FIRST TIME PLAYING WORLD OF PETS (our game) w/ The Norris Nuts

7 apr 2021
781 148 visningar

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  • Rate it 5 Stars on the App store - we'll be replying to your reviews :) Download WOP here APP Store iOS here

    Norris Nuts GamingNorris Nuts Gaming12 dagar sedan
    • mini games in a shop and they get Rewards

      movie manmovie man8 dagar sedan
    • I wanted to give 5 stars so bad but it is not there on the Android :(

    • please tried and make this better on the mac please

      Diya KaurDiya Kaur12 dagar sedan
    • Could u add the game into google playcuz then for phones it would be much easier cuz i dont know how to download it Editor:omg im soo sorry i just noticed that it says coming for android soon im soooo sorry

      r or o12 dagar sedan
    • Never mind love you and catch me necklace

      peach the breederpeach the breeder12 dagar sedan
  • I am literally downloading it on store app

    Celine NaisauCeline Naisau16 minuter sedan
  • Norris nuts I’m such a big fan, I tried to get the game but it didn’t allow me I don’t know what went wrong but it said something like version 13.0 needed. 😔🤔

    Rosy BassiRosy Bassi31 minut sedan
  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🥁🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁🎮🎮🎮🎮👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Faze HaydenFaze HaydenTimme sedan
  • I have an idea.... how bout you take down this cringe adopt me rip-off.

    RedFlame66RedFlame66Timme sedan
  • world of pets is so bad

    Emily SinclairEmily Sinclair4 timmar sedan
  • Norris nuts you should make the pets fly and ride so you can fly and ride your or the pets pleas norris nuts pleas

    Rocio ValenciaRocio Valencia4 timmar sedan
  • hi norris nuts can you make the game in windows 7

    SlimeBoXx 77SlimeBoXx 774 timmar sedan
  • Hi norria nuts can u please put world of pets in android

    Qamar Ali KhanQamar Ali Khan4 timmar sedan
  • Hi Norris nuts I love world of pets I even have the game ❤️

    Jake TaylorJake Taylor5 timmar sedan
  • Can you make a video on how to sign up on android? My friend has an android and can’t figure out how to sign in

    GraciieGraciie6 timmar sedan
  • NN, World of pets is not working for me on my Iphone, please can you help? I know how hard you have worked and I think it would be really cool to see how it has paid off! Thanks so much, you have made my life better over lockdown I am your BIGGEST LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!

    Sienna RamerySienna Ramery6 timmar sedan
  • i really love the game, the day i got the game was the best day of my life!!!!!! still sad that i cant play with the Norris Nuts, like if u wish u could play with them

    Spring UnicornSpring Unicorn9 timmar sedan
  • YOU HAVE TO DO A BUNNY STORE FOR NAZZY A SURF SHOP A BEACH SKATE PARK MALL OR WESTFEILD WITH DRESS SHOPS LEGEND MERCH SHOP last but not least… YOUR HOUSE. TRY TO MAKE YOUR EXACT HOUSE WUTH YOUR ROOM KITCHEN GARAGE AND STUFF IT WOULD BE SOOOO COOL The game is so good I’ve had so much fun with all the legends it’s so nice to have everyone together. ⚠️ warning that there will be some very mean people on it that will be making fun of you guys because they know our game is meant our community so it’s a good way to hurt us all⚠️ ANYWAYS YOU SHOULD DO LIKE A DANCE FLOOR PLACE WITH LIKE A DRINK AREA WITH RED DRINK AND STUFF AND SKITTLES AND CHEETOS EVERYTHING YOU GUYS LIKE WITH DONUT STANDS AND THEN HAVE THE DANCE FLOOR LIKE IN BLOX BURG AND HAVE YOUR SONGS PLAYING AND IN THERE THERE SHOUKD BE A ENTERY WITH LIKE A SUOER LEGENDS ON,Y SUGHT AND HALK WAY TO GET THERE WITH OHOTOS OF YOU AND THE LEGENDS IM THE GAME. xx Tilly hope this helped you out I’m a super legend in sydney and sock if you opened baffles I would be your biggest customer even though I live in sydney australia I would come up there all the time ahahahha btw for my cake this year for my party I had a donut stack with crapy crew and donut king donuts it had lime 16 donuts on each stack there were 3 stacks of donuts. I might of ate most of them ahahahahahahhah byeeee love you guys soooooo so so soooo so so much you changed my life from depression to happy thank you for all the stuff you have done. THANK YOU

    Matilda LloydMatilda Lloyd11 timmar sedan
  • Yayyyyyyyy

    Virginia EncomiendaVirginia Encomienda11 timmar sedan
  • Hohoho

    Virginia EncomiendaVirginia Encomienda11 timmar sedan
  • Idea: add cars

    Social GamezzSocial Gamezz12 timmar sedan
  • I can't download it on IOS

    Social GamezzSocial Gamezz12 timmar sedan
  • I just thought that it would be really cool if you had like a barn with cows and horses and stuff x

    morag rattraymorag rattray14 timmar sedan
  • Definitely downloading later x

    morag rattraymorag rattray14 timmar sedan
  • hey noris nuts! i rated u guys 5 stars i hope ur game get viral!

    fun gamingfun gaming14 timmar sedan
  • Hey NN I have been a legend for about 5 and a half years I really appreciate if you add world of pets in android

    XJenniferXXJenniferX15 timmar sedan
  • Make it so there are different worlds and different eggs it different types of eggs in different worlds

    Owen BartonOwen Barton16 timmar sedan

    Charlotte NessCharlotte Ness16 timmar sedan
  • I downloaded it

    SunflowerSunflower17 timmar sedan
  • Nn can u make wop on Samsung i can't play.

    Lydia TawiahLydia Tawiah18 timmar sedan
  • I like how they literally stole animal crossing new horizons and they didn’t even say they were inspired by animal crossing or anything,they think they can add the word “legends” in a description an think it’s there’s LOL

    Sophie MaeSophie Mae19 timmar sedan
  • You should make a snow area and like a crafting table sort a thing and then you can make a snowglobe

    Zoey CronquistZoey Cronquist19 timmar sedan
  • It’s cool to make the game but I can’t get it because I can’t give my moms email password to a shtranger

    Avery SneddenAvery Snedden20 timmar sedan

    pusheen loverpusheen lover21 timme sedan
  • Just rated it!

    Sienna ThomasSienna Thomas21 timme sedan
  • ooooo and mini games to eran more money/gems

    Shumaila NabeehaShumaila Nabeeha22 timmar sedan
  • maybe you can sign up to work at the shops and eran money or gems

    Shumaila NabeehaShumaila Nabeeha22 timmar sedan
  • Norris nuts, the game won't download. I am on mobile and it says I need a code and I can't get it. please fix this bug! 🥺

    Danziel DzDanziel Dz22 timmar sedan
  • hello when i am trying to enter my name it say Action Failed 😞

    Maddison BriffaMaddison Briffa22 timmar sedan
  • OMG Downloading now love you guys so much.

    Elsie ELSElsie ELSDag sedan
  • Why are you begging this is so overrated

    Halle NguyenHalle NguyenDag sedan
  • Have a map

    Maggie BurgessMaggie BurgessDag sedan
  • IM SO SAD BC I CAN'T LOG IN TO THE STUPID GAME sorry if that's harsh

    Time waster Toaster girlTime waster Toaster girlDag sedan
  • Android

    Marinos MavroudiMarinos MavroudiDag sedan
  • I just love watching you

    Rozie ToonRozie ToonDag sedan
  • It would be so cool if we could rent houses! Cause in the map, there are a bunch of decorative houses, but they could become rentable where there could be a bed for our pets ect! And you could add a pet store to buy everything you need for pets. Just a suggestion :D ! Ps: the game is SOOOO GOOODDD THANK YOU 😊

    Orangyiix o0Orangyiix o0Dag sedan
  • im gonna play it to but i need to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

    Kristi JonesKristi JonesDag sedan
  • Please can you guys do more tutorials on stuff in the game like how to cook and stuff, also the game is so good 😊❤️❤️

    Olive's YouTube ChannelOlive's YouTube ChannelDag sedan
  • Norris Nuts please help me i cannot get into world of pets

    Jamison leeJamison leeDag sedan
  • Of course I’ll give it five stars I’ve been waiting for this for months ❤️❤️❤️

    Bella WolfBella WolfDag sedan
  • can u read this out and answer when is android is coming out cuse i want to give on apps store 5 stars pls make it come out sone

    Susan GallagherSusan GallagherDag sedan
  • Bruh you guys litteraly did a mok of adopt me 😑🙄

    Kayla GuerrierKayla GuerrierDag sedan
  • I am playing World of pets

    Lynne De PaloLynne De PaloDag sedan
  • Can you not get it in Samsung or Android

    Jade ColeJade ColeDag sedan
  • I have wold of pets

    Lynne De PaloLynne De PaloDag sedan
  • You should make a theme park for a update

    izzy tylerizzy tylerDag sedan
  • can u make it for chome bookk

    Sadia SaidSadia SaidDag sedan
  • 24 hours of letting nazzy have a guinea pig so papa can see how responsible she is🥺🥺

    Pinky_roblox 9806Pinky_roblox 9806Dag sedan
  • I just wish it could be downloaded on andriod

    Janine CarelseJanine CarelseDag sedan
  • I cant get it

    aaliyah lathropaaliyah lathropDag sedan
  • You could add jobs, houses, and you could decorate them!

  • It is now number 3 adventure game 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Skyyiihollie xSkyyiihollie xDag sedan
  • Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying world of pets it’s the best!

    Emilythegiant PlaysEmilythegiant PlaysDag sedan
  • I like giraffes plz add a giraffe but plz don’t make the giraffe a legendary or hard to get like in every game

    Axxika_Mxe 4Axxika_Mxe 4Dag sedan
  • I already had gone five stars STAYYYY SHRIMPYY

    amiixx74amiixx74Dag sedan
  • When is world of pets going to come out on Android

    The Dixon Family JLCJAKThe Dixon Family JLCJAKDag sedan
  • I love you norris nuts ❤️❤️🎀

    Reame MReame MDag sedan
  • Hey Norris nuts so I thought that you can add that you have to get all the banana before mama gets you can you do it pls Love ilovesquishmello

    I love SquishmellowI love SquishmellowDag sedan
  • could you put in on mobile? bc i cant overload my pc please read this

    Christian DialloChristian DialloDag sedan
  • Norris nuts I've been a legend for three years, I was so excited about this game BUT all of the devices in my house are too old, does this mean I can't play the game? pls, reply. :(

    Sassy EvoSassy EvoDag sedan
  • I am just like you because I love bunnies like naz I love fancy clothes like sabre I love skittles like biggy and I love cooking like sockie @Norris nuts

    Avinash SeegolamAvinash SeegolamDag sedan
    • I am a huge fan of you guys

      Avinash SeegolamAvinash SeegolamDag sedan
  • I am so excited to see you guys are amazing and did you see familia diamonds new video they were wearing your merch ❤💎💎♥️

    Avinash SeegolamAvinash SeegolamDag sedan
    • You guys are amazing

      Avinash SeegolamAvinash SeegolamDag sedan
  • Do a song for world of pets

    Lylah AshmanLylah AshmanDag sedan
  • I have been playing World Of Pets all morning I’m literally addicted its so good!!! ❤️❤️👊✋

    Baylee PlayzBaylee PlayzDag sedan
  • Can you pretty please add more outfits and more hair I love your new game by the way it’s the best I love you Norris nuts

    Mikayla WolczeckiMikayla WolczeckiDag sedan
  • I think that you should make a neighbourhood so that everyone can have there own houses

    Frances MitchellFrances MitchellDag sedan
  • I really wanna play but my phone needs to have a update so I can't get it

    SimplyyxCharliSimplyyxCharliDag sedan
  • A guinea pig because naz always wanted a guinea pig

    Natalia VaarwerkNatalia VaarwerkDag sedan
  • Dear Norris nuts thank you so much for making this game for the legends my name is yumna I've been watching you since the beginning I love you guys so much and thank you for putting your time and effort into this sincerely yumna

    Layla ChownLayla ChownDag sedan
  • Can we maybe have a navigation thingy I’m finding it hard to find places tysm!

    Animalcrossing Island bayAnimalcrossing Island bayDag sedan
  • Maybe you can enchant pets

    Animalcrossing Island bayAnimalcrossing Island bayDag sedan
  • Sockie you could have your baffles food truck in the game 😍😍

    Amelie ColesAmelie ColesDag sedan
  • Congrats guys for this app It’s fantastic I’ve been Playing since it came out and it is such a great game u guys should be proud I’ve been a legend since I was 11 I’m 14 soon so I couldn’t miss out Love u guys 😍😍

    Skater 4 life !!Skater 4 life !!Dag sedan
  • I rated it 5stars because I wanted to not because you said to I left yous a little nice message

    kristy Bakerkristy BakerDag sedan
  • Can we have more world of pets 🥺

    Sara AnciraSara AnciraDag sedan
  • Hi Norris nuts legends

    Cameron MarashianCameron MarashianDag sedan
  • Norris nuts can you please make world of pets work on laptop please

    Girls Game OnGirls Game OnDag sedan
  • 5 games it is

    fluerashelperfluerashelperDag sedan
  • I know i might get attacked by this but im wondering if u guys could add a non-bianary option for the game and its a issue that most apps only have a "girl-boy" option and no other alternative. This is also for legends that are non-bianary. Lots of kids now are figuring out who they are at a young age like me and i want them to express themselves more. This is not hate but a statement and hate on me or whatever idc

    claire -.-claire -.-Dag sedan

    Rachael KeeleyRachael KeeleyDag sedan
  • I got the game

    Katy ReyesKaty ReyesDag sedan
  • I love Norris nuts gaming

    Sanjai D KeraiSanjai D KeraiDag sedan
  • you guys are #1 on the adventure chart

    Candice HillCandice Hill2 dagar sedan
  • I am on a iPad so I can’t play and I am sad 😢😢😢😢

    Poppybaere WhitehousePoppybaere Whitehouse2 dagar sedan
  • You should make a cook book for the cooking that shows all the things you can cook and how to cook them

    Jason PerskyJason Persky2 dagar sedan
  • Idk but it doesnt show up in playstore.your game. Why isnt it in playstore?

    Mazher BeeMazher Bee2 dagar sedan
  • Congrats guys I had no idea this was a game u guys had created this is amazing! Just downloaded it onto the computer. Can't wait till its out also on android.

    Nehama WNehama W2 dagar sedan
  • I’m try to download it

    Maitha AlmansooriMaitha Almansoori2 dagar sedan
  • For my pet

  • How do I buy toys

  • Why wouldn’t I give the Norris nuts 5 stars

    Antonella VeraAntonella Vera2 dagar sedan
  • Norris nuts when I download this game I will definitely give you 5 stars. Iam a really big fan I watch you everyday! Bellexxx

    James TaylorJames Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • I really wish I would be able to play this but I can't because it's not on Android 😭😭 Norris nuts please add it to android for the rest of the Legends!❤

    iiartsy_apricxtiiartsy_apricxt2 dagar sedan
  • I did and I downloaded world of pets

    Tana ClarkTana Clark2 dagar sedan