Among Us Logic: The Legend of Novisor | Cartoon Animation

21 feb 2021
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Player and Veteran wander the dark halls of the Skeld, trying to avoid the legendary Novisor. Novisor was once a college student named Aiden, but through a strange series of events, became the evil monster Novisor that hunts down unknowing crewmates!
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  • no visor no visor no visor no visor well make you one of us no life no visor no visor no visor

    Mark WintersMark Winters2 minuter sedan
  • I just finished watching the original video and I saw this so.......I click this.

    lilac roblox rplilac roblox rp2 minuter sedan
  • ...

    Mark WintersMark Winters5 minuter sedan
  • uh who are you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaahhahaahhaahhodheflixfgflixvsdclivdfil

    Mark WintersMark Winters5 minuter sedan
  • I saw no visor in among us before it scar...

    Mark WintersMark Winters5 minuter sedan
  • Thanks for legend

    Kuba - minecraft gamer lolKuba - minecraft gamer lol9 minuter sedan
  • I like it :)

    Clariz Anne AgbuyaClariz Anne Agbuya13 minuter sedan
  • Is No-Visor Even real

    Ewan CampbellEwan Campbell13 minuter sedan
  • Dead body reported?

    Boet !Boet !13 minuter sedan
  • Hey game toons l like the toons even my brother he says your awosome👌✌👍💟

    Adrian OmondiAdrian Omondi15 minuter sedan
  • Is this there way of stopping the series

    poppersonpopperson34 minuter sedan
  • Very beautiful 👍

    Sharazi TVSharazi TV34 minuter sedan
  • LOL!!!

    Sylvia SosnowskaSylvia Sosnowska38 minuter sedan
  • wow

    Md. ShaifulMd. Shaiful39 minuter sedan
  • No-viser no-viser we will make you one of us!

    Matthew ScottMatthew Scott42 minuter sedan
  • Novisro

    Sylvia SosnowskaSylvia Sosnowska44 minuter sedan
  • Creepy

    the black holethe black hole49 minuter sedan
  • that was scary

    Yulisses CamarilloYulisses Camarillo50 minuter sedan
  • this thing is SCARY dude

    CameraCamera50 minuter sedan
  • Hola I m AXEL your bigs fan

    David AlemanDavid Aleman52 minuter sedan
  • i- have nightm-mares now.. and im sERIouS. this is a warning to kids watching this

    CameraCamera52 minuter sedan
  • Ghost?!

    Matthew ScottMatthew Scott52 minuter sedan
  • 4:16 is that MC the crewmate without a face ???

    สุพัตรษา เจริญดีสุพัตรษา เจริญดี54 minuter sedan
  • We are in February not October, there is no need to scare me this early into the year

    Last GamerLast GamerTimme sedan
  • but what just happened next?

    IMPOSTOR 1IMPOSTOR 1Timme sedan
  • cool

    IMPOSTOR 1IMPOSTOR 1Timme sedan
  • the start is smosh

    McnashMcnashTimme sedan
  • Oh hell no

    Julie SimmonsJulie SimmonsTimme sedan

    Fristan Davin G PasaribuFristan Davin G PasaribuTimme sedan
  • cure: get a visor put it on all the No visors

    bowser jrbowser jrTimme sedan
  • Wow now a Scary Story!

    ZayyadZayyadTimme sedan
  • To great minds think alike

    Doctor MiMiDoctor MiMiTimme sedan
  • welp they became a No-Visor

    Garrison FullerGarrison Fuller2 timmar sedan
  • How will veteran and player going to get out of there

    Choknawat Sermsawat 12 5-6Choknawat Sermsawat 12 5-62 timmar sedan
  • No visor... No Visor... We will make you one of us.

    ANGELZZANGELZZ2 timmar sedan
  • No more player

    Aaron Amador-MelendezAaron Amador-Melendez2 timmar sedan
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    Tomás OliveiraTomás Oliveira2 timmar sedan
  • this animation is sick

    Sparkling SparkSparkling Spark2 timmar sedan
  • Player and veteran: no visor no visor we will make you one of us

    Gaming Penguin70Gaming Penguin702 timmar sedan
  • Dude your litterly among us and calling it stupid XD

    Sabrina PerrySabrina Perry2 timmar sedan
  • what was that!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maria ThiloMaria Thilo2 timmar sedan
  • Now everybody will suspect black in skeld

    Tahira NasreenTahira Nasreen2 timmar sedan
  • Me : watches this video SEworld: WATCH IT AGAIN Me watching another video : wait why is legend of No-visor on the little menu? Also me : why does this keep showing up?!

    random userrandom user2 timmar sedan
  • qwertyuiop

    Sammie PotatoSammie Potato2 timmar sedan
  • No Visor

    Monroe CamelloMonroe Camello2 timmar sedan
  • If there was no among us there ws no gametoons

    Sunita AdhanaSunita Adhana3 timmar sedan
  • 3:47 I MEAN HE HAS A POINT MAN- wait why does one wear a space suit on earth with oxygen and something called a hoodie

    Ink Wolfie GamingInk Wolfie Gaming3 timmar sedan
  • I thought you only make songs

  • novisor horror

    Florencia GalettoFlorencia Galetto3 timmar sedan
  • No visor No visor No visor No visor No visor No visor No Visor Nishaiosusb visor No visor No visor No visor

    IG CommanderIG Commander3 timmar sedan
  • wel thats the end of this show

    JT games nederlandsJT games nederlands3 timmar sedan
  • Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhj dude I’m scared

    Galaxy girlGalaxy girl3 timmar sedan
  • Mr ducan Is novisor

    Alexander DahmsAlexander Dahms3 timmar sedan
  • How much terraforming does polus need? The scientists: *yes*

    Sher shahSher shah3 timmar sedan
  • it the spooky month or player spoopy month

    Mirian CudjoeMirian Cudjoe3 timmar sedan
  • inner sloth vs notch

    Isaac GeorgeIsaac George3 timmar sedan
  • That’s the Bendy and the ink machine loop

    Pedro UmbelinoPedro Umbelino3 timmar sedan
    • 441

      Pedro UmbelinoPedro Umbelino3 timmar sedan
  • No visor is playing among us in among us

    SMLC Master MindSMLC Master Mind3 timmar sedan
  • "No Visor", the among us exe game, lol😁

    《時恐》懼圖《時恐》懼圖3 timmar sedan
  • Is no one gonna talk about that Aiden’s clock is MrCheese

    Fourtyfour SkyFourtyfour Sky3 timmar sedan
  • poor Aiden everytime i see a horror legend like him it makes me wanna cry for them i feel sorry for that guy cannot wait for the next episode

    Ramiz KaradumanRamiz Karaduman3 timmar sedan
  • Aye my names Aiden

    The underrated YouTuber XdThe underrated YouTuber Xd3 timmar sedan
  • I can't see this anymore cuase is so spoopy😨😨😨😨😨😨for me

    Top TopTop Top3 timmar sedan
  • No visor

    yanyan techiyanyan techi3 timmar sedan
  • Veteran: Knows an ancient tale about Among Us's code yet he is still a noob "Wait. That's illegal."

    AresGodofGamingAresGodofGaming4 timmar sedan
  • I like this so much🤩. That the story are similar to creepypasta "Sonic.exe" story. I hope it will continue become a little movie if it can. It may attract more people who like scientific fiction.

    《時恐》懼圖《時恐》懼圖4 timmar sedan
  • Can you make aquatic story' plaeseeee

    dodi 2dodi 24 timmar sedan
  • No visor have no glass screen

    GOTAGA TVGOTAGA TV4 timmar sedan
  • Aiden/Brown :never heard of among us Me: but your in among us😂

    Miana Gacha Angel WolfieMiana Gacha Angel Wolfie4 timmar sedan
  • logic 18

    Hazrul Abdul HalimHazrul Abdul Halim4 timmar sedan
  • Ayy I am not scared of NoVisor He's pretty cool

    Yukta RYukta R4 timmar sedan
  • No Visor

    SpikeIsLoveSpikeIsLove4 timmar sedan
  • Among us logic:ends Everybody:wait that’s illegal’’

    Unbelievable GamerUnbelievable Gamer4 timmar sedan
  • when i see the easter egg here lavender town if u go there ur get the lavender town syndrome and another word creepypasta

    Crisanto Abia Jr.Crisanto Abia Jr.4 timmar sedan
  • Noviser is real in among us he always said No visor No visor No visor

    jëssßërt gåmïngjëssßërt gåmïng4 timmar sedan

    xxGaming Pro12xxxxGaming Pro12xx4 timmar sedan
  • So no visor is a legend so that what chart said on the story •~•

    Callista Bunch Username :AzzyLandCallista Bunch Username :AzzyLand5 timmar sedan
  • Wait I now this yellow crew mate with a crown!....he sing GOOD TO BE ALIVE!!!!

    Matthew MutiaMatthew Mutia5 timmar sedan
  • And u can make a song no-visor

    Dijana TesovicDijana Tesovic5 timmar sedan
  • Wait i saw No-Visor

    Zabryna GoniaZabryna Gonia5 timmar sedan
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    john Gabreil C. yap philippinesjohn Gabreil C. yap philippines5 timmar sedan
  • I want the fall guys back

    xXCrumbednuggsXxxXCrumbednuggsXx5 timmar sedan
  • i have encountered novisor

    JOY ANACAYAJOY ANACAYA5 timmar sedan
  • what ep is this?

    Mary Glace LaurencioMary Glace Laurencio5 timmar sedan
    • Ep 18

      Walter WalterWalter Walter5 timmar sedan
  • Great animation! I hope my AMONG US paper will make you enjoy like this

  • 2 legs 1 invite 1 visor 2 legs no invite 1 visor no legs no invite no visor

    m!lkym!lky6 timmar sedan

    _M_A_R_K_0_0_N_D_ 8-D_M_A_R_K_0_0_N_D_ 8-D6 timmar sedan
  • I hate the People who are watching and dont sub

    Dobrin Cristian FAN IHATEPINKDobrin Cristian FAN IHATEPINK6 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else notice in the room one of the posters says creepy impasta

    Jill KowalskiJill Kowalski6 timmar sedan
  • Those no-visors kinda reminds me slenderman

    _M_A_R_K_0_0_N_D_ 8-D_M_A_R_K_0_0_N_D_ 8-D6 timmar sedan
  • Listen GT I'm rlly sorry but I need to report this I got so scared I only made it to the hallways and I didn't sleep until 1:00 AM I'm really sorry

    Kya HufflepuffKya Hufflepuff6 timmar sedan
    • Bruh its just a story its not even real this story is too good pls dont Gametoon Efforts are wasted if you did that

      Yugoslavia MappingYugoslavia Mapping6 timmar sedan
  • No visor no visor we will make u 1 of us

    pakaorn muttamarapakaorn muttamara6 timmar sedan
  • By the way who is win?

    Yashier SamsonYashier Samson6 timmar sedan
    • Did anyone see creepy impasta

      Yashier SamsonYashier Samson6 timmar sedan
  • No Visor No Visor We will make you one of us Edit:yeah that was stupid

    fara7 hfara7 h6 timmar sedan
  • there angry bcs they lost their glasses

    M0TI0NDENM0TI0NDEN6 timmar sedan
  • This is creepypasta

    badr2007badr20076 timmar sedan
  • Is this the end of Player and Veteran?

    Ronin SmallRonin Small6 timmar sedan
  • sounds a bit like herobrine lol

    EndermationEndermation6 timmar sedan
  • Creepy

    Isabella StevensonIsabella Stevenson6 timmar sedan
    • Its not creepy

      Walter WalterWalter Walter5 timmar sedan
  • Please read this I just wanted to say that you guys Are my favorite SEworldrs and every your video like this one makes me so happy. And my favorite characters are Player Veteran Angel and Mr egg

    Dijana TesovicDijana Tesovic6 timmar sedan
    • And im ur biggest fan and u make me cry how much i love u and Player i know ur gonna win once ❤️

      Dijana TesovicDijana Tesovic6 timmar sedan
    • Please anser me

      Dijana TesovicDijana Tesovic6 timmar sedan