The Illegal Game

27 mar 2019
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I bought Josh a game for his NES and it was a very strange game, this is how that went.
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We Ordered An Illegal Game

  • At least we still have Quackity

    TheJefriSpTheJefriSpTimme sedan
  • i love how josh keeps having a stroke over the old game designs.

    shxfterx .mp4shxfterx .mp46 timmar sedan
  • The title describes how Carson interacts with fans

    Sky SlySky Sly8 dagar sedan
    • @Windrag - i think false accusations about pedophilia arent a joke but bro you fucking killed me

      dominikdominikTimme sedan
    • @dominik little did you know I served in all of the wars, I heard murder was against the law and you sure as hell killed the joke

      Windrag -Windrag -7 dagar sedan
    • @dominik k.

      Sky SlySky Sly8 dagar sedan
    • @Sky Sly dont say stuff like its illegal if u dont know the law

      dominikdominik8 dagar sedan
    • @dominik Cool.

      Sky SlySky Sly8 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys you know what else is illegal?

    IcebroGamer Says HiIcebroGamer Says Hi8 dagar sedan
    • Comments like this really fucking annoy me

      Wii Are SoldiersWii Are Soldiers8 dagar sedan
    • you

      Wii Are SoldiersWii Are Soldiers8 dagar sedan
    • Un oh...

      Doctor Alto ClefDoctor Alto Clef8 dagar sedan
  • I think Carson has been playing more illegal games than just this...

    Maverick ASMRMaverick ASMR9 dagar sedan
    • @Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions you're defending an outed nonce?

      Maverick ASMRMaverick ASMRDag sedan
    • Just shut up

      Chesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsChesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsDag sedan
  • speaking of illegal

    TheGerSausageTheGerSausage9 dagar sedan
    • DON'T

      Chesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsChesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsDag sedan
  • I have the same cartridge he used, cool

    Mark92Mark929 dagar sedan
  • Worried about the wrong illegal game buddy

    Jake BunnerJake Bunner11 dagar sedan
    • Just not right now

      Chesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsChesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsDag sedan
    • There was an attempt

      Matthew LottoMatthew Lotto11 dagar sedan
    • that didn’t make sense

      daltondalton11 dagar sedan
  • Comments before 2021: "Does anyone remember when this video was titled..." Comments in 2021 after: "This video title didn't age well. Hope he goes under the jail."

    Brandon HeathBrandon Heath12 dagar sedan
  • The illegal game? More like the illegal nude sending

    ThingsthingyisthatThingsthingyisthat12 dagar sedan
    • @Lawton Friedland that is an accurate representation of my intelligence

      ThingsthingyisthatThingsthingyisthat11 dagar sedan
    • Wow you must’ve spent a lot of time comjng up with that

      Lawton FriedlandLawton Friedland11 dagar sedan

    Joe mamaJoe mama12 dagar sedan
    • @Wardos I wrote this before it was found that he wasn’t grooming

      Joe mamaJoe mama11 dagar sedan
    • Not really grooming lmao

      WardosWardos11 dagar sedan
    • yeah I wanted to see if there was a video that came out around that time

      Seagull Cult LeaderSeagull Cult Leader11 dagar sedan
  • The title did not age well..

    OctoSpotOctoSpot12 dagar sedan
  • That picture in the Discord chat at the beginning of the video now has a whole new meaning

    AndrezitsAndrezits12 dagar sedan
    • @Teneo 17 year olds?

      Some Guy on the InternetSome Guy on the InternetDag sedan
    • I mean the character it 10 years old and we know what carson likes

      TeneoTeneo10 dagar sedan
    • True

      fkirzfkirz10 dagar sedan
  • Carsons next tittle is going to be the illegal images

    Bad edits guyBad edits guy12 dagar sedan
  • bro played this game irl

    KopowKopow13 dagar sedan
  • carson and his illegal business

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama13 dagar sedan
  • lmfaoo my dad asked for Atari for Christmas and my mom gave him this exact game she said it’s all they had left at walmart

    ʙᴏʙʙɪᴇ ᴀɴɴᴇʙᴏʙʙɪᴇ ᴀɴɴᴇ13 dagar sedan
  • He should really change the title now🙄

    Haze6Haze613 dagar sedan
  • That title isn’t so good in 2021

    DeyashDeyash13 dagar sedan
  • Don't start talking about it in the comments Just in enjoy what we had

    I will defeat arcade assassinI will defeat arcade assassin13 dagar sedan
  • The illegal man

    Blake PittmanBlake Pittman13 dagar sedan
    • @SmallFri yo can I get a large fry

      That one Kid you hate, DanielThat one Kid you hate, Daniel11 dagar sedan
    • @That one Kid you hate, Daniel sarcasm

      SmallFriSmallFri11 dagar sedan
    • @SmallFri not really

      That one Kid you hate, DanielThat one Kid you hate, Daniel11 dagar sedan
    • 17-19 yea that illegal

      SmallFriSmallFri12 dagar sedan
  • The FBI will enjoy this one

    AngyCactusAngyCactus13 dagar sedan
  • Bro, there better be a carson redemption arc where he goes clean. He made these mistakes when he wasn't even allowed to be in a liquor store yet. In some states your not even allowed to drive with passengers in your car until 21.

    hotthornshotthorns13 dagar sedan
  • More like illegal activity


    ParzivalParzival13 dagar sedan

      Jackg_778Jackg_77813 dagar sedan
  • I have mario 14 and personally there (for me) there is NO way to get out of the water in level 2.

    Jonathan HimmelwrightJonathan Himmelwright13 dagar sedan
    • On the hand held i have i also have the real super mario bros 3

      Jonathan HimmelwrightJonathan Himmelwright13 dagar sedan
    • I also have "super mario"

      Jonathan HimmelwrightJonathan Himmelwright13 dagar sedan
  • He also ordered a 17 year old too. haha

    SkidooSkidoo14 dagar sedan
  • 0:09 what the FRICK is that pokemon photo?!

    Németh DominikNémeth Dominik14 dagar sedan
    • @Dissmo xDD

      Németh DominikNémeth Dominik12 dagar sedan
    • it all makes sense now...

      DissmoDissmo13 dagar sedan
    • wat

      plane manplane man14 dagar sedan
  • i just felt a rage fill me even before i clicked not because of the video but because people are gonna bring it up

    oliveroliver14 dagar sedan
    • @I will defeat arcade assassin shhhhhhh noooo

      oliveroliver13 dagar sedan
    • I mean u just did a contradiction sooo

      I will defeat arcade assassinI will defeat arcade assassin13 dagar sedan
    • Well do expect it not to be brought up

      The ChazzlerThe Chazzler14 dagar sedan
  • Speaking about illegal stuff....😶

    UndrinUndrin14 dagar sedan
  • carson told them around this time....this is one of the worst feelings i’ve ever felt...

    feetscoliosis 。feetscoliosis 。14 dagar sedan
    • no. Carson told everyone in March of 2020 not 2019, about a year after this video

      DPMDPM13 dagar sedan
  • Turns out this wasnt the only illegal game he was playing

    Daku WillombiDaku Willombi14 dagar sedan
    • Epic gamer

      Superyoy YoloSuperyoy Yolo14 dagar sedan
    • LMFAO

      Simply Hasan lolSimply Hasan lol14 dagar sedan
    • You are a king

      Aidan GoodAidan Good14 dagar sedan
  • 2 days later he ruined his career

    badipbadip14 dagar sedan
    • I mean he didnt ruin it 2 days later, he just admitted to it

      Born of PixelsBorn of Pixels8 dagar sedan
  • Well now Carson is illegal....

    Loopy PlayzLoopy Playz14 dagar sedan
  • This was the first carson video I ever watched. Good knowing you all and thanks for the memories. 🙂

    Jack FinnertyJack Finnerty14 dagar sedan
  • why carson

    James GriffinJames Griffin14 dagar sedan
  • this is where it all went wrong

    James GriffinJames Griffin14 dagar sedan
  • lol

    Arnold SwaggersonArnold Swaggerson14 dagar sedan
  • That boi is an imposter

    Bonreah RanceBonreah Rance14 dagar sedan
  • “The illegal game” Ah, Carson’s favorite pastime.

    KayJeyDKayJeyD14 dagar sedan
  • Well today I found that that CallMeCarson was in-fact the Sound Designer for Cuties.

    George W. BushGeorge W. Bush14 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title: The illegal discord messages

    JinxJinx14 dagar sedan
  • this was just week before that day why carson why

    Ronan McHughRonan McHugh14 dagar sedan
    • Why not?

      Sergeant BanksSergeant Banks9 dagar sedan
  • RIP CarsOn 2021

    BLUE YOSHI2211BLUE YOSHI221115 dagar sedan
  • sob

    InkrosuuInkrosuu15 dagar sedan
  • he was playing a different illegal game

    xerguxergu15 dagar sedan
    • Yup

      OodoosOodoos14 dagar sedan
  • The Title Aged Badly...

    TelikottTelikott15 dagar sedan
  • The tittle didn't age well lmao

    Hat_kidHat_kid15 dagar sedan
    • @EpicNewbie their were authorities involved and their were no charges... yet

      Curly FriesCurly Fries14 dagar sedan
    • @sneth Because what he did was illegal

      EpicNewbieEpicNewbie15 dagar sedan
    • @EpicNewbie yeah i know that but what does that have to do with the title

      snethsneth15 dagar sedan
    • @sneth Grooming allegations

      EpicNewbieEpicNewbie15 dagar sedan
    • why not

      snethsneth15 dagar sedan
  • Difficulty: Easy Normal Painful

    SlyHikari03SlyHikari0315 dagar sedan
  • Did he plug his NES into his computer and screen recorded or is there such thing as a TV screen recorder?

    Digit TollDigit Toll16 dagar sedan
    • Yeah a capture card records the tv pretty much

      DjrDjr14 dagar sedan
  • 9:18 who can,t remember the game were two... sticks beated a spiderman villain at cards

    OH BOI CHEESE EOH BOI CHEESE E16 dagar sedan
  • 10:11 woah woah woah tf is that in the discord chat and where can i find it

    Diet MilkDiet Milk17 dagar sedan

    Kathy TalangesKathy Talanges17 dagar sedan
    • what's it like shooting police?

      promr marblespromr marbles17 dagar sedan
  • 7:26 "He's summoning Satan!" With the star of David...

    GreenVana MansönGreenVana Mansön18 dagar sedan
  • I remember I had a console with 100 games on it and it had animal contest

    JayneJayne18 dagar sedan
  • I own this...

    well hello therewell hello there19 dagar sedan
  • oh lmao yeah my mom bought smth like this a while ago

    Traffic EarringTraffic Earring19 dagar sedan
  • it was a game

    fireball4life3fireball4life319 dagar sedan
  • Doesn’t feel right seeing jawsh anymore. Unfortunate...

    Tristan Scott-JonesTristan Scott-Jones20 dagar sedan
    • ?

      promr marblespromr marbles17 dagar sedan
  • 7:44 oh my god i remember playing this game when i was younger

    Gonta GokuharaGonta Gokuhara21 dag sedan
  • I made the 12th video of fruit pig and it's really epic B)

    ChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYesChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYes21 dag sedan
  • Bro I have this thing

    Hello OoHello Oo21 dag sedan
  • 8:09 balloon boy laugh

    Matthew ArteagaMatthew Arteaga22 dagar sedan
  • Damn bro you really missed out on Mario 7

    CanIPlayzz GamingCanIPlayzz Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • 0:54 sans

    T9foggyT9foggy23 dagar sedan
  • My dad has that game system lol 😂 ninja Mario so many Japanese things

    2nd Lieutenant of Epsilon 9 Fire Eaters Red dragon2nd Lieutenant of Epsilon 9 Fire Eaters Red dragon23 dagar sedan
  • I remember having a tiny red console similar to a gameboy but smaller that we bought from a random store, and the first game I played was Mario 14, and also had magic egg and pika chu so imagine my reaction when I saw all of them saw all of them in this video

    Justin XJustin X24 dagar sedan
    • I too have a device like that with fruit pig and mario 14

      ChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYesChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYes21 dag sedan
  • That image in the beginning was um... *displeasing*

    CheemsCheems24 dagar sedan
  • I literally got this 500 in 1 cartridge for Christmas

    Sand SerpentSand Serpent25 dagar sedan
  • Please tell me who the person that said “me Mario, me punchy” is I want to sub to him

    MittyMitty25 dagar sedan
  • The Giratina reference is golden

    ScytheZScytheZ25 dagar sedan
  • i got one of my own thats like that lol, i just got a 400 in one game, thats this gameboy looking system, but imagine a gameboy, but with four buttons instead of two, then imagine it just being loaded with nes games, and here i am, best christmas

    T9foggyT9foggy25 dagar sedan
    • Did you also get the fruit pig

      ChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYesChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYes21 dag sedan
  • I just now realised that I now have a bootleg NES classic, when I unwrapped it this morning I was so happy thinking I got an actual mini NES, but I am still happy because I now realise I can play stupid games and listen to the opening of the ghostbusters game

    Echen ExceteraEchen Excetera26 dagar sedan
  • I literally just got a knock-off gameboy with this. Edit: I played Pika Chu earlier today and it was just Tetris, so we have different games.

    Jamin HardenbrookJamin Hardenbrook26 dagar sedan
    • Was the game boy red?

      ChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYesChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYes21 dag sedan
  • rip the rom and put it online. distribute the fruit pig.

    GuyWhoGames21GuyWhoGames2126 dagar sedan
    • If I knew how to rip a rom I would distribute the fruit pig is find out how many levels there are. I got to level 20 and gave up

      ChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYesChickenMantruckboyRadlongjohnwerewaterfallhelpYes21 dag sedan
  • The ghostbusters sound was so depressing but yet so funny

    Just averageJust average27 dagar sedan
  • I have played mario 14

    Auden TorresAuden Torres27 dagar sedan
  • 0:03 is no one going to talk about the Pokémon game

    Koichi HiroseKoichi Hirose27 dagar sedan
  • too bad they didn't search for Mario 7

    Mohamad Najmi Bin JailaniMohamad Najmi Bin Jailani28 dagar sedan
  • Yo I got this from a fuckin gift shop in florida lmao

    Trappin’ AnimalsTrappin’ Animals29 dagar sedan
  • i beat mario 14 on my bootleg 100 in 1 game boy that had chinese zelda on it

    JAM!!!JAM!!!Månad sedan
  • Max needs to compose for a game

    SlyHikari03SlyHikari03Månad sedan
  • My grandma got me a knock off portable Ron reader similar to this got some actual real games tho

    SomeWhatSavageGamingSomeWhatSavageGamingMånad sedan
  • I don't know if this sounds stupid, but the ending to this video's kinda bittersweet for me. It sounds like Carson and his friends had such a great time and they just end it reflexing on what just happened with that beautiful song in the end. I dunno, it's just very wholesome to me.

    Sleep In The CloudSleep In The CloudMånad sedan
  • What's the game at the beginning of the vid? Like the pokemon one

    Nicolas PlaumannNicolas PlaumannMånad sedan

    Ethan CarrilloEthan CarrilloMånad sedan
  • No joke, at 9:37 as soon as Jawsh said "Fisher Price!" a Fisher Price ad played.

    CaptainButterCaptainButterMånad sedan
  • 4:30 im still trying to understand whether that was scripted or not

    Cleanix LeaderCleanix LeaderMånad sedan
  • Street fighter 2010, no matter what you may think, is an official game made by capcom

    Depthcharger 101Depthcharger 101Månad sedan
  • Mario 12 whats that? GRAND DAD?!?

    Unsalted EchoesUnsalted EchoesMånad sedan
  • dam

    Cooper CurrinCooper CurrinMånad sedan
  • “I hope it just pans over to a fucking grotesque- Ok” He’s satisfied

    LiviaSmivia ProductionsLiviaSmivia ProductionsMånad sedan
  • 3:22 this guy moaned at least this loud

    David 2311David 2311Månad sedan
  • My dad told me to ask you guys if you know how to do fractions for my math.

    Zangle 1782Zangle 1782Månad sedan
  • 500 in 24 in 12 in 1 game

    GalaxyOfReeses KIngGalaxyOfReeses KIngMånad sedan

    Mullen LeafarMullen LeafarMånad sedan
  • i feel ashamed being named max now

    Maximus PlasenciaMaximus PlasenciaMånad sedan
  • I've played mario 14 on some off brand nes called the "entertainment system"

    Giovanni 336Giovanni 336Månad sedan
  • I need to know the pokemon for scientific reasons

    Nobody SpecialNobody SpecialMånad sedan
  • 8:10 US mode gives you a gun

    Toyota AE86Toyota AE86Månad sedan