomanoNick Romano7 dagar sedan
  • the Quebec ref has to go

    carloazcarloaz7 dagar sedan
    • rediculous

      carloazcarloaz7 dagar sedan
  • Mackinnon had a good game. Good to see Kadri is still playing relevant two way hockey. Plenty of chances he just needs some bounces to go his way in order to get going offensively.

    Mark SmithMark Smith7 dagar sedan
  • I'm only here for the lake

  • NHL needs to figure out that it's just not that feasible to build a professional quality ice surface outside in warm weather.

    Howard MarnerHoward Marner7 dagar sedan
  • Great game outside :) 🙃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

    Natasha BoltonNatasha Bolton7 dagar sedan
  • Those nordiques jerseys with the avs colours are fire 🔥

    anonymous15432anonymous154327 dagar sedan
  • Half the video on a boring, uneventful first period, coooool

    Eric McLeanEric McLean7 dagar sedan
  • Nordique's vs Flames? XD

    For The RockFor The Rock7 dagar sedan
  • Those Avs retro jerseys are gorgeous

    AceAce7 dagar sedan
  • What beautiful jerseys the Avs are wearing-it'd be great if a team wore those all the time and played in oh i dont know maybe Quebec!

  • It's like a spirited game of pond hockey lol. Anyway, MacKinnon and Fleury are absolute machines. Good game by both teams

    Bay Area Sports Fan [KeepTheSharksInSanJose]Bay Area Sports Fan [KeepTheSharksInSanJose]7 dagar sedan
  • I have an interesting sport

    All SportsAll Sports7 dagar sedan
  • This team belongs to quebec

    paysan dlest Gamingpaysan dlest Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • If you want to commemorate the Quebec Nordiques, give Quebec the Coyotes. Having the team that skipped town wear the old logo seems like an insult.

    James MaddenJames Madden7 dagar sedan
  • Look at how much the puck bounces and rolls on the ice :( Fun to watch though

    addison phillipsaddison phillips7 dagar sedan
  • I live in Reno and my grandma has an estate in South Tahoe so I get to go to Tahoe all the time.

    Nikko DoanNikko Doan7 dagar sedan
  • The game is SO much better to watch without fake fan noise!

    BoonsquidBoonsquid7 dagar sedan
  • I need to get those reverse retro Nordiques jerseys. Best looking one out of all of them

    TCPW EntertainmentTCPW Entertainment7 dagar sedan
  • Ok, let’s be honest this looks like NHL 21!

    World war hero’s game play.World war hero’s game play.7 dagar sedan
    • i wouldnt know. i stopped buying and giving EA money after 18 onwards

      KJSingh97KJSingh977 dagar sedan
  • Two great teams, two great jerseys, one amazing venue. Sucks fans couldn't be there to enjoy it.

    Kyle NewcomerKyle Newcomer7 dagar sedan
  • That MacKinnon goal was filthy

    Cameron ClarkCameron Clark7 dagar sedan
  • Gosh golly that Nordique kit ⚜️🥶🥶⚜️🥵🥵⚜️

    Shahaan ShahShahaan Shah7 dagar sedan
  • I thought the oilers are gonna play outside

    Polo WayPolo Way7 dagar sedan
  • Y’all forgot about that big ball of fire in the sky 😂

    John WickJohn Wick7 dagar sedan
  • Mike Tirico is awful as a nhl commentator why couldn’t they have gotten anybody else other then him

    Rocky StanleyRocky Stanley7 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see Quebec have a Hockey team again just not the AVS, but use Nordiques jerseys and name.

    Nathan WoodNathan Wood7 dagar sedan
  • Should still be a team in Quebec. City that is.

    nitrampdnitrampd7 dagar sedan
  • Should have been a night game to begin with. Oh well learn and live.

    Eric StevensEric Stevens7 dagar sedan
  • Now this is pretty cool! Players living childhood memories in a NHL game ☺️

    DWsMatosDWsMatos7 dagar sedan
  • my first thought was "HOLY F*CK, there are people out in the water this time of year". Yes, I'm an American southerner.

    RattmanRattman7 dagar sedan
  • Two teams that are always great to watch.

    Wes SovisWes Sovis7 dagar sedan
  • AWESOME place to have a hockey game. Well done NHL.

    Phased ArrayPhased Array7 dagar sedan
  • The game ended really really really late

    Victor LiuVictor Liu8 dagar sedan
  • Kraken de Seatle c bin beau là mais on veut le retour des Nordiques ! c l'fun de voir l'avalanche avec le chandail , mais c'est quand même une claque dans face aux québécois aussi là haha!

    Julien LauzonJulien Lauzon8 dagar sedan
  • So basically they decided to let idk. 4/5 of the viewers watch period 2 and 3 by switching to NBCSN

    Dov LifsonDov Lifson8 dagar sedan
    • Same they had zero clue ask to why they did that. Hopefully that Fox Sports doesn't do the same thing when they sign a TV deal with the NHL in the future

      WarmedLearnerWarmedLearner7 dagar sedan
  • Thanks NHL and my AVS for winning it. A long interruption , but it worked out. 🏒

    Thomas SchoensteinThomas Schoenstein8 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand the hate on outdoor games. Every team in the NHL should play some outdoor games each season. The colors look so much better with the sun light. And pretty much all major team sports have open stadiums, expect maybe basketball... Also, it's a winter sport so it's basic to play outside in the winter.

    Hide and TweakHide and Tweak8 dagar sedan
  • The knights did not look like their playing like the real knights

    Kingston HockeyKingston Hockey8 dagar sedan
    • Nah they just played a real team

      BlitzKriegBlitzKrieg8 dagar sedan
  • Good game Colorado Avalanche and tough loss Vegas Golden Knights!

    Jacob HobartJacob Hobart8 dagar sedan
  • Hockey games are so long that it went from day to night between then 1st and 2nd periods.

    Kyle BorchertKyle Borchert8 dagar sedan
  • Stop teasing us and just bring the Nordiques back to Quebec already

    hydekshydeks8 dagar sedan
    • No chance. They are my Colorado team now... Unless your expecting the Jersey Devils to come back to Denver and Dallas Stars to go back to Minnesota, etc. Nature of the game. Brought them here and we won 2 stanley cups immediately. It was good for them as players to get that.

      Christian AndersonChristian Anderson6 dagar sedan
  • Call Rado of a late win win cold out I have a win-win win👍🥳🇺🇸🎖🥇🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🎖🎖🎖🎖

    Cam Da ManCam Da Man8 dagar sedan
  • My CHEL player has a Nordiques jersey, so this game is reminding me of Ones.

    Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez8 dagar sedan
  • Sharks not invited. Only their pa announcer.

    barry dinglebarry dingle8 dagar sedan
  • A beautiful game. If it just weren't for the shadows. Fleury played better than the score suggests.

    Bill MillerBill Miller8 dagar sedan
  • The pandemic is forcing the NHL to get really creative with outdoors games and I’m here for it. Other leagues should try this with unique locations. MLB is already doing the Field of Dreams game but How sick would it be for the NBA to hold a regular season game outside in NYC in Harlem or Central Park?

    WolfieJr 94WolfieJr 948 dagar sedan
  • They really need to consider adding this is as a rink in World of Chel drop ins

    Adam WadeAdam Wade8 dagar sedan
  • Can we play more games outside. Not just for the pandemic but just from now on.

    Coffee FreshCoffee Fresh8 dagar sedan
    • too many outdoor games are overkill just like in the 2014 season

      KJSingh97KJSingh977 dagar sedan
    • You cant control the weather

      GSXR J3FFGSXR J3FF7 dagar sedan
  • 5

    Neil DsouzaNeil Dsouza8 dagar sedan
  • That game took 9 hours lol

    Brentod 16Brentod 168 dagar sedan
  • Flower thanking his crossbar 😂

    CadeCade8 dagar sedan
  • This is so cool 🔥🔥🔥

    Jared PerryJared Perry8 dagar sedan
  • Avalanche won 3-2

    The Eternal EmpireThe Eternal Empire8 dagar sedan
  • Long time 🤣😴😴😴

    SK GG BOYsSK GG BOYs8 dagar sedan
  • Yay,I bet $10 on the Avs winning.

    ChayButtChayButt8 dagar sedan
  • That tuch goal tho

    Scoop TroopScoop Troop8 dagar sedan
  • You can't tell me that the NHL isn't making money this year.

    RyanMiller3039RyanMiller30398 dagar sedan
    • They arent. Sadly, as a league, they are heavily dependent on ticket sales. Their TV contracts suck - as compared to the NFL, NBA and MLB. So no in person attendance = drastically reduced revenue for the NHL. The commissioner said they expect to lose close to $1 billion for this season.

      FTKIIIFTKIII6 dagar sedan
    • Uhh sadily no there trying new things to get people involved.

      Roberto DesistoRoberto Desisto7 dagar sedan
  • Bad ice? There were people in kayaks in the background.

    chud67bbcchud67bbc8 dagar sedan
    • @BlitzKrieg Maybe you didn't get my point. The game was delayed for hours after the first period because of good weather, sunny conditions that day that made for bad ice. They should have know that and started the game at night.

      chud67bbcchud67bbc7 dagar sedan
    • Tahoe doesn't freeze my guy

      BlitzKriegBlitzKrieg8 dagar sedan
  • Dude, this is why NHL is so cool. Look at that view.

    dumaramutsidumaramutsi8 dagar sedan
    • Gotta love California with the views

      BlitzKriegBlitzKrieg8 dagar sedan