23 nov 2020
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I won a FUT DRAFT on ULTIMATE TEAM with 10 IN ATTACK. Let me know in the comments which challenge you want me to do next. I WILL ATTEMPT THE TOP COMMENT!
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TWITTER: @harryhesketh
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My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc

  • A full bald team

    Daragh StratsDaragh Strats8 timmar sedan
  • I’m a leeds fan and you’re spot on, whenever Phillips gets the ball everyone is piled up the pitch😂😂

    Oli LarkinOli LarkinDag sedan
  • top 100 with only draft hall of famers

    AJAdam DAJAdam D5 dagar sedan
  • Draft with minimum chem possible

    Harvey HoodHarvey Hood6 dagar sedan
  • Only ship goals

    SKT_EpicSKT_Epic16 dagar sedan
  • watching these videos makes me realize how awful FIFA 21 is

    Robert SproulRobert Sproul17 dagar sedan
  • Anders is much better

    Ostehapsen on YTOstehapsen on YT22 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      MarcMarcDag sedan
  • Top 100 with a Welsh team

    Yes NowYes Now23 dagar sedan
  • FUT DRAFT:goalkeeper playing striker or wingers

    Dat ToxicDat Toxic24 dagar sedan
  • Can you slow down on the draft part

    Ernesto VillatoroErnesto Villatoro24 dagar sedan
  • Only one player can score the goals shalenge

    YAI RYAI R25 dagar sedan
  • Imagine paying 15k just to match harry in the first round 😔

    Sam BurhopSam Burhop26 dagar sedan
  • Top 100 with a Welsh team

    ZellottZellott26 dagar sedan
  • I won a draft with no attackers.

    Arty WoollsArty Woolls29 dagar sedan
  • Fut draft...ALL DEFENDERS

    Danny GreenDanny GreenMånad sedan
  • Harry go into weekend league with only english players that play in foreign countries !!!!!!!!!!

    Joseph DuartdJoseph DuartdMånad sedan
  • Wys bro 55 incoming 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Kyle MortonKyle MortonMånad sedan
  • Without shooting

    Seth AndersonSeth AndersonMånad sedan
  • "Win a draft with 2 buttons controls"

    Tarek SellamiTarek SellamiMånad sedan
  • Beat anders ffs

    Hardy HadzrenHardy HadzrenMånad sedan
  • I cant even win a draft normally

    Andrew Bicknell paineAndrew Bicknell paineMånad sedan
  • Challenge: Use all corners and freekicks by goalkeeper.

    Hakan AVCUHakan AVCUMånad sedan
  • Finally, actual decent draft challenge content, not naming names

    John PithersJohn PithersMånad sedan
  • Win a draft only using the mini map

    Ioan ParryIoan ParryMånad sedan
  • only free kick draft

    Oscar VddOscar VddMånad sedan
  • do a zero links draft

    Jamie HarrisonJamie HarrisonMånad sedan
  • win by rage quits next time

    Rafael MorrisonRafael MorrisonMånad sedan
  • do a draft with tallest possible players

    matt the mattmatt the mattMånad sedan
  • Trash

    Matias CruzMatias CruzMånad sedan
  • Do a draft with no chem

    Conor McCarthyConor McCarthyMånad sedan
  • I complained about pack odds to EA support. They advertised a pack with 75% chance to get an 83+. I opened 14 packs and never got one. The odds of missing it 10 times in a row are 0.0000095%. It's a pure scam, they are getting sued for it. They are going away at some point in favour of a more rewarding system so EA are scalping the cash cows as much as they can. Greedy corporate bastards.

    tehf00ntehf00nMånad sedan
  • His videos just don’t get old

    Rossa McGrathRossa McGrathMånad sedan
  • Win without passing

    Leon KearnsLeon KearnsMånad sedan
  • Why has he only front players from Afrika

    Beast__ KattsBeast__ KattsMånad sedan
  • Upside down draft. Eg striker in goal, goal keeper upfront and so on

    Jack DownesJack DownesMånad sedan
  • Draft challenge: no shooting challenge. Have to walk ball into the net

    unkown 9unkown 9Månad sedan
  • Win a fut draft with not using any skill moves

    Noahplays 201Noahplays 201Månad sedan
  • all jokes aside this could actually be the new meta, as you can't defend on this game and there's clear emphasis on outscoring the opposition

    George ParkerGeorge ParkerMånad sedan
  • draft with only mersyside playeers

    Sloth BoySloth BoyMånad sedan
  • Do a full scotland team in champs

    Ross Awesome 6Ross Awesome 6Månad sedan
  • "Scott brown 10 in a row" looks like it the now 😂

    RetliezzRetliezzMånad sedan
    • 10 in a row is dead and I love it 😂😂

      Samuel H1872Samuel H18727 dagar sedan
  • Harry win a draft by making your team opposite meaning the gk goes at striker and you defenders then mid and then your striker at gk

    Jeyarathnam SathasivamJeyarathnam SathasivamMånad sedan
  • You can only tackle with sliding tackles

    Alex WillsAlex WillsMånad sedan
  • Challenge: REVERSED TEAM. GK takes the ST position, ST takes the GK position, and so on

    Anders AmdalAnders AmdalMånad sedan
  • Draft with kit clashes.

    deadpoolxodeadpoolxoMånad sedan
  • Draft without Shooting the ball

    Denis Leon CioscomoscooDenis Leon CioscomoscooMånad sedan
  • Do a draft but you can only score volleys and headers!

    Erik LidmanErik LidmanMånad sedan
  • Vamos Caraio!!!

    Vinicius ZampieriVinicius ZampieriMånad sedan
  • Full defender team

    EliteEvanEliteEvanMånad sedan
  • Play a draft where you can only score with players weak foot

    Callum GilbertCallum GilbertMånad sedan
  • Challenge: play a draft with button delay

    Mitsospoutsaras MitsospoutsarasMitsospoutsaras MitsospoutsarasMånad sedan
  • Every goal you concede you give me 10$

    azozz alshehaazozz alshehaMånad sedan
  • Try win a draft with no chemistry links (all red links) like so harry can see this

    Aston WaddinghamAston WaddinghamMånad sedan

    Richie StevenRichie StevenMånad sedan

    Richie StevenRichie StevenMånad sedan
  • Challenge: Have to player with goalkeepers as Strikers up top and can only score with them.

    jamezs101jamezs101Månad sedan
  • Win a Draft only Left Stick like Alien Kurt

    No LymyTNo LymyTMånad sedan
  • Win a draft with players with less than 3 star skills

    Myke MertensMyke MertensMånad sedan
  • Hey! Why you talking shit about Liverpool players!

    Realcreative OneRealcreative OneMånad sedan
  • Challenge: only score from an L3/R3 1:2

    Jasmine NorcottJasmine NorcottMånad sedan
  • Win a draft picking the lowest rated players

    Lewis AllenLewis AllenMånad sedan
  • Only set pieces draft

    Lukas BennikeLukas BennikeMånad sedan
  • I won a draft selecting the least (worst) meta players each time.

    Merigon DautajMerigon DautajMånad sedan
  • If we told that 14 year old to go 30-0 one more time without stepovers, he would get 15 wins probably

    Ice CubeIce CubeMånad sedan
  • Challenge: win the draft win at least one red card in each game.

    Jake BaylissJake BaylissMånad sedan
  • Harry: I don’t have any 5* skillers on this team except for pogba. Zaha: am I a joke to you?

    Harrison MastersHarrison MastersMånad sedan
  • Here's a challenge for your next draft to glory. You can't pick 2 players who wear the same jersey no. for their respective clubs(eg there can only be one no. 10 either messi or mane). Hope to see you implement this.

    Ravinder chauhanRavinder chauhanMånad sedan
  • Challenge score only with chip shots

    At0mic PenguinAt0mic PenguinMånad sedan
  • Pick the worse player everytime

    big rabbig rabMånad sedan
  • Play a draft where you choose the slowest players

    Craig HadlandCraig HadlandMånad sedan
  • fut draft with out letting in one goal

  • win a futdraft without using the left stick to run. only passing and shooting

    Its Trevor OmgIts Trevor OmgMånad sedan
  • Win the draft with the lowest rated team

    Jacob WateridgeJacob WateridgeMånad sedan
  • draft with no skil moves allowed

    Slurpy gwak GwakSlurpy gwak GwakMånad sedan
  • Win a draft by only using fanzy passes, flicks and fanzyshots.

    ole haugenole haugenMånad sedan
  • “I won a fut draft with all the worst players”

    Nicky KNicky KMånad sedan
  • *Contact* #SLIM_TOOLS *on* *IG* *he* *got* *the* *best* #tools *on* #retrieving *and* #hacking *of* #accounts.

    hamarau sulaimanhamarau sulaimanMånad sedan
  • *Contact* #SLIM_TOOLS *on* *IG* *he* *got* *the* *best* #tools *on* #retrieving *and* #hacking *of* #accounts.

    hamarau sulaimanhamarau sulaimanMånad sedan
  • Make a team of the best premiere league players

    MR. XPMR. XPMånad sedan
  • Only corners draft

    123 456123 456Månad sedan
  • What’s his camera settings?

    William GrillWilliam GrillMånad sedan
  • I wanna see this guy get top 100 with only sbc cars/packs

    TetrionTetrionMånad sedan
  • Win a fut draft with a goalkeeper up front and a striker in goal

    Daniel LambertDaniel LambertMånad sedan
  • Win a futdraft with the worst possible team

    ClapzyClapzyMånad sedan
  • top 100 using the current tote

    Christopher MartinChristopher MartinMånad sedan
  • win a draft with only running the ball into the net

    Lewis JonesLewis JonesMånad sedan
  • RIP Diego maradona

    Ahad MalikAhad MalikMånad sedan
  • Take the lowest rated player at each pick

    robsondominatorrobsondominatorMånad sedan
  • Draft with no attackers

    Stringer21211Stringer21211Månad sedan
  • do a fut draft but every time the other team gets the ball you let them score

    Iwan David ThomasIwan David ThomasMånad sedan
  • Play it with a goalkeeper as striker

    ThabangThabangMånad sedan
  • Do no skill moves

    Hayden MillsHayden MillsMånad sedan
  • You should try to get 30-0 with a full Everton squad that will be good as u support them like if you think it’ll be a good vid

    TempofnbrTempofnbrMånad sedan
  • Play a draft with two bottons and no skills

    Sai of Arc 94Sai of Arc 94Månad sedan
  • Full draft without clicking the shoot button, so no stand tackle or actual shots. Slides or blocks only and when attacking you have pretty much score Fifa goals and pass it into the net 😆

    OGHatchyOGHatchyMånad sedan
  • A FUT draft but the team is inverted(forwards as defenders and defenders as strikers)

    Aidan KleinAidan KleinMånad sedan
  • Challenge Win without any ANY skill moves

    HealmBreakerHealmBreakerMånad sedan
  • You Should Do Headers And Volleys Only Draft

    Ghadi HabibGhadi HabibMånad sedan
  • Let’s have a carlo magnifico masterclass - all Everton players. UTFT!!

    Johnryan WarnickJohnryan WarnickMånad sedan
  • Only score with weak foot. Otherwise you have to forfeit.

    Xiao ZhangXiao ZhangMånad sedan