24 mar 2020
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It's rough out there these days. Let's look at some of the craziness that's been going on lately...
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"

  • Had to reupload this because of an audio error. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention. And to those who got blueballed after the video went down, I appreciate your patience haha!

    Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea10 månader sedan
    • L

      YujiYuji16 dagar sedan
    • I am scared carl

      イムラン・ヌールイムラン・ヌールMånad sedan
    • H E L L O

      LolbitLolbitMånad sedan
    • @Just Some Guy without a Mustache not again!

      Emmanuel TidorEmmanuel Tidor3 månader sedan
    • In India we don't use toilet paper we use our hand and wash our hand with soap

      Blue JayBlue Jay3 månader sedan
  • Andrei is the next biggest comedian on earth man, no joke XD

    Blitz 2Blitz 211 timmar sedan
  • Me in 2021 after we have the biggest curve EVER

    StickParkourStickParkour20 timmar sedan
  • 'she needs to sort out her priorites' jk rowling predicted it ALL HAIL JK ROWLING

    Maria's ArtMaria's ArtDag sedan
  • Hi

    goood angel cool angelgoood angel cool angelDag sedan
  • The funny part is that one of the symptoms of new version of COVID-19 is diarrhoea.

    Art CatArt Cat2 dagar sedan
  • Just use a jet spray

    Yeah BoiiiYeah Boiii2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh we should take all that Paper

    The Shadow Night GuardThe Shadow Night Guard3 dagar sedan
  • Why is this age-restricted?

    Yes I doYes I do4 dagar sedan
  • Me lives in a country who doesn't use toilet paper PATHETIC!!!

    crowns n halos wellnesscrowns n halos wellness4 dagar sedan
  • Italysquad

    Qamar ShahzadQamar Shahzad5 dagar sedan
  • Toilet paper company : business is Booming

    I'am a noobI'am a noob6 dagar sedan
  • Toilet paper and mask factory be like: 🤑

    Intan TarmiziIntan Tarmizi6 dagar sedan
  • #animator life

    Waleed AbdallaWaleed Abdalla7 dagar sedan
  • Hey!!!!!!! A stirke !!!!!!! Wtf

    Unstopable lad playzUnstopable lad playz7 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe those people reached this level of stupidity 🤣

    pig stationpig station8 dagar sedan
  • Yo, that tennis match was so cool!

    Da MidgetDa Midget8 dagar sedan
    • imagine if the ball fell or the people playing it fell

      Jeeson KallukkaranJeeson Kallukkaran6 dagar sedan
  • Well, fucking age restricted and I have to verify my age? Well, that's kinda difficult when you're 16....

    Itz KeONItz KeON9 dagar sedan
    • cheers i will drink to that bro(this is not my real account & i am 16)

      Jeeson KallukkaranJeeson Kallukkaran6 dagar sedan
  • seeing this in 2021

    Animator EliteAnimator Elite13 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Josue MartinezJosue Martinez13 dagar sedan
  • I feel like people who need some support in this quarantine and have stress, We should help them. Andrei, I fully respect your conversation about the virus. I fully agree with your arguments and I would love to watch your content. SEworldrs should explain to their audience that we are here all together in this quarantine and we should be distanced. and not go to f***ing tik tok and upload a video that you lick a toilet seat *PEOPLE SHOULD CONTROL THEMSELVES*

    {The_Real_Dark _Fortunes}{The_Real_Dark _Fortunes}14 dagar sedan
  • age-restricted

    PivotStoriesPivotStories14 dagar sedan
  • “Sorry, this content is age restricted” EXPLAIN!! Also I have been blocked from the comments because it’s THAT BAD!! HOW DARE YOU, ANDREI Or is this youtube being weird again?

    pokebrouserkatpokebrouserkat15 dagar sedan
  • Toilet paper can't save you from the virus the only thing that can save you from the virus is by washing your hands, ware a mask, and stay at your house, and being 6 ft away from each other(and ps. Don't party and dont go anywhere we're in the middle of a pandemic)and other people needs toilet papers too not only those people that are being selfish

    Cassandra GangeCassandra Gange16 dagar sedan
  • We dont need food or water to live we need TOILET PAPER TO LIVE

    mattiramattira16 dagar sedan
  • I


    TheRealKJ_YTTheRealKJ_YT18 dagar sedan
  • Why is Andrei not wearing a mask in the store

    A_Human_biengA_Human_bieng18 dagar sedan
  • I’m Italian en thanks for mention ate us

    Luigi TrippitelliLuigi Trippitelli19 dagar sedan
  • we dont even have toilet paper we use tabo translate that if u want

    Enzo VenerayanEnzo Venerayan19 dagar sedan
  • i did buy toilet paper but one pack i saw noone in the vitamins section so i bulk bought canned food +vitamins

    Rotten_ BreinRotten_ Brein19 dagar sedan
  • People: Uses toilet paper to wash their butt Asians: I am immortal

    lollol20 dagar sedan
  • Age restricted wow 🙄

    OnKaRa43OnKaRa4320 dagar sedan
  • the majority of cringe i have been dosed with is 2020 stuff, it's dead to me. anything else, please.

    DanielgamerDanielgamer20 dagar sedan
  • why is this video age restricted

    Derik NelsonDerik Nelson21 dag sedan
  • You are a making a joke about the coronavirus

    seanjosh Obilloseanjosh Obillo23 dagar sedan
  • It's really weird how that ended going down The symptoms of the virus don't indicate shitting yourself

    Light 2490Light 249023 dagar sedan
  • Jokes on them screw toilet papers well just use our hands cuz its our own shit

    lowkkeyjunlowkkeyjun23 dagar sedan
  • everyone fighting for toilet paper meanwhile im using water

    Masnob GAMINGMasnob GAMING24 dagar sedan
  • Țeva? 😂 Superb!

    Cristina BotilcaCristina Botilca25 dagar sedan

    IG Animation StudiosIG Animation Studios26 dagar sedan
  • Good thing i found an alternative and better way of washing my butt its called tabo its a Filipino thing cuz im half Filipino so you do is get a thing that looks like bowl with a handle i think you can buy it online and you get water with a sink u should use a comlntainer with a large mouth which the.tabo can fit in when you get water and start your butt and start rubbing it with a soup warning do not use the one use at bath and your welcome cuz you dont have to buy toilet paper anymore

    Big MacBig Mac26 dagar sedan
    • Lol I know it thanks to domics 😂😂💩

      Daily Dose of AnimationDaily Dose of Animation26 dagar sedan
  • Idont have full inglish but I have enjoyed by this video

    LeyonLeyon27 dagar sedan
  • I have to say it has a 0.03 percent chance of killing people under 18 so to me its not deadly.

    Laydn HeinemannLaydn Heinemann27 dagar sedan
  • It's like black friday but everyday. And no sales.

    Dona NasolDona Nasol29 dagar sedan
  • Hiiii

    Mean BoyMean BoyMånad sedan
  • This is Joel Joel is taking only important loot Joel is killing crazy sick people Be like Joel

    Ștefan_Play19Ștefan_Play19Månad sedan
  • I think the toilet paper cure is conspiracy theory

    razqa dizhwarrazqa dizhwarMånad sedan
  • I think this is my favorite uplod of him he honestly was hilarious

    Some random Loser lolSome random Loser lolMånad sedan
  • Several months later: it has gotten even more fucked up but seems to be winding down to an extent only to surge back up in streangth My prediction: 2021 is gonna be worse ngl in my opinion who else thinking its gonna get worse or it can't get any worse than this?

    Creeper!SansCreeper!SansMånad sedan
  • Toilet paper: Endgame

    Marcos Lopez MartinezMarcos Lopez MartinezMånad sedan
  • He only made this video because he wants all the toilet paper to himself

    Diamond HerobrineDiamond HerobrineMånad sedan
  • If they think toilet paper is some kind of cure, then you can buy all the mask and disinfectant you want.

    Boltinbeijing 1984Boltinbeijing 1984Månad sedan

    Dominick JonasDominick JonasMånad sedan
  • In April our government said don't wear a mask it doesn't work

    HvRHvRMånad sedan
  • So many stupid people

    Haeroldrotche BravoHaeroldrotche BravoMånad sedan
  • John Lennon was full of SHIT Hence the toilet paper

    feastguy101feastguy101Månad sedan
  • guys first of all what is toilet paper gonna help with the pandemic anyways? its just so pointless and so stupid to see these clowns buy toilet paper and fight for toilet paper... this world is just getting smarter while getting so stupid

  • Western countries : run out of toilet papers Me : Laughs in India , coz we use water and hands

    AstroxonAstroxonMånad sedan
  • When I saw the toilet paper... I-I just wow..

    RicecreammRicecreammMånad sedan
  • What's even the point of buying TP during this pandemic? Diarrhoea is not a symptom of Covid-19........ 0_0

    Nishana RiyazNishana RiyazMånad sedan
  • Meme

    ivonreyesescober Escoberivonreyesescober EscoberMånad sedan
  • Why this video is age restricted.

    Jessy JohnJessy JohnMånad sedan
  • My laptop tured off it self because that thing is very bad

    Natkatenu PieceNatkatenu PieceMånad sedan
  • Sharing is caring Covid and cena: Are you sure about

    Karim jr HabassiKarim jr HabassiMånad sedan

    SenpaiSenpaiMånad sedan
  • Why is this rated 18+ it has like 1-2 swear words and nothing else youtube needs to change

    MagnaGamerMagnaGamerMånad sedan
  • this was just the start of this horrible year......

    TheGr81MAETheGr81MAEMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Garcia lol

      Daily Dose of AnimationDaily Dose of Animation26 dagar sedan
    • U mean the start of the end of the world.

      Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaMånad sedan
  • Just use a bidet

    CJ P.CJ P.Månad sedan
  • Wtf is this age restricted??

    BaldskiBaldskiMånad sedan

    OscaryeetingOscaryeetingMånad sedan
  • My country and I who uses my hand and not toilet paper: (toilet paper in stock)

    Emerald CrystalEmerald CrystalMånad sedan
  • when I saw all those celebrity sing I could feel my brain cells killing themselves

    Heather Alston HallasHeather Alston HallasMånad sedan
  • *"Why Do Wilfur Always Angry?"*

    Amor ReyesAmor ReyesMånad sedan
  • Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

    Make Money GuideMake Money GuideMånad sedan
  • Still right now in November people are buying toilet paper like it’s a freaking magical cure why

    professor Funnyprofessor FunnyMånad sedan
  • Did

    ArkzyyyMCArkzyyyMCMånad sedan
  • ?

    Noob the dudeNoob the dudeMånad sedan
  • Everyone: *fighting for toilet paper* People that live in the Middle east: Ahhh, my bum washer is a life saver for going out to get toilet paper and wasting money.

    Sneaky UltraSneaky UltraMånad sedan
  • Why do i love 4:06

    RidgePlayzRidgePlayzMånad sedan
  • Its not video games or some $#!+, we're in the freaking Endgame now......

    Jeff 1312WKHJeff 1312WKHMånad sedan
  • Just say it

    Animations by nopeAnimations by nopeMånad sedan
  • They should make a rule 1 square a toilet paper a week😂😂😂

    king dubxking dubxMånad sedan
  • What in the world is happening indeed

    Francisco Antonio Del RosarioFrancisco Antonio Del RosarioMånad sedan
  • To the unfortunate : This is a nice "Sorry this content is age restricted " sign...

    Geo John BenjaminGeo John Benjamin2 månader sedan
  • 2020 is crazy

    K-pop DaebakK-pop Daebak2 månader sedan
  • OO OO MY TURN 8:5 Imagine watching this videoooo And looking at the guyyy That makes fun of youuuu Without a break huh huhuhhhh

    FireRozFireRoz2 månader sedan
  • Me a filipino:XD

    just some random gamerjust some random gamer2 månader sedan
  • Why is this age restricted?

    ᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ2 månader sedan
  • Why age restrictions?

    FIRE BIRDFIRE BIRD2 månader sedan
  • Nooooo

    cikal gamerscikal gamers2 månader sedan
  • I have heard many people say the numbers after a decimal point. As one number. Instead of say ninety nine point ninety nine, it is supposed to said like ninety nine point nine nine. I believe that this is how it is.....

    Captain DezTrucTerCaptain DezTrucTer2 månader sedan
  • I’m lucky cuz in Uae our stores are full of toilet paper We use water instead of toilet paper I’m a lucky kid So have fun wrestling for toilet paper

    Sonia RahmanSonia Rahman2 månader sedan
  • 7:50-7:58

    Dad BoiDad Boi2 månader sedan
  • In Sweden here we know about the pandemic. We have toilet paper BUT there are some empty spaces. BUT ALMOST EVERYONE IS AN IDIOT! They are like: YOU WANNA BUY SOME NEEEW PAPEEEERS! And stand 1cm from your face

    Mr. HorrifyingMr. Horrifying2 månader sedan
  • Indian culture prepared for this how you ask we use water

    Gaming CafeGaming Cafe2 månader sedan
  • Why the heck is this video age restricted?!?!?????!!!

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh2 månader sedan
  • He is too honest that FBI might come at his house......

    Captain DezTrucTerCaptain DezTrucTer2 månader sedan
  • Why is this video age restricted?

    Itz_MeItz_Me2 månader sedan
  • Is virus a curse word now??

    Ankur •69 years agoAnkur •69 years ago2 månader sedan