Donating money to smaller streamers

13 dec 2020
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donating money to small streamers
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Today I wanted to give back a little bit by going to donate money to some smaller streamers on twitch. The reactions they had were absolutely amazing. I loved making this video and would love to make another one so please leave a like if you'd want to see more!
Please feel free to support any of the streamers in this vid, i'm sure they would love to see any new viewers in their chat!
Streamers in the video:
Tess (Just Chatting) -
Randy (Super Mario 64) -
Sophie (Among Us) -
Key (Warzone) -
Raveryg (Runescape) -
Jesus (Just Chatting) -
Blissfulli (Just Chatting) -
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  • happy holiday

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    • True

    • Sup

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    • See my channel or i will delete your SEworld

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    • @Informalpath744 s

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    • *s

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  • santa v2 of jeff gordon

    Gamer23Gamer2315 timmar sedan
  • You make another streamer day

    Tanveer AzizTanveer Aziz20 timmar sedan
  • The first currency was euro from europe

    Multimor !!!Multimor !!!Dag sedan
  • It's really dumb how the bigger yt get lots of donations on stream and smaller ones barely get any

    Bizarre Trends17Bizarre Trends17Dag sedan
  • 😂😂

    Edward VitaleEdward VitaleDag sedan
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  • I DISABLED MY ADBLOCKER FOR YOU...I PROMISE TO NEEEVEEER SKIP ANY OF YOUR ADS for this kind gesture...GOD bless yah bro...:'))

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  • The Son Of MrBeast

    michael jovellanomichael jovellano3 dagar sedan
  • Gamer girl my arse can't even play amungus

    Anime LoverAnime Lover3 dagar sedan
  • I like how are you almost clicked on all girls🤔🤫😏

    Boxed by SnoopyBoxed by Snoopy4 dagar sedan
  • You're a sad man if you're paying strangers for a lil attention

    William MullensWilliam Mullens5 dagar sedan
  • Never played super mario 64 but i was getting nervous for that guy lmao

    DorceDorce5 dagar sedan
  • You're good man crispy❤️ God bless you

    Mr RickyMr Ricky5 dagar sedan
  • i got a honey ad lol

    Brady RemingtonBrady Remington5 dagar sedan
  • first dono:P that is european money and it has more value than the dollar

    robbin hoodrobbin hood5 dagar sedan
  • The kids thinking he’s Santa

    Exotic MoiExotic Moi5 dagar sedan
  • Where did you get that jacket

    Thomas RevracThomas Revrac6 dagar sedan
  • This is on your recommend

    Sapphire Wolf Pack GamingSapphire Wolf Pack Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • the e is pound

    z2gamesz2games6 dagar sedan
  • hello :)

    z2gamesz2games6 dagar sedan
  • jesus do be swering alot tho

    RoniteRonite7 dagar sedan
  • ;)

    YukioYukio8 dagar sedan
  • Damn that thumbnail so dope

    CyrillCyrill9 dagar sedan
  • Damn, I know we should always be nice, but to get content out of it too? Those Twitch streamers who be rude to everyone have got nothing on you, you're a G!

    Nebiyu EsayasNebiyu Esayas9 dagar sedan
  • the last girl look's like kate

    Jj joshua1Jj joshua19 dagar sedan
  • scuffed bam margera with ice poseidon and jeff wittek

    Nicholas ShannonNicholas Shannon10 dagar sedan
  • Hey Bro, Good On You. ! The girl playing Runescape was my favorite. Blessings your way bud

    LB ChaseLB Chase10 dagar sedan

    D reaction ϟD reaction ϟ10 dagar sedan
  • My guy in the back is not talking.

    Mark Anthony BernadezMark Anthony Bernadez11 dagar sedan
  • Great video, bro 👌🏼.

    AdamAdam12 dagar sedan
  • Dear sir madam, I am in Sri Lanka, I have gambled a lot in my life, I have lost money as well as my loved ones, friends, everything. Please help me financially if I can. I do not cheat or cheat. I will give you that money little by little. Please help me financially if you can. I owe a lot to people. Because of this I am very depressed .. I know I lost my own things. Sorry to ask you for such help but you are a great help to me

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  • 11: 35 bro you won so much respect right there

    YeeT teeyYeeT teey14 dagar sedan
    • 11:35

      ゆきゆき9 dagar sedan
  • WT!? You do not know Euros??? It is the european currency. xD I am streaming flying the airbus :D

    Get to da Chopper!Get to da Chopper!14 dagar sedan
  • even Jesus gets wet when he see´s 250$ :D

    Alexandar MiloševićAlexandar Milošević15 dagar sedan
  • i like her big accents 1:13

    ًً16 dagar sedan
  • Hmm lol

    Janni Aka EloomsilJanni Aka Eloomsil16 dagar sedan
  • I never felt more happy than the moment the guy hit his third bowser throw

    Jose WashingtonJose Washington17 dagar sedan
  • We need this again.....

    Kashwinth KaKashwinth Ka17 dagar sedan
  • "Nobodies gotta make me laugh, nobodies gotta do anything, I'm just gonna give money away." When video starts, makes them do challenges. Lame 😂

    Outer HavenOuter Haven18 dagar sedan
  • Alcohol's spirit left Jesus' body when he saw your tipped.

    Axe TimeAxe Time18 dagar sedan
  • Donate to a streamer called LordBilbo1994 he is a very underrated and new streamer playing a game with not many players! Ive watched him since day one and he allways makes my day❤️

    Lord BilboLord Bilbo18 dagar sedan
  • the jeus voice so bright...

    Farizan FaizalFarizan Faizal21 dag sedan
  • 20:24 she sounded like Alyri

    LeckteckLeckteck21 dag sedan
  • If he didn’t gift that second guy at least $100 I would’ve called him a simp forever

    Dev0Dev022 dagar sedan
  • This dude dosn't know Euro currency .. bro try to travel even once

    CoupDeTrapèzeCoupDeTrapèze23 dagar sedan
  • bro you hit 2m lol great video this is the very first time i have ever commented on a video.... lol

    Kevin NakutisKevin Nakutis23 dagar sedan
  • I literally subscribed because you play Runescape hahah

    daftfreak13daftfreak1324 dagar sedan
  • Love the drunk jesus

    Brian HerreraBrian Herrera25 dagar sedan
  • I think crispy rekilled jesus

    Mr daily maybeMr daily maybe25 dagar sedan
  • I don't believe in karma but I do believe your life will always feel more rewarding when you're generous and decent. Good video, man.

    Ottie MyerOttie Myer25 dagar sedan
  • 11:18 POG CHAMP!

    CatGaming_YTCatGaming_YT25 dagar sedan
  • Love the content crispy mad respect From South Africa🙂

    Zoidberg SavageZoidberg Savage25 dagar sedan
  • 14:06 is the best part in the video. I was watching this at 7:00AM in the morning before leaving out for work and burst out some serious laugh my neighbor though I was being choked to death. This dude accent and face expression is top notch for sure.

    El HaddadiEl Haddadi25 dagar sedan
  • At 10:11 as soon as he said RuneScape his is favourite I immediately subscribes to this guy. Nice meeting the RS family.

    El HaddadiEl Haddadi25 dagar sedan
  • Coins girl is so adorable.

    Michael DMichael D26 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes I wish I was in these videos but I'm 99% I will never

    End FutureEnd Future26 dagar sedan
  • im still remembering his sleep stream were he got barely any sleep lol

  • can you donate to me sir 😊❤️godbless

    LazyLazy26 dagar sedan
  • 9:56 did some one noticed the Pakistani flag in the game!

  • the last 1 i lolled

    dydy26 dagar sedan
  • I am from slovakia but she was a bit more mental

    matoz 371matoz 37126 dagar sedan
  • "are you mentol?"

    Trap vib3Trap vib327 dagar sedan
  • He Dontated 500$ 11:06

    Hi HiHi Hi27 dagar sedan
  • The girl with the coins thoXD Adorable

    Sion thefoolSion thefool28 dagar sedan
  • ooowhAAt? 2:09

    cats!cats!28 dagar sedan
  • this was my first time running across your videos, I enjoyed this one, Thumbs way up

    Hot HeadHot Head28 dagar sedan
  • simp

    Allisha DavenportAllisha Davenport28 dagar sedan
  • Nice from you to support smaller streamers.Respect

    MARKO YTMARKO YT29 dagar sedan
  • Could. You donate to mr.wilson : /

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  • If your gonna do this again donate to smb1 streamers

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  • FB page: Psyke TV I will be a successful streamer soon 🥰

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  • is the girl british

    Maximillan Moses KawotjoMaximillan Moses KawotjoMånad sedan
  • the first guy i bet he is British

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  • God bless you 💪

    Wilter Sam PelayreWilter Sam PelayreMånad sedan

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  • please please do cannibal349 next, he is my brother and it would mean the world to him and he doesn’t know i’m doing this

    spookytimesspookytimesMånad sedan
  • please please do cannibal349 next, he is my brother and it would mean the world to him and he doesn’t know i’m doing this

    spookytimesspookytimesMånad sedan
  • please please do cannibal349 next, he is my brother and it would mean the world to him and he doesn’t know i’m doing this

    spookytimesspookytimesMånad sedan
  • please please do cannibal349 next, he is my brother and it would mean the world to him and he doesn’t know i’m doing this

    spookytimesspookytimesMånad sedan
  • please please do cannibal349 next, he is my brother and it would mean the world to him and he doesn’t know i’m doing this

    spookytimesspookytimesMånad sedan
  • "Smaller" bruh the girl in the thumbnail

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  • This guy is pewdiepie from wish

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  • I absolutely love these type of videos!!!!!

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  • 20:38 true that

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  • i am now following randyusername on twitch

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  • It's great vidoe

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  • kirspy kirncurds

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  • Nečekal jsem, že tam bude slovák.. :D

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  • Ngl if I got money I would call my parents-

    • S ᴛ r ᴀ ᴡ ʙ ᴇ r r ʏ Ғ r ø ɢ•• S ᴛ r ᴀ ᴡ ʙ ᴇ r r ʏ Ғ r ø ɢ•Månad sedan
  • Creeezpee

    zaid Dababnehzaid DababnehMånad sedan
  • she won because someone left before she lost

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  • Russian jesus

    flood escaperflood escaperMånad sedan
  • If you can donate to low streamers can you fix the tape?? I'm not being mean.. But I really loved the vid. Your support to other people is amazing. Like you vids make my day everyday.

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  • Why didn't I find out about this channel sooner?

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  • Happy 2M subscribed

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  • all most 2million subs

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  • Anyone else notice the first girls accent just disappeared at the end

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  • crispy simp

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