Joe Lewis Tries To Teach Bruce Lee Karate........ Then This Happened

3 jan 2021
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Karate grandmaster Joe Lewis is a former World Karate and Kickboxing champion from the United States. He's sure his Karate in more powerful than Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and tries to teach Bruce Lee a little lession. But it backfired as Bruce demonstrates in this video.
Here is the full story:

  • Joe and Bruce became great friends after this, Bruce offered Joe the role of Colt in Way Of The Dragon, but Joe refused to lose to Bruce in the movie, he wanted the fight at the end of the movie to be a draw, Bruce said no and they ended up arguing over that fact and the friendship was over. Bruce offered the role of Colt to Chuck instead, and the rest is history.

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    • so his ego killed his right to became a legend

      Erik SeymourErik Seymour5 timmar sedan
    • @Guy Markus yeah, and brad Pitt beat Bruce.....Yee haw!

      TM HuangTM Huang7 timmar sedan
    • @Tim Forde yea no, you absolutely can let go of ego sometimes in many situations and not just say "well that's life" to defend your wrong choice lol

      Truth HurtsTruth Hurts9 timmar sedan
    • @David Hyde Crash-test dummies don't find back.

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    • @laurence holden Yep

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  • Not sure yr all aware ...but my mum could knock u off yr feet on to a chair if u put small power directly into yr sternum... it's easy...not knocking Bruce who is a legend

    Liam CrawfordLiam Crawford39 sekunder sedan
  • Bruce lee is a legend. To all the doubters, eat it.

    Kephera ManjetKephera Manjet24 minuter sedan
  • Planting your feet makes the difference

    Roman SzlekRoman Szlek29 minuter sedan
  • I do not know anyone who was not mesmerized by anything this man did. He was incredible to listen to, to watch. He was so photogenic. His whole persona was artistic- he did so much in such a short time. Nature takes people like this away from us almost to keep balance. Just too much kinetic energy. So incredible!!

    Tom DecucaTom Decuca38 minuter sedan
  • Bruce Lee the Jimi Hendrix of of martial arts.

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  • Man for a second you can see the dudes soul try and leave the body . That punch went through him 👌

    Ran do LemonRan do Lemon3 timmar sedan
  • To the best of my knowledge this isn't Joe

    jielong29jielong293 timmar sedan
  • 4:41 The Flash Light Is Too Slow Lol!

    LOL ANIMALSLOL ANIMALS4 timmar sedan
  • Boards don't hit back.....performance art.....very pretty and feminine!

    sipius22sipius224 timmar sedan
  • And thats how its done....... by the one and only!

    Explorin, learnin & doingExplorin, learnin & doing4 timmar sedan
  • Bs overrated Bruce lee

    Xxixvالحسن vxixXxixvالحسن vxix5 timmar sedan
  • So u r saying hong kong was an overhyped usa colony ???

    Danpitey kolkataDanpitey kolkata5 timmar sedan
  • The chair had wheels 😂

    luis rluis r6 timmar sedan
  • It is genetic. People born with natural ability. We can not acquire this type of ability. Only to understand them.

    Kosal YanKosal Yan7 timmar sedan
  • That's an odd stance to keep, if you're looking to absorb the power of a blow to the body: feet lined up parallel, straight knees is the perfect way to get knocked down on your ass. I've seen this footage many times and I must say it hardly demonstrates anything. Try and do the same thing to someone in a proper stance, see if he you can make him fly like that.

    Tomaso BoselliTomaso Boselli8 timmar sedan
  • Just think, while all this was going on Bjj practioners were beating the shit out of both Karate and Kung Fu guys

    Gibbet HoskinsGibbet Hoskins8 timmar sedan
  • Doesnt take much to knock someone back if they are standing square

    john hughesjohn hughes8 timmar sedan
  • And in an instant humility was received and a seat had to be taken. That 6 inch punch was a metaphor for the rest of Joe's life.

    Mr LindoMr Lindo8 timmar sedan
  • Hairy women in panties

    Kerry DonahueKerry Donahue8 timmar sedan
  • Feilong Vs Ken

    Ro NinRo Nin9 timmar sedan
  • If I had a wish to bring anyone back from the afterlife it would be Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee only. I wish if I had Bruce Lee as my big brother. I admire him so much. So sad that all the good people have to leave this world early and all the Misfits are still around today.

    Irfaan XLCRIrfaan XLCR9 timmar sedan
  • He will be never forgotten. 👍

    Angö ThomsenAngö Thomsen11 timmar sedan
  • World of Warcraft should make a Bruce Lee character. Then we wouldn't have to have 40 man raids.

    Joshua PriceJoshua Price12 timmar sedan
  • Tamsak done na host

    Lexis MonteroLexis Montero12 timmar sedan
  • This is bullshit. Nothing "backfires" in this video. This was a stunt. Tell whatever tale you want, you're full of shit.

    BariumCobaltNitrog3nBariumCobaltNitrog3n16 timmar sedan
  • Anyone notice Bruce's clever little trick with the chair? The first guy would have had same impact and slid just as far back if he fell on a chair too.....even notice bruce adjust the chair to let the guy know to relax and sit into the fall. Really makes me doubt a lot about his legend pulling off cheap tricks like this😂 Gob bless you all

    Tommi RummukainenTommi Rummukainen17 timmar sedan
  • I wish I knew what Bruce was saying to the guys in this video

    EE18 timmar sedan
  • This is real strength. Joe did not move his feet or anything. Bruce moved him with pure strength. Amazing!👊🤛

    Racer XRacer X18 timmar sedan
  • Bruce Lee moved like water. Flowed. Rest in peace the greatest of all time!🙏

    Racer XRacer X18 timmar sedan
  • Bullshit Bill Wallace. Joe Lewis,Benny the Jet were true martial artists Loved his movies, but Lee had no real fighting experience

    Jim StraughanJim Straughan18 timmar sedan
  • not joe lewis

    Luc PepinLuc Pepin19 timmar sedan
  • I could care less about famous people, but if there is one person I'd have loved to met it's Bruce, tremendeous respect for both his talent, skill, dedication and person!

    Chris PetersenChris Petersen20 timmar sedan
  • Isnt that Mike Stone Bruce punched?

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali20 timmar sedan
    • The young Karate guy is unknown. The other tall guy is actually a friend of Bruce by the name of Bob Baker. Baker played the part of the Russian, Petrov in the movie Fist of Fury.

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  • Bruce lee maybe a grand master but his master is on a way different level master ip man

    josegabriel alfonsojosegabriel alfonso20 timmar sedan
    • You must not know of "King of the talking hands".. Wong Shun Leung who was Ip Man greatest student, Ip Man said he(Wong) was better then him!!! Wong was Bruce's hands on teacher more then Ip Man, who only worked with Bruce in private lessons..

      joe quesdajoe quesda4 timmar sedan
  • Such BS.. Smoke and mirrors..

    Andrew LabatAndrew Labat22 timmar sedan
  • Cheap trick. If you look closely, the man standing changes his standing position between the two men. With the first guy, he has a little wider stance making it easier to brace himself. With lee, he's standing straight up feet close together. My cat could knock a guy down in that stance.

    Count of Monte FistoCount of Monte Fisto22 timmar sedan
  • Grew Up With Watching Bruce .. My Mom Didn't Want Me to Study Taekwondo Cuz Of My Temper lol ... It's all Good... So I Rocked a Pearl Drum Set in A Great Band .. Still Have My Posters... Love Lee ....

    ELPFAN JahrlingELPFAN Jahrling22 timmar sedan
  • Jabroni punched, Bruce pushed punch.

    Marko FranićMarko Franić23 timmar sedan
  • Marshal Law and Paul in TEKKEN 😁😁😁

    Raso MitrovicRaso MitrovicDag sedan
  • Which one is Bruce Lee?

    Super JessSuper JessDag sedan
  • Bruce lees is really more of a punch then push. Joe Lewis was just punching.

    Kevin CKevin CDag sedan
    • Reread your comment!

      #Hesch tag#Hesch tag2 timmar sedan
  • Bruce Lee was a great showman, Joe Lewis was not. Notice how much time Bruce takes to set everything up, the chair right behind the guy, how close he is standing to him, Bruce hits him with spectacular effect. Conversely Joe is stood too far away has to raise his weight off his back foot to hit him and the chair is to the side.

    Mark JacksonMark JacksonDag sedan
  • I was thinking the Brown Bomber Joe Louis. But, of course, different spelling with this guy that I failed to see initially. At first, I was like, why would he be teaching Bruce Lee karate? Lol.

    KeystoneStateWarriorKeystoneStateWarriorDag sedan
  • Bruce Lee, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend!" Nothing else to be said. I can do without the music background. It just becomes NOISE!

    noonenooneDag sedan
  • Trickery works well! The use of body force instead of the force of the punch dropped him on his rear..

    Fadhl MohamedFadhl MohamedDag sedan
  • Bruce does more of a push than a punch

    B SmithB SmithDag sedan
  • All that knowledge he had. Imagine everything that he could have showed us more. What a legend.

    Roberto BandaRoberto BandaDag sedan

  • Quentin terentino show that Bruce lee was shit

    LEO_ EMLEO_ EMDag sedan
  • Where is joe lewis?? Those are two white men!! This is bullshit!!!

    Suavae75Suavae75Dag sedan
  • Tarantino thinks otherwise

    CS1.6CS1.6Dag sedan
  • Continues to inspire to this day. Legend status.

    Archer JohnsonArcher JohnsonDag sedan
  • He was humbled. I respect that kind of character.

    Scribble MusicScribble MusicDag sedan
  • This footage again?..weird a star like Bruce doesn't have numerous film..or real fight footage

    Ty SuTy SuDag sedan
  • in real life (i.e. boxing, MMA, muythai, kick boxing - the best contact sports EVER) there is no such thing as 1 inch punch... just doesn't work and never seen it happening in contact sports. The 1 inch punch i just witnessed is more like a 20 inch push, no damage and with no real application whatsoever because nobody gonna let u put your fist that close to their faces/bodies. This is just an exhibition for entertaining.

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  • That punch entered his soul 🤫

    Real TalkReal TalkDag sedan
  • One inch punk more like one inch push

    Trevor PattersonTrevor PattersonDag sedan
  • @1:00... Was or wasn't really impressed... ⁉️🤔

    Shane LawsonShane LawsonDag sedan
  • The one & only.

    Jon PaskeJon PaskeDag sedan
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug.......Bruce Lee

    RosemaryRosemaryDag sedan
  • Bruce lee would fail bad in a real fight.

    Mike TMike TDag sedan
    • lol, Bruce Lee's style was literally developed by real fighting.

      kalekoldkalekold3 timmar sedan
  • Lol firstly the guys who took the punches stood with their feet side by side which is the complete opposite way a fighter is taught to hold their stance . Secondly the karate guy who threw the punch threw a shit punch in mean there was no speed behind it ,it's as if he was a fucking novice . I have no doubt there was power in Bruce's punch as it speed behind it but for fucks sake at least test it on someone with a fighting stance.

    Richard 77Richard 77Dag sedan
  • I wish Bruce Lee was still alive today. 👊

    Phart bloomPhart bloomDag sedan
  • IDK. Joe's punch looks lame. Not straight without shoulder follow through. Bruce's punch has his shoulder behind it. There are no two greater martial artists than Ali & Lee.

    Aaaal !Aaaal !Dag sedan
    • Yeah it was a shit punch, I've taught my 7 year old daughter how to throw punches on the pads for boxing and she has a better technique than this

      Richard 77Richard 77Dag sedan
  • Bruce lee never fought ANYONE,they had tournaments back then,Chuck Norris was a champ but only in points on a mat ,the prison who should have gotten the credit and true proven champion back then was from Pacoima California his name is Benny the jet urquidez ,he was on 30 karate magazines ,beat hero Japanese champions look him up on u tube ,you probably think van damm and Jackie Chan are true fighters NO ! You must get hit in the jaw and face and still keep fighting,just cause you have a 2 inch hit on a TRUE CHAMP LIKE JOE LEWIS ,yet all bow to Bruce,prove it to me ,BENNY DESERVERS THE CREDIT LOOK HIM UP

    Edward AguilarEdward AguilarDag sedan
    • Yep bruce lee was a film actor

      Richard 77Richard 77Dag sedan
  • Props to Bruce for promoting Martial Arts World Wide, but Bruce was no master neither was joe. Joe’s karate reverse punch was terrible and Bruce’s 6 inch punch was a push punch and you can tell that joe was already leaning back away from the punch. I respect real martial artist who give years upon years ( decades) of serious training. Not some 18 year old kid who studied some Wing Chun for 2 years comes to the states and now is a master. I know many people will not agree with me on this matter and that is fine but I am entitled to my opinion. I enjoyed his films but that is it ...

    KWF AmericaKWF AmericaDag sedan
  • Bruce Lee is awesome! But I'm tired of the "1 inch punch" shit. If you stand flat footed and square, a 9 year old girl could knock you over.

    Tee RemrafTee RemrafDag sedan
  • You think the Triads were involved in his son and Mr. Bruce Lees deaths, or jjust unfortunate events? Either way we all loss!

    Jason• theFATESJason• theFATESDag sedan
  • I've never heard a background story to the infamous 1 inch punch but hearing it like this and watching in detail was awesome. Ita insane how much force he generated to knock these guys back! The first dude walked away and held his chest. Joe Lewis gave Bruce eye contact before he walked away. Those men just experienced something that changed them and us forever. Long live Bruce Lee

    Jonny BricksJonny BricksDag sedan
    • bruce lee died. while back in fact

      SharpnovaSharpnovaDag sedan
  • Lmfao! So stupid... anyone can do this...have someone stand in a square square in front of a chair, hit them in the sternum and put a chair behind them to stumble into and you’ll get the same for joe Lewis, if you truly watch without bias, you’ll see first the major difference is the guys holding a pad which absorbs the power, but in spite of this, the guy is moved just as easily, and had he stumbled straight he would have hit the chair as well, but he veered off and that’s why he stayed on his feat...Joe’s punch was so much more powerful that he moved him easily even though the pad took all the impact

    Jeff Eisenberg KirtanJeff Eisenberg KirtanDag sedan
  • I Subed Big Bruce Lee Fan Since 67 🤓 Thanks for Sharing.

    No ProNo ProDag sedan
  • It's actually a very easy punch to do do.

    joao bastosjoao bastosDag sedan
  • To bad Bruce didnt get to see the full impact of how much he actually influenced, not just the biggest countries, but on a global scale, and all mankind everywhere..he was a true celebrity of the world!

    James RobinJames RobinDag sedan
    • Oh but he did my friend 😀

      Connor UrchConnor UrchDag sedan
  • Joe had a pretty smug lookwhen he walked off. Then bruce wiped it off.

    Michael ReidMichael ReidDag sedan
  • Bruce lee....o maior de todos!!!

    leni silvaleni silvaDag sedan
  • I don't believe that is Joe Lewis in the white and red gi. He didn't wear that gi. I was at that demonstration in Long Beach and Lewis had more blonde type hair. Definitely Not Lewis!

    artformartformDag sedan
  • Not a punch per say. Its easy to push someone off balance in the way Lewis was standing. Notice the follow through

    John MacDonaldJohn MacDonaldDag sedan
  • Joe Lewis: ''I never watched TV in the '60s, so before I met Bruce Lee, I'd not heard of him. I first met him at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. at the `67 U.S. National championships. I was defending my title, and he and Robert Culp from the `I Spy' show were there as guests. Bruce Lee approached me and introduced himself. That's how everything began. A few months later I was at Black Belt magazine's Culver City office to see them to complain about a misquote, and Bruce Lee was in their offices. when I went to my car he came running up behind me saying, Joe! Joe! Hi, I want to talk to you. And he spent about 15 minutes primarily pitching me on his system and trying to elicit my interest and I basically ignored him. I to this day, don't remember what he did or said to me.'' Lewis is the champion and is defending his title. Do you seriously believe he is going to take time out of his title defence to sit on the floor like a child and help a dude he only just met to do a demonstration that he knows nothing about? And wear a uniform that is not his karate style and wear a red belt instead of his black? and do this in front of his peers. Joe had a huge ego, he would never do such a thing.

    laurence holdenlaurence holdenDag sedan
    • @Duc Nguyen Dude, what are you going on about.?

      laurence holdenlaurence holden17 timmar sedan
    • A man with a huge ego can only be beaten by 1 thing and one thing only, genuine superiority.

      Duc NguyenDuc Nguyen18 timmar sedan
    • Bruce would beat fhe hell out of Lewis

      Jaime LopezJaime Lopez19 timmar sedan
  • Golden rule in hitting. Hard fist at soft places and soft hands to hard places.

    paulpaulDag sedan
  • Great video BUT !!! The commentary is wrong about soooo much it hard to even listen to him .

    Jeff MartinJeff Martin2 dagar sedan
  • The strongest in my heart ❤️❤️❤️🔥

    Valérie JinValérie Jin2 dagar sedan
  • That punch was all about the right leg. Bruce Lee punched like a boxer

    Mario MenciasMario Mencias2 dagar sedan
  • I called it a one inch push, not a punch

    Wenel BalaguerWenel Balaguer2 dagar sedan
  • Bruce said ,the way to move,is, of water.let not the waves move..but motion of water that moves in direction of the waves. Water is powerful in one self . mind over matter . strength is power.but water moves power. Flow moves a wall. But wall cannot stop the flow

    raymond mosierraymond mosier2 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant. He was a marketing Genius

    4copyrightonly4copyrightonly2 dagar sedan
    • exactly.

      SharpnovaSharpnovaDag sedan
  • If it is truly a 1 inch punch, then Bruce's shoulder should not move forward. BUT, his shoulder moves forward dramatically. About 8 inches. We call this a SHOVE.....but VERY fast nonetheless

    4copyrightonly4copyrightonly2 dagar sedan
  • Bruce Lee's punch is more like a shove. Watch in slow motion. Critical thinking skills people 👏

    4copyrightonly4copyrightonly2 dagar sedan
    • Shove punch whatever it was damn impressive just from the simple physics perspective of what happened there. Given Bruce's size and the size of the man on the receiving end and,given the distance he moved....amazing that much force could be generated that quickly.

      Bob StorrBob StorrDag sedan
  • It's a one inch punch bro, not six inches

    Harshh SaxenaHarshh Saxena2 dagar sedan
  • Is Ip Man there? I saw Ip Man there in the movie but how about in real life?

    Pe TerPe Ter2 dagar sedan
  • Brue lee was too incredible for this world

    Brandon McCollumBrandon McCollum2 dagar sedan
  • ?

    Ar - JayAr - Jay2 dagar sedan
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  • bruce really just shoved him with 1" if he really fired one to his solar plexus mon be dead...

    youngshakeboysyoungshakeboys2 dagar sedan
  • Wooow😲

    Dinpuia PuiaDinpuia Puia2 dagar sedan
  • I watched this video, but I'm completely stumped. Did Joe Lewis and Bruce Lee ever become friends?

    Set10 AbnSet10 Abn2 dagar sedan
  • Bruce Lee is a Legend a lot of people think it was Showboat there’s something very special about this individual you should feel privileged to watch this footage. Thank you and thank you for putting this out there I’ve been a fan since as long as I can remember.

    No ProNo Pro2 dagar sedan
  • Its not a versus per se. Its a demo

    Alfi LerAlfi Ler2 dagar sedan
  • i Wish the Bruce Lee footage had audio, would've loved to hear his explanation

    Niel VenterNiel Venter2 dagar sedan
  • Bruce, still features in my life today. The WORLD misses him enormously.

    Pete ColoradoPete Colorado2 dagar sedan
  • Admirable! Pure technique and POWER.

    Pete ColoradoPete Colorado2 dagar sedan