playing the best game of all time

3 dec 2020
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game of the century
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Today we play the G-Force hamster game. I actually had way too much fun playing this and i'd love to make another vid on this (if you guys want one). Thanks for watching... more gaming vids soon.
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  • the prophecy has been fulfilled

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords5 månader sedan
    • Best movie: Spy Kids 3d

      Ashley WoottonAshley Wootton3 månader sedan
    • Yo

      Crosby KreinCrosby Krein4 månader sedan
    • Nice new pfp

      WheeleekwazeeWheeleekwazee4 månader sedan
    • Bruh g force was my favourite movie man as a kid

      NOT WOOPSNOT WOOPS4 månader sedan
    • The new watchdogs looks insane you’re lucky you got early access

      Sculley237Sculley2375 månader sedan
  • Game of my childhood

    Montażysta McLukiMontażysta McLuki10 dagar sedan
  • OMFG i couldnt finish this game cause i just realized you have a long range fuckibg gun omg and i thought it was hard god damn it i mean i was kid and English wasn't my languange but wow Edit: this HAS to be remaster, night vision? REALLY? Bruh this has to be or im just retarded Like i played this on a psp WHERE ARE THE BUTTONS FOR THAT

    George JETGeorge JET17 dagar sedan
  • Crispy

    April GiggeyApril Giggey25 dagar sedan
  • That was a movie

    FactionsCobyFactionsCobyMånad sedan
  • I actually have that for my wii

    Luke StewartLuke StewartMånad sedan
  • I Tried This Easy Game On My Wii But I Did Not Make It

    Crafting budYTCrafting budYT2 månader sedan
  • Part 2!

    Daniel AndrewDaniel Andrew2 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this on my xbox 360 growing up as a kid

    Doc DonuDoc Donu2 månader sedan
  • Bruh I played this back when I played the PSP

    Skeletal GorgonSkeletal Gorgon2 månader sedan
  • I swear g-force is a movie I saw the thumbnail and I remember of that movie

    Shakeel RahmanShakeel Rahman2 månader sedan
  • Amazing game! I played the PS2, NDS and PC versions and watched the movie in the theatres! G-Force rules! Btw, I made the music for the Nintendo DS Version of the game :) Cheers & musical greets, Fabian

    Rapture MusicRapture Music2 månader sedan
  • Night vision hamster 9:24

    Brandonlemus MazariegoBrandonlemus Mazariego2 månader sedan
  • Ahhh the memories of playing this game and the movie

    BigsauceツBigsauceツ2 månader sedan
  • I loved that game so much when I was little but it taught me pain

    anthony hellmananthony hellman2 månader sedan
  • I think it’s a gerbil actually

    UnknownXObiUnknownXObi2 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this on the original DS...

    Joshua ReevesJoshua Reeves2 månader sedan
  • Omg I used to play that

    t0xict0xic2 månader sedan
  • Who els heard the fart or am i tripping 10:22

    Alfonso MejiaAlfonso Mejia2 månader sedan
  • Bruh i have this game on PSP but the PC version is way better than the PSP

    Andrew LunaAndrew Luna2 månader sedan
  • I think the best game of all time is shrek

    Neon whiteNeon white3 månader sedan
  • you need to speedrun this!

    Sakuba_GamingSakuba_Gaming3 månader sedan
  • Speedrun?

    BarfpoopmomBarfpoopmom3 månader sedan

    TheresNoSharkTheresNoShark3 månader sedan
  • here for the algorithm

    Jakez1lla -_-Jakez1lla -_-3 månader sedan
  • Why does speckles sound like Bentley from sly cooper

    AlexTheReaperAlexTheReaper3 månader sedan
  • Lmao I played this game on the DS back in the day

    drip sephirothdrip sephiroth3 månader sedan
  • This remind me of rachet and clank

    Safari StreamerSafari Streamer3 månader sedan
  • july 14 is the exact date of my birthday

    MAD playerMAD player3 månader sedan
  • i remember playing this on the psp

    Tyler MullerTyler Muller3 månader sedan
  • I honestly loved this game as a kid but i only remember playing the first level over and over lmao 😂😂😂

    RioluGaming 2005RioluGaming 20053 månader sedan

    Nicky GNicky G3 månader sedan

    DaRealBillyBob 23DaRealBillyBob 233 månader sedan
  • wwwwwwww

    Simply KarlSimply Karl3 månader sedan
  • My dude thanks for playing g force i absolute adore this game

    jayson the hedehogjayson the hedehog3 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this game on my ds 😂

    Dylan LittlefieldDylan Littlefield3 månader sedan
  • who here actually has a guinea pig

    Lukey LukeyLukey Lukey3 månader sedan
  • Damn, I'm getting some serious deja vu. I didn't realize I played this game years ago.

    Ethan CunninghamEthan Cunningham3 månader sedan
  • I've played this way too much ahh the nostalgia

    Lava GanderLava Gander3 månader sedan
  • The nostalgia is real

    yhezzi 2kyhezzi 2k3 månader sedan
  • comment for the algorithm woo

    KillerKittyKillerKitty3 månader sedan
  • ps2 version was childhood

    Cold - EskyCold - Esky3 månader sedan
  • Bruh this game was my childhood

    BillBill3 månader sedan
  • I used to play the Demo on Ps2 and it only had the vacuum cleaner with lasers and dog level. Shit was fun as hell kinda miss those days :/

    ZyurxiZyurxi3 månader sedan
  • Cyber hamster 2077

    Icrem IborIcrem Ibor3 månader sedan

    Camo 2kCamo 2k3 månader sedan
  • He purchased it on my birthday

    Tyson AnsonTyson Anson3 månader sedan
  • i played that on my psp yesterday-

    8illy8illy3 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this game on the PS2, I could never beat the vent level and it always scared me

    GoldenMustachioGoldenMustachio3 månader sedan
  • Showed this to my guinea pig, now it can rob a bank

    JollyJolly3 månader sedan
  • ah yes I remember when you played games

    just some chupacabra with internet accessjust some chupacabra with internet access3 månader sedan
  • made me want to go watch the movie

    Tard Smith JrTard Smith Jr3 månader sedan
  • anyone else play this on xbox 360 back in 2013 ? cause i did

    EPIC DUDEEPIC DUDE3 månader sedan
  • I knew ot when i seen the hamster used to play it on my sisters ds

    Youknow itYouknow it3 månader sedan

    Logan ZurfaceLogan Zurface3 månader sedan
  • It’s was better on the Wii

    Keegan BeaumontKeegan Beaumont3 månader sedan
  • The mole sounds like the turtle from sly cooper

    Big SmokeBig Smoke3 månader sedan
  • holy shit i played this game everyday on the xbox 360 years ago this shit brings me memories.

    suprememoodsuprememood3 månader sedan
  • Bruh I had this on my DS like 10 years ago

    Stew BStew B3 månader sedan
  • Correct, I love this movie

    Haruto 52Haruto 523 månader sedan
  • fucking amazing

    wolfwolf3 månader sedan

    chas0060 chas0060chas0060 chas00603 månader sedan
  • Yh ok buddy

    Alex The F1 AddictAlex The F1 Addict3 månader sedan
  • O K

    Alex The F1 AddictAlex The F1 Addict3 månader sedan
  • Ok now when does the speed run come out?

    Rogue_Pulse48Rogue_Pulse483 månader sedan
  • Oh my god so many memories with this game, I used to play this on the ps3 I have this distinct memory, I was 7 years old and I was playing the game and eating pasta the memories bro

    Loyals FNLoyals FN3 månader sedan
  • Best movie: Spy Kids 3d

    Ashley WoottonAshley Wootton3 månader sedan
  • Its all fun in games until the pixar lamp turns evil 😅

    Joshua MalakiJoshua Malaki3 månader sedan
  • i had this on the ds

    Brayden GreyBrayden Grey3 månader sedan
  • I loved this game i was an kid

    FailPlaneFailPlane3 månader sedan
  • Man, Spider-Man looks really weird now

    Connor HarrisConnor Harris3 månader sedan
  • hey mr crispy this might seem weird but my name is jordan wellington and im a young landscaper but ever since my father died things has gone over the edge life as been really hard for me but my dream is to be a streamer and a landscaping architecture but im having a really hard time man i really do like where i live is really rough and i wanna really live to see my dream.. but the thing im asking for is a little help with that please if you can help me a little please do man i'll be on here hoping that you see this..

    skindawgzzskindawgzz3 månader sedan
  • I need this game😭😭

    X Robin XX Robin X3 månader sedan
  • I played it before

    coinzzcoinzz3 månader sedan
  • That game is old

    coinzzcoinzz3 månader sedan
  • i love this game!!!! especially on ps2

    Miki SafeMiki Safe3 månader sedan
  • You playing this game unlocked my almost forgotten childhood memories

    PandokiPandoki3 månader sedan
  • bro the black ops zombies hacking noises had me 😹 i had to do a double take

    chromechrome3 månader sedan
  • Im an og g-force DS player

    The SlayerThe Slayer4 månader sedan
  • hampter

    Natalia VallejosNatalia Vallejos4 månader sedan
  • Oh damn I loved this game!! Time to play it again thank you!

    Wookiee WarriorWookiee Warrior4 månader sedan
  • Pause the video 0:00

    anonymousanonymous4 månader sedan
  • My hamster on crack

    Crosby KreinCrosby Krein4 månader sedan
  • I have that game on ps3.

    MrDev1lMrDev1l4 månader sedan
  • I used to play this on the wii

    CamdenWayneCamdenWayne4 månader sedan
  • finally someone else who loved this game in their childhood 😭

    Ramirez ChilingtonRamirez Chilington4 månader sedan
  • I want a multiplayer pvp Rn

    JenoJeno4 månader sedan
  • Play cod

    Ahmad SororAhmad Soror4 månader sedan
  • for algorithm

    Marcus GarciaMarcus Garcia4 månader sedan
  • I used to play what game with xbox 360-

    milkisuu_milkisuu_4 månader sedan
  • Who else played this on psp

    Aa JaredAa Jared4 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this on the wii lol

    Devon DavisDevon Davis4 månader sedan
  • this is the greatest game of all time

    Braja Omar JusticoBraja Omar Justico4 månader sedan
  • This is so sick 😂 I’m getting it rn

    Nick BNick B4 månader sedan
  • Yo low key I had this game on the ps2 and it sort of was a part of my childhood era

    Blu ScoutBlu Scout4 månader sedan
  • Yo he purchased it at my birthday

    StickflipStickflip4 månader sedan
  • wheres part 2

    kanin schultzkanin schultz4 månader sedan
  • Now this is the quality gaming I’m into

    Eli EatonEli Eaton4 månader sedan
  • I remember this game so much! I miss it

    Dr1ppzyDr1ppzy4 månader sedan
  • Ahhhh the G-force RTX 3090

    PaullyBoiPlaysPaullyBoiPlays4 månader sedan