How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

11 feb 2020
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  • Buy 128GB of RAM on Amazon :P (PAID LINK):

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips8 månader sedan
    • Bruh that ram is worth more than my PC

      TyTystickTyTystickDag sedan
    • @Grandma Thanos try 214K

      Star GoalsStar Goals3 dagar sedan
    • @Rags and i'm here with my 2x4gb

      SplashSplash3 dagar sedan
    • how much money y'all got jesus

      SplashSplash3 dagar sedan
    • 128 is a very obvious number.

      Gregory CottonGregory Cotton5 dagar sedan
  • It would be my dream PC

    EVERY THINGEVERY THING20 minuter sedan
  • my i3 and 4gb ram pc...My time has come.

    eJed NoneeJed None2 timmar sedan
  • 10:28 r those dots in the circles? mommy milkers???

    Dumbass ProductionsDumbass Productions12 timmar sedan
  • My computer has le 1 megabyte what you talking about

    Golden ThunderGolden Thunder14 timmar sedan
  • Here I thought 16 was alot

    carloscarlos15 timmar sedan
  • If I were in your place, I'd have done a ramdisk on it.

    CST1992CST199216 timmar sedan
  • I have 1000TB ram 2000TB storage

    Me Squad academyMe Squad academyDag sedan
  • god tier fucking motherboard

    Vampzeh.Vampzeh.Dag sedan
  • Chrome: *Give me the plant.*

    Lucky GjvLucky GjvDag sedan
  • E E E E E E e e e e e E E e eE e e e e e e E E e e e e Ee E e e e e e e e e e e w ee e e e e e E E e e e e e e e E e e e e e We E

    Jayce HaffordJayce HaffordDag sedan
  • Linus could have 100 viruses on this pc and it would still run better than my pc.

    HevyHevyDag sedan
  • noice

    Creepy SpinoCreepy Spino2 dagar sedan
  • Short answer: you dont have that much ram

    PentaromaPentaroma2 dagar sedan
  • I am watching it with 4GB RAM.

    Mehmet Mert AltuntaşMehmet Mert Altuntaş2 dagar sedan
  • He: I have 2 tb ram I will be open many tab Me: play GTA v without lag

    FRSE 2VUBUFRSE 2VUBU2 dagar sedan
  • EverySingle teacher ever, I NEED MORE

    Jack EmpireJack Empire2 dagar sedan
  • 180 gb is do less nowadays

    al13gamingal13gaming3 dagar sedan
  • 1 of those RAMs is the same size as my ssd xD

    polkaipolkai3 dagar sedan
  • im guessing 3 tabs

    M3MZ4DAYZ BOIM3MZ4DAYZ BOI3 dagar sedan
  • Jesus Christ I want that RAM

    Hydersun fearlessHydersun fearless3 dagar sedan
  • Can you run a pc off ram entirely instead of storage like ssd or harddrive. Like download everything onto the ram and use it off that for the world's fastest pc

    Mr. LegitMr. Legit3 dagar sedan
    • no

      TomJSTomJS2 dagar sedan
  • Video: 2TB RAM Me: Cries in 8gb

    Nuno MartinsNuno Martins3 dagar sedan
  • This man is using ddr5

    fulguracityfulguracity3 dagar sedan
  • _Me:_ *Ok then, i will get some 2 tb ram* _Bank Account:_ *Are you sure about THAT!*

    SmartdowsSmartdows4 dagar sedan
  • That computer with 6000 tabs open is faster than my computer that has only 2 tabs opened

    Texho SwiftTexho Swift4 dagar sedan
  • 8:47 "69%"

    Mario PosadaMario Posada4 dagar sedan
  • "this stick of ram has more then you have on your entire system" me - you underestimate my power

    That Kid GamerThat Kid Gamer4 dagar sedan
  • Linus:* Puts in 2 TB ram * Chrome: is mine? 🥺 👉👈

    Girish VermaGirish Verma4 dagar sedan
  • "3, take it or leave it"

    GrayGray4 dagar sedan
  • Kids are gonna laugh at this video 20/30 years from now, aren’t they?

    Mubashir MahiMubashir Mahi4 dagar sedan
  • Thats a simple question. Its 2 of course

    HansHans4 dagar sedan
  • look my pc is the fastest it has 3GB of ram threeeeeeeeeeeeee and by pc i mean a 2002 laptop

    GamingEntertainmentGamingEntertainment4 dagar sedan
  • 420 sextynine

    ComobreakerComobreaker4 dagar sedan
  • i can run 90 webs, and done. i i run 5620590 webs, and done.

    ComobreakerComobreaker4 dagar sedan
  • my pc ram is 3GB hhhhhhh

    Noureddin YacineNoureddin Yacine4 dagar sedan
  • give the pc to your mother and you will see .......

    the super gamersthe super gamers5 dagar sedan
  • me: buying 2TB of RAM realizing I forgot to build a pc first :I .......

    DiversionLiDiversionLi5 dagar sedan
  • I subscribed you

    arnold sumayangarnold sumayang5 dagar sedan
  • This is the video that introduced me in the world of DIY pcs

    ncn 1ncn 15 dagar sedan
  • nobody: absolutley nobody: linus: 2 TeRaByTeS oF rAm

    amanda makicamanda makic5 dagar sedan
  • But can it run my shader pack?

    Jared AciernoJared Acierno5 dagar sedan
  • In the future: Mom, 4 TB of ram is bad, I need at least 8TB RAM

    Itsuki MiharaItsuki Mihara5 dagar sedan
  • Laughs in pagefile.sys

    TheTypoIsIntentoinalTheTypoIsIntentoinal5 dagar sedan
  • mmmm wow..

    Crisp PenguinCrisp Penguin5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine having more ram then storage

    299,999 chicken nuggies299,999 chicken nuggies5 dagar sedan
  • Linus: big boy words Me: mhmm yes I too want more chips

    299,999 chicken nuggies299,999 chicken nuggies5 dagar sedan
  • 2TB? i only have 2GB

    gustavodo157gustavodo1575 dagar sedan
  • Linus : A single stick of this RAM has more capacity than your whole system Me with my 8 dimm slots filled with 16gb ddr4 sticks : Nice try ! ( I dont actually have that much ram it was just a joke )

    Overpowered JellyOverpowered Jelly5 dagar sedan
  • that cpu has 32xs the cores my computer has... lmao

    Caleldyr BladeRunnerCaleldyr BladeRunner5 dagar sedan
  • how much?

    aaaa5 dagar sedan
  • ımagıne creating a gaming pc with this 2 tb ram and rtx 3090 founders edition and intel i 7 and running games on low graphics.unlimited speed !

    mr creepermr creeper6 dagar sedan
    • @DuckSauce in Hell running gta 3 or portal at 3000 fps

      mr creepermr creeper5 dagar sedan
    • running garfield kart at 4000 fps

      DuckSauce in HellDuckSauce in Hell5 dagar sedan
  • Imma guess probably 2 tabs before the computer relocates it's self to a different dimension.

    ClericCleric6 dagar sedan
  • me crying in the corner with only 16 gb ram

    DenissmtDenissmt6 dagar sedan
  • my pc cant even handle windows itself

    Yaze xDYaze xD6 dagar sedan
  • i have opened 5000 tabs in one time in dell laptop in windows 7 ok its more then you think

  • no idea what he taught about Ram, but sounds cool.

    Tejbir singhTejbir singh6 dagar sedan
  • A classic teacher answer would be: a lot

    Konrad KlusekKonrad Klusek6 dagar sedan
  • Ok but can it run Crysis ?

    Amir MiladAmir Milad6 dagar sedan
  • This video: Exists Memers: *It’s free real estate*

    totallynotmetotallynotme6 dagar sedan
  • 0:32 Me with a NASA computer: 👁 👄 👁

    Toasted BagelToasted Bagel6 dagar sedan
  • 6000 tabs there saved you 13 min of your life.

    electabuzz bosselectabuzz boss6 dagar sedan
  • My 'system' has 4GB of ram so even a potato has more memory than mine.

    Mildly DispleasedMildly Displeased7 dagar sedan
    • Just take it one tab at a time and you should be fine.

      Mildly DispleasedMildly Displeased4 dagar sedan
    • HAH! my pc has 512MB RAM with all 4 slots occupied...

      the Oakunthe Oakun4 dagar sedan
  • You: are sponsored by the SSD. Me who already has one of those SSD’s: 😏

    AviationInVegasAviationInVegas7 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile, my PC with 4GB RAM: 4, take it or leave it.

    Sree SachinSree Sachin7 dagar sedan
  • I have more ram XD LOL

    Andrew GrivasAndrew Grivas7 dagar sedan
  • The ultimate mom or teacher PC.

    DEEJMASTER 333DEEJMASTER 3337 dagar sedan
  • I thought the motherboard was a single 2TB RAM stick at first and I was so confused.

    DEEJMASTER 333DEEJMASTER 3337 dagar sedan
  • 5:52 dude you gave me a heart attack wth why would you do that

    The DoctorThe Doctor7 dagar sedan
  • Can i have just 8gbs out of that 2tb XD? i only got 8gbs and i kinda wanna be able to run forza horizon lol

    master pandamaster panda8 dagar sedan
  • My prediction before the video: 3

    Ben HarperBen Harper8 dagar sedan
  • Welll, I have 2GB :#

    The CrAzY GamerThe CrAzY Gamer8 dagar sedan
  • What if you tried to play a game with those tabs open

    Thomas BerbanoThomas Berbano8 dagar sedan
  • Try with Firefox

    Matteo CMatteo C8 dagar sedan
  • Play Minecraft on it

    FlowxingFlowxing8 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see a 2TB ramdisk

    FlowxingFlowxing8 dagar sedan
  • Me with 16gb of ram 👁👄👁

    Kwin FNKwin FN8 dagar sedan
  • that 1 ram has more storage than my computer

    HellowHellow8 dagar sedan
  • Two. One tab = one terabyte

    man from pony up daddy infomercialman from pony up daddy infomercial8 dagar sedan
  • Woot woot i bought a sk hynix ssd kekW

    Delta LopDelta Lop8 dagar sedan
  • Linus: this stick has more capacity then your entire system. Me: **laughs in 480gb ssd and 1+2tb hdd**

    generalyidogeneralyido8 dagar sedan
  • Use Firefox instead

    McEagleMcEagle9 dagar sedan
  • “This stick has more storage than ur whole pc” Jerian: 4x64gb ram go boom

    EtomicEtomic9 dagar sedan
  • Windows is like: this is fine 🥲 everything is ok

    Sandy BoleYTSandy BoleYT9 dagar sedan
  • Linus: I have 2tb of ram Chrome: more cake for the taking

    Sandy BoleYTSandy BoleYT9 dagar sedan
  • So this is what windows 10 pro users need pro for

    Sandy BoleYTSandy BoleYT9 dagar sedan
  • A: "How much memory do you have?" B: "1TB" A: "No, I mean RAM, not storage" B: "Oh sorry, 2TB"

    The HammerThe Hammer9 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    The HammerThe Hammer9 dagar sedan
  • Next vid 2 petabites!!!!

    Aaron NegruAaron Negru9 dagar sedan
  • My teacher: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

    n on o9 dagar sedan
  • at the point where you hsd 6k tabs opened it looked like my pc with two tabs opened

    tredy77tredy779 dagar sedan
  • Still less then the amount of tabs my teachers have open

    Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer9 dagar sedan
  • I remember now how SEworld deleted my channel after I write a 500 comment in one video 😂🤭

    2complex2complex10 dagar sedan
  • me with my 6gb l:

    Big MacBig Mac10 dagar sedan
  • Omg. no way... ITS THE APPLE LAMP!!!

    ExaltExalt10 dagar sedan
  • You will smash alt + f4 to close all this tabs 😂

    VojaVoja10 dagar sedan
  • my grandma: my laptop is running slowly her browser:

    toothpaste cattoothpaste cat10 dagar sedan
  • i have an insane 476GB of storage.

    levi peifferlevi peiffer10 dagar sedan
  • Há, fool of you to think that my system doesn't have at least 768Gb of RAM

    Vittor De CastroVittor De Castro11 dagar sedan
  • me with 50% CPU usage only with task manager on :(

    rankedcheater_rankedcheater_11 dagar sedan