Trisha Paytas (The BacH3lorette Round 2) - H3 Podcast #182

14 mar 2020
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Thank you to Trisha for joining us on this very special episode.

  • I swear Trisha is a genius! Do you know how hard it is to act like a 'dumb blonde.' She is really so freaking smart. Good for her to get that $$$

    Pamela HalliseyPamela HalliseyTimme sedan
  • Trish: "im wholesome!!" Also trish: puts 100 layers of lube on her face and does the weirdest shit on her only fans🤣

    Isadora ObsidianIsadora Obsidian6 timmar sedan
  • wait hila literally looks so pretty here wtf

    soapy nytherasoapy nythera10 timmar sedan

    casscass10 timmar sedan
  • Ok y'all who's here after Trish is engaged to Moses

    maddycake100maddycake10012 timmar sedan
  • I’m sorry but Hila is so boring

    Kajin HozanKajin Hozan15 timmar sedan
  • Omg the chris Farley skit reference dude who lived in his van 🤣🤣

    mclovin indahizziemclovin indahizzie19 timmar sedan
  • I know this is kinda late, but I want the blonde with glasses🥺

    Autumn ReneeAutumn ReneeDag sedan
  • Imagine trish dating a cute country man LOOOL

    Autumn ReneeAutumn ReneeDag sedan
  • I’m literally the only one who noticed Reno gold

    emerald catemerald catDag sedan
    • @soapy nythera omg I’m embarrassed 🙈

      emerald catemerald cat7 timmar sedan

      soapy nytherasoapy nythera9 timmar sedan
  • She pretended she didn't know who Vin Diesel was on Frenemies but knew who he was in this!!! interesting.

    BradenBradenDag sedan
  • 5,000 deaths worldwide... Wow. How we fucked up through the months

    Lan DewellLan Dewell2 dagar sedan
  • Why did they stop using this office?

    Keegan HallKeegan Hall2 dagar sedan
  • 21:00

    ReignReign2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, it's the godless Baphomet nun for me ☺

    TreemarieTreemarie2 dagar sedan
  • where is round 1?

    lupin123lupin1233 dagar sedan
  • 💖💖💖 and 🤣 what was that excuse that Ethan gave that involved melted condoms on steak?!

    Happi DeighHappi Deigh3 dagar sedan
  • You can clearly see shes faking when she sais she doesn’t know what Egypt is .. she knows everything about everything

    sarah zoubirsarah zoubir3 dagar sedan
  • Here after all of the drama, And Trish and Moses are engaged❤️❤️❤️

    Casey Marie DanielsCasey Marie Daniels3 dagar sedan
  • Lmao Trisha thought they'd get somebody like Vin Diesel 🤣 geez

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha was not fw the nun lmao

    Maria SantaroseMaria Santarose3 dagar sedan
  • Its a simple Google search slaves did not build the pyramids it was the Egyptians themselves who did

    PeppoPeppo4 dagar sedan
  • Anthony comes off as narcissistic to me too

    Morgan AshleyMorgan Ashley4 dagar sedan
  • Lmao “if you hook up with hilas brother he’s gonna tell us, you couldn’t get that past us”. Bet

    Brittany JohnsonBrittany Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • Honestly i loved cheese covered guy Hes my favorite

    Brittany JohnsonBrittany Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • That's such a great thumbnail. Trisha looks extremely glamourous.

    Derek TailorDerek Tailor4 dagar sedan
  • So crazy watching this and hearing how excited Trisha was for Moses and how skeptical Ethan was and now they’re getting married!!!

    Michelle DucharmeMichelle Ducharme4 dagar sedan
  • Love how in this ep Trisha says she would die if Vin Diesel was on their episode, but a few months later on Frenemies says she literally doesn’t know who that is 😂

    EmmaEmma4 dagar sedan
  • 1:32:52 omg! Trisha's face. I don't think they actually cater to her. She said minimum 35y/o and this ages are below 35...

    kizi180kizi1805 dagar sedan
  • The way they all eat is disgusting. Eww. My Misophonia is triggered.

    kizi180kizi1805 dagar sedan
  • "I like a furry" -Trish, 2020

    Lindsey LemkeLindsey Lemke5 dagar sedan
  • i wonder how all these ppl feel now that she's with moses 😭

    Lychee Jelly CupsLychee Jelly Cups5 dagar sedan
  • Trisha got engaged with Moses (january 2021) Will come back when they announce their first baby

    Olaf O.Olaf O.5 dagar sedan
  • all the guys from arizona 🥵

    bull skbull sk6 dagar sedan
  • Why are all H3 podcasts so rewatch-able

    tatertotter808tatertotter8086 dagar sedan
  • Hila is so pretty

    sarah zoubirsarah zoubir7 dagar sedan
  • thats vegan ranch

    Eleanor RoseEleanor Rose7 dagar sedan
  • Ethan stop trying to find something wrong with mukbangers we get it! And still love it! also, do it ourselves! xo.

    S.JS.J7 dagar sedan
  • COVID is strict in cuba ion know what he’s talking about

    ᗰᗩᑎᗪY ᒪOᐯEᗰᗩᑎᗪY ᒪOᐯE8 dagar sedan
  • When they didn’t understand the van down by the river reference 🥲

    Halie SwordsHalie Swords8 dagar sedan
  • I love seeing Hila laugh 🥺❤️

    geraldine pedrozzageraldine pedrozza8 dagar sedan
  • i love trish:(

    Sofía cSofía c9 dagar sedan
  • Watching this now and realizing Trisha is engaged to Moses makes my world. This is amazing. So sweet. It came full circle. So happy for them

    Courtney RodgersCourtney Rodgers9 dagar sedan
  • Where is the next episode I can’t find it! Someone help

    Hannah MonnierHannah Monnier9 dagar sedan
  • ASMR IS SO STUPID. Gluttony an even more dumb thing people enjoy.

    Naya WestNaya West9 dagar sedan
  • If you put it on 0.75 speed, Trisha sounds normal :D

    Lego MooseLego Moose10 dagar sedan
    • But Hila.....

      TreemarieTreemarie2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh Fred is eating vegan ranch???

    Furret FanaticFurret Fanatic10 dagar sedan
  • Egypt is in Africa

    Jayceon ZuckweilerJayceon Zuckweiler10 dagar sedan
  • 22:46 Why did me and Hila laugh at the same time? 😂

    Kuudere CassKuudere Cass10 dagar sedan
  • This aged like wine

    TanTanTheManTanTanTheMan11 dagar sedan
  • Was that Reno Gold LMAOOO

    BarbieBarbie11 dagar sedan
  • Here for Trish😍😍😍😍😍

    karla de la garzakarla de la garza12 dagar sedan
  • *Fred:* _”She can support me financially.”_ *Trisha:* _”Awwwwww.”_ 🥰

    AD0GSW0RLDAD0GSW0RLD12 dagar sedan
  • Pre before Trisha disliked Hila

    eski mofo777eski mofo77712 dagar sedan
  • Hila so pure and sweet i love her personality

    eski mofo777eski mofo77712 dagar sedan
  • Idk why I’m barely watching this episode and I’m inlove with Trisha and h3 😂 I love friendmies this episode is hilarious 🤣

    Catherine AndracaCatherine Andraca13 dagar sedan
  • I fucking DIED when Trisha went off on that guy’s voicemail 🤣🤣🤣

    Cindy ACindy A13 dagar sedan
  • Where all started..and now Trisha is engaged to be married. The next bachelor has ro be Zach😁

    Jetli333Jetli33313 dagar sedan
  • “Well you’re supposed to marry the winner “ 👀

    AliAli13 dagar sedan
  • it’s so cute watching ethan say he doesn’t think moses wants to marry trisha

    chloe gulickchloe gulick13 dagar sedan
  • I haven’t seen Elia laugh this much ever I hope her and Trisha became close I feel like she could adopt her calmness.

    Jasmine jJasmine j14 dagar sedan
  • now now Trisha and moses have a HOUSE together and are ENGAGED!!! 9 months can change your life!!

    Captain CabinetsCaptain Cabinets14 dagar sedan
  • for some reason, the way trisha blames the intern guys for including submissions that she doesn't end up liking makes me so annoyed.

    Tess LouckaTess Loucka14 dagar sedan
  • I dont know why her not knowing Egyptians were from Egypt is the most shocking thing to me she's ever said loll

    Courtney TCourtney T14 dagar sedan
  • Hila fits go SO hard

    DS-831DS-83114 dagar sedan
  • I love this is how this dysfunctional family started 😂

    Sam MorisonSam Morison14 dagar sedan
  • When Trish said she was just in San Antonio.... that has to be when her and Jon Hill hooked up.

    Ashley WAshley W14 dagar sedan
  • Only if they knew they would be family in less than a year

    molly riordanmolly riordan14 dagar sedan
  • Why is Ethan hating on the Egyptian guy... no need to get political Hahahaha. And the Jews didn’t built the pyramids wtf 😂😂😂

    amoxford 2amoxford 215 dagar sedan
  • trish complimenting Ethan is my favorite thing

    Princess of TrashPrincess of Trash15 dagar sedan
  • Tht cheese boy was nasty as hell

    chadchad16 dagar sedan
  • This episode is extremely hard to watch.

    chadchad16 dagar sedan
    • @tari bcuz it looks like a lot of the guys who entered just wanna be on h3 podcast. Not actually interested in trisha. Paired with the fact these guys were hand picked by zach and ian. Its just like. What were zach and ian thinking with half these guys. And why pick guys that are 18 and 19? Thats too young for trisha who is in her 30s. Also it seems like trisha thinks they are making fun of her here. Which is sad. Also why put the cheese guy who gets cheese in his hair? Like who thought that was a good idea ? 😭 i love ethan and hila but this ep is just hard to watch

      chadchad12 dagar sedan
    • why?

      taritari12 dagar sedan
  • Too many nerdy losers tht ian n zach probly like.

    embryonicaristotleembryonicaristotle16 dagar sedan
  • Ian and zach so dense for putting in through so many trolls. Not to mention all the ugly shirtless dudes. Like what goes through their mind thinking that trisha would like these guys.

    embryonicaristotleembryonicaristotle16 dagar sedan
  • Ethan ur so ignorant

    embryonicaristotleembryonicaristotle16 dagar sedan
  • Damn Trisha gained a lot of weight since then

    Ana MoldovanAna Moldovan16 dagar sedan
  • "He doesnt wanna marry you" oh Ethan, if only you could have seen into the future. Congrats Trisha and Moses

    Betta TechBetta Tech17 dagar sedan
    • Haha yasssss🥳🥳

      maybememoriesmaybememories15 dagar sedan
  • I just love to see this friendship bond being built. So much girl chemistry with Hila and Trisha. She actually does end up marrying the true bachelor

    x o x o Nic Witx o x o Nic Wit17 dagar sedan
  • Papa john looks so sickly oh my lord

    j0eycansj0eycans18 dagar sedan
  • That’s vegan ranch. Lol

    J. Alex HJ. Alex H18 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching. So many more covid deaths now :/

    J. Alex HJ. Alex H18 dagar sedan
  • I am most impressed that Trisha remembered the mcnuggets are a number 7.

    eeericaaeeericaa19 dagar sedan
    • I just order the 20 piece..lmao. Binge eating disorder ✌🏻🤪

      hbh Tcrhbh Tcr11 dagar sedan
    • Number 6 where I live 😁

      Brittany SmithBrittany Smith13 dagar sedan
  • I wish Trish would dress like this all the time

    KimberlyKimberly19 dagar sedan
  • Ethan please stop wearing those strip shirts🙊

    KimberlyKimberly19 dagar sedan
  • Dammit Trisha quit thinking everyone is AGAINST YOU!!

    KimberlyKimberly19 dagar sedan
  • Damn.. I feel like I'm watching Pamela Anderson instead of Trish Paytas. She even SOUNDS LIKE PAMELA Edit* This post was BEFORE I she said she looked bad in that lighting!!

    KimberlyKimberly19 dagar sedan
  • the foreshadow

    poobiepoobie19 dagar sedan
  • One question, is Trisha attracted to Hila?

    Bla BlaBla Bla19 dagar sedan
  • The knives on that guys hands scared me lol

    Gabbie LochbaumGabbie Lochbaum19 dagar sedan
  • bruh how is no one talking about how she thinks antartica is north at some point

    Stella RoseStella Rose20 dagar sedan
    • i think she was thinking of Alaska

      loveandempowerloveandempower15 dagar sedan
  • Not them saying Egypt is in Asia 🤣🤣

    Reina GalvanReina Galvan20 dagar sedan
  • wa

    BruhAntBruhAnt21 dag sedan
  • I need to be the next Bachelorette, Mom and Dad. Help

    Miss MinotaurMiss Minotaur22 dagar sedan
  • And now she’s engaged!! 💍 😇🥰

    Jillian PlaysJillian Plays22 dagar sedan
  • Can someone timestamp me when they mention Moses?!

    Julia MJulia M22 dagar sedan
    • @Caroline Little god bless u

      Julia MJulia M20 dagar sedan
    • 2:09:16

      Caroline LittleCaroline Little21 dag sedan
  • Now I understand why she went home and cried after this haahahah they totally set her up tho 😂😂😂

    gracegrace23 dagar sedan
  • A small comment now lead to a full blown engagement

    Daisyogittens T.Daisyogittens T.23 dagar sedan
  • 5000 deaths wow!! We're at almost 2 mil now 😟

    xG04TTTxxG04TTTx24 dagar sedan
    • 😭😭😭😭😭 So sad 😭😭😭😭😭

      Casey Marie DanielsCasey Marie Daniels3 dagar sedan
  • omg trisha saying " if i meet someone maybe you guys can come to the wedding"

    Jamie HurstJamie Hurst24 dagar sedan
  • Trisha: I can’t date another gay man Also Trisha: I’m a gay man

    Maria DiazMaria Diaz24 dagar sedan