How I Made a 3 Month long Time-lapse Of The 2020 Great Conjunction

12 jan 2021
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I make a video of Jupiter and Saturn passing each other in the sky.
In case you are wondering what the dot on my forehead was about:
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  • Nice job bro I like most of your videos keep it up

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  • Are you really going to mars?

    Harry HazardHarry Hazard2 timmar sedan
  • I know how it is. Without glasses my mother and the table look like one thing

    Guilherme TeixeiraGuilherme Teixeira16 timmar sedan
  • Why do you get shocked after touching a flashlight that you let charge too long?

    Nicholas DiStefanoNicholas DiStefano18 timmar sedan
  • Sadly way to much light pollution due to overpopulation. Im already lucky to see a single star in the sky near my house.

    Geen naamGeen naam18 timmar sedan
  • The real mystery is how he keeps his cat on his shoulders

    SCP 173SCP 17321 timme sedan
  • Since you postponed cody's mine,do you know of similar series on youtube?

    BenreyBenrey21 timme sedan
  • You're something else Cody. Just getting through your youtube catalogue and definitly have become my favourite go-to channel for content. Greatly appreciative for all the years of effort you have put in.

    shin tenkaishin tenkai23 timmar sedan
  • The cat scarf is cheating. I couldn't see the cat scarf and not click on the video.

    Lawrence KimmelLawrence KimmelDag sedan
  • Tell your cat I love them, Ok?

    elbowache elbowacheelbowache elbowacheDag sedan
  • I missed it because it was cloudy outside.

    Eric VandenAvondEric VandenAvondDag sedan
  • As stacking this without a lot of background stars is difficult, doing it manually doesn't require using a marker on your screen. You should instead just use a onion skin method, what stop motion animation and drawn animation is using, where your previous frame is shown at 50% opacity and the frame before that at 25%(optional). But whatever works for you. Looks like you use some hillbilly video editor anyways. Cropping the frames in paint is really really sketchy. You could instead do all of this in a video compositor and use frame duration, so if you have a gap over a few days - you just show one frame longer. Interpolating this by hand isn't needed as you could use motion vectors.

    MrVipitisMrVipitisDag sedan
  • I have an idea for an experiment. If water expands when it freezes, and fluids are non compressible, if water is enclosed in a non expandable container, with no air, will it freeze?

    pablo diablopablo diabloDag sedan
  • PLEASE make an actual tin foil hat! I was watching your old "tin can made of tin" video and you mentioned that after rolling you made acual tinfoin

    Fred latin MedicFred latin MedicDag sedan
  • Do you still watch Issac Arthur for breakfast on Arthursday?

    FotYFotYDag sedan
  • You should make a mirror without looking in the mirror.

    larson thomaslarson thomasDag sedan
  • +10 for adding the cat as a prop!

    Chat ChaweewongChat Chaweewong2 dagar sedan
  • Men, you looks like aged a lot in few months, are you ok, love your videos.

    Adriano Moratelli FoniniAdriano Moratelli Fonini2 dagar sedan
  • Hey cody, you should make a video extracting the flamable oil from orange peels and using to run a gasoline engine!

    Chris FlanneryChris Flannery2 dagar sedan
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  • i want a cat scarf right meow

    maciej simmmaciej simm2 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand this channel. I subbed.

    Rainy SandRainy Sand2 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was someone else

    Reagan HarveyReagan Harvey2 dagar sedan
  • They definitely weren't "billions of miles" apart, but cool video nonetheless.

    timg2727timg27272 dagar sedan
  • did you put a video up of the filter? I can't find it.

    FlobKingFlobKing3 dagar sedan
  • When caustic 4???

    HappyjrHappyjr3 dagar sedan
  • Would be cool if you shared a zip of the individual frames for us. I'd like to give editing it a shot

    TheFloatingSheepTheFloatingSheep3 dagar sedan
  • Nice job. I wish I would have thought of doing that!

    Alden RogersAlden Rogers3 dagar sedan
  • Every year I miss every single space event why???😭😭😅

    ARCHAIC 7413ARCHAIC 74133 dagar sedan
  • I really dig your scarf, man! Super cool fur. Haha that's one f✓©¢ing nice kitty! (In Bubbles' voice)

    Jannis JoplinJannis Joplin3 dagar sedan
  • Can I steal your cat? Cool vide btdubs

    Nate SorensenNate Sorensen3 dagar sedan
  • I for one really appreciate this project and the work put into it. That is a very very difficult thing to do and with the way you had to do it! This is actually awesome.

    MADSMADS3 dagar sedan
  • Who is it .? Is it Cody.

  • Remarkable work

    Siby ThomasSiby Thomas4 dagar sedan
  • the bass on your videos intros just blows my subwoofer everytime.... i live in an appartment and its 4:19 AM ...

    BRSlashBRSlash4 dagar sedan
  • That was awesome

    Xcision MistXcision Mist4 dagar sedan
  • That is cute the cat being your boss... you know what I mean. Pampered loved etc

    Lady Saira FarooqLady Saira Farooq4 dagar sedan
  • I want your cat buddy! You lucked out with a smart and curious one. He’s so freaking was awesome!

    Aaron AzazagothAaron Azazagoth4 dagar sedan
  • Cody I have a project idea why not make swales and eventually grow a pond at the bottom of the hill.. Not sure if your property is able or you own that part of the hill.. That would bring some nature, at least more of it...

    RaezoresRaezores4 dagar sedan
  • "Without my glasses, it looked like a single dot." LOL! Without my glasses, everything further than my arm length becomes a massive blur. 8D

    Rebecca ZimplemanRebecca Zimpleman4 dagar sedan
  • Cody, I just wanted to say you're one of my favourite channels on SEworld. Truly representing the pinnacle of what the platform can be. I'm glad for your success, because you deserve it.

    Zak HawthorneZak Hawthorne4 dagar sedan
  • This is fantastic. Good job!

    The Rambling ShepherdThe Rambling Shepherd4 dagar sedan
  • How are your Bee hives doing ?

    TheAcousticallyTheAcoustically4 dagar sedan
  • Damn clouds.

    RasipRasip4 dagar sedan
  • make a vido of refineing silver from solder

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    • wtf he already has one.

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    • pleas

      larkin cookelarkin cooke4 dagar sedan
  • Cody, i have a question: since when do you watch hermitcraft?

  • I just took 16 pics and 1 video on 21st December 2020. Once in a lifetime experience.

    RonRon4 dagar sedan
  • "The Cat is Dead. Long Live the Cat." - Schrodiinger

    Herny TudorFordHerny TudorFord4 dagar sedan
  • Damn, what a cool cat. I`d like to cuddle her/him into purr heaven. :P

    BuBBle.DBuBBle.D4 dagar sedan
  • Love the Burmese cat.

    coweatsmancoweatsman4 dagar sedan
  • Burmese cats are awesome

    Ben WilsonBen Wilson4 dagar sedan
  • did you age 10 years over that 3 months? you look really old in this video for some reason

    Kieran PavyKieran Pavy4 dagar sedan
  • In august i think i bored the hell out of everyone talking about how close and bright they were :D And how red mars was in the early evening. It was amazing!

    Will TerryWill Terry5 dagar sedan
  • Evil Genius, buhHhhaaaaa

    Nelson NicholsonNelson Nicholson5 dagar sedan
  • Awesome work

    Innasoul Φ Music ΦInnasoul Φ Music Φ5 dagar sedan
  • your cat looks very pissed off at the fact that you started talking

    T CocoT Coco5 dagar sedan
  • Good job on the editing!!!

    Kurt ElliottKurt Elliott5 dagar sedan
  • 0:23 MILLIONS. 456 million to be (reasonably) accurate.

    psmiragepsmirage5 dagar sedan
  • Bro u look so damn fresh with the glasses and hair cut!

    Nick P.Nick P.5 dagar sedan
  • What is you're cat's name? Mine is Boots and he's a giant medium hair tabby/coon mix an he's been my unjudging partner in life through a lot of hard times. I ask because he loves to rest upon my shoulders just like that even though he's a whopping 20lbs at the healthy, vet verified weight for his size. He's getting old though and unfortunately the strength of his own immune system will kill him in the next few years. It's a weird thing but he's actually too healthy and I guess when the immune system reaches that point it can catalyze certain events, such as the acidity of it's own subject's saliva which will eventually dissolve his teeth and give way to the growth of cancerous tumors no matter what I do. I've started giving him alkaline water and taking him every few months to the vet to receive immune suppressant shots but it seems as if fate has a design. In a last ditch effort I want to get him a partner to play with because sometimes just having that kind of a social potential available can be healing. He'd easily regard an ordinary kitten as a mouse though due to his size. I appreciate any advice that you can give on this matter chemically or otherwise, I'm at a loss and heartbroken despite many efforts and a descent knowledge of biological systems. It's one thing to understand how a system works and another to understand the myriad of complexities of the same system's failures especially those that can kill while appearing to serve to do everything opposite of that.

    HumanOddity69HumanOddity695 dagar sedan
  • A channel I started watching before a teenager and still watch as a 20 something, endlessly informational and entertaining. Love it man.

    Logic ToastLogic Toast5 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos, me and my dad were talking about this event in December but weren't able to see it because of clouds and light polution. Thanks for the video :)

    Jon DuffinJon Duffin5 dagar sedan
  • You put so much time effort and love into this video and it shows! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment :)

    SpookySpooky5 dagar sedan
  • Cody, I must let you know that you are a wonderful person. You are literally an inspiration for everybody, and also me, to be the most intriguing, eager to learn and humble person that you can be. I hope that 2021 brings you everythinggood that you can wish for! -Stay safe, be yourself, with lots of love.

    junior koetsierjunior koetsier5 dagar sedan
  • The only reason you were able to do this is because the earth is flat and everything revolves around us, thank you for proving it!

    Hairy MerkinHairy Merkin5 dagar sedan
  • Looking good, brother! Keep your spirits high.

    R.C. WhiteheadR.C. Whitehead5 dagar sedan
  • I got what I think is a great shot of neowise, it’s on my Instagram ir_vision_prints

    IR Vision PrintsIR Vision Prints5 dagar sedan
  • best i saw so far^^ as always very informative

    Salu omnidentidadeSalu omnidentidade5 dagar sedan
  • Im building a mini steam train

  • Hey Cody, I have a massive piece of mica, and I read that it has potassium in it, do you think I can send it to you and you can try to make a video extracting the potassium out if it's possible?

    JackMan MOTHJackMan MOTH5 dagar sedan
  • Lol that cat had me smiling the whole vid. Good work.

    Booozy3050Booozy30505 dagar sedan
  • Wait wtf we can see jupiters moons on the camera? I thought one needed superhuman sight to see them. Liike how they used to test astronomers whether they see one or two stars (I don't know which stars they were but they are very close to each other and when I tried I could deffinitely only see one)

    Ekl HaftEkl Haft6 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever watched a gardening channel Cody? I would be loving watching Chicken Hole base extra videos like gardening, cloning, saving seed, all that permaculture stuff. Hopefully you're doing well!

    SuperStructSuperStruct6 dagar sedan
  • This is epic. I'm so glad it worked out! Also, your cat is awesome to sit on you like that. I wish mine did that.

    Evan ThompsonEvan Thompson6 dagar sedan
  • When did you shave your beard?

    DefalutionDefalution6 dagar sedan
  • hey try making supercritcal nitrogen

    Arnav BhagwatArnav Bhagwat6 dagar sedan
  • have you ever try to make Aerogel?

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  • From late summer till the first truly warm days of spring they are almost ravenous and quite annoying. One of these days imma turn 'em into house slippers, I swear.

    Dystopian ParadiseDystopian Paradise6 dagar sedan
  • You got a haircut!!!

    Michael ImbesiMichael Imbesi6 dagar sedan
  • Kitty :)

    david connerdavid conner6 dagar sedan
  • Hello Cody. I'm starting to "diversify" my online media platforms in the wake of a great deal of censorship and takedowns by big tech. I'm wondering if you are posting your videos to any other platforms?

    jebusfawcettjebusfawcett6 dagar sedan
  • Love these cool timelapses cody! Don't get discouraged

    SurnameSurname6 dagar sedan
  • With that glasses and sans beard...not really sure what you are aiming for, but you look OLD, dude! About 50! Get some hair on that face and rid of those grandpa spectacles IMHO.

    Rwanda forever!Rwanda forever!6 dagar sedan
  • Jan. 6th Satan cube capital building storm leads To Trump inpeachment?

    jerry mccurryjerry mccurry6 dagar sedan
  • Thank you! I missed the conjunction week due to clouds.

    J RJ R6 dagar sedan
  • Looking great Cody, and great vid.

    AlexAlex6 dagar sedan
  • Very cool!

    John LittleJohn Little6 dagar sedan
  • 고양이가 순하고 너무이쁘네요 러시안블루같네요

    sungtae sonsungtae son6 dagar sedan
  • you looks much better with a long hair and a beard

    ChExiChExi6 dagar sedan
  • Hey, at least we care. I've been telling people about this and Mars being the closest in 15 years and nobody cared.

    GallowglassGallowglass6 dagar sedan
  • Cody needs a shirt from those Russian nuclear scientists. "If you see me running, you should be too" lol :)

    R CarmisinR Carmisin6 dagar sedan
  • thanks

    Brendan mBrendan m6 dagar sedan
  • Cody my dude, thank you so much for this video and dedicating months for it!:) Im sad that I wasnt able to see it for myself but you made a video that can compete with the real thing. Love you my dude:D

    Peaceable MenacePeaceable Menace6 dagar sedan
  • You look well. This is good.

    Stuart BlackStuart Black6 dagar sedan
  • I thought Cody was gonna say the first step he needed to do was stop the rotation of the earth 😂

    Thomas ShannonThomas Shannon6 dagar sedan
  • oh yeah? well without my glasses, every light in the night sky looks like a vaguely bright blob

    Frank ZaffutoFrank Zaffuto6 dagar sedan
  • He’s a living cat person meme

    Lucas FūrLucas Fūr6 dagar sedan
  • Cody, I am a fan of yours... I think I may have a solution to the Mpemba effect. Would you be interested in helping me prove it. I believe you have the expertise and laboratory know how to confirm my theory. Please let me know.

    Sedley ParkinsonSedley Parkinson6 dagar sedan
  • Haha! This is Simply incredible, I cant believe more people didn’t do this. Also, it’s good to see you doing better :)

    Wasp StomperWasp Stomper6 dagar sedan
  • I love it when my cat becomes a neck pillow, you feel so loved

    AmKam OmegaAmKam Omega6 dagar sedan